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  2. Hello, I'm just wondering what came of this? Mine has just started to do the same. Cheers Chris
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  4. Hi all new to audi just bought 2011 Q5 love it.will post pic soon
  5. Thanks for the advice all, car has been in the garage since yesterday, they are also stumped, so will show them the suggestions in the morning, if they cant do it, looks like I will be heading to local Audi to get it sorted 🙈
  6. sbt

    Air filter

    Yes you can do it will allow you to lift the lid higher also hoover out the box there will be leaves and dust in there
  7. Hi, The fuel pump on my A6 Avant is very noisy, is anyone also have this issue?
  8. I did not receive them either so not sure if they come with the car.
  9. Hi, I have had the rattle from the centre console, this issue is the gap between the bottom centre console and the upper console. There is a fix for this but you need to take it into the garage. I have also had issues with the headlights, I have the auto main beam LED system where it switches on and off different LED's to give max coverage, been getting a lot of other drivers flashing me, took it in to then garage and they have dropped the hight but still getting flashed. I also have a problem when taking a very slow tight turn, it feels as if the front wheels are braking loose from the ground, has anyone had this issue? I also think that the car has very poor traction when pulling away from junctions when the road is slightly damp, the front wheels start to spin but the traction control system does not activate!! My car is the New 68 reg Avant 40 TDI front wheel drive.
  10. Hi, Has anyone had a problem with their Q5 brakes screeching. I have a 2019 Q5 and the cars brakes sound awful. This happens intermittently but, when they start screeching they don't stop. Any advice?
  11. Hey guys, I’ve an A3 2019 and after I took it to the car dealership for the 15K service, the “right marker/daylight running light running low” error came up on the dashboard. It’s only the upper LED strip on the right side that is not turning on. Someone knows where I can get it? Thanks!
  12. Just recently started on my 2010 b8, 2.0 tdi manual transm,ission gear suggestion stopped, it is turned on. auto handbrake release stopped,handbrake works fine manually,not hill start assist, car doesn't have this. left reverse lamp stopped, not the bulb, engine fans come on when engine switched off, even when cold.but don't run when engine is running oil level sensor fault Difficult to tell but apart from oil sensor issue all seemed to start at the same time Any ideas anyone VCDS only shows bulb and oil sensor problems
  13. Ami Islam

    Fuel Door

    New to the forum! I can't open the fuel door and really don't want to yank it open! Anyone had this and resolved it? I googled it and seen some cars have the emergency cable in the boot but I can't seem to see it behind the flap Any help would be appreciated, got a long business trip on Tuesday!!
  14. I bought a brand new q7 black edition (had a q7 old shape before loved it) reading the comments above it sounds kind of similar to mine. 4 months into the driving I was sitting in traffic and the car started to shake and juddder informed My local audi centre and they couldn't find anything wrong. Then the audi pre sense went off when nothing was around again nothing audi found any issue. After a couple of months the car started shuddering again and I call my local centre again to be told some lame excuse of emissions being dumped from the exhaust lol. Again in October 2019 2nd time to fix the issue they done an update on the gearbox. Few weeks later the problem arose again booked for 6th jan and while i was waiting on the booking I was reversing and the car started jumping back like a kangaroo effect. 3rd time audi had it for 5 days test drove and couldn't replicate the issue. Two days of returning the car putting the car into reverse again same issue. I'm at the end of my tether paying a lot of money for a brand new car which I now dont have a lot of faith in (I have 2 children of my own and my job is to look after other children) so going to go a test drive with their master tech tomorrow we will see. But audi has been aware this has been a problem after 4 months of having the issue. Anyone else had juddering in reverse?
  15. Solved by local garage - replaced the knock sensor.
  16. Hi all, Yesterday experienced for the first time the dreaded error No reverse gear( can continue driving) and wasn’t able to reverse and could drive just in 1st, 3rd and 5th - see picture attached This morning when I started the car up the fault didn’t came back but when I wanted to leave an hour later it came back. I have already a booking with audi for a gearbox service and a oil service. Could you advise me on what to expect? The car barely covered 44k almost. The gearbox oil service might sort it out or it will be a case of replacing the mechatronic unit? Any advise will be appreciated
  17. I’m planning to remap my Audi A3 2.0 TDI 8P and also at some point install a K&N Induction Kit. I was wondering if anybody could give me advice on whether there’s any benefits of installing these in a particular order? (i.e. remap then induction kit or induction kit then remap)? Or does it even matter at all? thanks in advance.
  18. Hi I have audi A4 2.0tdi with cvt g/box 2009 The flange shaft bearing has failed n/s of the g/box... if it's not damaged that casing can this be repaired with out taking the box out?? Thanks john
  19. S-Tronic = Very Good/Fast Change Multi-Tronic = Not Very Good/Slow Change. Slushbox nickname gives it away !
  20. Last week
  21. The light on the dash says foglights out replaced the bulbs but the problem isn't the bulbs they both turn on then both turn off after about 3secs, any ideas please
  22. Log attached. I was playing around with VCDS, Central electrics 09 -> Basic settings 04 -> Headlight basic settings After this on the ODO: "Audi adaptive light: fault." and "Main beam assist: fault." + lot of fault codes, anyone could help me out? Log-SQ-7-WAUZZZ4M0HD060084-88370km-54910mi (1).txt
  23. Hello Stephen, I’m with Cliff on this, but notice it’s likely the car is still under warranty, so best bet is get it booked in without delay. If it’s not under warranty, then I would be removing the auxiliary belt to see if the noise disappears. If I did then it’s a question of determining whether it’s the alternator, air con, tensioner etc. Kind regards, Gareth.
  24. Hi I have a private plate on my A3 wich I'm selling if anyones interested. A3 GNX.
  25. have recently acquired this A6 but it has no reversing sensors , would like to install them following this forum it seems that it is possible to have this connected to the MMI [ 3G I think ] this possible as a retro fit or is this audi only ?
  26. Hi, I have a 2004 A6 Quattro S-Line,i am having a problem with the fault code P0252 Powertrain. injection pump fuel metering control 'A' range/performance(Cam/Rotor/Injector). the problem is sometimes the check engine light comes on,on the dash,no loss of power etc,get home check with OBD2 reader all ways same fault ,go to use the car later no check engine light,no fault codes,no problem starting/driving the car,could this be a faulty sensor somewhere ie injection pump.and are they replaceable or is it a new/refurb injector system.
  27. Update- Trusted Mechanic Came round and it was the auxiliary drive belt had shredded. Managed to get replacement belt and a new tensioner thingi as it had sheared off. Being done tomorrow thankfully
  28. Hi all A month ago I went through a large puddle and thought nothing of it. Unfortunately I warped my breaks. I went down the motorway and the car just seemed to grind and want to slow down on the passenger side without me touching the breaks. This got worse over the month until last week when my rotor disc was glowing red. Cut a long story short i have changed the disc snd pads plus had the caliper checked and its still grinding. It feels like the car wants to stop on its own on the passenger side once i go above 60mph. any ideas? Any body else had this issue? jp
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