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  2. Recently purchased a 2013 A6 Avant 2.0 TDI (private), after a few 100 miles one of the injector clamp bolts came loose, have removed this to find about 5mm of thread stripped and intact in the thread of bolt, replaced the bolt with a new one to get the car running and seems to be running fine however I am weary as obviously there is now less thread to retain the new bolt. Does anyone know how deep the thread is for the clamp retaining bolt and do you think I should get this professionally repaired. I am assuming this will be something similar to a helicoil insert. Any help/advise would be appreciated, I am also interested to know if anyone else has had a similar issue and a rough guess as to how much i could expect from a garage bill.
  3. thinking of fitting s line side skirts to my a6 c7 avent se, was wondering if the saloon ones fit? or are there any better ones out there ? any advise
  4. Hi All, So I have my Audi A4 Avant tdci and all is good. But what I would like to know is how to set the car up so that when it starts that the gears are set to E mode so it displays E1, E2 etc. The only way I can gwt it to do this is to change the drive select to economy every time, and its a bit annoying. Otherwise a great car, heated seats where have you been all my life, just like a leccy blanket. Thumbs up 👌🙂
  5. I've had the car since March and I got it at 83000 miles and it's now on 87500 don't know if I still can?
  6. Lore. Don't waste your time trying to repair it. Get a new one. The water it carries is above boiling point and under pressure so you should not chance another burst. What's puzzling is why it fractured. Is it rubbing or banging on something else? That coolant leak is entirely unrelated to loss of screen wash. Are you definitely losing screen wash or have you confused the warning lights?
  7. Hello everyone, Would appreciate your input on a weird problem which seems to be moving around from one error code to another. Out of the blue after the engine check light had been on for a few hundred miles [!] the issues began - stalling at lights, cutting out as your driving, hesitation (as if an ignition fault). I connected a diagnostics to check the codes and it indicates a O2 Lambda sensor fault, as the issue. However somehow my A3 (8P1) hasn't got one fitted (maybe it has been deleted by previous owner, in any case I have driven around for 10,000 miles without it no problem). So i buy one and take try to fit it only to realise the sensor and it's wiring isn't there and no wiring for one is coming out of the ECU, so it's definately not in the system. On the drive back home, it then throws a blinking coil light symbol for the first time. So i get another diagnostic test done. This time it says Air Intake Temperature Sensor (the P0112 MAF Sensor just after the air filter), so I change it. Now it runs even worse but some things have stablised. A mechanic friend explained, it is the other Air Temperature Sensor (the MAP sensor at the intercooler end, the code says intimmitent problem), so i have that one replaced and the saga continues (rough idle, it stalled once and starts reluctantly but the idle is stable) plus some other improveimment, it has power but its still not right. Now its saying P0727 Engine Speed Input Circuit No Signal, P0652 Sensor Reference Voltage B Circuit Low, P2108 Throttle Actuator Control Module Performance. This is the question: Someone has explained the entire issues are the result of ONE issue -a contaminated air intake circuit (intercooler etc) that it is saturated with oil and needs to be flushed out along with the DPF (which i am not sure my car has). I do have an minor oil leak btw. What do you think is going on. Could it be the ECU has lost its marbles?
  8. Hi all, I've been on the forum since I bought my wife a A3 1.6 8L with only 90k on back in March and found lots of answers on here, great work! So far its had, a new battery, new hazard light switch, new brake disc and pads, can belt and water pump, some 16" oem sport alloys and I've vinal wrapped the dash trim where the soft touch was peeling! It had a fault with a cracked alternator fuse, the one that sits above the battery, which caused some odd issues but now its running pretty well until yesterday... I've now got a EML light on, VCDS says code P0130 B1S1 I'm guessing that this is the pre cat sensor? I had a quick look but couldn't see it, is it accessible from the engine bay or underneath? Also, does anyone know if the pre cat sensor is the same as the post cat sensor, are they interchangeable? It's only a second car so only goes out twice a week so I didn't want anything too fancy but it's a nice drive and I think being 18 years old it still looks pretty good. Any help would be much appreciated !
  9. Cheers Gareth, my car is kept in tip top condition by an ex Audi master technician (Blackridge in Bedford) so no worries there! It recently had a full service and the especially important gearbox oil replaced 👍
  10. Hoping someone maybe able to help. I have this week started to loose daily a lot if not all water and screen wash and my warning light comes on and says please turn off engine immediately and check coolant. On inspection under the bonnet, although I am no mechanic, I did have a look to see if I could see any obvious problems. I topped up the coolant with water and windscreen wash with screen wash, and a small hole in the silver pipe is where it looks like the water is spurting out from and dripping down through to the drip tray, soaking everything else on its way through. It looks almost like an indent in the metal pipe, where a small hole is. Its not something iv ever noticed before, so i am quietly confident this is where its leaking. My question is, does anyone know what pipe this is? And could I just repair the pipe in some way? If anyone has had a similar issue, or has any knowledge I would be extremely grateful for any feedback. I have included a video below to where the hole is:!AneYjOGtAPi5gX35wfkMJN_RNr6D?e=AR733r
  11. Please call for more information or to arrange a viewing.
  12. Interesting that Audi have issued a recall for the auxiliary heater connectors on A7. Incorrect insertion of plug to heater may cause fire risk. Now I don't know if the A5 has the Aux heater option but my A6 does. May be age related too (mates A7 recalled is 2015)
  13. Hi, I've searched this forum and others and still none the wiser how to fix an intermittent problem where the volume for radio and CD fails. A re-boot of MMI (setup, main knob and top right menu button) always fixes until the next fail which can be minutes or hours away. The problem started at the same time the power steering pump failed and filled the engine area with oil but I'm guessing it's coincidence. Any suggestions or recommended repair technicians in Berks / Surrey area welcomed. Steve
  14. I've seen a how to on You tube. I would have thought plug and play
  15. Last week
  16. griltig


    I’ve always had Michelin pilot sport 4s. Great tyre imo with lots of grip in the wet. About £165 each.
  17. Hiya think its a VW group issue with certain cars. My wife has a golf R and the front and rear are rusty. I’ve a ttrs and I brought Brembo discs for the rear that are pre painted and done 30k miles on them and they still look new. Don’t think there’s anything you can do with OEM ones I’m afraid. I may be wrong.
  18. Afternoon everyone, I've got a quick question; was the 8.5 S4 ever available with manual transmission in the UK? searching online this seems like an impossible task to find. Either everyone who bought one isn't selling or they weren't available it seems. Just wanting a quick clarification on whether to give up my search or continue keeping an eye out. Cheers.
  19. Thanks, just had it done mate. Very happy though
  20. How coincidental. I also have 7 year old A7 same problem. Audi suggested new battery which I had them change. Within 85 miles problem was back. Only difference from new battery is stop/start engages more regularly. So would appreciate other suggestions.
  21. Hi, Take to someone with a VCDS code reader. There may be someone on here who may be able to help. Magnet is correct in saying it could be a low battery with the stop/start, but regarding the cruise and adaptive headlights . I had a simlar problem. I got the camera behind the rearview mirror recalibrated, now all good. If you was nearer I would have a look for you. Hope you get it sorted mate
  22. T-Cut

    Bakes pads

    All sorted thanks to Jack. Please close thread
  23. Stop driving untill you find the fault. Check auto oil level and /or change the oil in the gearbox. If not sure how to do it, take it to a autobox specialist. You should find one in your area if you google?
  24. hi yes no paypal is and please include your full postal address including postcode. best regards
  25. No jet wash with alloy wheel cleaner then. Surely, if the supplying dealer has rubbed these down on 3 occasions in an attempt to rectify the rusting issue then the time involved will already have grossly exceeded the cost of new replacement parts. If it were mine, I would be a trip to the Citizens Advice and take their advice on a reasonable course of action. Kind regards, Gareth.
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