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  2. This is possibly a first Ken! Understandable? Yes in my book, but probably not in most others. Perhaps the answer might lie in the effect this tuning is going to have on the insurance premium. Kind regards, Gareth.
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  4. hi guys Any suggestions, after having my old 1990 coupe for 21 years i finally let it go. i purchased a 64 plate s6 with 28000 on the clock. to be honest finding it a Little too quick,wondering whether its me being 56 or something else. So i stuck on a rolling road at my local tuning center,they informed me off a few unknown changes 520 bhp and 710 torque !! am struggling a little in dynamic,should i get put back to standard setting or get the tongue reduced to some thing more manageable,or give myself time to get used to it.
  5. Hello Rob, Thank goodness we are all different, and I applaud your views on being prepared to commit to live with a car for 3 years biased on taking a liking to the car’s interior, and indeed that view has stood you in good stead over the years. You can’t knock that. Probably wouldn’t do for the majority, but.... Even a 20 minute ‘spin around the block’ will surely give a potential owner a feel for the car’s performance and ride, and it now follows that this car’s performance must now be in question in your mind, and I just wonder how much other owner’s views will go towards actually reversing your decision if their experience is not too positive. No doubt they will be positive and all will be fine. Kind regards, Gareth.
  6. Magnet

    Tyres for SQ5

    Many thanks Robert, No doubt SQ5 owners will share their experiences, but if indeed you are getting approx. 17k per set then I wouldn’t have thought that was too unreasonable. However, if the car has only covered 34k miles from new, and the first set lasted longer than 17k then obviously you will know how this set of Pirelli s have performed compared with the originals. Kind regards, Gareth.
  7. Rams

    Tyres for SQ5

    Hi Gareth, Yes 2 sets of 4 to get the 8 tyres. Just seems a lot less than previous tyres I've had driving no differently.
  8. Hi Gareth Correct, I have made that decision.And put like that, it does seem a bit absurd I grant you 🙂. However, I've never test driven a car I've bought before. Odd I know, but I'm not sure you get a huge amount out of a 20 min spin round the block. That said, I would test drive this one, but I simply cant find anywhere that has one I can test. My current family car I've had for two years. I looked inside it, but never drove it before committing, and love it. But with that one, I found a number of reviews of the particular engine I bought, but I can't find any of the 1.0 A3. Which I why I was hoping for some other opinions from people on here. I'm more interested in the car interior when I buy. And the S line with the comfort and sounds pack looks awesome. But I just wish I had a bit more info about the engine. Cheers Rob
  9. Hello Rob, It’s probably me being rather old in the tooth, but it seems you have agreed to be committed to own a car for 3 years, which you haven’t actually test driven. Um? Now, understandably Rob, you are trying to get subjective opinion which might support that decision. Please ignore my interpretation is If is considered to be rather off the mark -or somewhat direct - which it indeed probably is. I would equate this to agreeing to remain married for 3 years to someone you have seen once, but really know nothing about - but she looks good, and is ‘cheap’. Hopefully you will get some experienced opinion from the forum - I really hope you do within the cooling off period - and this will put your mind at rest. Good luck and kind regards, Gareth.
  10. Hi all New hear, so hello. Apologies if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find anything in the search. I've ordered the new A3 s-line in a 1.0 TFSI 30 engine. It turns up in two weeks, so I'm inside my "cooling off" period. I'm now getting concerned that 110bhp may be a bit sluggish. I'm no petrol head. Most of my driving will be short journeys, with the odd motorway journey every couple of months. Unfortunately, no deals near me have the 1.0 to test, only the 1.5. So I was hoping someone on here may've driven the two and could give an opinion on whether the 1.0 feels under powered or not. I know the difference is only 2 seconds in the 0-60. And that any opinion is of course subjective. But I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who has driven it, or even better driven both. I just want something that will still be fun to drive, I know neither is near the hot hatch spec, and that's not what I want. But I dont want to feel completely powerless. It's a three year lease, and I dont want to regret my decision. Thanks in advance. Rob
  11. Big Shout Out to this forum and to Simon Ryder👍👍 Like most on this thread I hadn't used my Audi A4 Avant 3.0TDI Sport 66 plate much over the last 6 months. It's our second car and only done 10k - So like a new car. Yesterday after using the car for first time in a couple of months the brakes were a bit sticky but freed off after a few miles. To be expected sometimes after a lay up. About 20miles on I got the Brake Servo:restricted warning alarm. I Drove to my destination about 10 miles further and parked. On starting up to travel home The Brake Servo & auto/start Stop warning showed. I drove home gently and parked the car. Luckily I found this thread and first thing this morning went to my local Audi parts department and purchased the Brake pressure sensor 5Q0906207A for £74.10. The old sensor was 5Q0906207 but the new one by a different manufacturer has an A on the end. The Audi parts guy confirmed it was the correct part. I informed him of this thread and potential to damage the ABS system. He said they stocked a few sensors so that would suggest they get used often🤔 Following Simon's guide I had the old sensor exchanged in a couple of minutes. Small flat screwdriver to unclip the side catches and pull back the gray locking toggle on top of the electrical sensor. Pumped the Brake pedal a few times and started the car. The Brake Servo restricted alarm disappeared but the autostart stop disabled warning still showed. I turned off the engine and waited till everything was off and dash blank. Then restarted the car and the auto start stop warning also disappeared. So success thanks to this thread and Simon's guide. It does feel like a win and no damage to the ABS system so over the moon👍😁 If you have a 66 plate Audi and come across this thread I would seriously consider swoping the sensor before you have a failure and possible bill for an abs system pump. Thanks again Chris
  12. Magnet

    Tyres for SQ5

    Hello Robert, Wondered if you could be a bit more specific with the maths. Does 8 tyres in 34k miles equal 2 sets of tyres of which each set has lasted approx. 17k? Kind regards, Gareth.
  13. Hi C87, Just to check whether the booster sensor you replaced is the same as the part photo that Simon showed in his post? I am still waiting for my appointment with Audi and it’s frustrating as I can’t even use my car. I am tempting to replace it myself now. Look forward to your reply. Thanks. J.
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  15. Hello Alex, I do appreciate where you are coming from, and if it were me, I would be breaking this down to simply one action at a time, and the first would be to get a good underbody evaluation. Just don’t worry about the next strep. Keep the ‘finding a good welder’ on the back burner for the moment. When you come to that stage, I would certainly be Googling for a local/ regional all-makes Classic Car club. Knowing about good local bodywork welders is always a must for classic car restoration, so I would be surprised if you don’t get a good lead via. that connection. Above all, it’s most likely to be sortable. Just let us know if there is anything we can advise on further. Kind regards, Gareth.
  16. Hi Gareth, Thanks for your thoughts with this they're really useful and I appreciate the logical thought process. Always good when you are worried about something. I guess I'm very much a glass half empty type of person and so I have already convinced myself that the damage will be so severe and spread so badly that the costs of repair will outweigh the value of the car. I hope not as I have only just come around to the idea of investing some time and effort into the car to bring it up to scratch. Not to mention quite a lot of £'s have been sunk into it already. I just hope I can find someone good and reliable willing to sort it for me for a reasonable price. Fingers crossed, Alex
  17. Thanks for coming back on this Alex. As I see it, if the car was last MOT’d in March 2019, then at best this MOT will expire in the next couple of days - even taking into account the ‘extra’ 6 months extension due to Covid. If this i so, it will need an MOT’d with some urgency, and it should receive a thorough inspection of the underside at that time, and you will be informed what else (if anything) will need weld repair. You should then be in a position to decide your next move. The MOT station should be able to advise on local weld repairers, if they don’t do this work themselves, and estimated costing will be available to you. Probable aggravation is that the carpet will need to be partially removed and that is likely to entail the seat/s having to come out. I’m not sure why you think no one will want to do a weld repair on this. Kind regards, Gareth.
  18. Rams

    Tyres for SQ5

    What tyres are you using on your Q5 or SQ5? I currently have Pirelli P Zeros 21 inch and have pretty much got through 8 tyres in 34k miles. Do you use the same? If different why did you choose them and what differences have you noticed? Thanks
  19. Cheers steve. New boots day! Fronts that were on, are both decent and 6mm. Both goodyear ,but one an F1, other an excellence. So different tread patter, both rears are F1 and near 3mm in tread. So easiest way is 4 new. Decided on continental premium contact 6, reviews seem to show the tread lasts better than the sport. Oh well, guess i will find out in time😀
  20. Hi I’ve just purchased a 2016 TT sport and I can’t work out how to set the coming home lights. It’s in the manual but the instructions don’t make sense and it doesn’t give me the option anywhere. Should I presume it doesn’t have this function? Also is there any way to switch off the tune it plays when I exit the car? many thanks
  21. Iv got loads of spares including a full set of black seat belts pm me bud
  22. Hi all. My wife recently bought a 2.0 tdi s line Upon inspection (never removed the engine cover) It wasnt picked up that the pipes have been disconnected from the egr valve and a piece off copper pipe has been used to bypass the rubber tubes. Why would someone do this has puzzled me. Also its now started smoking a bit when you first start it up and drive it. Could this be because the dpf is blocked. Thanks in advance for any help recieved VID-20200925-WA0011.mp4
  23. hey i recently bought a bass for my audi a6 c6 and with that i bought a mmi 2g bluetooth kit wich gave me what i needed to conect every thing up to the radio but instead of an output for the bass i got an input for aux so now im in need of a output that i can conect in to the radio in the back. any sugestions ?
  24. I'm sure you have figured this out by now, ut the auxilary port is in the center console.
  25. Thanks for asking. Yes compressor is working fine. It pumps the 4 corners up but the then after a few hours the right side drops followed by the left a few more hours later. I've already replaced all 4 bags about 1 year ago and the relay. So I'd pretty much rule out that the bags are leaking again. I just don't want to deal with the issues with air suspension anymore.
  26. Hello. I am thinking of buying a 2017 plate q3 black edition 2.0 tdi manual with 180 bhp. Does anyone know of any related issues with this model. Thank You
  27. Audi A3 diesel, 2 owners 143k requires engine or rebuild due to suspected big end bearings, everything else is absolutely spot on, excellent condition, service history, all original handbooks and paperwork, 2 keys, recent new tyres. Garaged, never had any bodywork damage and no other issues apart from the engine. Will need trailer to collect, brakes, clutch, gearbox, steering etc are A1 and in perfect order. Offers invited, far too good to break for parts. Can WhatsApp close up pictures of this vehicle if required
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