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    @Steve Q thanks for replying mate. Yes I’m beginning to think they mustn’t have been specced when new. Apparently it’s an easy retrofit so been thinking about helping him with it. In the meantime contemplating a remap for the 3.0 Audi Q5! It’s got poke but more is always better especially if economy is same or a little improved!
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    I Russell I suspect they were an option. Probably better without it anyway as it's one less thing to go wrong. Cheers Steve
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    Welcome to the forum Edward, you'll find the members on here are a friendly and helpful bunch 🙂 bice looking s4 by the way 🙂 cheers Steve
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    Hello Tara, Tommy's got a good point. If that fails, and moving the battery is the only option, then I would be tempted to go to a trusted local garage who will have a simple device which links a slave battery into your system usually via. the cigarette lighter or similar point. The existing battery an then be removed and the surrounding area cleaned. No need to ensure you have the codes etc. if it's done this way. Kind regards, Gareth.
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    i`m holding out the car flies though its MOT tomorrow cant see a problem its just had a major service and inspection and nothing found that needs attention right now 😎
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    Welcome to the forums Nice friendly atmosphere here with plenty of Audi owners to help where they can. Please be sure to give the forum rules a quick view Paul
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    Hi Gareth. Thanks for advice. I phoned Swansea Trade Parts and they say they have got them. About £80 each. Hopefully these ones will be the right ones. I'll let you know. Cheers. Gary.
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    Hi, Have the following installed on my S4 B8 and 3 other family cars, has a good beam pattern which means it does not dazzle other drivers and works as a fog light. Never had an issue in very low / high temps, been a solid performer and expect them to last the lifetime of the car. They are a direct replacement, super easy to install and do not cause any error codes. https://www.powerbulbs.com/product/philips-x-treme-ultinon-led-headlamp-h8-h11-h16 There is now a gen2 version of these bulbs which is rated 250% brighter. All the best Ed
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    I just wanted to update you all on the progress of my car. I decided to keep the car, once I felt I could trust the agent I purchased the car from. He agreed to meet any cost if any would be attributed. It failed stage one after 190 miles and stage two they measured it was consuming 3.66 litres of oil per 1000 kilometres, it was a record in Audi Hatfield (Car was not purchased from there). A report was compiled and sent to Audi's head office for sign off. They have agreed and approved a full engine rebuild, 10% of the cost will be passed on the agent, who has agreed to that. They will also investigate the vibrations experienced whilst steering at low speed. My car has been booked in for next week. Full steam ahead. Thank you. Mannie
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    Fingers crossed i will have my car back for this !!!!
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    Got to the bottom of it. The clamp for the cat back exhaust wasn’t sealed properly. Sorted now.
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    you got luxury m8 i was given a fiat 500 when mine was in the bodyshop only drove it once and that was to return it 😂
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    Teach you to be more careful and not bump it!
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    Looks and sounds lovely Alan 🙂 cheers Steve
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    Just got this. Very happy with my choice. Only had the car an hour and it was on the ramp at DKU Performance in Birmingham for a custom cat back. Smaller rear boxes and 3 inch quad black chrome tip. I absolutely love how it sounds now. Hopefully the vids work. Cold start with the new exhaust. 🙂 FA06BF81-0E55-4286-9142-8B4DD68D6E1B.mp4 13E53E0F-F479-4E60-B1B8-F76608EB6769.MP4
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    My advice be would be to get advice from Audi independent specialists then you'll know exactly what costs to expect. Cheers Steve
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    Hello Pete, I must say I feel for your colleague and his, and his son's problems. Generally we are not privy to the day to day burdens that friends and colleagues have to endure, and the tendency is to be a little critical of behavioural problems, when we are not walking in their shoes as the saying goes. The 'cannot get on with him' opinion is probably understandable, but perhaps this is an engineered attitude on his part to avoid anyone getting too close to him. I have found that being nice to people who are not nice to you, can sometimes break down barriers and very often the story behind the behaviour comes to light. Support, without intrusion can mean a lot to such people who are in difficulties - if only a tap on the shoulder and some words along the line of ' I don't suppose I can help, and it's difficult for me to understand your problems, but I would like you to know I'm here for you if you think I can help'. More often you can't, but it's the reassurance that you care is the all important bit. I recall reading Bob Monkhouse's autobiography where he relates that he blamed himself for not trying to sort out Dennis Goidwin ( I think it was) problems that led to his suicide - to a point where the shrink put him right and said ' don't think you are that good to have prevented that' . Good point I guess but... To end on a more upbeat note, Monkhouse also relates the night he spent at Dianna Dor's house tied to the bed. Nothing happened except he was left tied to the bed all night. In the morning he was told not to be so presumptuous! Kind regards, Gareth.
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    I'm back! What a whirlwind couple of days! Got to go down in history of trade shows as one to remember, the weather, the intrigue within the industry, sackings and appointments caught up with, trade gossip, unexpected sales done, internal 'doings', stress and much laughter! Got home late last and was in bed fairly quickly after a chip supper. I've done this job for a tad over 20 years and worked with some fairly memorable people who we reminisce about, remembered their miss-givings and triumphs, met ex-industry people who always bob by and have a lid of tea too, and people I sold machines to 15 years ago who still come to chat....The office and other staff always say that I'm always talking to people on the stand and around the field but put very little new business to follow up in the show enquiry book. Having said that, they will have a surprise when they do read the book on Monday to see that I sold the first of a new model (without any demo etc) at £30k and three other orders for the flagship model @ £40k without any histrionics! (okay, one is subject to the lad getting finance which is a tad doubtful and another subject to a ropey trade in!). The one big bombshell that did occur, which is mind bogglingly awful is that the other sales guy on the UK team (and I cannot get on with him) admitted that he is seeking help for mental health issues and his (mid -20's) son is in a secure spot in rehab and mental health assessment after he has twice tried to kill himself with a knife. He is a drug addict and alcohol dependant again and his father (my colleague, also suffered similarly as a youth/20's/30's but got over the addiction but appears to be bi-polar). Truly awful place to be in your life and I did shake his hand and offer best wishes but I do not have the skills to help in anyway apart from support at work and may end up doing his area for a while while things are ongoing.... Weather was awful at times which meant numbers were down on the first and last day but sky high on the middle day this lead to much angst in trying to get on the field with a four hour queue at times and rebellion trying to get off at night too! The exhibitors fled across a field, Stewardship Scheme belt and out to dodge the security people as we/they were fed up! I walked two miles to get a lift away! An Audi RS6 going across a field that has been turned over was a memorable sight! Them big phat tyres and wet ground made the diffs and electronics do their bit!! Today is a day for chores etc and watching the rugby. My son is 22 today and I got him a set of Wolf air tools and have ordered him a spanner bracelet but that hasn't come yet! Enjoy your own sundays folks!
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    Woke up bright and early on my day off, made me & the mrs a good old fry up before she went to work then had a nice relaxing morning. Later on I hit the gym after which I went on some epic drives around my local country roads, and got back just in time to pick the nephew up from a uni visit he was doing with college. Fair to say his mates were impressed with the R8... can't blame them really 🤣 Oh, and the day's not even over! Even better. How was everyone else's day?
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    Hello Mick, I too am sorry to hear of this problem, and if there is going to be any benefit from this very unfortunate experience, it's going to be a warning to other owners to think twice about using such commercial car wash facilities. Yes, I know the current thinking that 'I'm not going to waste my time washing the car when I can get it done for me for £5/10'. So owners sit there wasting their time on their mobile phones while waiting to have the car cleaned! I have commented on here so many times about the adverse affects of cleaning chemicals (and lances) used by these establishments, that I am now even boring myself! They will take the skin off your hands, and can all these operators calculate a dilution rate of say 10/1?? In terms of your issue and its rectification? As I see it, these trims are aluminium and are finished by polishing them, and then the shine is sealed in by lacquering - I think. I believe you have ended up by the lacquer coating being degraded by the acid, leaving the actual aluminium surface subject to further localised attack by the chemical. Rectification would now be to repolish (to a level below the pits) and then repeat the (two part) lacquer coating. Practical without removal??? Might be worth taking advice from a local specialist vehicle preparation business incase they can offer some beneficial process. The question that now remains is :- if this chemical has resulted in this damage to the trims, what (as yet unseen) damage has it done to the surrounding paintwork lacquer coating? Repeating myself, I think your very unfortunate experience might make others think twice about getting others to wash their cars. Good luck with getting this sired out. Kind regards, Gareth. p.s. Might be worth adding around the smaller seconhand car sales sites, since these sites often know good car preparation set ups.
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    nice thread thanks to starting it
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    You're most welcome, and sorry for a delayed reply. The codes should be in your handbook at the front I believe. In failing that getting the code from Audi is a likely option. Cheers Steve
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    ok @Steve Q technically not a car in the film but still its the rings, happy guessing my friend sorry for poor quality but pic taken on phone whilst watching the film
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    If they will they will send you a form to confirm who was the driver etc to send back . After the ticket comes... 🙂

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