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  1. Hi Steve, I'll see if I can find out what the codes were. It sounded like it was almost all the codes it could be. So I bought the pink Nissan Micra (burgundy my Rs, it's faded 😄). I'd rather find the TT a home (she's called Lucy by the way) where she'll be mended and loved and maybe I can save up and buy her back in a couple of years! What a superb looking car. I once let a TT park for free at a game fair because it was so lovely. Sometimes you have to make someone's day. Todays question is: do I have to change my name to PinkNissanGirl now?
  2. Or if anyone has any knowledge of how to get the computer to butt out and leave me to drive my beautiful car, please let me know. Otherwise I'm going to buy a £300 Micra. 😔
  3. Hello fellow TT lovers. I bought a 54 plate red TT last Oct. 136,000 miles on the clock, a few scratches, a couple of repainted panels not quite the right red. I spent money on getting the back brakes done coz I thought it important that it stops as well as goes. Now my problem is that it doesn't go. The ABS light was always on. I took it back to the garage I got it from and they reset the codes. The light came on on the way home. I took it back to the garage I bought it from and they said they replaced a sensor. The light came on again the next day. I took it back to the garage I bought it from and they fixed it for a few days. I took it to the local garage and he fixed it 🙂 Then I tried to go on a journey in it and it broke down. I came back on the back of a low loader. It was saying it was overheating but it wasn't, it was just the sensor. Sensor replaced and all was well. For a short while. I think it was the EPS light that was next. Sometimes the car would run rough, sometimes it would reset itself if you turned it off and on again. A couple of trips to the local garage where the codes showed various sensors were upset. So was I imagining the bill. Local mechanic said no, leave it with me, it's more likely to be a wiring problem. He managed to sweet talk the computer, and my car was once again running like a dream. I went on a journey. Got there and back with no mishaps 😀 Unfortunately the dashboard started lighting up again a few weeks later. I came to an agreement with the local mechanic that he would reset the codes for me for a small consideration. i went on a journey and followed a driver who didn't like corners, along a windy road at 40mph. Finally there was a straight and I started to overtake. I put my foot down, got level with the back end of the 40mph car and the dashboard lit up. Computer says no! The power dropped and I was left to pull back in behind 40mph and try and keep up. I limped to the petrol station, put some fuel in, restarted the engine, no light, no problem. Car drove beautifully. But I'm nervous about getting home, and I'm near the garage that sold me my beautiful car. They took it away to see if they could get Vagtech to find the problem and see if it is an easy fix. First thing on Monday they were going to take it in. But they didn't say which Monday. So I have the chance of some really interesting work in a couple of weeks, but not if I can't get there. Lifts with friends are difficult if I want to go shopping, due to Covid. I've asked the garage if they'd buy it back off me, but of course in the not-always-running state it's in they're not going to offer me much. So my question is, how much would it be worth to someone for breaking? Can anyone give me advice on selling it to cut my losses? I knew I was taking a chance on a high mileage car, but it's going to be an expensive mistake. Luckily I have loved driving this car so much I'm pretty chilled about it, but my budget for my next car is whatever I can get for this one. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. The car is currently in Nottingham.