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    Hi, few pics of my RS6 Avant Litchfield Stage 3 👍🏼
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    Do you use the same insurance company for your car and house? Is it convenient? Allstate insures my house but I'm not sure what to do about my car. Should I make contract with them or another one? I'm interested in knowing how an insurance company reacts in a situation like this, when both the car and the house were damaged. I found some good insurance companies on http://homeownersinsurancecover.net but if someone had a good (or bad) reactions from they're insurance company in a similar situation please let me know.
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    Hello Magnet Thanks for the response. You would think so wouldn't you given it was regsistered in 1999 12 months after immobilisers became mandatory? BUT it could well have been built in 1998 before it became a legal requirement. On the cusp as it were. It was on my list but I only have one key and it looks like an ordinary key to me with no transponder in the head of it. I have had a good look around too under the seats and the dash. Also, I did manage to find a list of fuses and their locations that match what's on the car and there is no reference to an immobiliser. So probably not got one. I have actually just replaced the capacitor in the instrument cluster that I refered to above. I refitted the cluster to the car and it has certainly had an impact. The digital display in the center of the cluster was not working before. Now it is. So that's a good sign. The petrol gauge is also working now, but not the voltage gauge, and the car runs. But I'm not celebrating yet because that happened before. I have to wait and see if it stays like that before flying the flag.
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    Hey sure, The part number of the K&N air filter is: E-1983 (audi S6 or A6 3.0tfsi) Takes 10 mins to fit also if you wanted to upgrade the airbox The airbox is from a RS6 (part number 4G0 133 836 AF). Takes 15 mins to fit out of interest what are you getting mpg wise out of yours? Motorway and town? And is it mapped?
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    Afternoon All, Sorry to continue this thread, but I have to take out my frustrations on my keyboard. I bought an Audi approved A3 1.5 tfsi and am having all the same ‘kangaroo in the engine’ problems as everyone else. I brought the car in October 18 and although the problems were there from the start I just thought it was me and the fact I had just changed from a diesel A3. It took until Jan 19 to realize there was a problem, so I booked it in at the Audi dealership. They told me there was a problem with certain 1.5tfsi engines and a fix would be available the 1st quarter, I periodically kept phoning them to find out about the fix to no avail. The 1st quarter turned into the 2nd quarter and still no fix. On the advice of the Citizens Advice I have written the dealership a letter stating the problems, including an email chain where they admitted there was a problem with the car. Even though I have had the car for 8 months and Audi have had the chance to repair the car I have requested to return the car. I am awaiting their response, but I am not holding my breath as they promised to phone me back many times. If I don’t get a satisfactory response I will use the Motor Ombudsman, as I paid a lot of money for my car and it is still not working as you would expect. If anyone else has already gone through this process I would appreciate it if you could let me know what the Ombudsman said as I am losing faith that they will be able to help me.
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    Having read the posts on this forum I have to say that I have had exactly the same problem. Just approaching 30,000 miles on the second set of Dunlop Maxx GT tyres my MOT tester phones to tell me the tyres are a failure and I need to take action. 33% delamination right down to the steel braiding on the front drivers side and a large blister, with serious cracking on both rears. All this on the inside edge so there is no chance of me seeing this on a visual inspection. I am lucky that we haven't experienced a blow out as some of your contributors have experienced, but this car is specified to have these tyres and also quite capable of travelling up to 150mph on a German Autobahn. I wouldn't be driving that fast but failure at this speed doesn't need much imagination as to the outcome. Our tyre supplier wasn't surprised because he had an Audi A7 only the previous week with the same problem!! Dunlop have agreed to pay the unused amount of the tyre, saying that I have had the use of just around 9000 miles. Problem I see is that they know full well that this is an ongoing problem yet they are still fitting them and Audi are still specifying them!! I am having the damaged carcasses returned and will be speaking to Audi regarding this and if I don't get any satisfaction BBC Watchdog may be the next port of call. Watch this space!
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    Wow, that's something I've never seen before🤩 Recently, I started shopping the market to pick up a trailer and got my mind set on one of the Teardrop Trailers listed. They seemed to me compact and nice, but now I intend to try making one of these with my friends in the workshop, its awesome!
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    Just thought I’d join this website as I’m a lover of all things Audi RS. My daily driver is a 2011 TT RS and covered 164,000 trouble free miles overall. Still purrs like its new and exterior / interior still in A1 condition. I was wondering if anyone has an RS with more miles on the clock than mine?
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    You might find a solution using your phone as the display device when in your car. Than many of the IP/Security cameras might be made to work. I think it will be an uphill struggle to get it to display on the car's MMI.
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    Hi Gareth, Thanks for taking the time to reply and thanks for the suggestion about the battery, It would be great if that resolves the issues. I am kicking myself over the private sale and wording as I had asked the seller if there were any known faults and was going to ask him to write it on the receipt and then, in the moment, managed to forget. I will post an update as soon as I know more Best wishes Charlie
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    Just to let you know, I stripped it down timing was fine, the diesel filter was blocked, put a a new one on and away she went.
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    Hi. I was checking if anyone else has another opinion but my problem solved by tacking the small led strip out. No other problems since then.
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    It seems the original poster has not returned here since a few days after posting the problem some 8 months ago. Of course opinions vary, and I would certainly go along along with your sound advice Phil to consult a trusted auto electrician if checking and changing the simple components do not solve the problem. Where my opinion would differ in this particular case is that within the bounds of probability, it would be unlikely that a total of 3 batteries ( 2 new) would be unserviceable - particularly when they have been tested by three separate battery-selling outlets. It would have been interesting to know exactly what the problem was caused by. Kind regards, Gareth.
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    Hi Alan....welcome to the Forum Hope you find plenty to interest you on here and if you have any specific questions just fire away Cheers, Trevor
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    So true Gareth, so true. When people ask the forum about electronic fault codes they mean nothing to me, but I get the impression from subsequent discussions they mean equally little to Audi mechanics (or are they called technicians nowadays,) and can not be relied on for diagnosis. To avoid any accusations of being another old fogey bemoaning the end of "the good old days" I also remember having to de-coke engines after 30000 miles and re-bore after 60000. Then there was changing a clutch single handed at the roadside, and replacing a core plug also at the roadside that blew out crossing the Alps. I wouldn't dream of attempting those jobs now but the knowledge gained is still invaluable.
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    Anyone here interested in going? ive never been and think it would be great to go with some like minded individuals having just picked up an S3, i spoke to a few of you at Simply Audi in Beaulieu ( sorry forgotten your names Grey RS3 and RS4) Thoughts ?
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    Many thanks for that advise Gareth, I did manage to get it to a diesel specialist. The fault has yet to reoccur, which is typical.
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    Hello All, This is my recent redundancy pennies purchase 😀... Regards, Shaun Matthews...
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    Hey bit of an update. changed the ABS sensors on rear of car. OMG what a job to get them out. Ended up with me smashing them off level with the hub then using a punch to drive them out. New ones didnt want to go in. I think water has got into the hole and rust has took hold and i think that was what jammed in the sensors and made it hard to put new ones in. also changed the connections just to make sure in case the problem was there. And now there is no flashing red brake light and no yellow ABS warning light. Job done!!! just need to figure out the yellow warning for the power steering. Is it a MOT failure with that light on? cheers ste
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    Update, now a club supporter and also got the two new front tyres done. ALS Tyres did a great job and a very good price. They discovered someone had bent the seal with a small jack previously but nothing can be done now on that now. Also, they laser aligned the wheels and car feels so much better so very happy.
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    Agree with me or not but this is my opinion. I think it could be a good idea if implemented to the first, say, 3 to 5 years of getting a license. On motorways it could mean an end to traffic as everyone will travel at exactly the same speed, but no overtaking is the downside, you will enter the motorway behind a car and stay there until you come off. In built up areas especially by schools and shopping centres etc, it's an idea that should have been used many years ago. How many times have you done 35 or even 40 in a 30, I know I have, maybe lapsed judgment, but I have. Touch wood no accidents as yet. Slate me if you wish but I am on the fence about this idea of speed restrictions. In some areas of driving I think it's brilliant. But in others a terrible idea.
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    Myself with my RS3 and jonjors4 with his RS4 went to Caffeine and Machine https://caffeineandmachine.com/ on Sunday 17th March 2019. Based near Stratford upon Avon C&M is a must visit place for Petrolheads like us. Jon and I will be meeting here regularly and again in a couple of weeks time, get in touch if you would like to meet us there. There were 50+ seriously Cool Cars from GTR's, Porsches, Audi's, Lambo's etc to Classic Americana. Food, Tea/Coffee and like minded people are there all day.......outstanding and seriously Cool...
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    Too many Audi with issues like the dreaded known multitronix failure are been sold and it's history hidden. I seen many issues on Audi forums and I trading standards and legal beagle etc and other advice site online. I suggest any Audi automatic been sold as manufactured between 2009-2013 as auto ask the SELLER to provide copy of full diagnostic report of car history as some dealers as in Audi main dealers, Private dealers and Private sellers are hiding the history of the car and more so past issues with the car. To say then sue the dealer, sue Audi is not as easily done Repairs can be dreadful. If they fail to produce such then ask why. It is only £30-40 max for such report. Please share this.
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    Hi Guy's, I'm a Car Audio specialist (42 years) & upgrade the Audio systems in Audi's all the time, I'm also an Audi A4 3.0 Tdi (B7) Quattro S-Line owner in Kent so I'm deffo not touting for any business, particularly as you guys are far away from me anyway! But I would gladly give some advice if needed? Particularly if you are going to attemp to do this yourself etc! Not only on what I would recommend you do or don't look at buying (Budget wise) but also and more importantly the many additional things to know about Your Audi A4. I.e. Once the original Concert, Chorus or Symphony single or double din Audio Head unit is removed there is quite allot to add or compensate for to add an aftermarket system to all Audi vehicles and not just a simple matter of buying a new head unit and a correct single or double din fascia panel! For example, all Audi vehicles are either half amplified or fully amped (Bose) also phantom (amplified AM/FM antenna) Also the original audio unit will have no acc - ignition feed present in either the earlier A4 - B6 (iso connectors) or the Facelift B7 onward (Fakra -Quadlock 40 way connector) Double din units, the ignition on for all Audi's is achieved via the can bus data pair the goes to the head unit and there is no ignition 12v feed as such that is required to switch on an aftermarket replacement head unit, you can cheat by running a seperate ignition feed to the new audio head unit via the fuse box but this is not a good way of doing it! You will need at least a slim key Can Bus ignition interface at around £45 or if your vehicle has multi function steering wheel commands you will need a Can Bus Steering command interface unit on either ISO or Fakra depending etc These cost about £70.00 but worth getting! You will also need either a full Bose Amplifier retention patch harness or a Half amped patch (otherwise you won't have any rear speaker audio). This would apply to the A3, A4, TT old A6 etc, A4 convertible can be different again even post 2006 to the standard A4 2006 B7 as they follow the audio platform of the 2005 A4 (B6) Confused? Yeah Audi's are real good fun & even doing this daily even I get confused & have to double check all on the vehicle before I quote for any installation of audio change or adding a Parrot Mki bluetooth hf unit! Everyone says Audi are same as VW... "Oh No they deffo are NOT! They are quite unique between the family of VAG & Skoda, Seat etc that are indeed same as VW. Audi however keep us thinking. If you are attemping to install a quality brand of aftermarket head unit such as Kenwood, Pioneer Sony, Alpine or even JVC I'll gladly answer any questions you may have and fire away I'm all ears and will help or advise if I can. If however you have bought one of those awful eBuy Chinese Xtron or similar £199.00 rubbish Android retro (bootfair quality units) send it back now and demand a refund or take it to a field & shoot it. I'm not interested as you can't make a silk purse out of a pigs ear etc * _ *
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    I love my car....but next to all your shiny V8's....
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    Abit late but here's some pics of mine :)
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