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    • some good info here  http://www.audi-portal.com/en/diagnostic/actuators_18918.html
    • im a tad fed up and unsure were to go with this as ive cleaned the matrix and a fair amount of little black bits came out and water flows through ok,  so after putting back on no change cold air,,, so im confused as the matrix pipes are hot in and out and it blows air out so why no hot... ive taken most of the motors off from the flaps to manually move flaps and still nothing … just don't get it... the only thing left is the Heater Control Valve as  in this..  https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FOR-Audi-A3-Seat-Alhambra-Skoda-Octavia-Superb-Heater-Coolant-Control-Valve/332860804571?fits=Car+Make%3AAudi|Model%3AA3&epid=7025363221&hash=item4d800ccddb:g:CWIAAOSwQwRb2xRg     but my theory is surly if the heater control valve is not working the matrix pipes would not be hot but they are ? it must stop the the heat before the matrix ? no idea any help please  
    • There was a slight change in the end of things - we couldn't be bothered to cook so went to get a curry. Got to say that it was one of the better take aways that we have had! Absolutely delicious! Well worth a meal from Tuxford Spice if you are within striking distance. After a short lie-in, we got up a did the usual round of chores and set out to get a couple of xmas trees from a spot near Gainsborough. When we went to leave, this busy little farm shed was over crowded and cars everywhere! When we went to go, there was a fair amount of dodging cars coming in through the narrow entrance etc and a Saab Estate, beached on the high curb - poor chap got stuck on this making way for a couple of big 4x4 type things. Several people just drove around him and ignored his predicament in their haste to make or get away with their purchases. We towed him off the curb and it made my day to help some one especially when others just blanked the poor chap.... Caz and her daughter sorted their tree out and i offered advice from the sofa - and had a nap once the hard work was done. It is tradition at hers to go out for a cheap meal somewhere when there is a birthday. We had a table for 8 at The Alders, a carvery on the west side of Ollerton. Good end to the day really. I dropped Caz and her kids at hers and then came back to mine in readiness for the start of the working week.  One of tomorrows jobs is the next step in getting a resolution from the charmers who flooged me the lemon Q7. They have had their two weeks to come back with a written solution so I suppose that the next stop is the judge! I would have worked with them to solve this but as the have 'flicked me the bird', I'll go for the throat! I may think on trying for a winding up order unless the refund my loot within 7 days!
    • Thanks for your reply Gareth. I’ve had a good mechanic friend of mine over this morning who strongly believes it’s the battery. We couldn’t fix it today just because nobody had an appropriate battery in stock. The car did start over and it does appear that the battery is indeed the original one!! After a couple of minutes of running it started smoking from the exhausts - a result of the injectors not getting the help they needed apparently. All belts seem quite intact and Undamaged so I’m hoping that a quick battery swap should take care of the issue. Is there anything I need to be prepared for after I do swap it though? Kind Regards  Christian