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  2. I think Audi parts department is your best bet. Not the cheapest but should be better quality. Cheers Steve
  3. My advice would be to get a professional to install it. But usually dashcam wiring is often piggybacked of the cigarette lighter/12v socket. Cheers Steve
  4. Due to the complexity of the system, my advice would be no to take it to Audi or a good auto electrician. Cheers Steve
  5. How soon after the remap did the issue occur? If it's been shortly afterwards then I'd advise you speak to the remapper. Cheers Steve
  6. Hi All, I'm trying to find out what lights up on the LED lighting package on the a5. All areas light up that I think supoose to apart from the passengers centre console side, is this suppose to light up to as my local service centre said they cant find any issues?
  7. Hello John, Cutting to the chase, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the battery is the offender here. Not sure whether your model year battery is the old style lead acid battery or the later AGM type. If the latter, then they should only be charged using a modern ‘intelligent’ charger. Self testing battery efficiency? Personally, I wouldn’t bother. I would take it for at least a 10 mile run, before running it in to Halfords, who should be able to test it for you. Buying a replacement from Halfords? Obviously your choice John, but I tend to buy my batteries on line from retailers such as Battery Megastore (via. EBay for free carriage), Tanya etc. I tend to invest in a quality brand such as Varna/Bosch from their 5 year warranty range. Kind regards, Gareth.
  8. Have been trawling the forum and the internet for weeks on end, I need to replace a bulb in my headlights and one of the torx bolts has been rounded off and requires a replacement, I did find what I thought was the right part (N911 182 01) but this is too short to screw in.. does anyone know the correct part number, or know where I can find out? I've tried online manuals but the ones I've found don't contain any part numbers... Cheers
  9. Hi all, Relative newbie here just trying to find my way so apologies if this is posted in the wrong place. I've been hunting across various forums for a solution to the 'what space saver actually fits in the wheel well of my Mk2 TT' question and just wanted to pass on my findings. I know it's been discussed on various threads before but I thought I'd clump all the relative information in one place for a newbie reference and also for your feedback to whether this is the best solution. Any draw backs to using this approach etc? So my understanding is use a : Space saver from mk5 Golf GTI VW Part Number : 1K0601027B 125/70r/18 Tyre - Stud Centred 67mm -------- I have included a handy video for installation below. -------- Any feed back or additional tips would be greatly appreciated. Stay safe and happy, Luke 😎👍
  10. It's a 30tdi quattro. I've had the car remapped miltek cat back and k&n. Under full load in 1st 2nd and 3rd it pulls like feck. But 4th 5th and 6th gear there is a noticable flat spot at about 4000rpm. Has anyone else had this problem. I've no dash lights on to say there is a problem.
  11. Hi. A few weeks ago i had several fault messages showing. Air suspension, Brake guard, lane assist. The car...a8 2013 3.0lt TDI Quattro, had not been driven for a while 4/5 weeks. Started and drove fine for about 10 miles before showing faults. Returned home and charged battery. Car fine. Yesterday, after a run of 30 plus miles i had fault with suspension, active cruise control. I was wondering if a slightly weak battery could be to blame? I am not very able bodied, the battery, being in the boot is hard to get to. I have a good battery tester but i need to know the CCA and the Amp rating. If anyone has this information please let me know. Living in Scotland the Covid rules are different to England....workshops not fully open.
  12. Allan The predator seem my tailgate disappear
  13. Hello Everyone, Just thought I'd say a quick hello now being a proud owner of a 2017 s4 🙂 I moved away from Mercedes back to Audi this month and I'm super excited with the s4. First thing I will be doing after reading tons of useful posts and recommendations is get her booked in for a full stage 2 - will keep you posted! Thanks, Martin
  14. Well it seems you don’t need any more advice from the forum, you just need to buy new elements and get them fitted by some non Audi garage - job’s done as they say. As Cliff says, the fact that ‘switch’ works does not mean the seat heating control selection side of it does, but putting it bluntly, it seems you know all there is to know, and forum members are unlikely to be able to add to your knowledge bank, and that’s great, and we are all surplus to requirements! Good luck with sorting it out. Kind regards, Gareth.
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  16. I cant work due to health reasons, so I'm on a budget, I've also not sold my old car yet it's on Ebay ,the switches work because the seat gets warm just not up to the temperature they should if the switches didnt work it wouldnt start to heat up if there was a wire loose they wouldnt start to heat up I had a BMW X3 that had the same problem new heat pads n it was like sitting on a fire I think the elements must wear out or something does there just not as hot as when they were when they were new and I dont want to and cant afford to pay audis prices
  17. @Jenna Yes, seems to be a common problem from what I'm reading online. My last, an A4 (B8) 2.0T petrol flagged exact same problem (Bank 1, Sensor 2) but it was understandable at 89k miles. The roadside assist technician said that this one was after the cat converter and had to be put on a ramp to get repaired as this sensor has it's own ECU (so quite a bit of circuitry so best be booked into a garage). What do you mean when you say " if not you may be burning to reach a fuel and the Nox sensor is getting bunged up with the burnt emissions (soot) running through your cat converter."? The car has never been driven hard nor has the DPF light ever come on asking me to take it for a long drive. Thanks
  18. Hi All Awaiting collection of my first Audi in the next week or so. Just having an MOT, full service and valet before I can collect. Based in West Sussex and with minimal mechanical skills, I will no doubt be a regular (PITA) on here asking advice and ideas about things to do, look out for with my car. 2004 S4 (B6) convertible. Thanks HFB
  19. What makes you so sure the heating pads are defective, rather than the controls, the switches, the fuses, or the connecting plugs? Have you checked any of them? It would be a shame to throw good money after bad by renewing pads that may be perfectly good, but if you happy to pay for the job to be done there are plenty of people in your area willing to do it. Hint: they all have Audi in their company names.
  20. Drove the car in Dynamic mode for the first time since the update tonight. Wow! I think I’ve at long last got the car I thought I was buying in the first place.🎉🎊
  21. This link might help:
  22. Hello Dave, About 4 topics down from the start of the forum - headed Audi Recalls. Kind regards, Gareth.
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