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    Update- Trusted Mechanic Came round and it was the auxiliary drive belt had shredded. Managed to get replacement belt and a new tensioner thingi as it had sheared off. Being done tomorrow thankfully
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    Sorry Gareth, I was going to see whether there was an OEM version or secondhand one available. And ideally as it’s an easy install, I was going to install it myself. Thanks. Leigh.
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    Post pinned and featured Graham Come on Audi Owners Club members, lets get this stand filled ! Just enter a comment below and we'll add you to the list
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    I am looking to see who is interested in going along to this event in Sunday 19th April. The tickets in advance are £10.50 and on the day £12.50 this gets you into the event and all the attractions at Beaulieu Motor museum. If there are enough of us we can get club stand again. Below is the link https://www.beaulieu.co.uk/events/simply-audi/
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    Thanks Gareth. Whilst at the tyre shop I took photos of the other two SportMaxx RT tyres on the car, both of which had either 2016 or 2017 dates. The fourth tyre was a generic budget one. A tread photo of each other tyre (still inflated) are attached. As you can see, they are all cracking after 2.5 to 3.5 years of use. Not sure what kind of mileage or temperatures, but the tyre fitter thought it was not good. Anyway, they're all heading for the disposal/recycling now. Cheers Tom
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    Hi Gareth, I hadn't heard that but possibly. My reasoning is that the Carbon Black edition, that comes with the Carbon pack, which is essentially grey, looks better with the Titanium Matt Gloss wheels. Whereas with the Gloss Black pack, that comes on the Vorsprung edition, the Gloss Black turned wheels look correct. Indeed this is the way that most of the cars that have been tested by the press/bloggers on youtube etc and are German spec are configured. its frustrating in the UK, that when ordering a car such as this you cant specify the colour of the wheels as you can in Germany, France etc
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    Hello Gareth, It's the full tie rod assembly that I require as the adjustment rods connecting the inner and outer rods have seized on both sides. I've decided to purchase the LH drive specific part (only £30) and plan to get it fitted on Friday so will let you know! Cheers, Ben
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    310 BHP 4.2 V8, 5 Valves /cylinder! 133,000 miles Climate Control, Fast & Efficient Heated Seats front and rear, very toasty indeed Double Glazing throughout - (shhh, it's really quiet in there) SatNav (needs a new disk as the 2001 disc is out of date). (I use Waze so didn't bother) I purchased this with 120,000 miles on it as a temporary stop-gap in July 2018 when my 2001 E39 BMW went in for some major works and wouldn't be ready for a planned holiday with my adult kids. The intention was to sell on the A8 after the holiday. Instead, it's impressive and effortless performance and comfort beguiled me so much I kept it and it's shared daily driving duties with my 535 ever since. Now, a change in my job scenery and a brand new company lease car have caused space issues so rather regretfully letting go. The car has a full service history up to 2015 - but not all Audi, and this checks out with DVLA data and statements from the previous owner. In my stewardship, the car has had the following works completed: A new set of Pirelli's (July 2018, now + 13000 miles) New engine RPM sensor New all-in-one cruise control and indicator stalk New after-market steel mesh exhaust flexi-couplings, which at £50 (£25 a pop) plus £80 labour for the pair beat Audi's £1550 quote! (Can do the aftermarket items every 4-5 years and it will never be painful). Nearside & Offside Upper Front suspension arms Nearside & Offside Upper Rear suspension arms Nearside Lower Front Control Arm Nearside Track-rod End Nearside & Offside Front Drop-links Offside Front upper suspension arm In-Tank Fuel Pump All 4 brake calipers All 4 discs and pads It's 19 years old so has a few marks but nothing untoward, and I have replaced some major suspension and brake issues. It's fairly well sorted for the next decade. Please message me to view. Bring your insurance certificate and schedule if you wish to test drive it, else only I will drive. Please call me on 07969 122 191 to arrange.
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    Hi Nick...welcome to the Forum Hope you have many years trouble-free motoring with the A4 Good to have you onboard
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    Hello Gareth, Thank you very much for your time on this response and apologies for the slow reply. After using a local garage the issue was quickly identified as something as simple as the nut below (number 4) being loose. I'd suspect this could've been worked loose at an accelerated rate due to the poor wheel alignment and a long high-speed drive. Thanks again.
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    Gareth , thanks for the help .
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    First option: use VCDs to diagnose module 08-HVAC, probably you will get same code as me- that shows a faulty or blocked positioning motor for central flap(V70). First i tried performing basic settings, and no joy . Jow the fault code is saying : potentiometer for this motor for central flap -adaptation limit surpassed. Basically you need to take of the glovebox and search for the servo motor with black lever, part code is : 8E2820511H. There is a video on youtube how to acces these climatronic motors:
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    Trevor. Thank you. When the vehicle gets here I will take some pics and post them...It would be interesting to see how the spec may vary for a vehicle sold here...there were very few to choose from....and only a few arrive every couple of months. I know it was the case as we had a Nissan X Trail, full spec, 7 seater and that was a different spec to those sold in Europe. I dont think they have the certificate of conformity that allows them to be registered in Europe... we will see. thanks again
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    Thanks Trevor, I'm hoping so too, this Allroad is a really nice car and We're both looking forward to getting it.
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    Hi Trevor, I had a Z3 before I changed for a Z4, great cars and might go back to one sometime. The Audi is in excellent condition, had the garage give it a machine polish and when new it was treated with one of those ceramic? coatings which salesmen are always trying to flog you. I'm the third owner and it's covered 63000 miles. The only thing internally was the aluminium door trims near the door openers were badly scratched by someone wearing a ring or something, got the rear trim from a UK breaker and the front trim from USA!
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    Thanks for the welcome, I have been a member of the Z4 Forum for quite a while but no longer have a Z4, found it too difficult getting in/out unless the roof was down. Anyway a photo of the car I now own.
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    This is my A5 Quattro with her snow tyres on I’m looking to play sky from my phone to the head unit tv is this possible??
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    I had a similar problem on our a5 and bought a sump plug valve. http://www.stahlbus.com/products/en/oil-drain-valve/index.php we fitted this with threadlock to seal any leak, this cured the problem and the plug will never need to be removed again, also makes for easy oil changes in the future.
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    Hey Trevor, Thanks for the welcome, and the pointers. Actually, I do have the original Audi phone in the car ... but it does not have a sim so presume it won't be able to track movements. The garage in question has had a change of mechanics recently, and my favourite go-to mechanic left to set up on his own. Sad loss!! It's frustrating when you get a mechanic who you can trust move away from the local garage. He set up miles away so not really an option to continue using his services. Have a great New Year, actually ... New Decade!! Cheers, John.
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    Hey all, Had the car 2 weeks. Love it so far.
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    HI, This weekend I became a A5 owner, buying a used A5 S Line Convertible 2.0 TDI, auto, in a nice mid blue. My first Audi, having traded in my trusty Saab convertible. I’m looking forward to many years of ownership. My first impression is that it is such a quiet drive, but feels so very capable - especially the sound system.
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    *UPDATE* After 3 garages failed to diagnose, I decided to investigate myself. I took the air filter casing lid off and removed the air filter and the case it sits in to discover the recently fitted air filter was blocked with polystyrene from the packaging!!! There was also a rubber tube coming out the bottom of the air filter casing which was blocked with dirt. I cleared this and cleared the air filter. I then also sprayed Electrical contact cleaner on the Electrical connection to the mass air flow. I reset the light and have been driving around for a week with no light now. The car instantly felt more responsive!
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    Sorry for the really late reply.It seems that this is a well known problem with the A6.I went to Harold Wood Audi and the guy there said the bonding on the back of the mirror itself has deteriorated due to the mirror heating. I had to buy a new mirror glass and had them fit it for me. Hope this helps
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    Gareth thanks a lot mate. Disappointed with myself really to be honest. Should have left it until I had more time to look at it. Might give the glue a try to be honest, if not I’ll have to bite the bullet at £100 to replace.
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    Thanks it’s nice to be onboard Trevor no it’s quite nice and mild for this tome of year the picture was taken 1 year ago regards Andy
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    Reciprocated best wish to you and your Trevor. Keep up the good work. Kind regards, Gareth.
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    Wishing everyone who posts on the forum, takes the trouble to reply, or simply looks in and views, a peaceful and Merry Christmas, and a healthy and trouble free motoring 2020. Best wishes, Gareth & family.
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    Hey everyone! Im new to this site here is my stage 2+ TTS running 370bhp
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    Did u get ur sat nav working Coz I have the same issue with my mmi running mstd_eu_au_p3150 so any help would be appreciated as I don't want to pay audi £500
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    hi all, thanks for your replies to my earlier msg, we have now rejected our car, as we were fed up of waiting and being told a date as it never happening , i believe its more than a software issue, as its to do with the camshaft/crankshaft syconisation which also runs the full pump. It took 2 months of letters and phone calls and a lot of time, but now awaiting car to be collected and refunded, as the fault was recorded on the car before it was 6mths old, it must be an issue on the age of the car, ours was dec 2018 good luck everyone.....
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    Hi Trevor, I agree, I think the new E-tron is a superb car from the Audi brand! Thank you, Happy to be apart of this forum :)
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    Hello Craig, If it were mine, I would not even THINK about getting it repaired, but what I would think carefully about is getting the existing four road wheels removed and thoroughly inspected for such defects. Your life and other road users lives depend on that action, so I would not delay that. From the posted photo, it looks as if there may be another crack site on the same wheel?? There is something in my mind going back to when I had hair, that work had been done to assess the effect of road salt on such wheels, which had been shown up at the time to cause corrosion cracking. Just throw it away Craig, and thoroughly inspect whatever you buy as a repalcement - and as I said - all other wheels on your car. Kind regards, Gareth.

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