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  2. I had same problem with same car and local Indy garage tracked it down to a rusted wire connection. He cleaned the connection and it worked.
  3. Just as well you didn't drive then Steve.....would also consider replacing the other side as this may well be in the same condition. also it helps to balance the cars handling and should ideally be replaced as a pair.
  4. In theory yes, I just hope someone takes care of her. Has ice cold air con, boot liner. If wanted extra - 4 x winter steels with Michelin Winter tyres plus 2 new tyres (fronts are low (235 45 17)) New Camp belt & water pump 27k ago. Oil changed every 6k (10w40 Fully Synthetic). Just had new front wheel bearing. In last year new battery and reconditioned alternator.
  5. Hello Tom, Although you don’t say, I guess it also judders when starting to reverse - up-hills being aggravators in both 1st and reverse. Obviously the car needs to be inspected and tested, so the forum can only guess at possibilities. If engine and gearbox mountings are declared sound on inspection, then unfortunately your symptoms point to clutch issues, but again you will need local inspection and confirmation of this. Clutch renewed 18K ago, so cannot be that?? Unfortunately, there are some poor quality aftermarket components available and for some owners, price becomes king, and the cheapest short term improvement is good enough. Perhaps you could let the forum know how you get on. ‘Just bought....’ Was this issues suspected or indeed evident during a test drive? Kind regards, Gareth.
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  8. If the rubber boots were split ten months ago the joints they cover will undoubtedly be ruined by now and have to be renewed. It would have been much cheaper to get them fixed when the problem was first found. To get an idea of that cost, pick up a phone and call a garage.
  9. Hi Gareth on route home from work I was playing with the heater and my duel climate control isn’t working.the passenger side is roasting hot and the driver side is blowing cold air with some hot in it.the level has risen in the expansion tank but the temperature gauge never moved from normal. Regards Peter
  10. MIN difference between Se and SE Executive?
  11. Further to my last after close to 6 weeks of no limp mode, my car is now going into limp mode again, tried a new MAF off Ebay, my car would not run properly so put old one back on. Found Boost sensor have given it a good clean, but car still occasionally goes into limp mode mainly after about an hour running at approx. 70mph. Now back to square one, no idea where the boost solenoid is, I am baffled, only thought is to put in a new boost sensor and try it? any advise mush appreciated.
  12. Thanks Gareth, as mentioned on the forum diagnostics highlighted the pressure switch which was easily changed, now all good with aircon working again.
  13. what about a rolling road test. at least it would rule out road noise which is all i can hear on the vids provided.
  14. Hairdo


    Has any one got a good brake upgrade recommendation or a set of carbon ceramic s for sale or swap and sell , mine are the wave discs all around, I put new brembo pads on and went goodwood at the weekend the pads were nearly gone after 15 minute hard session I have ordered a set of EBC blue stuff they should be here tomorrow
  15. Yes will be picking up with new registration, made sure of that, I didn’t want it to turn up in early July and sit for 6 - 8 weeks at the dealers, so has turned out quite good timing after all.
  16. Ok found it under footwell. It was full of water. Had to send BCM out to get rebuilt. Thanks. George
  17. Its an automatic gearbox and the milage is 112000km or 69593 miles. If that's the case would you recommend a check up? Maria
  18. Welcome to the forum you'll find the members on here are a friendly and helpful bunch. My brother has driven both the 911 and r8 and he says the R8 is the better drivers car.
  19. My advice would be to get a diagnostic check carried out. Does it happen after short journeys or long journeys. Whats the weather conditions when it happens ie hor or cold. It's probs worth trying to establish if there is a pattern to the issue.
  20. On the more technical code readers it should be able to read historic codes. As the car should store them once they appear even if the car has managed to find a way around the problem. I'd still be getting it checked if it were mine.
  21. Obviously you'll know any mods you do could void your warranty.
  22. Cheers, I am a complete novice to this car. Any tips would be very welcome to look after it
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