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How to Submit a User Guide


Instructions on submitting a user guide to the Forum

So you have something you would love to share with other Audi owners, and you really would like to document it in one place so it becomes a useful resource?

User guides are the most helpful resource for any member, from changing a bulb to replacing your audio equipment, and by supporting the club you help keep the club the best resource for all things Audi.

So Where to start?

1. First off is to view the main guides section

2. If you are looking to add a tip on how to fix something then this should be submitted to the Audi Model How-to Guides where most tips and procedures are placed.

3. Choose your car category that fits best

4. Select "Submit New Guide" button

5. You will be presented with form fields to complete. Please try and add as much detail as possible. Such as title, short description and full description. Also add tools, time, cost, parts and difficulty levels.

5. Press Submit

You can either attach pictures to your post. Just browse the image you wish to upload, click attach, then once the image is attached click to add to post.

If you have a guide that can be placed in every category as the guide crosses over other Audi models then please contact us and show us the page you have created and we'll copy them across all categories for you. This will save a load of time duplicating your content.

The icing on the cake is when you submit a guide you will be awarded a badge in your profile as an active contributor!

Thanks for taking the time to help others!

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