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    Hi All Welcome to the new part of the forum! Here you can show off your modifications or ask about any modification you'd like to do in the future for example: Upgrading to a bigger turbo Body modifications Exhaust Ect Please note any issues you're having go to your cars model part of the forum for any help, this is just to ask about and show off your modification. Kind Regards Bradley
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    Evening all, Having not owned an Audi for about 20 years I bought myself this B6 S Line 190 the other week, purely as it was to cheap to turn down. It's a one owner car with proper history though not without the usual B6 faults, window regulators, broken wiring loom through doorpost ect. Lovely to drive though, nicer than the BMW that it has replaced, but does feel slow in comparison unless you're prepared to work it. Have a list of jobs to work through, nothing daunting, the worst (read expensive) will be getting the parking rashes sorted. Tidy up will hopefully be completed prior to it's next MOT in February. We'll see. All the best
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    Okay so Saturday 8th December was my collection day, I picked up my 2013 Audi A7 Black edition Quattro S-Tronic, Daytona Pearl grey with an extensive list of extras, this is what made me go for it in the end because sadly I couldn’t find a 245PS model with the amount of factory options mine has. So I went for the 204, so it’s kind of my dream car, BiTDI Black edition is the dream car when the price creeps down to my budget 😅. So Obviously I have it booked in for a Remap Monday from a trusted and highly recommended garage around my area. I am wondering if anybody has the same model as me with a remapped engine and can describe the power increase / Torque. It will go from 201bhp to 255bhp and 450 N.M to 550 N.M. Also how is there different variants of engine? They’re all 3 litre turbo diesel so it is puzzling as to why others produce more power. Bigger turbo maybe? This is is my first post and first ever Audi so go easy in the comments. Thanks for reading and look forward to your reply’s Cal
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    Hi Dee I think Gareth has already mentioned the earth connections. If it was me diagnosing it in my workshop and I knew the battery was 100% then I would definitely be placing supplementary earth leads onto the engine to ensure the current has a good chance of flowing through the starter motor and reaching the ancillary components at the same time. Sometimes when you remove and refit gearboxes, earth cables can go back on but not make sufficient effective electrical contact, hence the reason for supplementary cables (jump leads will do) to enhance the chassis earth return. Equally, corrosion can set into loose cables (noticeable by green corrosion (verdigris) deposits around the earth connection points).
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    Andrew. If the hot and merely warm silver pipes are the heater inlet and outlet then something is definitely stopping the flow of water. Whether that is a blocked matrix or a seized water valve has not been established conclusively, but my money would be on the controls being faulty. Unfortunately I have no idea how to test it.
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    I have just upgraded the interior lights (bulbs) on my daughters car to LED and thought I would share this, if it helps? The cabriolet shares the same vanity mirror lights and glove box light with other A3's but the single front roof/dome light unit is different. I couldn't find a YouTube video or images anywhere as to how to access this. Gently pry the thin black fascia without getting behind the white casing. It feels like it's going to break but just gently ease it out with a plastic pry tool in a few different areas of attack. You can use your fingers when you get to the stage pictured. The two lens covers pull off easily. Just reverse the process when you have fitted the LED bulbs, the bulbs just pull out. The whiter LED light makes a big difference and dances off the aluminium trim. It's well worth the effort.
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    Every year i pay around £30 for a set of bosh areotwin flat wipers... but i found on ebay replacments rubber blades £5 only and i thought ill have a go . In principle i saved myself £50 as usualy i changed them 2x per year . Changing them took 5 min , the end cap is a bit of a pain but with gentle screwdriver poke it came off. They work like new! But i wonder if they will last same as new wipers ...? 🤔
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    Agree with Gareth. This is quite a common issue on VAG cars from this era. Cheers Steve
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    I left the living room to put my coat on the other night and when I came back in I said to my wife " you better put your coat on I'm going to the pub" my wife replied " oh am I going to?". "No" I said "I'm turning the heating off !!"
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    Great work Graham. Ill set up the relevant threads in July or Feb in preparation 🙂 cheers Steve
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    Spoiler is bonded on with the fixing stuff they sent.
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    Hello Paul, Check that the drain holes in the plenum chambers under the bonnet are free from debris. You should be able to check these by gently lifting the plastic cover forward of the wipers. Kind regards, Gareth.
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    Definitely looks like you had a great time 🙂 jusy want to say a big thank you for all members that attended and a huge thank you to Edd for sorting out the sign and tickets on the day 🙂 cheers Steve
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    Hi Kyle, Are you sure it's clutch judder and not a failed engine mount? I have to admit it's unusual for a car to need a clutch at 55k. But it depends on it's previous life and how it's been driven too. Cheers Steve
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    Hi I had this on my car a few weeks ago and was cv joint but could also be a bearing hope this helps you. Found j&r in West Midlands to be cheap for driveshaft they are online. Cheers Grant
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    Here's one Trevor has found!
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    And here's some other Audi related ones! :)

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