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  2. My 2012 Audi A6 3.0TDI quattro started showing engine malfunction error. Found out Mechatronic plug in wiring had coolant in it. I cleaned it using contact spray and plugged it in again. After 2 months there was coolant present again in the same part. Recleaned it again and now I get steering mulfunction,TPMS and ESP errors and steering becomes manual. Reading in forums I see that the coolant solenoid valve above mechatronic wiring is a known problem in this car by Audi Bulletin TSB# 2033806/7. Every time I accelerate hard I get steering errors. I also have a consumed engine mount but I dont think it relates. Do you have any solution about this problem as noone knows anything about it including audi. Diagnostics shows no errors but coolant valve error.
  3. b3nb123

    Can seat memory be enabled?

    I keep thinking, whenever the wife borrows my a5, I wonder if the seat positions can be memorised? Surely the car recognises the key being used, can electronically move the seats, so what's stopping it? Anyone know if it's something that can be enabled?
  4. Yes exactly . You would need to apply protector. But im unsure if there is any anyglare on the display anyways... its just a mat finish of the screen
  5. PeteB

    How was your day?

    After a decent nights sleep and a lay in until 8:30 she and I head to town to open a joint bank account - and that proved difficult! My account has been good for decades but no one can see us. Sorry HSBC, not this time! We head to a branch of her spot - they try but not possible today, sorry TSB, not you either. Set up an account online with Lloyds and going to confirm with ID at branch! Simples.... Then have Virgin on the phone - a new department that looks after and rewards loyalty. He confessed that the use 'chatbots' on the online stuff and the algorithm isn't set up well, and the outsource a customer services department and have had too many complaints! Loyalty should be rewarded for that, not chased as new business is gettimng a better deal is my line of thought. He agrees and then tells me 'what you could've won!' be told that the offer has been upgraded to same TV and broadband, drop the unused phone line and pay £49.99 per month with the first month free is another kick in the gonads! Folks, go to your suppliers and get a better deal! As for taking the day off, she had a snooze after dinner and I have done a rook of emails and phone calls! Wished I could find the 'off' button. She doing night shift at EMA for a few days so I'm on my own with an early start to Hay on Wye via Alcester tomorrow.
  6. Hello Chris, I wouldn't claim that this is the cause in your case, but such issues can result from problems with the wiring harness as it passes from the body into the boot/hatchback. Problems arise since with continued opening and closing, the wires within this flexible section of the harness become hard and brittle and eventually lead to intermittent contact problems. Kind regards, Gareth.
  7. Guy's, I'm new here (so apologies if this has been mentioned before), but I need some advice. A few months ago (whilst driving home) a 'number plate warning' message flashed up on the dash (nothing wrong with that, I just naturally assumed that one of the torpedo bulbs had blown). Once home (and the warning still on the dash) I checked the number plate lamps and to my surprise, both were working. After a little searching on the interwebs, a number of Audi owners said this could be a resistance issue, and that changing both number plate bulbs would correct this. So I change both bulbs, but this didn't make any difference, in fact, it's got a little worse, as now as I drive home with my lights on, I get the 'number plate warning' flash up on the dash (along with the audio beep) then it clears for a short period, then the warning is re-raised (and so it continues). I've removed the bulb holders and cleaned all of the connections, but I cannot get this warning to stop (at no point during this do the lamps go out), I'm guessing this is an earth issue (but I really have no idea). Any help or advice would really be appreciated. Many thanks /Chris
  8. Hi All! I've just acquired an A5 cabriolet with an ancient looking something or other under the armrest which is no use for anyone. Does anyone know of a minor mod or something I can do with this space to make it useful? I have bluetooth but an iphone so no wireless charging yet. Has anyone done anything like this? I've seen someone do something similar here but it's not quite the same and not a very innovative solution: Any pointers would be great! Thank you!
  9. Nathant

    Purchasing a SQ5!! (2015-2016)

    hey Simon, are you going for a new one or used? i've had a 2013 one for a while now - i average about 40mpg. (average over a tank of fuel) down to about 30mpg if i get regular 'heavy foot syndrome' I did drive a petrol version and at best, got 25mpg...
  10. Joe Cott

    Warning lights dilemma

    Never had this before; yesterday, the glow plug light started flashing indicating a fault followed by "limp mode" Limped home, stopped on the way and on restarting, the light went out, but the "engine management" light came on & engine went back to full boost power.....this morning, started up to take into garage for code readings etc. but all lights were now out & engine running as normal. Tried all types of driving on the way to garage but all still OK! I've left the car in the garage to see if they can find a fault as I'm off to Wales in a couple of days for a long weekend & don't want limp mode coming on in the Valleys. Anyone had this before?
  11. Thanks @niedzial1983 Presumably, that will take off all the antiglare coating and buff the plastic free of any scratches. Then I would think I'll have to find a screen protector of some sort: maybe this one:
  12. Magnet

    New Engine? Advice needed!

    Hello Luke, You need to establish from them whether the two low cylinders are adjacent to one another. If so, this could be a head gasket issue - if not, then obviously there is something else wrong. Also bought two years ago:- From the same Audi dealer? Another Audi dealer? Somewhere else? Full main dealer service history prior to you buying it? Servicing during the last two years - where and when? This evidence is likely to be critical in any 'good will' contribution dealings with Audi UK. Kind regards, Gareth.
  13. Yesterday
  14. A3_Ben

    Raising A3 S-line suspension

    Hi Geoff, I've got SE suspension on an S-Line and personally I prefer it, slightly higher driving position and less scrapes with the London speed humps
  15. A3_Ben

    New diy honeycomb grill

    for the facelift bumper - the first A3 8P's had the split grille however the first facelift models from 2005 - 2008 was literally just the front full grille change - it's from 2008 onwards where the whole front end changed and the rear lights
  16. A3_Ben

    opinions please

    personally I'm not a fan of black wheels on silver or white cars but looking to get my S3 alloys refurbished in a grey metallic and I've gone for the black honeycomb grille with chrome surround and Audi rings. will post photos later 🙂
  17. A3_Ben

    61 plate A3 accessories ^^ check this out - means you can fit an AUX connector
  18. A3_Ben

    Arm Rest and Stereo question

    Hi Chris, armrest fitting very easy - I've got one available for sale if you're interested?
  19. A3_Ben

    Aux adaptors ^^ try this.. seems expensive but I'll post a photo of how mine's wired up shortly but simply press the 'CD' button and connect to the AUX from this kit - works first time and very easy
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