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  2. Hi all, I am looking for a certain part that needs replacing on my 2005 Audi A4. I have attached the photos and would be grateful if anybody could tell me what that part is called so I can begin my search for a replacement. Thank you !
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  4. Hi, I have just collected my Audi A6 Avant 40Tdi quattro last week. Loving it so far and finding my way around the MMI gradually. I have tried to connect to my Amazon Alexa account but so far haven’t had any success...... anyone else having trouble with this? Any tips on getting it to work would be appreciated.
  5. hi, I’m just wanting to know if anyone knows whether a delco alternator is suitable for my 2013 A4? I’ve had one fitted under a car care plan exactly a year ago and it’s faulty. I took it to a local mechanic and he said that it isn’t the right part for my car and he wouldn’t use that model. I’ve been trying to fire it back to the place that fitted the delco alternator to see if would replace it under a part warranty because I believe they have 18months warranty on it but they keep dismissing it and saying it’s my problem and they won’t budge. If I can prove that this isn’t a genuine part then I have a chance at getting them to replace it. Any answer appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Anyone able to shed some light as to why my central locking and windows have stopped working? Went to get in my car to go out and had to unlock it using the key which only unlocked the drivers door. I had faint writing of the word ‘fuse’ on the dash and it wouldn’t turn over as if the battery was dead. So started it using jump leads but I don’t think it’s battery related as the time, date and millage didn’t reset and I turned the car straight off and started her back up fine straight away without the jump leads. My interior lights and puddle lights have stopped coming on when the doors open, but comes on when you switch them on manually. I still have things like my electric mirrors and other electrics such as dash lights and external lighting, headlights etc. Anyone got any idea?
  7. Hi my car won’t fire until the yellow gearbox sign comes on it turns over but won’t fire till this light comes on which doesn’t come on sometimes till I’ve turned on and off several times any ideas please
  8. Audi A4 Avant pet screen - used, but in very good condition Supplied for a B8 (8K) 58 reg Audi Genuine Audi part From smoke free, pet free home (I've never used the screen) Buyer to collect from GU22, or else can be posted on request
  9. Hi Ruby....welcome to the Forum Good to have you onboard
  10. Hey guys, i am currently looking to buy an AUDI S3 rear Diffuser for 2013 8V Sportback, i cant seem to find any used ones, Any one of you lot is selling one? preferably near Birmingham area. Thanks :)
  11. A set of winter tyres that have not done many miles, came off an A5. Vredestein Guigiaro design Wintrac extreme 245,40 R18 97W M+S all with 6mm tread. All in excellent condition and perfecty roadworthy. £100 for 4
  12. Sorry for the noob question but, I have a 54 plate A4 Cabriolet, and need to change the discs and pads on the front. I have been looking on demon tweaks, and they have 3 different sizes for the discs. but also 3 different manufacturers of Calipers. ATE, Girling and TRW, I am assuming this is for what set of pads they send with the kit. does anybody have any idea what sort of calipers they put on mine? Model is A4 B6 cabriolet sport 1.8T
  13. Can the injectors be tested? I had them sent away but came back saying they couldn't. I had a dodgy injector, after replacing it, the car was miss firing. Which wasn't happening before the replacement. So I put the old injector back in, still missing! So we thought I may have broke a wire on the loom whilst pulling it out the way. I know the loom is common to fail. Brand new loom fitted, still missing! So this is the point I had them sent away for testing. I put them back in to move the car, now it won't start at all!! Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance
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  15. Well, I discovered recently a thing, it is helping you to receive SMS online, and your phone is not spammed with all kinds of messages. I am using this service after I read about possibilities and benefits. No spam, and you just need to check the messages online from any device.
  16. Hi all First post on here! Just bought a 1.4 2014 A3 with 29k miles on the clock. All my previous cars have been 1.7-2.0 TDi’s (160BHP+). My previous car was a 1.7CDTi astra. Had that mapped at around 95k miles and it highlighted a very week clutch and resulted in a new one and a new flywheel. Instantly regretted the stage 1 map.... Has anyone mapped their 1.4? Is there anything I need to worry about? It’s only on 29k miles with full Audi dealership service history and I got another 2 years Audi dealership service history with the purchase. I can’t imagine the clutch going but it will probably go to around 160BHP from its current 123BHP. any advise/recommendations? Not sure if I would need to change the glow plugs to cooler ones as there will be more heat from a mapped engine. any other ways to improve the power as well? This is my first petrol but I’ve heard about cone filters ?
  17. I have an 10 plate Audi A5 Cov 20t . Wasn't starting except with a boost pack . Put a Meter onto Battery and it was hitting 16v . It also has stop start tech . Replaced Alternator and Battery and its still sitting at 15v , is this normal . Any advice would be a help thanks in advance....
  18. I have managed to find a 2013 model, 60,000 on the clock, full Audi service history, ex-Audi courtesy car. Almost agreed a deal however now realised its not a quattro. I only intend to use it for motorway cruising but will this be an issue when its time to sell?
  19. Hi all, it could well be your heater matrix having a small leak. Keep an eye on your coolant level and if it very slowly reduces it could be the culprit. The matrix sits in the footwell behind and beneath radio etc... I've recently changed mine (DIY) and wet carpets stopped plus lovely, warm heater again! Hope this helps.
  20. I'm having my a3 egr valve changed as we speak, £730. Apparently it's a common fault on A3's. From what I've learned about egr's, it's almost a waste of time having one on the car for what it does. Seems like another way of extracting money out of us.
  21. Hallo, I have a question, I own an Audi A6 C6 in 2007. I tried to activate via VCDS mirror tilt down in reverses, but it's not workin, nothing happens, the right mirror doesn't come down as I insert it into the reverse. My car has no seat memory nor the memory of the exterior mirrors.
  22. How do I find out how many B7 RS4 convertibles are left in the UK? I’ve obviously googled it but not easy to get an answer, particularly on the convertible. i think about 500 were made for the UK but be interested to see how many remain. I’ve got a 2008 one. Also, be interested to know how late in the production run mine was... I think they only made a few in 2009 so must be towards the end. Not sure if you can find this out. Anyway, thanks in advance for any info. Ben
  23. Really didn't wan't to sell this - but life changes forcing me to sell. Done a LOT of work to it recently, in really good nick for age. Really fun to drive. Located in Exeter, Devon. On Autotrader/Gumtree £2700 ono. MOT until Oct 2020. PM me if you're interested or phone using autotrader ad.
  24. Hi anyone have an 22" inch twin spoke alloy for sale mines cracked and need one ASAP
  25. Hello Jim, I really wouldn’t worry too much about the detail at this stage, and simply concentrate on finding yourself a trusted localish automatic gearbox specialist - I was not suggesting a local garage. When you have found them, you can ask all such questions at that point - before committing. Ask for recommendations at local car sales sites if you are struggling to find anyone via an online search. Kind regards, Gareth.
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