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Discount: Find It Stop It Auto Track & Stop Solutions

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Premium Members can benefit from the following Trade Discount Structure
Minimum order quantity 5 pieces, payment with order, delivery within 5-10 days.

1. On orders between 1-25 pieces, 10.0%.
2. On orders over the first 25 up to 50 pieces, 12.5%
3. On orders over the first 50 up to 75 pieces, 15.0%
4. On orders over the first 75 up to 100 pieces, 17.5%
5. As soon as your orders are over 100 pieces in any one year, 20.0%, this will remain in force as long as your average annual orders from then on remain at 100 pieces or more. If the average drops to say 85 pieces then the percentage at item 4 will apply i.e. 17.5%

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