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  2. Hi Sohail I have literally driven my car to my friends garage with the same issue I had the connector cleaned out it worked for about week or two then tonight decide to give me issues again. My mechanic is going to replace the coolant control valve unit. The part number he gave me is 4h0121671d coolant valve. But if you can wait tomorrow he will have my car done and I can confirm if this is the exact part. Not sure if its going to be a different part number to your car because mine is the audi a6 3.0Tdi 8 speed multitronic.
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  4. Hi Chris Great to have you onboard. Great looking car You are more than welcome to join us at Beaulieu. Have you got your tickets yet? Keep am eye out on the forum as nearer the time we will arrange meeting up and the convoy into Beaulieu after that.
  5. Sage9

    Software update

    17 days later and my car was returned with whole bill waived.
  6. ❤ my new Audi A3 S line in Daytona grey 😊
  7. I need to change my window master switch on my a3 1.9 tdi on the drivers door how do I get the switch off as I can't seem to see how it's done can anybody's a 55 plate..
  8. I'd like to introduce myself & say hello the members on here. I'm living in Plymouth & semi retired at the moment & looking to buy an A1 in the coming months, I'm presently driving a 1.6 58 plate focus & my wife's C Class coupe & just deciding on the A1 model now & looking forward to learning the pros & cons of the model. At the moment an S Line is a must, although not sure on if to go for the 1.4 petrol or 1.6 diesel.
  9. Afternoon guys, I wanted to ask your opinion on recommended child car seat protectors. Which ones do you use? I’ve got a group 1/2/3 car seat for my little ones future journeys but don’t want to ruin the seats. Any help would be greatly appreciated,many thanks in advance. Paul
  10. Apologies if I am repeating a common question. If that is the case, please do put me in the right direction! The remote keyfob on my new (used) Audi A3 (55 plate) will open the boot and lock the doors but will not unlock. Instead, I have to unlock the door directly with the key and quickly turn on the ignition to prevent the alarm from sounding (usually within 5-10 seconds). Is this a common problem? Could someone recommend a course of action and rough pricing to expect? Thanks in advance! Daniel
  11. Too many Audi with issues like the dreaded known multitronix failure are been sold and it's history hidden. I seen many issues on Audi forums and I trading standards and legal beagle etc and other advice site online. I suggest any Audi automatic been sold as manufactured between 2009-2013 as auto ask the SELLER to provide copy of full diagnostic report of car history as some dealers as in Audi main dealers, Private dealers and Private sellers are hiding the history of the car and more so past issues with the car. To say then sue the dealer, sue Audi is not as easily done Repairs can be dreadful. If they fail to produce such then ask why. It is only £30-40 max for such report. Please share this.
  12. Please help identify a battery draining problem. Audi A8 D3 2010. There was a problem with a rain water leak which was fixed a few days ago. The water came from the windscreen which detached from the car body. I removed the carpets and there was lots of water underneath which dried out now. I suspect the water leak was there for the long time as I often noticed excessive dampness in the car. The problem itself is the car often doesn't shut down (get into sleep mode) when I lock it. The Start/stop buttons, the triangular hazard warning button and the gear lights stay illuminated. Looks like it has a mind of its own as sometimes it shuts down in half an hour, sometimes in an hour etc but most of the time it stays on until the battery is drained enough for the power control unit to switch off the power. This problem started over half a year ago but wasn't as bad as now. Went to a garage and they suggested replacing Central Convenience Module and the Battery Control Module which was done without any success. Then I discovered the water under the floor and thought that it must be the cause of the problem. I found two modules under the floor that potentially might've got some water inside: Onboard power supply control unit (4EO 907280D) and Keyless Kessy Entry Control Unit (4E0907181A) I even opened the Onboard power supply control unit but it looked fine and dry. The water leak was fixed 4 days ago and it all looks dry in the car but the power problem is still there. Any suggestions please?
  13. Hello Simon, Sorry to hear your problems are continuing, and indications are that the work carried out, might not have been as thorough as you would have hoped for. I’m not too familiar with diesels, but I believe one of the basic tests normally carried out is a leak-back test ( I believe it’s called ) which takes in the serviceability of the injectors. Did they carryout this test? If this was mine then I would be going forward from here by following my earlier advice , and seeking recommendations from your local taxi chaps - ask a few. These folks need reliable and competitively priced service, and their recommendations are generally sound. It’s time to worry If they come up with the same place you have tried! I had the same issue with a BMW engined Freelander, and this turned out to be a couple of injectors. Kind regards, Gareth.
  14. Hi Guys Anyone else waiting for delivery? there seems to be a massive problem with the port of exit in Germany at Emden. My car has been sitting there for 4 weeks now and still not moved!!
  15. Got to admit - the holiday apathy was strong yesterday! Put the trailer back together and loaded the loaned woodchipper on it which took a bit of messing around. I hadn't got the winch control cable so had to park trailer, witch chipper and reveres it up the bed! Then unhitch, hitch to trailer then strap etc. You need a bit of space to turn the trailer around and reverse up to it so grateful that the field wasn't too soft despite the rain. Caz and I did a few household chores then a trip to town to stock up with dog food etc. During last spring, a roll of roofing felt appeared so that the cats outside shed, dog pound and hut could get a new cover, I suggested that he does the garden shed/workshop too as the felt was gone on the windward side and the walls are no longer weather proof either. I suggested that I do the shed at the end of the summer and again at the end of Autumn. At Christmas, I asked where the felt was and I'd do it. All to no avail. Infuriatingly, the shed has got a touch of wet rot in the roof now and holes in the walls where the timber has cracked and opened. I decided to put a plastic sheet over it to keep the weather out and things like the tools and bikes dry and get a black look from him and the comment that the winds will have that away! Sometimes, I want to walk away and let the place tumble down as he cannot manage and appears to not be bothered either! I went and had a nap on the sofa!!! We fly to Egypt for 10 days tomorrow and it is Caz's birthday while we are there. So her kids had already told us that we were going to an Italian and they would pay. Doing anything like going out for a meal is always difficult at hers - we have only managed it once without Caz's sister's family and her Parent's coming - whether they are invited or not! They just assume that they are! Then they railroad the job, insisting that we go to a 'food for the masses' pub and to be honest, I don't think that it is good value food/pub either! So, they are advised that we aren't about in the evening and they invite themselves and reach for the phone to book mediocre pub. Daughter takes the hump and to be honest, needs her legs slapping! The old folk mean well and do a lot for the family and to forcibly tell them that they aren't coming is hard. The txt row with the daughter goes on to the point we get a message saying that she isn't coming where ever we go and she will see us, if she can be bothered, when we get back! Kids! Aren't they a joy at times..... She agrees to come as long as we don't get angry at her as non of this is her fault....Anyhow, we had a decent Italian in Wildwood in Lincoln and come away. Caz is staying there while I go back to Shepshed. I am still a little 'fizzy' about talking the car back and the young one's attitude!
  16. Myself with my RS3 and jonjors4 with his RS4 went to Caffeine and Machine on Sunday 17th March 2019. Based near Stratford upon Avon C&M is a must visit place for Petrolheads like us. Jon and I will be meeting here regularly and again in a couple of weeks time, get in touch if you would like to meet us there. There were 50+ seriously Cool Cars from GTR's, Porsches, Audi's, Lambo's etc to Classic Americana. Food, Tea/Coffee and like minded people are there all day.......outstanding and seriously Cool...
  17. Hi OsbornEnvy welcome to the Club. I Like the Green Machine a lot....see you both at this years Events....all the best Darren
  18. A fair point indeed Andy. There's nothing in the owners manual stating this option but fortunately two of my friends one with 59 reg A4 Sline and the other with a 10 plate A5 ,both with xenons on share this function. Thanks for the reply Intresting to see if your newer Audi does this,seems a good saftey issue to be honest if its too light to activate auto lights but need the fogs on.
  19. Great thanks I’ll let you know how it goes tonight 👌👍
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  21. I am changing the radio in my 02 A6 C5 the standard ariel just needs an adapter to change the fitting size but what do i do with the electric one
  22. Good evening all. As noted in a previous post I have recently exchanged my old Audi A3 for a newer A3 (Tdi SE). I can the ‘Nav’ option on the MMI but understand that an SD card and licence must be purchased from Audi for the Sat Nav to work. I approached a local retailer to me the other day and was told it would cost between £600 and £700 Are there any other options out there to add sat nav to MMI without paying stupid money. I suppose the other option is a Tom Tom, but silly as MMI is incuded in the Audi. Thanks. Richard
  23. Would anybody be able to advise me where I can get some Audi coolant/anti freeze, as I could do with topping up. Thanks in advance
  24. Thanks Steve for the info. I’ve been reading up about this. The garage I purchased the Audi from advised me to drive it for a few miles in 4th gear every three to four weeks in order to help clear the system. It’s a bit hit and miss really isn’t it as sometimes the Audi is used for the school run. A friend of mine has an Audi A5 Quattro and is in the garage as I speak being repaired. He confirmed a similar price to what you have noted. Expensive consequences. Richard
  25. Hi pal, not sure if its changed but ya might wanna look on the right side of your boot as that's where they are on my 57 plate?
  26. Hi all. I've just introduced myself in the new members area but thought i'd post my question to try and get to the bottom of my problem. I have a 54 reg A6 3.0TDI which i have owned for nearly 2 years and to be honest it's been in the garage for at least a third of that time. My problems started with the MIL light coming on occasionally but the car still drove fine. It then suddenly lost all boost and went into limp home mode. I took it to my local garage who plugged it in and cleared the codes for me. It did it again the following day so i bought a cheap fault reader. It was rather sporadic and could go weeks without it happening at all or do it 3 times in an hours journey. Long story short when it got to the point where it wasn't clearing i bit the bullet and had a new turbo fitted. The code i'm getting is P0046 - turbocharger/supercharger boost control solenoid A circuit. I've done loads of research on this on the net with no definitive answer. I've replaced the turbo and actuator, boost sensor (twice), pressure switch and recently the MAF sensor and i'm still getting no boost. I believe it has been remapped at some point. I've stopped using it as of last august as it's just painful trying to get up the hills on my way too work and looking to sell the car but would obviously rather sell it working than not. Has anyone had any similar problems or have any ideas on where my next step might be. I've gone from loving this car to hating it. Thanks in advance Darren
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