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  2. Hi Guys, Newbie here asking for some advice! Stupidly this morning I ran into the back of someone. Only in traffic so no damage done to either car (unless she decides to put a claim in I guess! ) However, I got back into my car and now the amber warning light is on for the airbag. From what I can see it seems like it just needs resetting as it didn't deploy but there was a collission? Anyone else had the same that can offer some advice please? I've just ordered a Carissta VAG kit - will that allow me to reset the code? TIA
  3. Hello Dell, Have you tried wanted adverts in publications such as ‘Modern Classics’, Classic Car Weekly, Classic Car Buyer - the list goes on? Also worth a try at Partsfinder, or similar online systems which link into breakers. Kind regards, Gareth.
  4. Hello Dell, Can we take it that you have the car insured on a classic car policy on an agree value, limited mileage policy, and the need for the (independent?) valuation is dictated by a need to agree the value with the insurers/brokers? If so, as a matter of interest, who are the brokers/insurers? - since many (most) will accept a valuation form completed by the owner, and supported by photographs, if the valuation is under a ball park figure of £20K. Are the brokers questioning your valuation, and therefore asking for an independent valuation? I’m a little out of touch with the escalating values of some of these ‘modern classics’, but my stab at it is that your Audi dealer’s (salesman?) valuation of £7 to £8 is rather high - but I could well be wrong, and often am! I appreciate you have spent almost that amount on the car, but the hard fact is that car renovation is invariably a loss making venture, so your expenditure cannot be taken as a marker point for its valuation. A couple of avenues for you - if your broker is insisting on an independent valuation, is to seek out another broker who will accept a self valuation. Failing that, I would be approaching a couple of your regional (all makes) Classic Car Club’s and asking there if anyone would provide you with an independent valuation. Might also be worth looking at magazines such as ’Modern Classics’ who may well list condition 1,2 and 3 valuations for a variety of marques and models. Perhaps you could let us know how you get on. Kind regards, Gareth.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Hi All, Paul from Bristol . 😂 After a long hard think about buying my sports car for many many years, the time has come 😃 , and the car i choose is a Audi TT 2.0 TSFI, ideally an S line, but appear quite rare, but i am not sure what year though , i understand there was a face lift in late 2010 - 2011, so 2009 - 2011 is my budget area really. There was also a slight increase in power , and i think there was cam chain on the late 2010 onwards, instead of a cambelt on pre 2010, is that correct ? So which is the better engine to go for, Any advice is greatly appreciated thanks
  7. Hi, I'm a new member from Lincolnshire and recently got a 2017 A1 Sport as my first car (passed my test on the 13th of Jan)
  8. Get ghost immobiliser wont start without the code have it fitted on my rs3 £400 well spent someone got in mine few weeks ago left door slightly open prob scanned the key just couldnt start the car!!!
  9. Any 1 done stage 2+ on facelift rs3 do u get more exhaust noise cracks an bangs bit quiet 4 me coming from a45 is full decat best way 2 go ??
  10. Audiman1

    Dpf health

    So I have just bought an A1 1.6tdi 2014 for my daughter. When shutting the engine off sometimes theres a burning smell and the fan runs fir a minute or so. ( temp gauge always says 90 °. I assumed it was the dpf doi g its thing so I've downloaded vag dpf and got the following. Could anyone explain the figures to me and let me know if I'm doomed ? Oh the car has no fault codes and drives lovely. Thanks
  11. Hello Femi, Are you talking about the tyres mentioned n the last post? If so, the poster mentions that they were manufactured in 2016 or 2017. Kind regards, Gareth.
  12. Hi, Basically ive always loved the look of the A7. I am not a car head but appreciate a nice car when i see it so im in the market to buy one. I am looking at 2016 Ultra model with 40-50,000 miles on it as for me that is enough. Im not overly fussed on all the bells and whistles so the base model is fine. Anyway i have been looking round the forum and i have to say im beginning to think another car might be the better choice. I know its a forum and its a place to find information on car problems but it is genuinely making me think twice incase i end up with a donkey. My problem being that i will be buying in the UK and taking it back to Ireland and i don't wanna land back in Ireland with warning lights everywhere all over the dash. The coolant problem going into the plug thing and causing problems, is this only on certain models or on all etc? As i said i am not a car head and im just looking for some " ive never had an issue" stories to build some confidence. Surely the topics on the forum are in the minority rather than the majority? Thanks
  13. Last week
  14. Hello, I want to buy Audi A4 B9 combi, but I have few questions. I m sure I want it in S line version and I m really interest in "autonom" riding with lane asssit, trafic jam but not all version have it becasue I want it buy it from market. So it is then possible to somehow code or mount it ? and same questions is for ambient lighting there will be probably need mount some lights. Then soundsystem Bang and Olufsen is better than some aftermarket system ? do you have any recomenadation to aftermaket soundsystem ?
  15. Ordered a Vorsprung 2 litre Quatro petrol version yesterday. We've been told they already had a vehicle in the Audi build queue, so delivery in only a couple of months Collection 1st week of April if all goes well 🙂
  16. I just checked out a photo of the wheels we've ordered on the web builder and the tyres are definitely not runflats - phew! Keith
  17. Hello, Im looking to fit a detachable tow bar to an S5 and have been told there will need to be a hole cut into the apron below the rear bumper. Has anyone got any feedback if they have already done this, good or bad? It's for fitting a bike rack, not actually towing anything. Thank you any feedback appreciated.
  18. Hey all my light front left side have gone I changed bulbs but nothing, I'm really confused where to start. Any advice would be great thanks
  19. Thanks Gareth, Yes, my Audi is a Year 2000 model and Audi have told me that they don't make these parts anymore and they have nothing in stock either. I come across people advertising the part on websites, but once I put in an order they come back saying that they don't actually have the part. I keep trying - I have actually just put in another order in the last 20'. I will see how it goes, but if it doesn't work out, I will try Partfinders (also recommended by the extremely helpful spare parts gentleman at Audi Finchley Road, London this morning). Car is as good as new with about 29,000 miles on the clock, so want to get some more years out of it! Thanks again George
  20. Hi i have a 2010 q5 and i am trying to buy some roof bars on ebay but most of them are for a different year of q5 , are they all universal or do i have to buy ones that stae my year of build Thanks
  21. Magnet


    Hello Ozgur, Worth Googling this fault code while you wait for answers - should help you better understand what’s probably going on. Kind regards, Gareth.
  22. Thanks Rebecca, Getting there very quietly:- Annual mileage? (MOT certs./online system will tell you). Do the tyres wear evenly across the width of the thread? Make/s of tyres used - and size would be useful? Typical journeys made? - small mileages around towns, motorways, typical speeds, last-minute braking or gentle braking? Occasional rapid acceleration or not, enthusiastic driving around corners or not? You seem to indicate that fronts are wearing quicker than rears - correct? If so, how long do rears wear? Kind regards, Gareth.
  23. Hi all new to this forum.please can someone help.had my pride and joy wrote off.insurence company have made an offer but its priced on a a3 tdi spotback.mine a 2011 a3 tdi quattro sport 170.i carnt seem to find my variant anywhere.can any one help
  24. My audi a4 / 2016 models shows ESC fault . Was trying to adjust steering wheel & suddenly indicators & wipers have stopped working. pls help !! How to sort this out . Thanks
  25. Spally

    new a7 owner

    hello, just bought an a7 3.o tdi with the rmc mmi system. its got a 2015 sd sat nav card but want the upto date one. is the £200 audi one the only one you can get? is the apple play with apps like waze a better option? thanks in advance Lee
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