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  2. The part number on my invoice (from the Audi dealership) is: A5Q0906207B
  3. I have been into cars and car clubs for way too many years. I started out in a car club as there was no Internet (well it had only just started) I was the chairman of a club and we all complained about the members leaving to join these new forum things.... then we joined them too, then it all happened again people started to disappear over to that face ache page and the forum that was once so busy you couldn't keep up with the posts is luck to get 10 post a day, it's as some would say progress, personally I loved the old pub meets, meet up before shows, travelling in convoy ..... yes with cb radios. I feel old. Oh it's my second post, don't know how long I will be here I've heard there's yet another technical advancement coming. Thank you all (in advance) for your advice which I dare say I will need. Tony
  4. train tickets bought, price agreed, off to pick up a 2008 A6 today, won't put too many deatails yet as the car is still advertised until i hand over payment, i will upload some photos (probably tomorrow) once i have it. on my past cars (jaguar & Mercedes) i used an icarsoft scanner, any recomendations for a scanner on the 2008 A6 at all please? thanks Tony
  5. Good morning all, my exhaust on my mk2 TT 3.2 is blowing on the down pipe, I purchased a down pipe from a company on ebay, I gave them my reg first before buying and they said it fits, I've taken it go 3 garages and they all say it doesn't fit, so I went to audi to get a quote on a new downpipe, technically my cars a write off cause the price of the pipe from them is worth more than the car, can anyone point me in a direction for a new exhaust, I'm open to ideas if just a downpipe or the whole system from the manifold depending on price. I've posted a picture of the pipe I purchased and the quote from audi it self. Also wht won't audi give out part numbers ????
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  7. Enable Rear DRLs: [09-Central Elec] > [Coding-07] > [Long Coding Helper] > Allow Experimental Data > Byte 2 > Bit 3 = sl_at_drl -------------------------------- Flashing Tail Lights with Emergency Brake: [46-Central Conv] > [Coding-07] > [Long Coding Helper] > Allow Experimental Data > Byte 21 > Bit 0 = Emergency_brake_indication_active -------------------------------- Hazards Flashing with Emergency Stop: [46-Central Conv] > [Coding-07] > [Long Coding Helper] > Allow Experimental Data > Byte 36 > Bit 1 = Emergency_stop_hazard_flashing_active -------------------------------- I was helped with the following on Ross-Tech forums but it didn't work for me: Engine Running Warning Off: [17-Instruments] > [Adaptation-10] > IDE06588-Ignition active message: actuator > changed from 'Driver Door' to 'No Display' --------------------------------
  8. I need help finding the battery disconnect ignitor.. I'm getting a 01590 code and the part suggested is n253. Have torn out boot and it is not there. Have looked behind seat and not sure. Please help
  9. Hi, Recently bought a 2022 SQ7 Vorsprung which, due to the chip shortages, has had the headlights changed from Matrix Laserlights to standard LEDs. Anyone know if it’s possible to retrofit these? Can live without the laserlight side and just go for the Matrix LEDs. Hundreds of Q7s and SQ7s have them, though I think only Vorsprungs got the laser ones. Any advice appreciated. Thanks
  10. Sounds really like a battery problem .. these cars are VERY easily upset if the battery is not in really good condition... and a simple voltage check with a meter is no where near a good enough check,, the battery needs to be checked with a PROPER PROFFESIONAL battery checking device... there might well be enough "oomph" in the battery to start the engine .. but the voltage drops as the battery recharges and numerous other circuits kick in is often enough to cause many problems of the type you describe..... this of course assumes the alternator is also in good condition ... as that is what actually provides all the electrics the car needs !!
  11. welcome jimmy,very nice car,best of luck with it.
  12. I'm on my second hybrid (both been company cars), current one is around 1 month old and I do really like it. That said, if you're looking at this as an economy saving, if you're driving sensibly you will get in the area of 400 miles from a filled petrol tank. Sadly I don't have the ability to charge the battery right now, but when the car has had charge you are likely to get around 30-40 miles of pure electric driving. The self-charging system absolutely drinks the tank and can't recommend it, but I don't have enough experience to tell you if when fully charged, it impacts the petrol mileage. To drive? It's really fun, the older model of hybrid that I had which was a 19 plate from memory handled quite poorly. This one on the other hand is much nicer but I'm not sure if that's down to it having a more sportier profile. Let me know if you want anymore info on it, happy to help.
  13. audi a6 c5 fog lights the pair in good condition £30
  14. Can anyone help we need a Wiring Diagram for the A8 that showns the position/route of the wires for the BreakPad wear sensors. He have replaces the sensor leads to all wheels and part of the loom for the drivers side front, but the mechanic is getting 7 volts reading on both front and back on the drivers side, but only 2 volts on the passenger side front and 0 volts on the rear. The mechanic thinks the wire is a continual loop, but as the colours change as it goes round so it is difficult to follow, without knowing the route and which connectors to check. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. When your SatNav says: "branch left on trunk road"
  16. I'd be contacting your local Audi dealer as it sounds like they're changing them under warranty.
  17. Marshall Motor Group has succeeded in condensing the operations of three Audi premium car dealerships into one flagship location with the opening of its new Audi Centre in South East London. The AM100 car retail group’s chief executive, Daksh Gupta, said that the decision was made to relocate Marshall’s Audi Centres in Sydenham, Bromley and Beckenham to a single retail site following a strategic review of its Audi representation in South East. The result of the project was the creation of a new, £7.2 million three-storey Audi Centre on Chaffinch Business Park, Beckenham, containing a nine-car showroom and 17 bay workshop facility, developed by Square One Construction. Gupta said: “The relocation of our existing Audi Centres in Sydenham, Bromley and Beckenham to this fantastic new South East London hub represents a substantial investment for Marshall and demonstrates our commitment to both our customers, our colleagues and Audi, as one of the UK's largest retail partners. “Audi South East London is a stunning destination facility. Upon arrival the customer benefits are evident – additional customer parking, electric charging points plus with sumptuous lounge areas and hospitality facilities we have the base to deliver both exceptional and memorable customer experiences.” Marshall Motor Group is currently awaiting its formal takeover by Constellation Automotive Group after the BCA and cinch owner gained the regulatory approvals required from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to complete its acquisition. The development of its Audi South East London site is one of several recent dealership investments made by the group. Among the newly-developed businesses is the £12m Motorline Toyota and Lexus dealership in Bristol and its redeveloped Volvo Car UK and Jaguar Land Rover dealerships in Peterborough. Last week, the group's Marshall Hyundai Gloucester dealership was named Best in Customer Service at the 2022 AM Awards, while Marshall Volkswagen St Albans won EV Dealership of the Year. Commenting on the opening of the new Audi dealership this month, Marshall Audi franchise director Tim Murphy said: “The opening of the South East London in Beckenham is an extremely exciting time for the team and look forward to welcoming customers. “Audi South East London is a timeless, modern and contemporary environment – the perfect space to discover the Audi new and approved used range and great facilities for aftersales customers too. “Everything has been designed with the customer in mind. The Centre is a new space for the future. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.am-online.com/amp/news/dealer-news/2022/05/17/marshall-s-72m-audi-centre-brings-three-dealerships-into-one-london-site
  18. Audi has suspended the production of its A4, A5 and A8 saloon cars as component supplies continue to hamper the German premium car manufacturer. While production of the A6 and A7 will continue at the site, the Volkswagen Group-owned brand confirmed that the three other models will not be produced between May 16 to May 20. The war in Ukraine, the ongoing shortage of semiconductors and other components and COVID-19 lockdowns in China were all factors in the decision, Audi told Automotive News Europe. Audi has also extended short-time working for employees at its Neckarsulm and Ingolstadt sites until May 31 in response to the supply chain difficulties. AM recently reported that franchised car retailers considered an automotive supply chain recovery 'off the cards' as early as March following Russia's war on Ukraine. A later news insight feature detailed how growing concerns about the automotive supply chain, a potential energy crisis and consumer confidence crash were feeding fears about the impact of the Ukraine-Russia war on UK car retail. Rising energy and fuel prices, resulting from the conflict, have been key drivers in a rise in UK inflation to 7%, with some economic commentators now fearing that figure could reach 10% later this year. In his analysis of the UK’s Q1 new cars registrations data for AM, David Francis suggested that Russia 'threw a hammer and sickle into the works' of 2022's car manufacturing recovery when it invaded its neighbouring country. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.am-online.com/amp/news/manufacturer/2022/05/17/audi-halts-a4-a5-and-a8-production-at-neckarsulm-manufacturing-plant
  19. Audi’s rugged division recently got updated with the refreshed A4 Allroad and the A1 Citycarver, which got a new name (see the related links below). The A1 Allstreet is now the smallest member of the brand’s non-SUV family of high-riding vehicles and it seems that the Ingolstadt-based firm is working on yet another member positioned slightly above the entry-level model. We have new spy photos showing a lifted A3 prototype lapping the Nurburgring. This trial car has camouflage covering both the front and rear fascias but that’s probably not the most interesting part. The machine seems to be sitting slightly higher above the ground compared to a regular A3 hatchback. It’s not that common for high-riding vehicles to go chasing lap records, though Audi probably wants to make sure the suspension setup provides the perfect balance between solid road behavior and good off-road ability. This new A3 addition was tentatively known as the A3 Allroad but with Audi’s recent move to rename the lifted A1 to A1 Allstreet it makes sense for the larger hatchback to receive the same moniker. Alternatively, the German automaker could decide to leave the Allstreet suffix to models not available with an all-wheel drive and give all rugged models with Quattro the Allroad name. Speaking of Audi’s AWD system, this prototype doesn’t seem to be fitted with the Quattro tech and is most likely powered by a traditional combustion engine without any sort of electrification. All previous test cars had a charging port on the front left fender hinting at a plug-in hybrid powertrain under the hood. There are reports that all-wheel drive could be optionally available. Whatever it is called, this new high-riding A3 will most likely debut later this year. The amount of camouflage on this prototype is not huge, which probably means the development and testing are nearly completed. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.motor1.com/news/586097/audi-a3-allstree-spied-nurburgring/amp/
  20. Sometime next year, Audi will introduce the next-generation Q5 crossover. We already caught it out testing earlier this year, and a new batch shows Audi continuing its development. We don’t know a lot about the model, but we don’t expect Audi to change the formula drastically. However, it will receive new styling inside and out and other significant updates The new photos show the crossover continues to wear a full-body camouflage wrap, but outlines of the concealed styling features are visible. The new Q5 will arrive with an aggressive front fascia, with a prominent single-frame grille flanked by new air curtains on either side. The headlights look narrower, and the new face sits above a wide lower bumper opening. There’s not much to see at the rear with its traditional styling details. Audi is using stand-in taillights, which will change before production begins. A pair of tailpipes stick out of the rear bumper, but the rest of the design remains hidden under the camo wrap. The Q5 looks a tad larger than the model it will replace. The wheelbase looks a tad longer, too, which could translate into more cargo space and second-row legroom. We have not spotted the interior yet, but it should arrive packed with screens, safety tech, driver aids, and the latest infotainment goodies. While Audi is moving toward battery-electric vehicles, the combustion engine will continue to play a vital role in its portfolio. That includes powering the next-generation Q5; however, we don’t know any specifics about Audi’s powertrain plan. We expect the crossover to offer a range of gasoline and diesel engines that will also feature mild-hybrid assistance. Audi will likely sell a plug-in hybrid variant, and we know the all-electric Q5 E-Tron is also on its way. The Q5 is still in the early stages of development, and we don’t expect Audi to reveal it until sometime next year. That means it will likely arrive at dealers for the 2024 model year. Audi will likely continue to offer the Q5 in a Sportback body style, and it should debut alongside its traditional-looking stablemate. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.motor1.com/news/586467/2024-audi-q5-spy-photos/amp/
  21. The Audi RS4 Avant and Audi RS5 have been dialled up to offer enhanced dynamics and a louder soundtrack in new, limited-edition Competition guise. The hardcore new variants of the sports estate and its coupé sibling will arrive in German dealerships in July, but Autocar understands Audi is still evaluating whether or not to bring the new arrivals to the UK. The upgrades bring unique styling touches for each and a package of mechanical upgrades, with the pricier Competition Plus package being most heavily differentiated from the standard cars. The Competition cars are marked out by black badging, matt carbon-effect exterior trim and optional black wheels in a bespoke design, which can be wrapped in sticky Pirelli P Zero Corsa tyres. The interior is similarly decked out with black trim elements. It's the modifications to the chassis that most obviously set the Competition apart, though. The ride height is lowered by 10mm over standard and can be brought down a further 10mm manually. The spring rate has been increased, the stabilisers stiffened and three-way adjustable dampers installed to "heighten the general driving experience and help shorten lap times". Audi claims an enhanced differential boosts handling performance further, courtesy of a tweak to the power unit that sends more power rearward in corners. Power from the cars' twin-turbocharged 2.9-litre V6 remains at 444bhp, but straight-line pace has been subtly improved, as the gearbox has been tuned to give quicker shifts. The RS5 Competition gets from 0-62mph in just 3.8sec - a 0.1sec improvement – while the RS4 Avant Competition shaves 0.2sec off its sprint time, at 3.9sec. Rounding off the package is a bespoke RS sports exhaust with matt-black tips, which is less insulated from the cabin and thus "gives a "more intense sound pattern". A byproduct of this is a small 8kg weight loss. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/new-2022-audi-rs4-and-rs5-competition-get-handling-boost
  22. overall i'm happy with it. vidmate online saveinsta
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  24. It does stagger me that my 340k 20 year old A6 is now worth around 2k. Just think of the rates of negative equity people will be in once the bubble bursts.
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