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  2. Just had the same with my 2016 Audi Avant A4 2.0 tdi s line, and exactly the same as quote above, firstly had Brake pressure sensor boost & Start/stop restricted have driven around 250 miles in around 3 weeks and now i have a red light & message saying "Brake Fault - park safely" instead of the one before but the Start/Stop is still working fine and the car seems to be braking as normal, had the brake pressure tested on live data, was reading 0 and when brake depressed the pressure increased and was holding pressure with no problems. I have no idea where to go from here nor does my local Audi/VW garage other than to replace the whole lot which obviously i do not want to do if not needed and also have been reading other threads saying i could damage the ABS pump (if not already damaged) if i carry on driving it. Being only a one car family it is a major headache. At the end of the day it is what it is but i cant afford to chuck good money at parts i do not need. Why is nothing ever easy ! If anyone knows where i should go from here please let me know.
  3. Dear Kal, If you receive my message please contact me in this email: I am having exactly the same issues with my Audi A7, and I would highly appreciate some help or advise. best regards, Drita
  4. If it is a bigger turbo, I wonder if it has different injectors and different MAF?
  5. Think this is what you need: Cheers Steve
  6. Steve Q

    Dash mat

    Found this, if it helps 🙂 Cheers Steve
  7. I'm wondering if the sat nav needs an update? And wondering if that would cure the issue. Might be worth seeing if it does it again the next time you do that journey. Cheers Steve
  8. I find this worrying, as you'd think that seatbelts for all models of car would still be in production due to it being a necessity for the MOT
  9. Hello Neil, I wouldn’t be surprised if the broken release to access and particularly to get out of the back seat is an MOT failure, and I would question the trading seller’s right to have allowed the car to proceed to a sale with this fault. I would be taking advice on this. Kind regards, Gareth.
  10. Hi, I know the topics of parking sensors has been brought up before, but wanted to know if anyone has experienced this. Within the MMI it’s set to automatically activate. However recently I get the Birdseye view image up however the acoustic sound don’t beep. As I move closer to the object and the red lines move nearer to the car on the display the sound then goes off .
  11. Under the battery there is a sort of cover over the drain hole.A peice of welding rod or stiff wire will access it.I had many problems from this.
  12. Anyone recommend an ECU tester .
  13. Email address removed as requested 🙂
  14. Mike (Tommo) - Glad you got it sorted in the end and that the guys at my branch were able to help. Of course, when I say sorted, I mean improved a lot, but by no means a perfect solution 😁.
  15. AdePace

    Brand new S5

    Thanks for the helpful reply Steve , i will do just that .
  16. Last week
  17. Zabo

    water leaks

    Hi My Audi Q7 leaks water both on the passengers side and the drivers side whenever the AC is used. Any ideas on what that could be?
  18. I had, what some describe as, a "lazy starter". Symptoms? Highly inconsistent. Include: failed to start - regularly. Start sequence stopped after about 4 turns. Turning the key again resulted in the same failed start. Over and over until battery died. Putting jump starter cables to another car GENERALLY enabled the starter to start the engine on my beast. Why? Not really sure. Maybe higher V courtesy of donor car power = higher turnover.. But getting a jump-start for a Q7 from another car ever second / third / fourth start is not ideal. A pain in the @$$ if you ask me!! The refusal to start was highly inconsistent. First manifested itself after a 2 hr drive when the car had been stopped for only 10 mins. Diagnosis: starter failed. Apparently a relatively common problem in the Q7 - the ECU only turns on fuel when starter has the motor turning at requisite RPM. Insufficient RPM, no fuel = no start. Anyway, real pain in the @$$ to change too but a local mechanic sorted it out for me. Audi would have made the repair worthless... Well, it starts much quicker now with the new starter. But I should probably have replaced the alternator (as it comes out before the starter does). Time will tell if this is a fix for my beast. Now, just got to figure out if there's a way for to stop it belching out as much black smoke when I put the foot to the floor...
  19. I checked the upgrade kit on eBay is crazy 800 euros.. Unfortunately there is no way to install an AUX Thanks for your support
  20. Thanks Steve. Didn’t realise it was the non clutched type. Kind regards, Gareth. p.p. Anyway, air con in a convertible? - unless the car has to be used as everyday transport.
  21. i cant locate fuse location in audi it is so confusing, every garage ive been dont know and audi show room didnt know. can some one help. audi q7 2017 - cigarette lighter location.
  22. Hello Ian, Rapid P609 eh! Probably originated well east of the Thames estuary! Perhaps you will have to go with XL, but we take it you will go with the recommended size. Goodyear? These are a premium grade tyre, and the only experience I have with Goodyear has been with a family member’s BMax which was fitted with them from new - didn’t last as well as expected despite painfully careful! driving. Continentals? Got these on the large non- Audi and they have done well. Tried them on the humble A3, and not too impressed with the mileage achieved, so will be reverting to Michelin which gave much better mileage per £. Ok , may be more than expensive to buy but have lasted longer with us. Buying online? Yes OK, what I tend to do is get the best reasonable online price in carriage and inc. the all important fitting and see how this compares with say Kwick Fit who now seem to be very competitive. Armed with these prices, I then go along to me independent tyre company and enquire how close they can get. I feel we must support the local trade even if it may turn out to be a few pounds more - which it often isn’t. Kind regards, Gareth.
  23. Anyone recommend an ECU tester for an a4 b7 3ltr sline tdi.
  24. Hi Lewis.....welcome to the Forum Fine looking A3, these cars are ideal for subtle modding to enhance the already superb looks....plenty of accessories out there aswell. Club Stickers are available here or if you join as a Premium Member then you would get them free within the membership pack. Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  25. Hello Gary, My first action would be to get the coolant system pressure tested. Kind regards, Gareth.
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