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    I know very little about cars my limited experience has come from asking questions once my google hunting has led me nowhere, and as Steve has pointed out it would be nice if 1st time posters hung around after they have gained the answers they need instead of buggering off till their next problem, we are all mostly just Audi owners who from time to time run across problems we need help with and i have found this forum a fountain of knowledge which has helped me out on more than one occasion
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    As it says, the club has got it's 5 minutes of Fame in the current issue of Performance Audi magazine!🙂
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    Thanks both 🙂 please note you two get a mention along with Trevor, Edd and Gareth to show appreciation for all your hard work 🙂
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    Hi Jason I myself bought this model (see the pic) just a few months ago, so I'm sure your partner will like R8 when she buys one :) I had a look, you're 1.5hrs drive from where I live. Let me know what time that day she needs a lift and I'll think about it. Great idea though you have here :) Best, Yulia
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    Silver all the way deffo 👍🏼
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    Top marks to Yulia for helping out and offering his R8 out. It really show club spirit. Top work Yulia! 👍 Cheers Steve
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    Hi Jason ok, it might work, as far as I’m back home by 9pm. I have no idea what to charge, but it says 52 miles from me to Rayleigh? I’d have to go through Dartford tolls too. perhaps email me what you’re willing to pay to yulialondon@hotmail.com and I’ll let you know if that’s ok? thanks, yulia
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    Makes perfect sense to use Audi when your car still has warranty all looks good in the service book 🙂
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    sounds about right m8 its because of their labour costs i use an Audi independent garage plus my car is a 2007 so i`m not to bothered about service history as i will be keeping this car till it dies or it becomes just to expensive to maintain
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    for an Audi dealership it sounds about right their labour charges are around £100 plus an hour
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    You're welcome Paul! I just felt you all deserved recongition 🙂
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    Hey, So my 2002 TT has just gone to heaven. I couldn’t quite let the dealership sweets go though. Anyone as mad as me and likes the fun aspect of having them in the car? If so, let me know and you could be the next proud owner 🤗.
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    I have been working on cars and motorcycles since I was 10 years old, I am now 63, and have gained a vast amount of knowledge over the years, I have also owned and worked on many types of Audi's and VW's as they are my favourite types of cars, I was just hoping that there might have been someone on here with more knowledge than me, I would be glad to help anyone out who has any questions on VAG cars, especially tiptronic auto gearbox problems, I will help where I can,
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    Had them machined this morning, workshop said perfectly safe, took about 1:30 great job from the guys at T.T. tools Chelmsford
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    Hi Steve , if you could add myself and my mascot, daughter! ! please .It was a great event last year and at the legendary Castle Combe circuit too. Once again great news in the Performance Audi magazine spread much of which is through yourself organising these meets for us , many thanks.
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    Welcome to the forum Daniel, you'll find the members on here are a friendly and helpful bunch 🙂 good amount of miles on your a4 🙂 best way to prolong the life of the car is following the service schedule with regular oil changes. That's all my a6 has had and it's on 329k on the original engine and gearbox which have never been rebuilt. cheers Steve
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    That's up to you. But yes you could end up with a whole there. You could try and take it off to see where the wire goes. If it is going to leave a while then you can refit it. Cheers Steve
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    Having been forced to sell my cherished 2.6 manual cabriolet due to a serious illness, I’m now recovered and looking for an automatic replacement.....Let me know if anyone out there has something. Thank you. RS.
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    Good advice Trevor; luckily he is fanatical about bodywork & made them inspect every inch of paintwork with him before driving off.
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    Good link there Mark. 🙂 It depends which TTwheels you're intending to fit and what size. Cheers Steve
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    I don't believe it'll work with a modern phone I'm affraid. Cheers Steve
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    Welcome to the forums Nice friendly atmosphere here with plenty of Audi owners to help where they can. Please be sure to give the forum rules a quick view Paul
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    i had this for over a year but i never had time to post . as my central console was scratched so i bought of ebay carbon 4d wrap. there are 1000s of patterns and colours . it took me 2h to do it with my wife's hairdrayer :). i must have watched 100s youtube videos how to wrap prior. for me it looks so good and a fraction of a price for a new console how to take the console apart :

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