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  1. Thx Stuart i appreciate the info. that’s interesting regarding the mpg difference with without lead foot! In 30 and 40 mph limits I’m getting 25/26mpg. for short motorway trips I’m getting 33 and longer ones 35mpg. the reason for the remap is moreso regarding mpg tbh... I’m more looking at an economical map which will likely only add a few hp’s- rather than the performance maps that add 15-20% 🤞🤞🤞
  2. Thx Stuart that is interesting as it would align with my results... I think the emissions recall my car must be the issue I’m having- I simply cannot get 40+mpg... (did you have it done?) the funny thing is that it’s all a mental game really- if I boot it and enjoy the car, then I don’t mind 20mpg- but if I’m commuting for work doing 70 on the motorway then I want more than 35 🤣 im going to have to get it remapped- although I’ve seen some remaps costing £250 and others £500- a huge difference 🙈
  3. Thx John ill check them out 👍👍👍
  4. Hey John thx for that that is way higher than I can achieve.... I can’t get 40 even cruising at 65- im sure it’s down to this emissions recall/remap as mine is a 2016 (purchased from a non Audi dealer with scotsure warranty) it’s out of Audi manufacturers warranty now- so I think a remap is the best way forward... can anyone recommend a company in the West Midlands area please? I’m based in Shrewsbury thx for you help 👍
  5. I would have to disagree tbh as 4 wheel drive gives excellent consistency in acceleration. Estate to saloon times are also very similar- in comparison is half a second much greater- but that’s a whole separate topic (not to mention the fact that the estate choice is certainly in my case not a choice but a must with family etc)
  6. Dependant on what engine you are selecting and how important performance is; I noticed that the allroad 0-60 time for the Bitdi was half a second slower than the std avant with the same engine.. i can only assume it could be down to different gearbox ratios?
  7. Hi again john it looks like it has had the recall- I think the 23x6 attached is the nox recall Anything that can still be done ? Debating a chip or remap as apparently the less aggressive ones can improve mpg quite considerably, whilst giving a bit more power for the rare time that you need it.... oh and magnet; you’ll just about see at the top of the pic that the air filter was changed in sept 2019.
  8. Hey john That’s a good question... I don’t know if it’s had the update tbh I’d appreciate the mpg feedback from your journey cheers! as mentioned previously I achieved 35mpg driving at night and had no stop starting at all- cruise set to 75-80 easiest driving you could hope for. Would be interesting to compare ✅ Thanks for the reply and offer Tim
  9. Hey Gareth i will check it thx. it wasn’t from a dealer- previously it had its servicing from Audi. The previous service was only 9000 miles ago- but I negotiated a fresh (non dealer service) in the deal.. ended up getting new brake discs and pads on the front too 🤩 will have a look at when the air filter was last done ✅ (in the meantime I’m hoping it was done 9000 miles ago by Audi)...
  10. Hey Gareth thx for the reply. yes it’s had all servicing done- in fact it just had one as part of the purchase agreement.. yes it’s the 3.0tdi Bitdi engine with the 8 speed box. ive read elsewhere of people saying they managed rarely 40mpg + and average 35... I can’t even get 40 doing 70mph on a flat motorway.... im getting 26mpg driving 30/40 mph speed limit roads, and 35mpg on very good motorway runs.. hopefully someone here has the same engine do I can compare figures- 👍
  11. Just bought a 2016 Bitdi and drove it all the way to Germany and back- thought the fuel economy would be better tbh... even at 75/80mph on cruise control with no traffic I got 35mpg average for 600 mile trek... even at 70mph I can only squeeze 36- ive heard elsewhere if Bitdi owners saying that mid 30’s is easily doable - but for me that is absolutely best case
  12. Hi all had a great journey in my newly acquired 2016 a6 avant bitdi. unfortunately I was rather disappointed in the mpg... even driving at night where I was using cruise control almost the whole way (600 miles) driving at 75-85mph constantly- I only managed 35mpg... Im gutted that that is best case scenario- as day time driving (stop start) would have been much less.. anyone else have mpg experience with this car? cheers tim
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