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  2. Hi all I recently bought a 2008 Audi A6 2.0 TDI Sline Automatic transmission (7 gear). This is my first Audi and my dream car actually, but it has a problem. When I park the car and put the gear into the P mode, the gear is stuck in the park mode. When I want to drive it again, I need to reset it from a hole, just under the ashtray. In someone else's words, 'If your car is stuck in park and won't shift out, ... look under the ashtray and you'll see a hole, into which you can stick something to disengage the lock (white button) that prevents the car from going into drive when it's in park.' By the way, It is stuck 5 in 10 times. The problem does not exist all the time. I do not know any mechanics around here and I am not good at understanding car problems. I will go to a local garage this Wednesday, but I do not know them. May I ask if anyone had a similar problem before? I will be very happy if you give me an idea about how much it will probably cost. Looking forward to hearing from you very soon. Many thanks, Lut
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  4. Hi, Im in need of a rear bumper for my 2009 3dr Audi A3 and have found one from a Audi A3 cabriolet, does anyone know if they're the same and if it'll fit or if they are different like the 3dr and 5dr ones. Thanks.
  5. dayne


    hi all , abit of help , iam in the process of buying our first audi r8 but confused in what one to get , I want convertable for sure so have got it down to 12 plate v10 , manual , 32k miles or 13 plate 4,2 v8 , 36k miles , s tronic my wife will be driving also , any advice would be great thankyou , very excited
  6. Long story short I kerbed my 2015 Audi S5 Sportback and it has totalled the rack, I have had a mechanic check it over and the fault codes relate to a failed rack. So question is my part number for the rack on my vehicle is 8K2 423 055 BY, I can find plenty of replacements online however none with the same letters at the end ‘BY’. Do the letters need to match for they replacement rack ? Thanks in advance
  7. Bigdave1230


    I towed a Electrition mates broken down Renault megane estate full of tools a few weeks ago and couldn’t tell he was there. I’ve a friend who tows his caravan with his and says it blows the socks off his old discovery 3 which felt gutless in comparison although the discovery was better off road
  8. I have a 2008 A3 1.9 TDI sportback with the standard audi double din concert radio. I would like to upgrade to a DAB radio but don't want and android touch screen thing, a proper radio that will fit and work in the car. There are no steering wheel controls. Anyone recommend anything that is plug and play or as near as can be? Thanks.
  9. Probably been covered a thousand times but I cant find the answer '07 plate Le Mans 3.0 Tdi Had a problem with automatic tailgate it used too click click click on opening and have trouble locking on close garage replaced the latch with a genuine Audi part and now it only opens six inches and then shuts again, on the odd occasion that it opens fully when I press the close switch it SLAMS shut violently it will work normally if I don't use the boot for a few days and reverts to this problem very quickly Have tried the holding the close switch for ten seconds to reset height I'm sure you guys have the answer without me giving my main dealer a months wages Thanks in advance Tony
  10. Hi I’ve recently bought an Audi A3 1.4 tfsi 2014 and it’s done 53,000 miles does anyone know when the cam belt should be changed.Thanks in advance of any replies
  11. Ok thanks Trevor. I would probably want home cover just for peace of mind. Rescuemycar do it for £20.99 but then AA charge over £100. I just find it odd that the prices are so different for the same cover.
  12. Hi gang I’m new to this just a question. I’ll be driving then all of a sudden my clutch peddle will stick Down flick it bk up then it’s fine for a while then it will do it again any ideas cheers a3 2.0 tdi sport 13 plate
  13. Hey Guys, New to the forum, here's 2018 Audi A3 1.6 tdi, I made a wee video on it if anyone would like to check my video out? I love the blue colour... Thomas.
  14. Hi, I've had one of the fog light grilles nicked from my A4 1.8T SE & am finding out why. I can't find anywhere to get another one. The model description is 8E2 OAH A4 limousine 1.8 R4 I did get hold of a pair of B6 grilles but they are too small. there's plenty of B6 grilles but no R4. Any suggestions if R4 not available (can't understand why) then is there something which will fit?
  15. Hey Guys, New to the forum, I have a diesel hatch in manual with cloth seats (nothing too exciting to write home about). My friend recently bought the new E-tron (electric suv) and I must say it is some piece of kit! Very techy and silent, it is abit bigger than a Q5 and the gadgets in it are unreal! I actually made a video on his E-tron because its was very techy and had lots of toys... Here is a wee link if anyone wants to see it 🙂 Thomas.
  16. I would love 1) Bentley Continental GT 2) Lamborghini Urus 3) Jaguar F-Type 4) Mercedes AMG G63 5) BMW Z8
  17. Hey Everyone, New to the forum, my car is just a diesel hatch. I thought the Audi fans amongst us would enjoy my friend's new E-tron more 😄 He picked it up a couple weeks ago, the car is very techy and deadly fast! Thomas
  18. Yes I have and love it I thought I've put pictures up
  19. Hello, on my recently acquired a6, c6 2.o tdi, the speakers on the drivers side do not work. I have tried another speaker to no avail and I do have power to all speakers on that side. Anybody had or can help with this annoying problem? Ta chaps.
  20. Hybrid turbo ,Wagner intercooler,devils own meth injection ,bsr spec intake ram air filter darkside dpf delete pipe full miltek system egr delete swirnflap delete egr cooler delete cp3 fuel pump . Full ssp auto salon clutch pack mapped by bobby Singh . But I’m up st darkside developments Thursday for a full day to have it remapped and tuned to there specification prevoius started this I’m just starting Thursday to put my stamp on it
  21. Hi Paul think you made the right choice regarding colour, it looks the business 🙂
  22. Sorry, can't help with a trans specialist in Scotland but can you elaborate on the faults as someone might have been there before with the same issue and has the answers.
  23. Hi Daniel....welcome to the Forum Unfortunately, it is the damage behind the bumper that you cannot see without removing loads of components that may write it off as this could be substantial and may not be cost-effective to repair. Let us know the outcome Cheers, Trevor
  24. Hello Ronnie, Sorry to hear of your issue with this vehicle. I’m sure everyone would sympathise with you, and would be equally miffed at spending the money you have. Not wanting to pry into your circumstances, but if there were any finance connected with this purchase, then that would be a first port of call. As I see it, the next move must rest with you, and if I was in your position, then I would simply reject the vehicle without further delay, and return it for a full refund. You could also take advice from the likes of the Citizens Advice or similar organisation. Not sure if you are ROI or NI, and if ROI, what the procedures are. Perhaps you could let the forum know how you get on from here. Kind regards, Gareth.
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