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  2. Helping a friend who has owned this car since 2003 and needs to sell due to recent bereavement, posting on this forum as an opportunity for an Audi enthusiast to buy and restore. The current owner loves the car and she would love to see it go to an owner who will appreciate it. Original specification (excluding wheels and front seats) 5 private owners, first registered Nov 96 138,6475 miles Last MOT Aug 2019 The car is a runner, starts first time and drives well with no currently known major mechanical issues and would make a great project to restore. This car has been off the road since Aug 2020. Last MOT August 2019. Taken off road in Oct 2019 mainly due to catalytic convertor failing emissions. Needs two new wings which the owner already has and are currently selling separately on e-bay (last two from Audi Germany) Advisories from last MOT Pass Aug 2019 Disc Brakes worn but not seriously (both front) Front tyres cracking/perishing (both front) - Tread good Coil Springs corroded offside front, offside and nearside rear Oil leak, not excessive. I have lots more info for anyone interested...
  3. Thanks Ray, Yes, appreciate it’s a hybrid, but the ‘alternative fuel’ only able to take you less than half a gallon’s worth of fuel? My environmentally friendly hat would be coming off for a few seconds, while I do the mental arithmetic bit of working out how much alternative energy (and cost) is expended to travel this silly extra distance. My other (silly?) comment would be that I bet - with careful driving - you could coast that additional distance (at zero energy cost) over a tank full of fuel. Kind regards, Gareth.
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  5. Hi all, just joined today as I'm the new owner of a 2013 A6 3.0 S line. Its a high miler with 128K so just wondering if theres any issues in particular i should be looking out for? The car drives like new for the miles and has a full service history between main dealer and independent.
  6. I'm pretty certain that you have to disable / isolate the battery before you can fill up - it's a safety feature - so there is probably a button in the car?
  7. Will it be a straight swap over, or do I need too add spacers or other bits. ? Cheers Guys.
  8. Hello Blue -? Thanks for being in touch with the forum. I steered (pardon the pun) clear of brands promoted by a certain 3 letter national supplier, and bought Lemforder ones - may have been from them, or their often- cheaper sister company Car Parts for less. Buy once and wisely, and not on price. Try EBay for alternative suppliers of the same brand at more competitive prices. Yes, I would change both sides for peace of mind. Kind regards, Gareth.
  9. Hello Arm, Could I be excused for thinking this has been in the hands of a boy racer? Of course, if this is what appeals then great. Adding to the potential downside:- private seller, no warranty. Is this beware territory? Kind regards, Gareth.
  10. Hello Ted, Cheaper to just nip into an independent? Kind regards, Gareth.
  11. Sorry to read the warning hasn’t gone away and hope it isn’t the ABS unit. However, I’m surprised you drove for so long with the fault as I found the brakes pulsed, like the ABS was kicking, when I had the problem?
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  13. I think that’s what I’d put my money on too
  14. Cheers Steve. It’s a question of deciding what to do and what to leave alone
  15. Hi the water level will rise when hot thats why its known as an expansion tank, was four the noise without a definitive description, who knows. Steve.
  16. I went to JCT600 but it was Audi UK that approved it.
  17. Hi go buy a tin of aggressive DPF cleaner, stick it in the tank and go give it a run as Shytot suggested, Euros do a good one in an orange and black tin I have used that a couple of times and it works. Steve.
  18. OK time to find the correct cluster and code in the new ecu to the car. Thanks for the heads-up.
  19. You can edit any post that you make. Go back to the post and click on 3 dots ... and choose edit. It might make you feel better 🤔
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  21. Sorry I shouldn’t of said that! this forum is a great help to so many audi drivers. I’m just getting frustrated and should not take it out in a really good life saver in Audi owners 💪👌🏼👍👋
  22. Hi this is what I found hope this helps
  23. Actually didnt think of that. But based on that, why does the joint not make any sound when I add more throttle? As that is a typical symptom for a bad joint? Thanks for the instructions! Will try and test before the snow comes...
  24. Hello Steve, The gearbox was last serviced 20000 kms ago,Would u think that this could be the noise
  25. Hi I have a 2012 Q5 and my alarm has started to go off for no reason, has anybody else had this problem and how can i repair this. Is there a way to turn off the internal sensors?
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