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New Audi A1 owner retrofitting help


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Hi all just bought a 2015 Audi A1 SE 1.6tdi 5 speed. It’s mainly for my gf who isn’t bothered about tech and stuff but I’d like to get some stuff added can anyone help me?


can CarPlay be added?

can Bluetooth be added?

can satnav be activated?

can cruise control be added? 

how do I find out which engine number/model is in the car as I see 2 different power levels for these?

im coming from the BMW dark side (don’t shoot) and most things can be retrofitted and coded in with the likes of Carly etc and if it can’t we could normally swap modules and stalks etc to give coding option,  is Audi the same? 

Looking forward to becoming a regular member on here. Sorry fall the questions I’m new to VAG and my searches and working. 

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Do you have 2 SD card slots on the front of your stereo and the sat-nav option on the display (say sat-nav not enabled)? if you do then there is someone local to you in Durham who charges £200 to activate the sat-nav - https://northeastvagadaptions.co.uk/products/audi-a1-q3-navigation-activation-navigation-data-2021?__FB_PRIVATE_TRACKING__={"loggedout_browser_id"%3A"d597b7c2cca4ef1101bcf2fa792551df5f5b8ee0"}&fbclid=IwAR3rIvEblt65pTqp5nRBoDWYzepE1wH4UwSVd3WRn5uvhZTPdRt1lCnvBb8

Going to get mine activated soon

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Hi, got my hand on A1 as well and have similar questions, is here anyone who have had experience with these questions?

Can you add seat heating, get bluetooth and upgrade climate control


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