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  2. Has anyone done a resonator delete on their RS5? Just wanna know how much louder it gets. Have neighbours to think about when I leave for work at 4am. I have been advised that just removing the middle silencers would not be as loud as doing a complete resonator delete but will still sound just as good. Can anyone say if this would be the case? Thanks
  3. They’re just the standard silver ones for some rs5’s
  4. Shame that for luxury model we dont have option to choose.
  5. Hi sounds like the pump is on its way out it is actually housed under the seat. Steve.
  6. Just thinking and Audi should have designed this flap to fail in the open position. Not difficult I'm sure and how many times do to want to close it. Fumes outside possibly or help warming the interior.
  7. Did this car get saved or did the scrap man get it ?
  8. Hello, Thanks for all the detail! I recently had my A7 in for a good bit of work in October, gearbox service included, and a suspected coolant leak (needed two top ups in 6 months). Was also getting the gearbox malfunction warning very sporadically. 6 weeks later, coolant level warning AGAIN, and low and behold nearly empty tank! Leak clearly still there, but more recently in last 4 days more occurrences of gearbox malfunction warning, and today it happened and couldn't move the car and had to turn on and off a few times to get her going again. Based on what you've said above, I am wondering if something similar is happening....
  9. Last week
  10. Thanks Pawel, This really will be a guessing game in terms of replies, so if it were mine, I would be searching for a trusted diesel specialist in your area and seeking their advice. I have found diesel specialists are the go to source, rather than ‘ordinary’ garages. You may get some recommendations at your local taxi ranks. Kind regards, Gareth.
  11. Hi All , I have Audi A6 C7 2018 y 2.0 TDCI In last two week alarm go's off by it self .Audi has been plugged to pc for any error and everything OK no error at all. I contacted Audi but no space for Inspection untill 4th January 2023. Please help me with any advice.Any help much appreciated. Regards Patrick
  12. Hi any source you like as long as the part number matches, I would buy new as there is never any indication with second hand, I.E. how old/miles etc. Steve.
  13. Hi its the width of your tyres, anything over 225 will produce this effect, unfortunately if you love the wheels that much thats the price. Steve.
  14. Hi the IAT sensor will either be in the air filter box or integrated with the MAF not the MAP as thats a pressure sensor, its worth checking the wiring to the MAF for breakages etc if yours is in the airbox again check the wiring there is also the problem at the moment that very low ambient temps can cause this code, try giving the MAP a clean as well. Steve.
  15. Are there any specific shows members would like the club to attend and have a club display? It doesn't have to be a dedicated Audi show 🙂
  16. Quite a common problem. Can cause the rear wiper motor to corrode too.
  17. Long-time news/forum lurker, first-time poster... and its a for sale ad... sorry. Selling my S3 Saloon with over 18 months of Audi extended warranty remaining. Manual. 51k miles, FASH. The entire driveline was serviced in August 2021 when I bought the car from Tamworth Audi, which was a stipulation of me purchasing the car. This was at 39k and all other relevant work was done, as confirmed in writing by the dealership I bought it from. Car has: B&O Audio Black Heated Leather Supersport Seats NAV Bluetooth DAB Air-con Auto-dim mirrors Drive-Select with Mag-Ride 19" Forged Lightweight Alloys Tyres are Pirelli P-Zero PZ4 with approx 6mm. Front discs and pads replaced at 39k. (Audi OEM) Rear discs and pads uprated and replaced at 50k (Drilled/Grooved with Brembo pads) 11 months MOT. MOT Testers comment - "Spotless mate" HPI Clear. Bought outright with sales receipt to prove. Not accident repaired. Not modified. Not molested. Not even remapped. Genuinely a beautiful car that gets knowing 'nods' from other drivers at traffic lights and along the motorway. Will be detailed in and out before sale/handover. This was my second 8V S3 (Sepang Blue GY16NOH, if you're out there, say hello!) and I know that I'll regret selling this one as much as I regretted selling the last one BUT now living on a small Scottish Isle, she doesn't get much of a chance to run for long periods and stretch her legs, and I basically refuse to use her for 2-3 mile hops to the shop, as she's barely even getting warmed up - I have more mechanical sympathy for a car than to do that to it! I have 3 other cars and multiple bikes already, so really not looking to take a part-ex/trade, unless you're willing to take less than your car is worth, as I'll just have the inconvenience and hassle and cost of selling yours on after this... and I'll want your old car gone quickly due to space and family commitments, so will be selling on cheaply. However, if you don't mind that 'too much', then try me. Located on the Isle of Arran in Scotland, (look for Glasgow and then look West) but frequently work near Liverpool, so can be viewed in either place, or anywhere between. Will deliver anywhere in the country if you're happy to pay for the fuel and my 1st Class train ticket back. No Megabuses, thank you 😉 Price - £22k
  18. Simply Audi will be on the 16th April 2023. It's definitely the best show of the season so who's interested? https://www.beaulieu.co.uk/events/simply-audi/ As always your ticket gets you access to the show, museum, manor house and monorail. Please let me know if you'd like to come and I'll add you to the list list.
  19. Hello Adrian, Many thanks for coming back on this. When you initially outlined your ongoing issues, my first thought was head gasket. However, you said your mechanic had pressure tested the coolant system and ‘nothing was found’. Now you find after spending wedges of funds, that they now tell you that the H/G is indeed at fault and is allowing the coolant system to be pressurised by the pressure of combustion - good isn’t it! It seems like money has been spent unwisely! If it were mine, I would be untrusting any further tests and rectification to another garage. Hello Nick, If this were mine, I would be finding a local trusted independent and getting a second opinion on this before committing to anything. Kind regards, Gareth.
  20. Depends what options were on both cars. The screen will be coded to the original car so if you do a code check it will probably say something like “control head locked” or similar and from memory the voice control button on the steering wheel won’t work. If you still have the S6 screen in then you can change the boot logo to Q7 and it’s highly likely that the air suspension option isn’t enabled as I don’t think the S6 had air suspension. If you have access to vcds you need to enable the green screen option to get into the options menu on the mmi. It’s possible that on a 2007 car that somebody might of already enabled the menu. Press car and setup/menu together for about 5 seconds and see if the green menu comes on the screen. If it does then Google or YouTube what you’re looking for before just playing around in there as some things can’t be undone if changed.
  21. Picture hi, my radio unit Tel button led just turned off randomly does anyone knows how to fix this? button still works.
  22. Thanks Allen. Apologies for asking, but obviously I wouldn’t have if you’d mentioned. Let’s hope someone might come along. Might be worth enquiring at your local garage. They usually know the ones to avoid. Kind regards, Gareth.
  23. Hi if the gearbox has never had a service it is most likely the mechatronic unit that has failed, mind you try changing the oil and filters first as that often brings the box back to life again. Steve.
  24. Hi this is what I keep trying to put across to people there is no such thing as cheap diagnostic units if you buy the best upper level of any platform you will get the best out of it, better still you don't have to pay the thieving Shiiiiiits at Audi their greedy rates, WIN,WIN. Steve.
  25. Yep I guess I have to be thankful that fuel prices in Spain are far lower than in UK. No doubt I'll have to buy some diesel in UK but minimal hopefully. Thanks for your help. Best Ian
  26. Have you got a link to where you bought these lights from? Did you check with a garage if they would pass an MOT?
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