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  2. Hi guys, I bought my first Audi 4 years ago, it's been perfect, up until two night before. I saw my car alarm bleeping , didn't know the reason. Today At 12 mid night in the morning the Alarm goes off, frightened me to death thinking somebody was trying to get in it, but after looking around everything seemed locked and secure etc, so thought nothing of it. Its always my neighbours gets affected , unfortunately my relation with them is not great . Always something happens . They have children too , so i don't say its their fault. Its my car fault. It happens only on frosty night . Went to kwikfit , they want proper appointment for it , nothing near by. I don't know much about this till now. Sorry for my neighbours . Dint know where to park the car as well ? Any easy solution to get better ?
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  4. Hi Thanks for the reply. I will have a look at the battery tomorrow and get back to you on that information. Regarding the battery if I replace it do I have to get an start stop one or would a normal battery be suffice? can anyone send me a link to which sensor is that I need and replacing as the engine diagram points to two sensors for oxygen. The milage has now hit 161k and regarding the throttle body I do not get idling, rough milage or drive everything has always been smooth to be honest and it always starts the first time. I guess I can get it opened up and cleaned and put it back in. Someone said to me it could be the rear parking break motor, wiring around it or the wheel bearing. Is that possible I don't hear any weird noises coming from the car from those places.
  5. Hi, I’m looking to buy a new Q7 but just wanted an opinion on a few things: 1) is it worth getting the upgraded 22inch wheels or sticking to the 21inch that you get on the black edition spec 2) is the comfort and sound pack worth it? I like my music but not sure if it’s that much better than the standard sound system. I know you get other extras such as 360 camera, parking assistance etc but I would be buying it more for the sound upgrade as the other extras I probably wouldn’t use much. Dealer said you can’t now just choose an upgraded sound system unless you get the pack. Thanks
  6. Quick update, after driving 15k with the ABS module bricked by this silly situation, I finally got it sent off and fixed by ECUtesting for <£300. No more lights on the dash! Do check if they can recondition yours before shelling out to audi for this criminal fault.
  7. Hello. Got a weird one here. My horn has stop working a while ago out of nowhere. Once pushed on the steering wheel cushion nothing happens, no relay clicks or anything. I have checked the fuse, relay, horns themselves, even gone as far as replacing my clock spring and a new airbag unit. Have tried different control module, but of course it needs to be coded by Audi, so I did not do that. I have scanned the car with my Vag com and got one reappearing fault code ( 00576 Terminal 15 008-implausible signal-intermittent). Strangest thing is, horn works over Vcds on my laptop when I’m doing an output test for horn. Relay clicks, horns go off perfectly. So any help would be great. It’s been like that for a long time now and I’m out of options. MOT is soon and that will definitely fail.
  8. I’m in the same boat and interested to know more about these cars and any issues. I’m looking between 80k-160k miles. I know the gearbox service needs to be every 30k
  9. Hello Guys, I am looking at the options in the RS7 builder and don't see the Sport Exhausts anymore, are these not available anymore from 2022 models ? thanks !
  10. Hi you said the noise occurs when turning my educated guess would be a wheel bearing as lower arm bushes won't make that type of noise and when they fail completely they bang and leave you in no doubt about whats failed, with regard to doing any suspension work you have to have a good tool kit and not be afraid of going where Angels fear to tread. Steve.
  11. Hi the black oil is normal and its only the combustion particles in it that make it black which starts as soon as the engine starts after servicing, a gearbox filters/oil change may well improve its operation as wouldn't mind betting its never been changed, gear oil and alternator belts are always the last thing to be looked at. Steve.
  12. Hello all, Apologies if this is in the wrong section but I’m contemplating trading up from a 2015 Mini Cooper S, to an Audi A7 3.0 TDI and have never owned an Audi before so have no idea on reliability etc. From what I can gather online, they don’t suffer from the exact same issues as comparative to the A6 (but are still the B8/B8.5 engines around 2010-2014?). I could be wrong on that and just trying to get an idea of what I would be buying into. My budget would be something like £11-12k (finance) and I tend to service yearly and never let any issues go unsourced). Would anyone be willing to give me some guidance on what to look for, what problems are known and whether running costs would be feasible with this type of car? Thanks in advance :)
  13. Hi, not if you are prepared to get the car on ramps to ease access to the underside and get dirty removing all visible rust and coating it with Waxoyl underseal I would employ a reasonable bodyshop to repair the sills as they may need to cut out the rusted area and replace with new steel fillets which cuts down the use of excessive body filler as the filler if to thick absorbs moisture and rots out more of the sill, I wish you luck and please let us know how you get on. Steve.
  14. https://www.buycarparts.co.uk/?gadw=1&gclid=Cj0KCQiAraSPBhDuARIsAM3Js4ovsCl74VyVSn4bAFFX9E5mZ8XJnhCD6HPd6PbgXPiXZ5nVXXnZyCkaAl1_EALw_wcB
  15. Hi how do i stop the audi head unit popping up and radio coming on when I start the car?.
  16. Hi Guys I have a lovely 2007 A4 Convertible however it seems like the roof is not 100% wind proof ie leaks around windows etc ..wind noise....and in the cold weather there is a huge amount of condensation on the interior windows ( especially the rear roof window ) in the mornings. Can the roof be adjusted to fit better. The car was standing for approx 4 years when the previous owner became very ill. Thanks Charles
  17. Hi, yes all working now. The problem was stop start at stand still and I guess the same system puts the car into coast mode when driving. That was when driving is when the warning came up.
  18. The Google maps no longer works on my 2018 q3 going into MMI message is license expired. No functions on demand in my Audi app. Any solutions.
  19. Hello I had the same very issues and decided to get a TVS gearbox remap. I got sick of Audi dealers fibbing me off and telling me that it’s the characteristic of the car! anyway enough was enough after having a extremely close call at roundabout with kids in car. I love the car so decided to pull the trigger. best thing I have done and totally transformed the car.
  20. I’m picking my car up tomorrow, but I wonder if that’s part of a heating system to defrost that window? I had something similar on previous VAG cars, so will check.
  21. I’m just about to take delivery of an April 2019 Avant, and plan to install a data sim in the centre console to retain connectivity once the Audi Connect expires. I’m certainly not prepared to pay £85/month when a pre-loaded data sim with 24GB costs approximately £40. That should retain my connectivity as it did in my C7 beforehand.
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  23. A fault on that sensor is consistent with the lack of prior symptoms, so let's hope that solves the problem. Do please let us know the outcome. Don't be be unduly concerned at the lack of computer diagnosis. Unfortunately code readers are not as reliable as many expect and hope.
  24. Hello Guys, I am new here and potentially new to audi as well 🙂 I am selling my Maserati Ghibli sQ4 and I would love to get the new RS6 , I live in north America and as you know it's new here and there is a lot of hype around this car. I might have an allocation this year but the RS7 2022 appears to be available sooner, it also fits our needs even if 5k over RS6 😉 It sounds like a beautiful problem I am a bit struggling to make my choice between these two cars, RS7 looking awesome... RS6 feeling more fun and 'fresh' in terms of handling, driving sensations, daily driver which one between these two would make more sense ? thanks !
  25. I'm probably going to look at bilstein or FK . Cheers for advice.
  26. Eyup! I’ve been out and done some full lock manoeuvres and can’t report any noises as yet. Occasionally if its a high traction surface (dry) i felt a slight resistance to movement which I always have felt in a 4wd vehicle. But nothing more than that. in other news, I crossed the 1000 mile mark and like the child I am inside I have launched it a handful if times and…..just wow! I also did a full to empty mileage check and even though I’ve launched it and had a few spirited drives I’ve managed 31mpg and 322 miles before filling with about an eight of a tank remaining (35miles it said). Thrilled by that to say the least. I didn’t buy it to have good economy but to know I can commute all week on a single tank with enough left over for a play day has sweetened the whole thing massively.
  27. So, on new year's Day evening, my car produced loads of start up warnings after parking for hours at a very cold spot. No issues whatsoever until then. Faults: Safety system fault, start stop system fault, ESC fault, cruise control unavailable, presence restricted, TPMS fault, parking brake fault, basically every fault on the book. The car won't move and I had to tow it home coz no garages opened. Next morning went to a local mechanic and he said it's a software problem and suggested me to take the car to the dealer. Dealer diagnosed of throttle valve problem, and because the car was 6 years old and 70k miles up, suggested I got a new cambelt. I obliged. But yesterday I got a call from them saying there was judders with the clutch, and I needed to change clutch and probably flywheel. I am totally gobsmacked. I had no warnings, no issue with driving before the new year day. What could have gone wrong? Is it possible that the dealer is going rogue? They now want extra money to diagnose the clutch, already charged me £130 for the diagnostics on the first day. Do I have any chance to salvage the car without spending 4K at the dealer. They have already billed me 1.7K. 16 reg car with 72k miles on board. Feeling really stupid and hopeless.
  28. Can't the vents be unscrewed or unclipped?
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