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  2. didnt get the 3 faults in one week. got the ABS and steering warnings about the same time, a couple of months ago now. only when i took the wheels off to see if the abs sensors were bunged up with crap and possible broke the rear ones that was wednesday. only today when i turned the wipers on there was nothing ive got ABS warning light (yellow) Steering warning light (yellow) flashing red brake light but i have got brakes well the ABS is hopefully one of the sensors, going to change all 4 and change the connectors too. The steering one still stuck on that one. Didnt think the wipers would be connected to the ABS or the steering. really need the car for work so if it rains im stuck. just need the damn things to work cheers
  3. As title suggests, I have a private reg for sale. Plate reads S3 UGR. Open to offers. Cheers
  4. Dear Members, I seek advice, guidance with a hope to resolve the issue I have developed with my Audi A6 2.7 Avant (S Line 2010 Special Ed). I have searched on various threads and read a lot about this; however cannot find anything similar to what I am experiencing. Basically in a nut shell... Before I start, the car has always been serviced by Audi regularly, last one was last year April 2018. I am based in South London. DPF light came on and I had been driving the car for at most 2 weeks for short trips about 20 - 25 miles a day; however not long high speeds... just didn't get the time for a long drive. Knowing that I didn't have the time to go for a long drive, I decided to get the higher revs, I shall drive in Sports Mode so this may help a little. I had been driving around during the morning and in the afternoon upon a journey suddenly together with the DPF light, the Glow Plug coil light began to flash; I had never seen this before. Not long after, as I accelerated, suddenly I felt a huge loss of power and got really worried. As I gently pressed the throttle a little, I discovered that there was a bit of power, almost 5% and barely reached speeds of 20MPH unless I built up momentum. Unfortunately due to work and life pressures, I had to drive like this for a day and then spoke to a trusted local garage and gave my car to them. They like to spend their time, investigate, look at options, cleaning the dpf, replacing it etc. However, after connecting a variety of computer systems to the car, the garage was able to determine only a bit of info. When trying to access the channels, they could not and tried other VAG systems and still could not. The conclusion is almost that even if the dpf is cleaned or replaced; if the VAG cannot get through to the correct channels and talk with each other; it is a defeated task. So, is this a software issue, hardware, is there a password, has the dpf been damaged so much so that the channels have been blown?! Do the pressure pipes need changing, does the oxygen sensor need assessing... so many questions and not even sure if they are the right questions. Some info that may help: P2463 Diesel Particulate Filter Soot Accumulation - Upper Limit Exceeded P2002 Particulate Trap Bank 1 Efficiency below threshold: Implausible Signal I think the garage may return the car as they have had it for 3 weeks and have not been able to get past this hurdle. They are honest and have tried their best; if there are any last few things you could suggest which they could try; I can ask them to. Otherwise, what would you suggest please. Your advice and guidance would be much appreciated.
  5. Anyone here interested in going? ive never been and think it would be great to go with some like minded individuals having just picked up an S3, i spoke to a few of you at Simply Audi in Beaulieu ( sorry forgotten your names Grey RS3 and RS4) Thoughts ?
  6. Hi was just wondering if anyone has had there S6 remapped? If so what kind of gains they have seen and if it’s worth getting done? Thanks
  7. It was if i remember corectly 1963 ,it was actualy called a spitfire4 and was badged as that,i did 90% myself apart from the painting of it .It also had the coventry reg plate 8369 KV It was in the days were you could use washing up liquid and hairpins to get you home when you broke down and i have used both in order to get me home ,you could do your timing while on the road literaly get out and turn the dizzy cap and tweak etc,had so much fun in that car ,the complete hood and frame came off the car and fit in the boot ,...Also if anyone is from the Sheffield area we used to go to a place called spitfire graveyard were a very ecentric chap called Richard owned a Triumph spares garage ,great excuse for a drive going over snake pass.
  8. Last week
  9. Revo upgrade 2016 miltek exhausts Full service history plus receipts & history of all work done two reconditioned turbos fitted Dec 2018 3 owners mot until aug 2019 and brake pad advisory done taxed until feb 2020 minor cosmetic damage mileage 92000 Custom reg no. open to sensible offers
  10. New 2019 Q3. when starting quick flash up "traffic sign recognition:fault" anyone else have this? it still works fine and I know as M5 has temp signs and it recognises them (rather than just the sat nav knowing where the fixed signs are). Audi replaced camera so far but it still happens.....answers on a postcard please. Anyone else seen this on their audi. They are contacting audi technical next
  11. hi does any one know were I would get a relay for a 2002 audi automatic 2.4 v6 it's the auto relay switch part number 4b0297159 tried every were it's back order and non on eBay or gumtree or any the car parts dealers in Scotland thanks car is of the road until I get this
  12. Has anyone had any issues streaming Amazon music from there audio? Many thanks Harry
  13. I've looked deeper into mine and think I'll be selling as a non runner too looks like injectors and pump in tank will be chuffed too 😫
  14. hi all, does anyone know where i can buy the ABS electrical connectors from. I kind of broke mine and currently held on by a dab of superglue. the tool to remove the pins too much appreciated Ste
  15. Can anyone tell me what these fault codes are please ??
  16. Hello Tom, Sorry to hear of your unfortunate event - must have ended up rather expensive with having to replace a broken window and have the other trim damage to contend with. No doubt they removed the undertray to get at the oil sensor ?? -since they could not have opened the bonnet. As annoying as it is to have to spend even more funds to replace the oil level sensor, it wouldn’t surprise me that the AA will retain their stance that they only disconnected it, and the argument is likely to simply go on. It might just be less frustrating and deal with that ‘damage’ as well as the more costly?- other damage. When you is bust..... are you sure, or is it a question of simply reconnecting but having to now plug the car in to accept the reconnection? Worth enquiring about. Kind regards, Gareth.
  17. Magnet

    Oil usage

    Hello Mike, Guessed that would be the considered opinion. I think, as with all marques, and engines within those marques, some use some oil, others don’t, so manufacturers cover their posteriors by quote relatively high consumption figures. Was that Gareth at the Bridgend branch by any chance? Kind regards, Gareth.
  18. No problem following this forum etiquette. Thanks for clarifiying matey.
  19. That should have read cog, I now have the cog and have repaired another old odometer (I had one that worked and one that didn't for another vehicle, fixed easy enough without the need for specialist tools just used my old watch repair kit, it's just I am nervous trying to do this one myself as I don't have another in case of problems) So if anyone has a spare clock I am open if the price is right!
  20. thanks cliffcoggin but doesnt really help. ive read about it online but theres nothing i could find that tells me what to check.
  21. Hi all, hoping someone might be able to shed some light on my issue. 2006 B7 Cab 3.0 RH Drive with OEM Bi Xeon with adaptive corning. Passenger side main bean not working, bulb is fine, ballast is fine. Drivers side main beam works perfect. Other groups suggest a 'flapper' issue which applies main beam so I have been trying to source a replacement however I have differing part numbers on each light, is it just to show left or right fitment or has the previous owner replaced the unit hoping to fix the main beam issue previously? The part no's I have are 8E0941029BC for passenger side and 8E0941004AG for drivers side
  22. For sale A6 1995 model great car mot till july towbar does 70 to gallon runs sweet as a nut £700 ono Can be seen Glasgow through week or Inverness at weekends
  23. Hello all, new to this forum game but here's my girl 🙂
  24. OK, so as promised, a bit of an update. 6000 miles now. The engine has loosened up a little now and lends itself to safe, rapid overtaking when required. Love the creamy petrol engine, and notice with some disappointed that the recently announced S7 is diesel only(!) for Europe. (Hope they haven't made an error in judgement there.) According to Audi, the A7 55tfsi is 'quattro on demand', i.e. front wheel drive most of the time and the rear wheels are engaged only when required - that engagement works imperceptibly to me, and I never have the sense that I'm driving a front wheel drive only car. All the stability techno-wizardry can impart a false sense of security though - there was an occasion when pulling out of a junction in the wet; I wanted to make use of a gap in the traffic gave it a bit of welly, and somewhat unexpectedly the rear end stepped out as I joined the traffic. It was only a second or two before control was regained, but sobering (and a bit embarrassing) nonetheless.. The interior comfort and refinement continues to impress, and as mentioned before the cabin is a great place to be in. I've got used to the touch screens now and the experience with Android Auto (Spotify) is probably better with the touch screen rather than the rotary dial in my previous A6. Long term fuel average is 25.2mpg, brought down by the predominance of town driving during my daily commute. On longer runs (and careful driving) it's easy to achieve 34mpg. It absolutely drinks screen-wash, however, due to the headlight washers. The recent lighter evenings have lessened usage, but then I miss the matrix beam headlights, which are a sight to behold! On the subject of washing, the rear camera cleaning function is absolutely useless. Better of with a damp cloth.. Last week I noticed the oil level had dropped a couple of bars, so added 1/3 of a litre to bring it back up to maximum.. One quirk I've noticed is that when making an outgoing call using blue-tooth, the notification in the virtual cockpit states 'incoming call' instead. I'm sure that one will be cured with a software update. All in all, very pleased with the car so far!
  25. Hi guys new here and desperately seeking some help! Had the timing chain and all associated parts changed recently which was a sting cost wise! But just encountered any issue which may condem my poor old s4 😔 power steering failed a couple of weeks ago which was a bit of a surprise owing to the fact I’d had a new genuine rack and pump fitted less than 12 months ago(1560 miles!) taken it into my local specialist and he’s just informed me that the aux plate that drives the pump is knackered and the engine has to come out and be stripped to repair! He’s quoted around £4500 to do the job but owing to the fact I’ve spent more than that already this year on it I’m very reluctant, I’ve been toying with the idea of fitting a stand-alone electro hydraulic pump to remedy this issue? Any one here know anyone who’s done this? Any input would be greatly appreciated
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