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  2. Evening All, This is my post on this (any) forum, so am hoping that someone might have a cunning solution to the issue. Have picked up a new SQ5 (fantastic, by the way!) however cannot get the lights in the boot to come on. The manual makes no mention of these lights at all. Any ideas?
  3. Dynamo86

    Fog light drl help

    Ye thanks. I'm also thinking I've done something wrong, but then I see the below note from Ross website and wonder if it's because of that: Note: Depending on the Byte 18 coding, this may result in all of the parking lights illuminating.
  4. Hi, I picked up my A3 yesterday and had a similar problem. Have you got anything else plugged into the other usb slots? I had my dash cam plugged in and it was defaulting to that every time before my phone. Once I unplugged it the phone connected straight away. Just a suggestion
  5. I dont think any audi dealer centre service etc do retrofits. It needs to be an indy
  6. Audi A1 1.4 TFSI Sport (120bhp), 2015, 3dr, Low millage 9,883m, 1 owner, full service history, MOT May 2019. 17’ alloy wheels, air conditioning, heated seats, cruise control, arm rest, DAB radio, sports suspension, sports seats, multi-function leather steering wheel, factory Bluetooth handsfree, rear parking sensors, Audi drive select, Auto stop/start, automatic headlights (including main beam). Only £30 car tax, great MPG and in great condition. £11,500, located in Gloucester

    Audi A4 S line TDI convertible parts

    Hi i am looking for driver side wing, pair of headlights, air conditionibg pipe!! The thick one! Iv been looking for oarts for 10 months now sandra
  8. Hello All, I have a 1998 Cabriolet that had those Nokia Active Speakers in the rear and the sub in the ski hatch. I've laid cable and replaced the blown rear speakers which involved liberal use of a dremel but now I want to replace the subwoofer as well. The sound in my replacement stereo sounds fine with the sub disconnected but as soon as it's connected my speakers make the kind of noise speakers make when there's a bad connection. I'm pretty sure it's the sub causing the issue so want to just resolve it. Does anyone know what size subwoofer fits in this hole as a straight replacement? I've got an amp and wiring kit sitting here ready to be installed but no sub yet. Any help would be appreciated!
  9. Hi All, Joining this forum as I've struggled to get any advice from the other Audi/VAG forums in the past. I have an A7 black edition as my main car but I have a 1998 Cabriolet as my project car... my main questions will be about the project car!
  10. Found what I needed eventually, just incase anybody ever stumbles upon the thread - Fascia, Keys and Aerial connector are quite easy to find. But the wiring I found above wasn't! Alot of companies will ask if your system is half amplified or not. If you have the BOSE system like me, then you have a fully amplified system and require the above.
  11. niedzial1983


    In each corrner of the sunroof. You need to open and have a look for 4 holes. It drains to the bottom of the doors , front under the hingess and 2 more on the back
  12. roadrunner1024

    Quattro Diesel Models?

    hi all, looking at a 2011 car 3.00 tdi Quattro s-tronic s-line the dealer is listing it as a 3.0 Diesel Engine (207 PS) is this right? looking at the dealer specs, quattro diesel models are all 245ps? - Sept 10.pdf (page 17) is there a model that had the engine from the multitronic but s-tronic & quattro? how can i tell? Cheers Guys.
  13. pms01

    EGR Valve blanking ?

    getting problems with codes pointing to the EGR valve, once in while the "coil" light comes on and the can goes into limp mode, very little info on the net about A8's, cant even find a picture telling me where the valve is, read a lot about putting in a blank plate, most articles on the web states it does no harm and eliminates this limp mode problem, however, just been to an Audi expert, ( not main dealers ) who was horrified, told me it buggers the engine, fractures egsaust pipes causes massive problems and he just wont do it to any audi ! Little confused now, any info would be helpfull, (picture of where the !Removed! thing is would be great ?)
  14. Scott1906

    How was your day?

    Woke up bright and early on my day off, made me & the mrs a good old fry up before she went to work then had a nice relaxing morning. Later on I hit the gym after which I went on some epic drives around my local country roads, and got back just in time to pick the nephew up from a uni visit he was doing with college. Fair to say his mates were impressed with the R8... can't blame them really 🤣 Oh, and the day's not even over! Even better. How was everyone else's day?
  15. Hi All, Need some help here, please. I drive a private leased A4, that has been with me for nearly 2 years now. As per contract, I should be returning the car by end of next week but as my new car (a VW) had its delivery postponed, I had to extend the actual lease for another 3 months. Car has only made 13000 miles so far (66 plate) and no sign of the service message on the dashboard. Actually looking on the car system, it still shows that next service should be in 7000 miles or 700 days. I visited a nearby Audi dealer last weekend and was told not to worry about it as I won't need it serviced until message comes up on the dashboard. I'm worried as Audi can come with a penalty if service not done, after I return the car. Any advice will be very welcome! Thank you!
  16. Joelslob123

    ?glow plug issue?

    Hi, Sorry if I've posted this in the wrong section, Was driving to work last night, glow plug warning light starts flashing, car goes into limp mode, stop at traffic light, switch engine off/on, light gone, ?odd smell from exhaust. Drove home this morning with no warning lights, no noticeable issue, not sure if I had a little less power in high revs or if I was imagining things. This something to worry about? Anyone had a similar issue with a known cause? Seen very mixed and unhelpful results online. Just a bit of info, for the last 2 months car has only been driven short 3 mile journeys, had no long runs for that duration, not sure if that would affect things Thanks for any help chaps.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Hi , I have the 2.7 cvt tdi 2009 A6 , I keep getting the emission symbol on my dash when I plug in my Carista obd device it tells me error code p0401 insufficient air flow egr valve, so I have tried to remove the egr valve to clean it and check if it is stuck in the open or closed position, I have removed the 3 torx screws holding it in position, but can not seem to move the valve I am worried above levering it as it could damage the valve or another part in the engine, does anyone know how I can get this valve off without damaging anything? Is there a special technique or tool to do this? Any suggestions would be very welcome thanks
  19. Joe Leman

    A6 Avant 2.7 c6

    Not checked reverse lights will have a look in the morning ! Thanks Joe
  20. niedzial1983

    Lost lock nut

    If its audi oem than they can get replacment
  21. cool

    Audi A3 ACC and related problems

    Thank you, Steve. My car is booked in with the dealer tomorrow. I will know hopefully what went wrong and how they would fix it tomorrow and will post the deatals as soon as I know.
  22. Hello All, I have for sale beautiful Audi A4 Quattro 2.0 TFSI Auto Black Edition for sale. This is very clean and well looked after car, you won't find a fault with it. This is only one of few cars like this in the country which have this spec and in IBIS White and NOT DIESEL. - Full-service history with all documentation (just serviced in Audi major service, Oil/filters, gearbox oil, spark plugs, aircon refill) - 3 owners from new ( I am 3rd) - Low Mileage (42000m) - 2 keys - Original BBS CH-R R19 (costed 1500£) wheels are the same size as original R19 Audi Rotors so car drives perfect. - Bang & Olufsen Stereo - Quattro with S-Tronic gearbox with launch control (same as S4) - Full Audi Bi-Xenon lights with LED daylights - Stop and Start - Cruise Control - Dual Climate Control - Half - Leather sport seats - Flat bottom steering wheel - Auto lights and Wipers - all Electric windows - Heated seats and mirrors - Audi full MMI with satnav - Bluetooth Selling only because was able to upgrade to a newer car. £15200 Any questions please ask 07821569714
  23. I really wouldn't buy one and use it on a complex electrically controlled car if you are asking what to check and how. To repeat, the only sound advice I can give is to now put that money towards an hour of an auto electrician's time. Kind regards, Gareth.
  24. Stevec

    Bluetooth help

    I thought it had Bluetooth But maybe it hasn’t I am now thinking of replacing the head unit but a bit unsure which one to go for
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