Non Start - Faulty Relay


Useful tip for finding a faulty relay which was resulting in a non-start problem

I want to share my fault with my 2006 Audi A3 S Line TDI with other Audi owners, so I hope this may help others out that may find they come across the same fault.

It started intermittently my car ran fine but them randomly just would not crank over to start when at the 3rd stage of the ignition i.e. when all your lights come on the engine did not crank at all. I began checking all the basics battery power voltage and so on. I am no Mechanic but am not afraid to get stuck in any way so I stripped out underneath the steering wheel all plastics eventually exposing the fuses and Relays. I removed each relay looking for signs of corrosion or burn out, I found nothing of concern and then using my electrical multi-tester checked each Relay had an Ohms reading. Once I had confirmed all okay I refitted the relays and tried to start the car. The car still did not start I then still pursued with the Relays this time leaving them in their places. Using my left hand to hold the key into starting position I then used my right hand all at the same time and went through each Relay Tapping with a spanner eventually I came to the last Relay which I choose to be the last one to tap and hay presto the car Fired up.

Happy Days 😀😀😀. So the issue for the car won't start seems to be identified as a dodgy Relay. I do not know what this Relay is for but it was stopping the car from Starting.

The Relay No. Is 433

If anyone knows what this Relay does please tell me. I hope my info I have shared will help others out.

Car won't start - Check Relay 433, this got my car to start 

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