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    • Hi after putting a new set of plugs ,coils and pcv my car runs great but I now have what sounds like a dry lifter sound and speeds up with more throttle any help would be great 
    • I have the 1.4 tfsi stronic and no such issues.  There is an alternative thread on another forum which is perhaps similar ? https://www.audi-sport.net/xf/threads/s-tronic-issue.379869/#post-3328106  
    • There are 4 types on c7 platform  Manual Stronic dtc Multitronic ctv Tiptronic zf8hp
    • Hi Gareth.  Thank you so much for that information and I SHALL certainly give it a go. Should I be successful i shall let you know. Regards Linda.
    • Obviously, last nights wifi wasn't strong enough to get the post up! I had a call at a contractors in Motherwell to make, but, traffic locally was awful so left that for tomorrow. I had to drop a unit at Gammies in Forfar then back heading southwards with calls in Perth, Kinross and get sorted for tomorrow's efforts. I got a few emails to do in the evening which is usual for a rep to do.... The diary is right busy over the next two weeks, which it should be usual for this time of year, but frustrating with another couple of days promoting and delivering in Scotland again next week and not sure when I can get my hands on some kit.... My dealer in Brum wanted a machine for a demo - I agreed, knowing my colleague has it booked from Monday, thinking that a demo is anything from an hour to a day or there abouts. You get a feel whether it passes the audition fairly quickly! The dealer's Rep and his customer, collected it today from the factory and glibly said in front of my staff and the customer "sure you can keep this on site for a week, give you a good chance of getting that job done". He has done this to me before and it lead to some 'unseemly' words as he just assumes that he can behave that way with our asset. It needs to back on Friday morning to be checked over for Monday ..... Was hoping to call on my railway contractors that are based in Scotland but that may have to  wait. I will be heading south, smartly at dinner time and hope to be back in Shepshed before 19:00....
    • The trip to Selkirk took longer than I thought and I got there at 11:00, rolled the machine off the trailer and set off in the Rep's truck to this golf club that wanted to see us. They are looking at a £30k machine! It works well and they are happy with it and then the bomb shell - they are looking for purchase after next April and they have to convince the owners of the club that it is £30k well spent! Usually, the committee will spend that and loads more on grass cutting cut but I doubt that a woodchipper will be on their list. We had hoped for an earlier decision and order. They used to have the estate woodyard come in for treework etc, but once the estate sold them off, they got told to manage and that is a major undertaking when there main job is golf course maintenance of grass, bunker etc. Back at the yard in Selkirk, we then modify the pickup hitch on a tractor mounted chipper as it is too close to the tractor and the PTO shaft is at such an angle, it bust the UJ. The new pick up is one but it only modified the bottom and not the top. True to form, the top link is now too short! I cannot understand why we only did the bottom when I told them that top needed doing too! No other implement that I know of has the top hitch further away than the bottom. I can only get the dealer to source a longer top link and hope for the best. Then a drive along the A708 towards Moffat - what a drive! Have a look on Google Earth. I got to stay in a hotel by Strathclyde Park - close to the local authority who need me to train them on their newly acquired chipper. I rang to confirm things only to discover that they had got the dates wrong and they will be there on Thursday! Oh well, good carvery for tea and a couple of Stellas! She has gone to have a couple of days at her spot - she usually gets there and the house is a tip! Her kids aren't the best at cooking and cleaning!  The cryptic message on my service about my Q7 didn't fill me with happiness, something about 'several things wrong and we need to talk - best if you come down to the garage so I can show you...'