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    Found this morning - boot stickers done right
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    One major thing to check is the rear diff - a Mate has one and it has been in to Audi due to an oil leak. Major job stopping leak and if you cannot stop the leak its new diff time. not a massive concern for Audi but there have been enough cases to be notable. His was the active diff - worth asking the right questions regarding the rest of the car too. Service history a must. S-line seats are not so bad - some would prefer them to the RS Wing Backs that can be too supportive - especially for the larger driver / passenger. Any Audi model that has an RS derivative will suit Wing backs. Note there may be some electrical harness issues if the specs of the seats you have vary from the prospective seats.
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    Just seen this on one of the fb audi clubs... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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    oh well just back from a week with the S4 driving from Liverpool to France and Belgium covering 1700 miles and 31 hours behind the wheel in 7 days. Absolutely loved the drive and was so impressed with the car in so many ways. Economy across toll roads, town roads and country roads really good with over 28mpg even with 3 passengers and a roof box. On toll roads I tried to keep to 85mph. Weather was really cold as don't think it got over 2 degrees during the day and drove many mornings at below zero. Ride comfort was superb and even with a sore back I was refreshed at all times helped by the back massage to a large degree lol. whilst roads in France were glass smooth the ones in Belgium where not but the S4 never banged or got unsettled. I never felt that the Quattro was needed even on the sub zero roads but you don't know if it was called into action as never had a moment of drama. a few other observations were that Audi is definitely the brand of choice with them outnumbering beemers 10 to 1 (seemed equal back in the UK though), roads in France much better than here, driving discipline much better in the EU than here (lane hugging in UK terrible) and finally that I never saw one other S4 for the entire trip so my car did get quite a bit of notice from young lads lol. Anyway thought I would share this as it goes to prove the Audi as a car for all purposes and pure driving pleasure. S4 (1) S4 (2) S4 (3)
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    Hello David, Would you perhaps be looking for the compatibility information so you have a better chance of finding a secondhand one? If so, the old logic is that you could be buying your own faulty one! Secondhand is great for major very expensive components, but never really economical for minor parts. If necessary, I would go with Scott's suggestion, but you will find that such websites often use generic images so it's the part number which you would need to follow. Having said that, would I buy an aftermarket sensor? No I wouldn't - the quality of replica electrical/electronic components can be very questionable and although cheaper than main dealer parts, may cost you more in trouble and expense in the long run. The proper way is simply pass your registration number to the dealer and they will ensure you get the correct one. Ask for a discount - they can only say no! Kind regards, Gareth.
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    Audi 5 convertible owners club 👍👍
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    Hi Chris, I've found this YouTube video which may help :) Cheers Steve
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    Hi Tom I use Autoaid for my breakdown recovery. It is like an insurance policy. When you breakdown you call them and the organise for local breakdown recovery vehicle to come a pick you up. They then claim the cost back off of Autoaid. This year it has cost me £42.00, this cover myself and my wife. You are covered not the car. Used it twice and never had a problem.
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    I have Green Flag joint personal membership - this covers me and the Mrs in any vehicle that is not on hire to me or that we are not paying passengers on. Primary car is part of membership. I have Home and Roadside cover with recovery included and pay a little over 106£ Have used it in the past for both me and the mrs and cannot fault them - they do use 3rd Party Service agents but they have always got me home or at least to a garage of my choice.
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    Managed to finish work and get home before its dark, so washed the car for the first time in weeks
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    Wish I could help Gareth but I'm with the AA but I have thought about switching to green flag though. I would never have RAC cover in light of a family members bad experience.
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    Hello Andy, I don't know whether this is going to throw a spanner in the works, but the reason I asked if you had roof rails fitted was that I too got all enthusiastic about fitting roof rails and bars on our 2006 A3 Sportback. That was until I realised that fitting roof rails (if not already fitted) entailed drilling the roof! - well at least on the 2006 model year. It would be wise to check if yours has any built in anchor points front and rear for the longitudinal roof rails to which the Thule cross bars will attach. If not, decide whether you are prepared to hand the responsibility of (correctly- first time?) drilling holes in your roof. Probably well worth doing some homework before thinking about the roof bars. Of course, the quality and fitting of the roof rails become of paramount importance. Let's hope your model year is different, and that it has built-in securing points for the rails. It would be great if you could update us - do doubt useful information for other. Kind regards, Gareth. p.s. I recall there were some aftermarket rails which 'hooked' under the top of the door shuts, but I decided against this.
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    Hi Andy, if any help I got my Thule bars and fitting kits from - http://www.leisureshack.co.uk/audi-roof-bars.aspx - better price than I could find at the time anywhere else. I was going to go to Halfords but their kit price didn't actually include everything I would have need where-as leisure shacks came complete with everything... If you are going down new route, but don't regret getting the Thules so quick to put on or off. Cheers M.
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    Hi You have mmi2g . Some had bt module that alowes hands free bluetooth conection and some had integrated audi phone in the arm rest that only works with that audi phone . If you search for bluetooth devices with your iphone and cannot find audi hands free it means you dont have bt module
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    like clifford said if you just brought the car and its losing coolant thats a job for the dealer / seller to sort out asap was it though a 2nd hand dealer or private sell? how long you had the car?
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    Well it's nice to here that we have similar experiences of cars from that era. I had a Mk3 Escort as my first motor. She was 10 years old with around 60k on the clock and was quick having the 1.6 ltr engine. At the time every man and his dog seemed to have an xr3i though so I decided to pimp my ride and become a boy racer. The first few upgrade were pepper pot alloys from the local scrappy. Side point here is you no longer see scrap yards. My local town had 4 that you were able to route around, good times.... Those alloys needed some tyres which were scourced from another scrap yard. As a youngster you don't really see the dangers of this so I would never do this or advise it. Next upgrade was a K&N filter, easy swop. Next was to install a rev counter which was more of a distraction. No boy racer is without his new stereo so in goes his pull out blaupoint from a GTI and new speakers sub woofer and bass box. At the time I had a few dodgy friends so I didn't bother asking where that stereo was sourced... the same guy also found me a brand new frount spoiler from a RS turbo, interior seats from an XR3i with steering wheel and gear knob. The frount seats were quite new and did not have the same hole pattern in the runners to fit my car unfortunately. I remember driving to work with the seat being held in with one screw🙈. Lucky I'm a toolmaker so it didn't take long to make some adaptations with aluminium blocks. Back then we did car share to work on a week basis. Just before Christmas I borrowed my neighbours garage and took the engine out stripped it down and replaced bearings, valves ect. The head was skimmed at work by me and engine was rebuilt and replaced. First turn over didn't go well and resulted in a bent valve as it's bush wasn't seated correctly. Those were replaced and the engine waited to be installed. Now remember my dodgy mate? I couldn't prove that he was involved but I'm sure he was. My engine was stolen from the garage 😭. It learned me a real lesson though and I've not brought anything dodgy since. The following Saturday another friend took me over to a big scrap yard and we picked up a replacement 1.6 engine. Again this was stripped with same process as before. With a new clutch the engine was a success. Next on the list was new exhaust. The trend at the time was loud. Down the road was a min specialist that built exhausts in house and was happy to make me a 4 branch big bore. It sounded great too. My mom complained about it a few time so it must have been good 😏. Another mate worked at a parts supplier and got me vent discs new callipers and mintex pads. All did not go too well though. The engine mounts failed whilst driving to my aunts. Uncle Bob to the rescue. The car was not too happy after as that effected my gearbox with third gear failing a few weeks later. First replacement was not working and only option the scrap yard had was one from a 1.3 car. This had different ratios and made my car into a rocket that ran out of puff very quickly. Fuel consumption was eye watering too. Then unfortunately I damaged the car beyond economical repair whilst showing off so brought a replacement Escort and swopped everything over. Last straw was when the car got stolen from the cinema car park. It was found 20 miles away and took my friend and myself the whole day to recover her. The police found her and it seemed made it as hard for us to find her as possible. The car was down a side access road in a village and was on bricks. No wheels stereo and belongings all gone. So those were replaced and I part exchanged it for an Astra. Don't regret a thing though. It was a great experience looking back. I wouldn't advise anyone to mod a car unless it's for the experience. Easier and much cheaper to buy a hotter model but less fun. Good times.........
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    Welcome to the forum Philip You will find the members here very friendly and always happy to answers questions. There is an event in Beaulieu in April which a number of us are attending, It would be a good opportunity to meet other members. Graham
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    Good day i’m currently looking for an a7, plenty of choice out there , i’m in no rush and been looking for a while. Missed out on a very well specced 62 plate with 69k a private sale 2 audi services one with specialist which went for 13750. Currently looking at a 64 plate ultra, pretty basic spec 36k full audi history but first service was late on mileage which has meant i can’t get a fully comprehensive warranty ( anything engine oil related is not covered) again a private sale currently we’re haggling around 18k.
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    started on stella and finished on Rattlers cider
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    Hello Kev, Notice the car has one previous owner. Can we take it that owner is recorded on the V5 rather than the dealer having registered it in their name? The true story of this car (and equally essential to know as the service history) rests with contacting this owner. If the dealer refuses to let you have this detail prior to purchase - no confidentiality concerns since you will know it after you have bought it - then I would be tempted to walk away. Same suggestion if it has been registered to the dealer to mask the previous keepers details. Great idea to have an independent assessment of the car, and if it were me I would be considering using a trused Audi independent who obviously has specific brand and model experience. Kind regards, Gareth.
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    Imho gotta be the 3.0 tdi s-line Quattro mate, had mine just over 2 years now and it hasn’t missed a beat! Which has meant I’ve been able to get it looking like this 🤩
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    I see the nanny software is working it was only a blood type word.
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    Trevor, you're a !Removed! marvel. cookies done so job done just changed password as a further task many many thanks chap 👍
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    Personally ( from experience) i’d change your thermostat first, if its stuck open engine won’t get warm and so both oil and coolant temps will be down. Had my 1.9tdi a6 for 12 years now and its happened twice.
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    Thanks for the further information Thomas. As Steve Q often says- "they are a friendly bunch on here" and I too would like to think we are, but it's sometimes difficult to clarify things without coming over as being critical of what the poster is trying to do. I have a feeling this may be one such case, and I must apologise in advance if any if this isn't in line with your thinking, but here goes Thomas. Appreciating changing components such as coil packs, leads, etc can be considered good maintenance, it should be pointed out that the quality of such replacement parts is often very questionable, and runs the risk of introducing faults which were not there before. Depends on where you source your bits from, but experience shows its better not to fix it if it's not sure it's broken - unless you are replacing with genuine VAG components which of course you might have done, and that would be fine and only likely to affect your wallet. Your question - "Short to ground problem likely to be a broken wire...?" This and changing harnesses concerns, since it must be clear in the mind that a "short" is where a current feed wire's insulation etc. is damaged, and the wire then touches the earth-return bodywork - at which point the fuse in that curcuit should blow. Any wire which is broken would be an open curcuit not a short curcuit. If you have any intermittent issues in a curcuit where the fuse hasn't blown, it means you have an irregular supply or poor earth, and things like connector plugs etc come to mind -or of course the consistency of the supply is fine but the component is faulty. So back to your issues:- as I see it you have to establish why No.4 plug is oiling up - is it oil or unburnt/partially burnt fuel? . If it were mine, I would now be doing a basic compression test on this engine to establish if it's mechanically sound before chasing electronic problems. If it is good in that respect (and your replaced coil packs and leads are proved to be good) then it's possible - just possible- that the injector may be an issue. All of this is ifs, buts and maybes, and this is why I suggested you get this checked out at a good independent who can check things like O2sensors etc. etc. (even MOT emissions test would help). OK Thomas I well appreciate you want to sort this out yourself , but it could be a costly route, and as I said may even introduce issues you didn't have before! Buying expertise via. specialist equipment can provide you with useful knowledge and experience - don't dismiss it. "Won't rev over 5000rpm" . Can we take it this is at standstill rather than during driving? Hope all of this is taken in the spirit it is intended. Good luck in getting it sorted, Kind regards, Gareth.
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    Nice one Rob :) I've updated the attendee list, and including you we have 5 members who have paid :)
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    Hello Thomas, Sory to hear of your problem, and it would seem you gave been spending some funds on replacing components without finding the route cause. It concerns that you are now considering replacing the wiring harness, which is both an insurmountable operation and an uneconomic proposition on a 14 year old car. Appreciating you seem to be capable of continuing to try to sort this, bit I think it may now be far cheaper for you to put this in the hands of a trusted local independent. Kind regards, Gareth.
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    Hmm - gases - chambers - people.... no wonder the German Government is a little sensitive about it all
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    Cheers Steve :-) I fell in love with that colour as soon as I saw it. I’m due to get the wheels blacked out this week too. It should look something like this...
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    Right, I've added the 2 threads. You'll.find them here: http://www.audiownersclub.com/forums/forum/96-general-chat-banter/ Cheers Steve
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    Like to introduce you to my burglar alarm, soft as anything but anyone who does not know him won`t know that lol
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    Lol true! But the beds are comfy!! And reasonably priced :) I've stayed in far worse, believe me!
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    Glad you got it sorted in the end.
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    Welcome to the forum Glenn, you'll find the members on here are a friendly and helpful bunch :) A disk lock will fit the steering wheel and aren't too expensive. I'd also recommend a Faraday pouch to help prevent a potential thief getting hold of the car key signal (I'm assuming your Audi is keyless). Very cheap on eBay. I've also hidden your other thread as it's a duplicate. Cheers :) Steve
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    Hello Jon, Your problems seem rather complex, but Steve is right when he says the compressors can be a source of issues at the age and mileage of yours. They can usually be 'reconditioned' by renewing the piston ring , and it would be worth looking up BagpipingAndy on EBay who manufactures good new ones at least for Jaguar and Land Rover. I've done a couple and the most fiddly part (with Jaguar anyway) is getting the pump out. Having done what you have done, it should be in your capabilities and a least a good insurance against future issues. Re loss of pressure on some lines, all I can suggest is all lines are individually pressure tested. Dont know how much of this is going to be of help Jon. Kind regards, Gareth.
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    There was a recall notice according to this report. https://www.tyrepress.com/2016/02/recall-dunlop-sportmaxx-gt-size-25540-zr19-100y-xl/ Be it to say the customer services number no longer works - Goodyear no longer in Wolverhampton
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    This sounds very familiar, similar issue I had with Dunlops sportsmax GT I also have pictures for my Audi garage. who were initially non-plussed until I threatened to return the car. I had taken out the wheel and tyre insurance, you have never heard such a "palaver" I sent in the pictures as requested to them and the so called insurer and that was it, heard nothing back. I was stranded with a 2 flat front tyres, only having the car for two months and done possibly 500 miles. Off course I had to shell out the better side of 500 for two replacements. Long story short all my initial payment s to the insurers refunded, the garage eventually refunded me for the tyres. The only issue I take with the this is they shouldn't have been on the car in the first place, ultimately the tyre garage noticed the years difference in the tyres, two were from 2015, one from 2016 and one 2017(before the car was made??). Hope you sort this out as there is clearly and issue with these tyres, once a week now check the tyre pressures, don't rely on the DIS it doesn't report. I had no warning of early deflation, the first time I realised the loss of pressure was turning a corner and thinking I was dragging my exhaust on the ground - that was the rim touching the tarmac at 10 mph.
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    Nice to see another soon to be rare 3 door!
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    Yep, I did see that on our conversation :) you beat me to it as I had intended to do it lol :) Don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. I do hope members get involved :)
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    I've found this website which lists all the Audi wheels which are 5x112 fitment. This maybe useful for anyone needing to know the exact name of the wheel on your Audi or measurements etc. I hope it's useful :) http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q/wheels/15-16-audi-wheels-5x112.htm Cheers Steve
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    here you go Sean http://www.baldwinfilter.com/literature/english/TechTips/201304TechTipsCarbonCabinAirFilters.pdf
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    Just be careful with the split tyres I had 2 blowouts with them thankfully at 30 and 40 mph but could have quite easily been on motorway and had a very different outcome.
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    Hi Guys Sorted (I think) I hope the information below will help others. original fault was that my Audi A7 2011 started changing gears itself, changing from Drive to Sports mode with no demand from myself, quite dangerous. On the dash I had the message "Gearbox Fault you can continue driving" Called out the AA, who plugged in the computer and could see 2 gearbox faults but could not identify what they were, advised me to take to a garage. Took it to the local Audi main dealer who eventually found fluid in the main electrical connector on the gearbox ECU and was charged £60 for the diagnosis. Quoted just over £3k to replace the gearbox ECU and wiring harness. At this point I decided to look into it myself. Took it to a friends garage and up on the ramp. removed the gearbox connector and yes there was the fluid inside the connector. Here's a picture from the web, but looks identical The fluid was obviously coolant from the colour and sweet taste (don't recommend tasting though..) So far so good, but how did it get there??? Answer - From the Coolant control valve which is about 12" away and along the same loom.( My issue was from the coolant control valve, but it could have been another valve or sensor) It is apparently a common fault with Audi's and an issue known to Audi- There is a Technical service bulletin out on this TSB# 2033806/7 The TSB is well worth a read. Without getting too techie, The coolant control valve starts leaking fluid through the electrical connection point, this fluid then travels down through the harness through a process called "capillary effect" or "Wicking" and eventually gets to the gearbox electrical connector and causes mayhem to the CAN signals which control the gear selection process. In my case, we used an airline to blow the coolant out of the gearbox connector (carefully on the gearbox end) then sprayed the connector with electrical contactor spray and reconnected the connector. On testing the car, the error message has gone and no more random gear changing. VCDS does not show any errors now. I have a new Coolant control valve being fitted tomorrow ( £130 from Audi or £30 from ebay) If the new valve is not fitted, the problem will just come back in the future. Here's the kicker, had I gone with the Audi main dealer quote, a new harness and gearbox ECU for £3k, the quote did not include a new coolant control valve, therefore I would have been £3k poorer and would have received a "temporary fix" as the valve would have continued to leak and eventually find it's way to the gearbox ECU connector again. In the end it cost around £250 to get sorted. Sorry for the long write up, I hope it helps others.
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    Well managed to install the Kenwood appleplay aftermarket headunit today and I'm liking it