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Audi A3 (8V) Air Vent Trim

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The silver trim piece around the finger grip of the front air vent has fallen off. Has this happened to anyone, and if so is it possible to buy a replacement ? Thanks 🙂372E999A-AE4D-4AE5-A058-0C7890BCE6C7.thumb.jpeg.f7b38a4a639ff1775f1eb135b529301f.jpeg407923AE-5B20-4EBC-8335-C35CD4E50B4A.thumb.jpeg.8d0a0ddf04c93be2a49ed0e836e669c9.jpeg


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Hello pal these little silver bits aren't held in by anything they just pop out, you could maybe try and glue it back in place. I have removed all my silver trim inside my car and sprayed them that's how I know they all pop out. 

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Thanks mate 🙂 

unfortunately my car (bought used) came without one of the silver bits and I can’t find any replacement to buy 

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