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  2. PeteB

    How was your day?

    Away in good time after a couple of emails and a decent enough meeting with the owner of the dealership - he and I hit it off as we both have the same sort of attitudes in a manufacturer/dealer relationship. The rep is stuck on The Isle of Bute as the weather is too rough for the ferry. I take the new machine to the client in Dumbarton and have a good craig with them! Only slight downer is that they though that I was delivering today and collecting my loaner on thursday - so I got to dash back there before heading south! The weather has been atrocious here - typically bad for the west coast if it feels that way! Hosing it down and blowing a gale! My appointment at Oban is cancelled and two other calls don't happen - the drive to Inverness is spectacular and one of the perks of the job - although, in terms of business opportunities, it is infuriating that compared to the other areas, I have customers and potentials! Another Premier Inn night and wished I could have a good cup of tea and some simple food! Only another two to go though. Two of the people I see at Inverness are ill, but I'm hoping to see them more for social than business reasons - both are good people who have helped us in the past. I got to stop somewhere and get a power lead for this laptop too!
  3. Hi, I am looking for a set of wheels for my 2014 A3 8V 2.0TDI which is currently running a set of Audi 17" wheels. The recommended size for 17" and 18" alloys according to is... 225/45R17 92V 7.5Jx17 ET51 5x112 225/40R18 92V 7.5Jx18 ET49 5x112 I have seen a set of 2018 S3 wheels for sale which have the following specifciations and wondered if anyone has any experience of fitting these please? The specs are: Audi Part No: 8V0 601 025 M Rim Width: 7.5J Offset: ET51 Cente Bore: 57.1mm Tyre size: 225/40/R18 Thanks in advance Rhys
  4. Yesterday
  5. xMaidenFan666x

    2.0 TDI BRE Oil Pump issues.

    Hi all! I’m after a bit of advice. 2006 A4 Avant 2.0 TDI 140hp BRE Engine code. I’ve read elsewhere that these engines suffer from oil pump drive problems? Apart from stripping it all down, is there any way of telling if mine is a troubled engine? Any help grately appreciated! Nath
  6. konaona

    reversing lights

    Hi Davi found these bulbs on e bay W16W T15 921 rear 15 SMD LED canbus Reverse item. ID 322767798556 seller, led autolux, Heck of a difference, simple to fit, plenty of videos on you tube Mike
  7. Graeme Brodie

    2005 2.0TDI intermittent power loss

    Had that problem yesterday had to change ERG valve
  8. Hi All, Sorry in advance if this has already come up. This morning my glove box wouldn't open. It didn't give any hint something was on it's way out like a dodgy switch or connection....worked fine then didn't. I've released it manually and checked nothing was jamming it, checked the fuse which seems to be fine. Any ideas before I start taking it to pieces?? Thanks
  9. Trevor

    Motorsport Events

    Hi Alex.....great idea, I shall place a Calendar on the site shortly. I too shall be attending Le Mans 24 Hours this year (same as the last 13 years in a row) and also Silverstone Classic (great event) SteveQ usually organises the Audi events for the club (Beaulieu, Castle Combe, AITP, and a few others)....pop him a PM and I'm sure he'll be glad of any assistance Look forward to chatting about future events. p.s. I have now added a Calendar in the top menu bar
  10. AlexI97

    London Audi Meet up?

    Sounds great, Ace cafe could be quite expensive I know about the prices there! but none the less a great place to meet but many great surrounding areas too
  11. AlexI97

    The Audi Modifications Section

    HI Would strongly recommend a remap and Performance air filter replacement, done this to my car and transformed the feel of it by quite a bit.
  12. AlexI97

    Enfield Pageant Of Motoring

    Hi all I would happily join you for this event I have been going for years with the triumph club but I now own an Audi so would be great to get in on some club meets
  13. Vertible

    Small problem with my A3 cab roof lining

    Oh dear sorry to hear that, I visited my local dealer this morning to see what the problem is, the tech said it needed gluing into position again, thankfully it’s only the top strip that has come off mine, i was surprised that it is sit glued in place though not a good design at all
  14. Hi, I have an audi a3 58 plate facelift. My rear right door does not open from the inside or the outside. I can hear the lock though. I need a rear door lock actuator but I need an 8-Pin one. The problem is I can't find an 8-pin one. Would a 7-Pin or 9-Pin work ?
  15. Trevor

    1st time Audi owner from Musselburgh

    Glad to hear you're enjoying it and only had a glitch or two. Mapping definitely sounds like the way forward to release a few more ponies.
  16. Last week
  17. Hello Evie, The ' I understand it it was a genuine Audi part......' to be frank doesn't instil too much confidence in the answer, but of course it is what you have been told, and you must go with it. Or perhaps it might come to proving that to be correct or incorrect. Air locks? After 12 weeks I would expect this would not be a valid reason for your issue. Thermostat? Could be. Sender unit? Could be. If I were mine, I would be taking the car to another trusted local garage and get them to plug this in and obtain live data on the coolant temperature. This should give you a better idea of the actual running temperature at these apparent 'increased peaks' and allow them to better home in on whether this is a sensor or a thermostat fault. Others on here will be more knowledgeable on whether this live data simply reproduces what the (possibly faulty) sender reads, or if it is an actual temperature. No doubt someone will advise. Kind regards, Gareth
  18. John B

    Advice please

    Can someone tell me if the drivers door off an avant will fit a saloon, cheers
  19. Mickybo

    remap issues

    Hi guys, jist spent all day trying to get my Q7 remapped but it doesn't seem to want to make good power, the dpf had been gutted by previous owner and according to the mapping company had not been mapped out but no eml had ever come on for me, but on the stock run it made 258bhp which was odd, however with the new map it only makes 265bhp which my tuner reckons is not normal and should be making way more so the company's owner is going to go through the map on Monday and see if he can see any issues but just wondering if anyone else has has a similar issue??
  20. Kylet1990

    A4 tdi 136bhp Bad MPG

    Hey guys I'm suddenly struggling to get much over 30mpg around the doors from my a4 136bhp. I'm getting 100-104 miles to £20 of diesel, the car has recently been terracleaned, oil and filter change, timing belt and water pump, new egr valve. Does anyone have any suggestion on what could be wrong? The book states urban mpg should be 52mpg however we all know that's bull. But as low as 30mpg? I was getting more mpg from my 1.6 petrol Nissan qashqai
  21. Try Wikipedia as a starting point as this list information on different engines and gearbox combos. You need to decide if you want low tax or BHP then what your budget is. BITD 313 - 326 PS 650 to 700+Nm. These have tiptronic 8speed transmission. Tunable to around 400bhp.
  22. Was going to get my rims reconditioned and would like to know what yours think? Hyper silver/silver/colour code them? Let me know 🤔
  23. Magnet

    Fit Running Boards to Q7 4M 2015 Model

    Hello Mohammed, Sorry I cannot directly help you with your query, but in the absence of any other reply, perhaps some if the follwimg may help to move you in a positive direction. 'I have been told by Audi.......' It would be interesting to know who you asked - and where you asked the question. I have found that answers you get can be one person's opinion and may or may not be accurate. If it were mine, I would wander into the parts section of my local dealer, armed with the VIN and the steps you have bought, and see if you can set up a friendly dialogue with the person there. OK you have bought them secondhand, but an honest approach usually works out. The correct answer will be there and they should be able to tell you (VIN wise) at what point any change was made, and if yours doesn't have any holes - whether steps can be practically fitted or not. I would be tempted to reward a helpful attitude with a box of biscuits at this time of year! Kind regards, Gareth.
  24. Hello Mark, Sorry to hear of your problems. Glow plugs changing and EML light? This confuses a little since I'm not sure why you are making the connection between the two. Do you have a code which points you to this? If so, it may be worth considering that it is possible that fault codes can give the 'effect' rather than the cause. In other words, the glow plug efficiency is being affected by something else. I must confess, that diesels are not my strong point, but as I understand it glow plugs don't 'come into effect' until the outside temperature falls to near to 5 degrees C, and their function is to preheat the cylinders to make the combustion of diesel more efficient at the lower temperature. In effect, if it is starting OK and running well from cold, then it may suggest there isn't anything wrong with the glow plugs. I notice you have this booked in for service on Tuesday - if this were mine, I would be delaying the glow plug change and booking this into a local recommended diesel specialist, rather than a non specialist garage. Taxi drivers are usually a good source of knowledge on trusted local diesel specialists. Kind regards, Gareth.
  25. Peeliewally

    New member introduction

    Good morning...and hello from a bitterly cold West coast of Scotland... I've previously owned a 2006 A4 Avant S-Line which was nice but a bit dull with the 1.9 TDi engine. I'm now looking for an Audi to fit the following citeria... so suggestions are welcome must fit five adults with room in the boot for two labradors but not always at the same time four wheel drive & automatic gearbox decent economy and power >140bhp (I have a 60 mile per day commute) £11K or less Prefer S-Line & Allroad models Thanks
  26. Jj07lad

    3rd party warranty providers

    Hi Gareth, Thanks for your reply, it was being privately sold through the Previous owners friends garage it did have outstanding finance on that's why I think they went down this route there has been 2 previous owners and it had 20000 miles on the clock. I've had her a couple of weeks now and she's a dream just want to protect her as much as I can so I will take your advice and get her booked in with audi for the service you suggested.
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