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  1. I didn't follow this up urgently as to be honest I've hardly gone anywhere like most people. But last week a message came up on the console saying a new map was ready to download and did I want to do it. I was just parking so I said no thinking it would ask again, but so far hasn't and I can't find a menu option in car or on MyAudi account to trigger it. Anybody and clues where it might be hidden? TIA
  2. Crikey,. Aren't there at least some free updates, you would have thought at least the map would have been up to date when delivered.
  3. As a newbie to this I'm feeling a bit thick, but hopefully someone will take pity on me . I got a new A3 on a CH scheme last October. Now I expected the map would be up to date, but having driven on part of the M1 that didn't shown on the map, that to my knowledge had been open a while, I wondered whether it needs updating. Having a quick look in the manual and online, it's not clear to me how to a) check whether there is an update available or b) how to do it if there is I can see it's possible to update via SD card, or online. The only SD card slots are with the CD player in
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