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  2. mirrors

    thank you
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  4. Wheel fitment question

    J9 is most likley 255 tyre
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  6. Hi all i am looking at getting the above car and was wondering what the real life fuel economy is like. Any help would be appreciated Thanks wayne
  7. Looking for a be-spoke steering wheel or refurbishing yours see us at See a shop page we currently have a mark 1 audi tt steering wheel converted to flat bottom for sale check it out now
  8. Damnable advertisement

    Firefox blocks all ads using Ublock Origin
  9. Intermittent no satellites

    So my 2014 A3 8V 1.6 TDI has an issue with the MMI. Basically sometimes it will register no satellites and therefore give me the wrong position on the Sat nav. Sometimes it works fine, sometimes picks up or loses satellites part way through a journey etc. It doesn't seem to be relating to obstacles around the car blocking signal so I'm guessing a loose cable? I've tried resetting the MMI a few times but it doesn't help at all. Any help would be appreciated! Cheers, Adam
  10. Cold start issues

    Hi Gareth, firstly thanks very much for your input, only thing I can remember my mechanic saying about sensor was it was on coolant line somewhere (I’m not very mechanically minded) he got sent the wrong sensor to start with they sent a 4 prong instead of 2, correct one fitted now, had car hooked up to my dads but still didn’t start so I’m guessing battery is ok, I’ll have a look and see if I can find relay, spoke to a fella at work he suggested to check spark plugs? Thanks again tony
  11. Redex fuel additives

    Um testing liqi moly injector cleaner. I took fuel and injectors values with vcds( group 13,14 and 73-77) and added the cleaner to a full tank. Will report back when the tank is empty
  12. New Member

    Hello and first time on this forum. I've bought an A8 Quattro Sport Auto 2002 D2 on a whim as I haven't had one before. It's done 143000 miles,plenty of history and in pretty good nick except for oil leaks coming from "I think" the rocker cover and leaving oil stains on the garage floor under where the rear of the engine is and sometimes smokes a bit from both sides of the engine when being driven. I would like some help and info on how to remove the rocker cover to replace the gasket and any other item that might be causing the leaks(cam cover?). There is, what looks like a breather pipe on top of the cover, and I don't want to break any thing seeing that all the bits are nearly 20 years old and possibly brittle and/or perished. I've looked on Ebay/youtube and there's not a lot on the V6 of that year. Thank you Jim
  13. Audi 80 parts to a good home

    Hi Russel I have an audi 80 coupe & would be interested in the speedo cluster which has 160 mph on it if it is still available. My contact number is 0208 764 3744 , mobile 07555549865. Regards Brian
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    You're welcome :)
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  16. Audi A8L simcard

    Welcome to the forum Barry, you'll find the members on here are a friendly and helpful bunch :) You sure have a great Audi model :) Im not too sure on the phone capabilities of the a8 I'm affraid but I have found this YouTube video which may help: It might be worth you speaking to your Audi dealer to see if there is an issue with the system and in which case a diagnostic check will need to be carried out (£60 approx but wavered if fault found and repaired by Audi). However you may find that you require a SIM card specifically designed for vehicles. If this is the case then I'm sure your network provider or Audi can help. Sorry I can't help more. Cheers Steve
  17. Hello I have a pair of genuine A1 rubber mats for sale (set of 4) Get in touch if you want to make me an offer.
  18. HELP

    Oh god, ok thanks.
  19. Changing the DSG oil is one of the first jobs to do and I understand they can be recalibrated or is that just when a remap is needed? Can one switch between the different gear selection methods in any speed, then?
  20. Rear Spoiler Fitment

    It can definitely be bonded to the car. This is how my Suzuki swift spoiler was fitted. It's still.on.the car 7 years on. My brother owns it now. Unsure on what product to use as a garage fitted it for me. Cheers Steve
  21. MMi intermittant sound

    Ah, I'm sorry it didn't fix it. Yep it's £60, however they should waver this if you have the car repaired with them. I'd like to hope that there would be some factory good will (factory discount) on the repair bill as the radio shouldn't have failed after 4 years in my opinion. However I'll admit the radio failed on my a6 when it was less than 3 years old. Sorry I can't help more. Cheers Steve
  22. Nearly 50% of all cars that fail an MOT do so because of small faults that could be avoided by simple, at-home car maintenance. These problems are easy to correct, and fixing them before taking the car in for its MOT could help you pass first time and avoid garage costs. To help, Ring, the automotive specialist in bulbs, wipers, battery care and tyre care, has some advice on the simple things that can be done to avoid an MOT fail. Lights and signalling – 17.8% failure rate 4.5m cars fail because of lamps, reflectors and electrics every year. Doing a quick bulb check before you take the vehicle to the garage could avoid an MOT fail. Make sure you check all the exterior bulbs – this includes the side light, indicator, tail light and number plate lights. The registration plate lamp being out accounts for 4.5% of MOT fails. When it comes to headlamps, there are plenty of options out there, including upgrades to help bulbs last longer or put more light on road for safer driving. We recommend you always replace bulbs in pairs, to ensure the light output is equal from both headlights. Ring stocks a range of bulbs, including long life versions, and for headlamps, try the new Xenon150 bulbs (nationwide – SSP £39.99), which put up to 150% more light on road without compromising on life. Tyre condition – 7.5% failure rate Well maintained tyres are essential to ensure safe driving – and neglecting them could mean a failed MOT. The legal requirement for tyre tread on passenger vehicles up to eight seats is 1.6mm, but studies show that when the tread drops below 3mm, stopping distance begins to be significantly affected. Checking tyre tread is easy and requires a simple depth gauge. However, to ensure your tyres are both safe and helping cut down fuel consumption, drivers need to check the pressure as well. For a digital gauge that gives accurate readings on a large backlit screen, records the correct pressure and has an integrated LED light, Ring suggests the RTG7 Programmable Digital Tyre Pressure & Tread Depth Gauge. This is easy to store in the car and easy to use, wherever you are. Available nationwide, SSP £24.99. While there is no legal requirement for tyre pressure, under- or over-inflated tyres will reduce the traction between the tyre and the road, making driving less safe and less fuel efficient. For easy pressure top ups, try the Ring RAC635 Digital Tyre Inflator, with preset for accurate inflation. This industry-recognised inflator can inflate a 13” tyre from flat to 35PSI in under 3 minutes – making tops up quick and simple. Driver’s view of the road – 6.8% failure rate Cracks in the windscreen and worn wipers are a big reason for vehicles to fail. As wiper deteriorate gradually, drivers often don’t realise they are no longer clearing the windscreen effectively. Choosing and fitting the right blade can seem tricky, but Ring’s new range of Ultravision Wiper Blades (SSP £9.99 to £13.99) make blade selection easy. The unique, patent-pending clip fits 95% of the car parc, meaning that drivers just need to know the blade length for their vehicle to select the correct blade. The clip adapts to fit the seven most common wiper arms. Henry Bisson, Marketing Manager at Ring, says “Motorists could be making savings by carrying out basic checks and maintenance at home, but often they don’t realise that these minor faults could cause an MOT fail. What’s more, having well-maintained tyre, blade and lighting are driving safety essentials, so making sure they are regularly checked and replaced when necessary is critical.” For more details on Ring’s range of bulbs, wiper blades and tyre care, visit
  23. Thanks Bal, you're a star!! :) Keep us posted on how you get on :) Cheers Steve
  24. that is a good price just been on their site and £43 is nothing for piece of mind for the year
  25. S4 Road trip to France and Belgium

    now your talking ! my favourite road trip of all. Done that trip on a B*W motorbike and a B*W Z3....took the latter back to it's homeland just as it rolled over to 100k miles. Cannot over-emphasise how beautiful the roads and scenery are in that region....and then as you roll into Austria...well, that will completely blow you away! Can highly recommend the southern part of Germany (as above) but cannot really comment on the northern region as not been there...yet !
  26. A3 driver door won’t open. HELP!!

    let us know if you get it open and how
  27. Crankshaft Position Sensor

    Hello David, Would you perhaps be looking for the compatibility information so you have a better chance of finding a secondhand one? If so, the old logic is that you could be buying your own faulty one! Secondhand is great for major very expensive components, but never really economical for minor parts. If necessary, I would go with Scott's suggestion, but you will find that such websites often use generic images so it's the part number which you would need to follow. Having said that, would I buy an aftermarket sensor? No I wouldn't - the quality of replica electrical/electronic components can be very questionable and although cheaper than main dealer parts, may cost you more in trouble and expense in the long run. The proper way is simply pass your registration number to the dealer and they will ensure you get the correct one. Ask for a discount - they can only say no! Kind regards, Gareth.
  28. First time user/Engine cut out

    Oil pressure warning light is now on this morning... waiting for fault codes to come back now. I’ll keep this thread going Incase it helps anybody out in the future
  29. Rear cluster

    Drilling the light is the cheapest option and worth a shot before you fit a new unit. It will be interesting to see if any water comes out when you drill it. To be honest I think.its an issue that affects many different cars. Cheers Steve
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