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    Audi Owners Club at Beaulieu Sunday 21st April 2019...excellent day and made many new friends...
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    35 Sport TFSi S Tronic. I've had it nearly 2 weeks and every day I find something new to love about it.
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    Gareth, thanks for the reply again. Apologies I was abit unclear.... using the term "I"...... I meant I have supplied mechanics/2x auto sparks with the parts and still had no success. I have not touched anything myself. Is anyone from the Yorkshire region that could maybe recommend a specialist? Kind regards
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    UPDATE: Just been sent updated Windscreen Passes (as there was a spelling mistake in the previous one)....wouldn't worry if you've already printed it but here is the new one anyway (see attached document) Audi Owners Club.com.pdf
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    Hi jonjors4 and I will be meeting up for Breakfast at Rownhams Motorway Services - SO16 8AP for 07:00 and it is Roadchef Rownhams M27 Southbound. We can then meet up with the others elsewhere and Convoy into Beaulieu Motor Museum. Can we arrange this before Saturday please, many thanks. Cornflake
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    Problem solved.....Edd now has the banner! Don't forget to print out the windscreen passes (see above post) and enjoy the day
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    Unfortunately not. I think @Southampton Graham is nearest to you possibly?
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    Horrendous idea. Ultimately it's just further control on our freedom of movement.
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    On other forums this same thing has popped up a couple of times. In each case, it was the battery and replacing it cured the issue. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks Gareth, will have to have a closer look to see if I can get past the air con pulley with a shorter belt, i will let you know the outcome when i get to it, Regards Sam.
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    A faulty pressure switch is the most likely cause, but have you considered that it might be a genuine warning?
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    Hi Vinters it took me a while to find how to change mine over to Aux but if you push the CD button this should work if it's the same as mine hope this helps Cheers Chris
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    ***PROBLEM FIXED*** finally got to the bottom of the problem. I had it booked in to Audi for a health check and they told me about the light and the cost to repair was £1857.56, because the bulbs can't be replaced for repaired so the whole headlight needs to be changed.... yes ridiculous! So i called the place where i bought the car from and they told me to drop it off and they will investigate. Got a call next day and they almost gave up considering giving me a refund on the car.. but were going to try one more thing.. and yes its all good now.. that one thing they replaced was the Ballast.. the fricking Ballast which cost under £200.... WAKE UP AUDI!! AND STOP THESE LIES TO CON YOUR CUSTOMERS. So if anyone has the same issue, here is your fix!
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    You are very welcome Hauden. Of course, you may wish to get your trusted local garage to change the oil and filter for you rather than DIY. Slight problem is that they rarely allow the old oil to get hot before draining it, and seldom have time to allow it to drain long enough - time is money! Good luck with it. Kind regards, Gareth. p.s. My great grandfather hailed from Wem, so there’s a bit of the border’s lad within the Welsh roots!
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    Hello Gareth, thanks for the information and I'll be sure to follow step by step of what you've suggested. As far as I'm aware I'm seeing no loss of coolant and it's not been driven for the last two weeks been too afraid in case it was the head gasket going lol. But I'll be sure to keep you updated on how it goes. Once again I appreciate your help 👍
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    Hello Hauden, Please do not suspect head gasket issues until proved to be so. What you describe can be typical of the effects of condensation, and can be aggravated by short runs, when the engine does not operate at optimum temperature for long enough. If this were mine, I would be acquiring 5 litres of fresh oil ( I only use Quantum Longlife 3 - as was recommended by VAG, and available on the auction site), - please check your grade, if not 5w/30, a quality oil filter ( I only use Mann if not using Audi) , before removing the ‘mayo’ build up, and taking the car on a 20 mile run. Switch off and again clean off any remaining ‘mayo’ before draining off the old oil, fitting the new filter and refilling to the max. mark with the/new oil, and checking for any leaks. It would be wise to take the car on another 20 mile run and again remove any remaining ‘mayo’. Changing the oil again in 1K may be worthwhile. One question I would ask is:- does the car use coolant? If it doesn’t use coolant then your ‘mayo’ just cannot be due to head gasket issues. Perhaps you can let us know if the car is used on short runs, and if it does use coolant. Kind regards, Gareth. p.s. I guess it would not have been possible to have amended your thread heading once entered, otherwise the wording would not have been in capitals.
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    I registered it on the myaudi app and it shows as having the concert radio alright.
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    It shouldnt be a problem a d it shouldnt compromise safety. Cheers Steve
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    Hi mate, sorry your no further forward with your fault. Your battery should be in the boot under the spare wheel (for future reference) but I agree with Gareth, get it checked first as they're not cheap to replace and a good possibility it's not the battery that's causing the fault. I had a few lights come up on the dash recently and it turned out to be something completely different to what I would have thought. These modern day cars with all the electronics can be very difficult to fault find unless you know exactly what you're doing. The vcds lead/software can be very useful if you can get hold of one. Good luck and please keep us all updated on your progress, we all like to help each other if possible. Cheers
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    As long as it's been well serviced then I shouldn't see it to be a problem. It sounds like it's cared for 🙂 but definitely find out why the owner is selling it. Cheers Steve
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    Hi, Picked up my first Audi, an A3 S Line Convertible. It's in great condition, brilliant colour (Monza Silver) and goes well! So far I'm loving it, coming from a 2008 Focus it's a different world!
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    Ok. A permenant fix if a little extreme.😉 If anyone wants to go down this route just one screw would be sufficient but, and this is a big but, you must ensure all the metal debris is cleared out of the internal of the pipes as that being blown into the internals of the engine could be pretty bad for the engine. I still think new o-ring sell for the pipe plus a new clip would sort it fine.
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    Thank you both.. The mileage is 68774 the warrenty covers the bearings but not the dual mass flywheel. Going to email garage and write a letter and give it to them personally and see how i go on from there .Ill keep you posted on the outcome
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    Cheers Gareth. I don’t know much about cars but read your post and ordered myself 2 new anti roll bar links instead. Cheers
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    Doesn’t matter really mate I had to replace mine for my tdi and I had a petrol turbo one and all is good still
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    I guess, most of the models are using the same motor. When needed, it might be a good idea to go to the salvage yard to check the motor if it fits in its place before buying a new one.
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    Thank you Gareth, That’s a good idea, never even thought to speak to them. I’ll give it a go! Thank you for your time and advise! Kind regards, Sam
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    Tbh not to sure, you might have to kinda hook it under the screen before putting screws in, some of these panels have a lip that sits under the screen.
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    That’s a result. More than likely because it was an exact copy the ecu recognised it and therefore did not need codeing for new part.
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    Thanks very much both. I have changed the coolant temperature sensor and looks like it has solved the problem. Temp gauge goes up steadily in line with the OBD value and stays at 90. OBD registers temp once hot bouncing around the 105 to 113 mark. Assume this is normal? I'm sure saw somewhere that the ECU assumes up to 110 as normal and registers the gauge at 90. Only other things to add 1. When I looked at the OBD error values after fitting it a new error saying the coolant temperature senor had a high voltage and the known engine mixture error. After a while I thought I would try to clear the errors via the OBD app and they both had disappeared. 2. Looks like the oil leak it squirting out of the dip stick top. I noticed that some of the pipes I had to remove to get to the sensor had a load of crud in them (not fully sealed but plenty there). So, I am thinking my oil issue is a breather pipe issue - will raise another thread on that. Thanks all... glad I didn;t have to replace the thermostat as that seemed a fair bit more involved.
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    Just a quick update 😊👍 cars fixed thank god!! Went back to breakers yard with the motor and mine with mechanism to compare properly, found an exact same in a 02 golf fitted it complete with wipers put the bonnet down and hey presto wipers are working again!!! like to thank everyone for all the help an advice
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    Hi Paul, So you have now discovered the wipers and washers do not work with the bonnet open! Good isn’t it? Someone at VAG’s good idea, probably because due to one particular model’s wipers possibly catching on the edge of an open bonnet - or something! Re. a tutorial of using a meter. If this was my car, I would not be connecting a meter to anything on the car, if you are asking how to use a meter. These, like most other ‘modern’ cars, are ‘electronically sensitive’ and it is not advisable to go around connecting test lamps and the like unless you are competent. Appreciating the car is off the road, but I would now stick with my original suggestion and buy an hour’s services of a (mobile) auto electrician - it could be a lot cheaper in the long run. Kind regards, Gareth. p.s. Wiper stalk at fault? Could be.
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    I would guess the new motor needs coding as suggested by Magnet. everyday is a school day though, I never knew that they had introduced a cut of failsafe for wipers not working with bonnet open.
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    Good advice, thanks. Suffered the same problem with my 2012 A6 Avant. Did as you suggested (getting the trim off was the hardest part - 4 screws to remove before springing off the clips), the motor looked in my the same state. Cleaned it all out and re-greased it. Couldn't really see how the water connection on the back plate could fail to leak inside - anyway I put loads of grease around the end of the spindle there so perhaps that will help. Delighted that it seems to work normally now - saved a bundle of money. Incidentally there seem to be a lot of new motors available online for £35-£40, fitting many Audi models but not the A6 from 2012 onwards. The units in the photos look exactly the same as mine.
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    Hi haggar. I had the exact same problem but never had the right guidance to changing the valve. Have a read of my comment below yours. Should help you. I would also say that no matter what can be done the problem will always be there. Fact Of the matter Audi have designed this with a massive fault. i.e coolant valve above the ECU!!!

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