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  2. I will check this when it comes back and let you know but in all honesty I told him it was crap
  3. Hello Col, There is sort of good news, not so good news, and bad news. Good news first:- My advice with these things is to first get quotes from two different main dealers and an independent. You may already have done that, but if not, the good news is I have sort of done it for you, since we have a family member with a similar year car, and we are about to do that one. Continuing the ‘good!’ news, the main dealer quote was £595! The the ‘not so good news’ is that does not include the water pump renewal! ‘Including the water pump Sir?’ That will be £740. Why so high? Whole front of the car has to come off (well on this diesel one anyway) as I understand it, inc. radiator, air con., etc. In my book Col, there is one thing far more important in terms of getting this critical application done, than price. This isn’t a price is king job, but it is certainly a parts-quality is king job. If you shop around for best prices then you will certainly beat the above, but you are likely to end up with Brand X aftermarket parts being used and most certainly in terms of the water pump, you could well find yourself in significant difficulties by using an aftermarket one rather than a genuine VAG one, or even leaving your original one unchanged. If you are still intent on going down the most competitive price route, then there is only one aftermarket make I would use, but I would not (in caps) use their water pumps in preference to the VAG ones. Cost of VAG parts? If you are genuinely interested in buying the parts at discount, then I can advise you on where to try - I’m currently awaiting today’s delivery of the parts- but to be quite honest, I would not want these good folks bothered by just-as-a-matter-of-interest quotes. Apologies Col, if some of the main dealer quotes are known to you, but we have to assume they are not since you haven’t shared this information - and indeed quotes can vary from one dealer to another, and it’s always good to know of regional variations. Wherabouts are you Col? Location -England. Perhaps you can let us know what your experiences were which led you to ask this good question. Kind regards, Gareth.
  4. We have now updated the software to the latest spec so this should eradicate the spammers....fingers crossed
  5. Lanky111

    new a7 owner

    I just use the phone the MMI on mine doesn't support Android Auto or AppleCar so am left with little choice. While I had a Q2 loaner I used the Android Auto which was a lot easier - about the only thing I liked on that car.
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  7. Hi guys I will just put it out to ye all.I had a faults during the week abs light,Eml light,Glow plug light,and limp mode got home and scanned for codes,C102D00,U111300,P032200,P181E00,P065100 the faults would not clear ,A day later one code only stayed on p065100 sensor ref voltage B circuit open,I brought it to my independent he could not diagnose it he got cleared but after a few minutes glow plug light and eml would come on plus car would rev as if regen of dpf was been preformed,so I said I would just bring it to Audi instead of a auto electrician.Audi €90for dia and came back with oil cooler on the egr valve leaking causing moisture in the egr valve causing the faults I did notice coolant level dropping a bit over a few weeks,But the main factor was cost Audi €1100 euro 2year warranty etc,indies €800 or so part alone is €490 Audi maybe 350 to 450 for other makes.But if you had the time you could change it yourself but after searching online it isn’t too easy to replace Audi said 4to5hours,also need to drain the coolant also,
  8. How much can I expect to pay for timing belt and pump change
  9. Hi I'm new on here I have a 2001 Audi A4 saloon 1.8t Quattro engine code avj have been told by aa that engine is dead just wondering if there is any other engines that will fit straight in eg bfb,Bex or anything else as seems to struggle trying to find a avj engine at reasonable price can reuse all ancillaries off old engine just want some help with seeing if theres anything else out there that will fit Many thanks in advance 😊
  10. Sorry Steven, no I don’t, but a visit as suggested, should result in some clarification. Recall?? If so beware! Perhaps you could let us know how you get on. Kind regards, Gareth.
  11. I have an A4 avant 2.0 tdi with the cvt box. The box is marked KTS. And needs replacing. My question is can it be replaced by a gearbox with a different code GYJ for example. If it's from the same model year and engine? I am struggling to find a Kts box. Any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks Tim
  12. Hi Guys, I have a A6 C5 Diesel 1.9 L TDI with a multifunction steering wheel. I have found a similar steering wheel from a A6 c5 3.0 L 30v V6 model. Will this directly fit ? TIA Dee
  13. Had all seals changed which hasn't stopped the leak
  14. Hello Chris, Side lights or headlights? Or most unusual, both? Guess you have checked fuses and earths. Kind regards, Gareth.
  15. Last week
  16. I was just wondering if any of you guys know if there was a way to switch my stock steering wheel (without control buttons) to a flat bottom wheel with controls?
  17. Is there anyone on this site that is interested. We have also posted this in the facebook group. We have a few going. The stand has been booked. reply to this post or on facebook and we can add you to the list and arrange a meet up location.
  18. Hi Guys, Newbie here asking for some advice! Stupidly this morning I ran into the back of someone. Only in traffic so no damage done to either car (unless she decides to put a claim in I guess! ) However, I got back into my car and now the amber warning light is on for the airbag. From what I can see it seems like it just needs resetting as it didn't deploy but there was a collission? Anyone else had the same that can offer some advice please? I've just ordered a Carissta VAG kit - will that allow me to reset the code? TIA
  19. Hello Dell, Have you tried wanted adverts in publications such as ‘Modern Classics’, Classic Car Weekly, Classic Car Buyer - the list goes on? Also worth a try at Partsfinder, or similar online systems which link into breakers. Kind regards, Gareth.
  20. Hello Dell, Can we take it that you have the car insured on a classic car policy on an agree value, limited mileage policy, and the need for the (independent?) valuation is dictated by a need to agree the value with the insurers/brokers? If so, as a matter of interest, who are the brokers/insurers? - since many (most) will accept a valuation form completed by the owner, and supported by photographs, if the valuation is under a ball park figure of £20K. Are the brokers questioning your valuation, and therefore asking for an independent valuation? I’m a little out of touch with the escalating values of some of these ‘modern classics’, but my stab at it is that your Audi dealer’s (salesman?) valuation of £7 to £8 is rather high - but I could well be wrong, and often am! I appreciate you have spent almost that amount on the car, but the hard fact is that car renovation is invariably a loss making venture, so your expenditure cannot be taken as a marker point for its valuation. A couple of avenues for you - if your broker is insisting on an independent valuation, is to seek out another broker who will accept a self valuation. Failing that, I would be approaching a couple of your regional (all makes) Classic Car Club’s and asking there if anyone would provide you with an independent valuation. Might also be worth looking at magazines such as ’Modern Classics’ who may well list condition 1,2 and 3 valuations for a variety of marques and models. Perhaps you could let us know how you get on. Kind regards, Gareth.
  21. Hi All, Paul from Bristol . 😂 After a long hard think about buying my sports car for many many years, the time has come 😃 , and the car i choose is a Audi TT 2.0 TSFI, ideally an S line, but appear quite rare, but i am not sure what year though , i understand there was a face lift in late 2010 - 2011, so 2009 - 2011 is my budget area really. There was also a slight increase in power , and i think there was cam chain on the late 2010 onwards, instead of a cambelt on pre 2010, is that correct ? So which is the better engine to go for, Any advice is greatly appreciated thanks
  22. Hi, I'm a new member from Lincolnshire and recently got a 2017 A1 Sport as my first car (passed my test on the 13th of Jan)
  23. Get ghost immobiliser wont start without the code have it fitted on my rs3 £400 well spent someone got in mine few weeks ago left door slightly open prob scanned the key just couldnt start the car!!!
  24. Any 1 done stage 2+ on facelift rs3 do u get more exhaust noise cracks an bangs bit quiet 4 me coming from a45 is full decat best way 2 go ??
  25. Audiman1

    Dpf health

    So I have just bought an A1 1.6tdi 2014 for my daughter. When shutting the engine off sometimes theres a burning smell and the fan runs fir a minute or so. ( temp gauge always says 90 °. I assumed it was the dpf doi g its thing so I've downloaded vag dpf and got the following. Could anyone explain the figures to me and let me know if I'm doomed ? Oh the car has no fault codes and drives lovely. Thanks
  26. Hello Femi, Are you talking about the tyres mentioned n the last post? If so, the poster mentions that they were manufactured in 2016 or 2017. Kind regards, Gareth.
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