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  2. @magnet hi just a update, seller has got back to me as follows. Dear I am replying to your impertinent text message that you sent on the morning of 28th Feb 2023 whereby you or your mechanic claim that we knew about 2 major faults with the car after running a diagnostic. You have not mentioned the actual problem with the car but highlighted 2 codes. You have not provided me with a report from the mechanic nor told me if the mechanic has driven the car. Instead you have asked for a FULL refund or threatened legal action. Respectfully we have had the car for 8 years with no major concerns, as you claim there to be. The car had a FULL service in Nov 2023 and no faults were found. However the mechanic did suggest to change a Turbo pipe due to age and this was changed. The car had been used daily since the service covering approx 3000 miles. There were no lights on the dash or any issues with the driveability of the car to alert me to any issues prior to advertising the car for sale on Auto Trader. You have seen all the paperwork to support the standard of the vehicle, even dating back to 2008 and since our ownership replacing parts well ahead of the replacement date. On Monday 26th Feb when you took the car for a test drive I wanted you to have an extensive experience of the car so I directed you through A roads, B roads and the M11 Motorway which gave you the opportunity to find any mechanical or electrical faults and on this test drive. You over revved all the gears due to the car having a ECU remap, giving it more power, so you wanted to test its acceleration and in this test drive no faults were found, you were more than happy with the vehicle and a sale was agreed to. A few hours later you informed me you needed to run a diagnostic on the car due to a performance issue where you asked for £80 refund I was very understanding, supportive and actually gave you a £100 refund. If I was a fraud, as you have insinuated, I would have made a different judgement. Instead of trying to resolve this amicably you have made requests I am not willing to agree to. May I also highlight the fact you signed 2 Sales Receipts stating Sold As Seen. Regards I have spoke with my mechanic and now have it booked in for a rolling road, remap and diagnostics on Saturday. As both mechanics i spoke to said they wont touch it as it is mapped. what im thinking is to delay responding to the seller till ive had it on the rolling road. What would you guys suggest?
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  4. Hi Zak, 1: Do look at the Can bus video a few times it looks really complicated. But its really not . What you do is , Think of the Car wiring system that covers the whole of the Car . In your head you divide, it up into sections and then check each section . So you look for loose wires in that section, check / cross it off / go to the next section ,check / cross it off and so on .Eventually you will find the fault . By process of elimination 2: You have fitted a Different Gearbox DSG . Has this been Codded in to the software . ? 3: What you have to remember is And This Bit is IMPORTANT . If the fault is a Can bus related fault on that system . All those codes dash warnings etc are because of the Can Bus . An indication of this is they all Flag up at once . 4: Yesterday , you mentioned ( dam car and frustrate me and now ive got ANOTHER CODE ) Well that's more than likely .. The Area you need to look at as, That area added a code ... it made a difference .. so I wonder why .. maybe the wire is not as it should be in that area ... Note : Engine spec and gearbox code added will mean greater detail . eg( Audi A3 2.0 tfsi or DSG KWM mechatronics ) Jasonj 5: I don't know who does Gateways in your area . but get on the phone , to an auto electrician , he will tell you . 5a ; The gateway has to be synced to the car .. don't just put any any old Gateway in . Research it a bit first .
  5. Hi guys, Did anyone get some more info on the problem? I think I might have the similar problem as my RHS speakers are not working and it is not due to the speakers itself.
  6. Hi folks, looking at getting the back of the a3 8va sportback on stands, but not 100% sure on location as always jacked up on the seam, however I need to the shocks so need to right under the car! Seen some 8V with blocks here for jacking (behind the reinforced lip) for jacking etc, but think I might be missing them, can anyone shed any light on the matter please.
  7. Hi all, After having a truck flick something up in to the front of my Audi A4 S-Line B8 2010 (59 Plate) on the motorway the other night. I need to replace the drivers side foglight suround, after failing to get the right part from Auto Doc could really do with a part no or sending some where when I could get one
  8. does anyone know if it’s possible to fit an rs3 sportback bumper cover on an a3 sedan
  9. Great Colin, Hope said son has been involved in finding and installing this, otherwise they can take it for granted such things just appear out of fresh air! Kind regards, Gareth.
  10. It does say safe on the clock, I'm following the videos precisely but no use.
  11. I’m getting these Kremlin’s as well.. with OBD11 only actual faulty item other than generator problem was front right speed senso (A6 C7 year model 2011)… same time TPMS, ACC, parking break and other fault codes. Speed sensor I did change, same problem came back, now being evaluating this as multiple alarms and fault codes seems to go away or can be reset if I will plug charger to battery.. Car alternator was replaced by Plus Huolto Turku, Finland 2 years ago… I noticed that they did used some probably cheap reconditioned unit for this.. (don’t ever use this service, with few other things needed to be done end up doing same myself.. takes time but all so far are now working.. I will check the regulator matter next…
  12. On mine, if the light unit covers are not fitted correctly water gets in, and you get steam. On mine Under the bonnet the back of the lights should have covers, if there missing you have your answer.
  13. Having done a few A3's now buy them in with blown turbos, repair, and back out the door, i've got one with symptoms i can not work out on my own, im no mechanic, i just got bored during lockdown and carried on since. DTC Codes: 1 - Mass air flow performance problem Symptoms: Intermittent very low power car will accelerate slowly, usually dip the clutch and try again it pulls away no problem Inconsistent throttle response, you breath on it in the morning its a rocket ship, then in the afternoon you mash it into the carpet and its just mehhhh Asthmatic on occasions, will pull cleanly to about 2500 rpm, and just fall on its face like its all out of puff, lift the throttle and re-apply it will scream of for the redline. Intermittent sound that i can only describe as ping ping ping ping ping ping, left side of engine bay only here it under load between 2000 and 2400 rpm Occasionally Smokes on startup and when i say smokes i mean 200 in one blue puff, but its very occasional like maybe 1 in 100 starts. MIL Light flashes now and then usually on the overrun (google suggests a missfire warning, but not sure) Parts already changed, for the most part there new or modifications Turbo Core - Excessive end float, but no housing damage. VG Controller / Actuator - Orig was only offering 25 to 55% range EGR - Total Delete asin, cooler, pipes the works, gone. It came in with more holes than a tea bag and leaking would have been an understatement New Charge side soft pipes, smoke testing reveals no leaks. Throttle Pedal Outside Air Temp Sensor 2 ABS Sensors 1 x DMF / Clutch N112 Secondary Air Injection Valve Its a lovely little car, its straight and clean for the most part, might be 17 years old but shes been looked after and just 120,000 miles on the clock, would like to give this to my eldest if i can work out what im missing here (time to graduate from 1000cc fiesta) . I did have a good look with vag com etc, injectors all run nicely, with 0 deviation at idle, commanded and actual pressures look good over a wide range of revs, although it does seem to me to be just a little (3 psi maybe low upto about 1800rpm) it takes a moment to build up to 10psi, then 10 to 22psi comes up like you flicked a switch. Any suggestions on where to look, love working on these things, be nice to save it from the scrap yard
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  15. Unfortunately not as they don't have that capability. You're easiest option would be to wire dash cams into the cigarette lighter wiring.
  16. Welcome to the forum you'll find the members on here are a friendly and helpful bunch 🙂 sounds like a great collection of cars!
  17. Hi John , I saw this , enter details from V5c registration certificate regards output .. Jasonj https://www.onlinecarparts.co.uk/
  18. HI Danilo . But Look at the positives , you will be able to drive to Zagreb or Porec . White water rafting along the Istrian coast. Jasonj
  19. Hi Micheal , I understand your logic . however, and I don't like to say this but that's not how it works unfortunately .And the fact it has not worked is testament to that. ECU has to have all the parameters codded in. It even knows if you change the Battery . What you do not include is CAN bus . MAP . MAF PCV Crankshaft position sensor etc .and all the modules in the car and even then it all has to be aligned . The Car is so dependant on the electrics, it has to do numeric calculations using values, if it does not have a value it can not work .. In your case it is partially working so some of its right . I really did not like writing all that . get some code readings done and send us the codes, see what we can do .Jasonj
  20. Hi Steve, yes I have emailed a company in Belgium the other day and had no response 🥴. I think this gearbox is like 🦄💩 🤣. The search continues. Thanks for your imput steve👍
  21. Hi Graeme , If you phone Audi Parts Department and tell them your registration they will tell you . Or the place where you get the hose from . Jasonj
  22. Hi Gary , Google , AUTODOC , enter your reg look at drop down box . They are dealing in this every day . Jasonj
  23. 2021 Audi A4 Allroad When I plug in the electrics when towing the cruise control is disabled. I tow a caravan in France and using the cruise control at 100 kms/hr on the autoroutes would be a great help. In my previous car, a BMW X3, I was able to do this. Does anyone know a work around to fix this and enable cruise control to be used when towing?
  24. Thanks for your help in the matter much appreciated.
  25. Hi, Not an Audi owner but my wife's 2014 Citroen C4 Picasso had exactly the same issue. Lovely and hot on the passenger side and luke warm at the best on the drivers side. In the end had the matrix changed at my usual garage which luckily was not a big job (approx 1 1 /2 hours) but still cost £295 for parts and labour, The result after was a very hot car from all vents.
  26. a lot looks similar so this is useful. thanks for the link!
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