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  2. Lazarus

    Popping by

    Thanks Paul, much appreciated. It is fun indeed, im used to the V6 lump in my other car but needless to say for once the better half isnt complaining as she gets to drive the other car every day while I use the audi, to be honest I prefer the audi by far so its happy days all round at the moment. The main iseue im having at the moment is getting hold of the correct wipers, I ended up ordering flat wipers through the firm I work for as I was having issues getting the correct ones, lo and behold, the wrong ones turmed up lol. Ive had to basically force them on temporarily as the old ones were so badly split id have done a better job wiping the windscreen with my hand lol
  3. Critical_mass

    Fitting new headlight

    Only if you fit them to reflector headlights. I've fitted them to my passat that has halogen bulbs but projector headlights. Passes mot fine (last Thursday being the latest). Beam pattern and cut off is spot on. Don't worry Id never fit hids to the existing reflector lights. That's why I wondering if you could get some after market projector lights for the a6 that I could plug straight into the existing connection.
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  6. Mark R1

    A3 1.4 tfsi

    Hi , I have owned mine for 2 years from new and now covered 19k miles with no issues. It is one of the best engines avail today and used in a number of cars. My son has a Seat Leon FR using the same engine again with no issues.
  7. simonbartlett

    Arm Rest and Stereo question

    Armrest is pretty easy. Took me about half an hour. You have to cut a hole in the center to take the bracket. Its not a great design though as it fowls the handbrake
  8. Critical_mass

    Newbie buying advice

    Yeah I'd read up that you could do it manually. But I do have vcds so wanted to do it the correct way. Done it once now, so I'll be more confident in the future. 🙂
  9. Karl220282

    Q7 problems again

    Haven’t been on here for a while as I’ve been keeping my Q7 problems to myself and getting them fixed ASAP etc. Anyhow I’m now feeling quite sick of the problems and getting charged £40 a time from my garage for a diagnostics report (I’m their favourite customer, well I used to be). Anyhow I’ve gone and bought a VCDS and cable and given it a go myself and come up with 2 errors/malfunctions. I’ll post my pictures of the results and hopefully someone can point me in the right direction for parts/repairs and give me some sort of advice as to whether I can do it myself?? Here’s waiting for someone’s help, many thanks Karl.
  10. Clunkybhoy

    Fans keep running

    Hey, does this take about 15-20 mins to stop after you're out of the car? Mine is doing it as well. Is the smaller fan working? Mine has stopped working, and the larger one of the 2 is running on and off even after the ignition is off!
  11. Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again who is not looking forward to this, wife is already bugging me for flick tickets i must admit i am looking forward to this film but dont tell the wife lol
  12. samwo1988

    Backseat problem

    Hi guys, I'm having a bit of trouble with the backseat double on my 2001 Audi A3. The single folds down fine but the double doesn't seem to want to go anywhere. Even pulling the lever and giving it a good yank won't budge it. Is there a secondary lever to pull or is there a fix for this? Thanks!
  13. Paul A6

    Boot won’t open

    be sure the garage you got it from are happy for you to bill them as they may not honour the deal, i would first talk to the original garage, if they value your custom they will want to help fix any issues. i know what you mean about loving your car but the boot not opening would for me too be a major issue
  14. Hi all, I've just picked up my 2017 A4 and all is going perfectly apart from I cannot get the A/C to turn on when the car is running. When the ignition is on the A/C it comes on itself but when the car is started up the option for A/C ON OR ECO A/C both turn grey and I cannot select them, any idea why this is. Thanks.
  15. just hoping someone out there ( hopefully in the grim north ) has a spare drivers seat to fit my 1996 coupe, I have grey leather but the drivers frame seem to have collapsed and the seat base leans toward the middle of the car and makes for a very sore back ! I'm happy to take the drivers seat or the fronts as a pair in leather or cloth, makes no difference to me. thanks in advance.
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  17. Viney

    Green menu

    Hi Paul, thank you very much for your help I shall give it a go and let you know. Thanks again.
  18. Fast Freddy

    S7 upgrade to Black edition

    I would quite like to buy the Black edition front grills for my UK 2016 facelift S7. My local Audi dealer can't find them without a registration number to search on. Anybody have any ideas of part numbers or would maybe PM me a registration number I can quote? Thanks
  19. Paul A6

    Peter Graham

    my suggestion would be since your out of warranty would be to find a local garage who can do air con work i`m sure the price will drop rapidly Audi have silly labour fees of around the £100 an hour plus
  20. Steve Q

    Plastic clips?

    You're welcome 🙂
  21. viqar

    Keeps on going to limp mode

    Thank you very much ill have a look at that. Regards
  22. fmcg

    Gearbox Malfunction

    My car is ready to collect at long last. I've found the above discussions very interesting. As I said in original post that the coolant leaked into the engine wiring loom, but why this would happen is a mystery as surely all the wiring would be well protected from this happening. My worry is that when our automatic double clutch was replaced the wiring loom was damaged then, but would be impossible to prove?
  23. Ryan29KID

    What do you do for a living?

    We have by far got the best armed forces in the world. The discipline and attention to detail are second to non. I have them to thank for my OCD. Ha ha. The royal marines and para's are 1 of the toughest and best forces in the world without even looking at our elite SAS and SBS.
  24. Hi all, I'm hoping someone may be able to offer some advice on an issue I'm having with my A3. For the last few months I have had intermittent issues with a crackling noise coming from the MMI and speakers. I first thought it was down to poor radio signal as it was only crackling at randoms time. I have tested all the speakers individually and they don't seem to be blown so I think it might be a different issue. The noise or interference now happens with media player and using the phone on Bluetooth so it can't be a radio issue. Could it need a software update? The problem I have is because it's not a constant issue I've had two local garages test drive it and tell me there is no issues. Does anyone have experience of a similar issue or know of what I can do to resolve this? Any advice is greatly appreciated as it is starting to become very frustrating. Many thanks, Tom
  25. Paul A6

    Audi A4 S line TDI convertible parts

    Welcome to the forums Sandra Nice friendly atmosphere here with plenty of Audi owners to help where they can. What parts are you actually looking for? Please be sure to give the forum rules a quick view Paul
  26. Envy

    Bluetooth Audio in the C7?

    Your A6 C7 should have USB ports in the Centre Console - mine has 2 one for Phone and the other I have a USB drive in with Albums on. More music than HMV and more than I will ever listen to in one journey.
  27. Thank you appreciate that. 😊
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