Nine Facts about Audi that you may not know

Wednesday 21 September 2016


Fact 1   Four car companies make up the Audi Company and the four-ring logo represents each one of the companies DKW, Horsch and Wanderer. The company was also known as Auto Union and the four-ring logo was first used in 1932



Fact 2   Audi is one of three luxury car manufacturers in Germany, Mercedes-Benz and BMW being the other two. The company’s headquarters are in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany. Since 1966, Audi has been the subsidiary of Volkswagen Group, of which owns 99.55 percent of Audi



Fact 3   The standard Audi TT RS turbo exhaust elbow has a diameter of nearly five inches



Fact 4   August Horch was the original founder of Audi and his surname was used to name the company. His surname in Latin translates as ‘hear’ and in German, the word Horch means ‘listen’



Fact 5   ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ means ‘Advancement Through Technology’ and was changed into ‘Truth in Engineering’ around 2007. But in September 2015 this slogan was dropped due to the Emissions scandal that surrounded the Volkswagen Audi Group



Fact 6   There are 36520 stitches on the leather interior of an Audi A8



Fact 7   Every Audi R8 body is run through an x-ray check after production to check for flaws in the construction



Fact 8   In 1938, crash tests were first carried out by Audi. The tests revealed how the car would behave in the event of an accident occurring. The Audi 80 was launched in 1994 and was equipped with aluminium space frame technology offering lighter weight and improved torsion rigidity over a steel body.  Other Audi models equipped with aluminium Space Frame Design are the TT, A2, and R8



Fact 9   In the early 1980’s Audi rally cars were the first to be fitted with dual-clutch transmissions. The Quattro all-wheel drive system is available in the Audi S and Audi RS range



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