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  2. Hi guys need some help I've got an audi s3 300 2016 I recently changed tyres from the Michelin pilot sport 4 too the pilot sport 4s and now all I'm getting is constant traction light flickering if I turn the traction off it seems like it drives like it should but have noticed more power is going to the front wheels and in the wet it just wheel spins the front wheels. It's pretty dangerous aswel ive nearly gone in to the curb a few times. Thought it was my haldex system so had haldex service and replaced pump but still nothing has changed. Surely it's the tyres. Has any one had similar problems
  3. yes they dont but seen a vid on youtube were the guy changed the module to get them to work
  4. That was my thoughts I’d love to get rid of the chrome plastic trims and have proper pipes all the way through easy enough I would have thought just hoping someone else has either done it or found someone who can,probably an expensive thing maybe someone in the club has some insight. It seems to be such a silly thing my a8 diesel had fake trim but it wasn’t meant to look like exhausts just to give the impression and that didn’t bother me at all but because they are clearly making them look like exhausts on the S4 I find it drives me mad as you said it is a heritage thing but they switched
  5. Its confusing, I see what you mean, my old Mondeo Titx sport diesel had twin exhaust one either side and they were BIG as the idea of that is to clear the gas quicker as diesels require virtually no back pressure, the petrol version had the same set up but the tailpipes looked like peashooters to maintain the back pressure required, therefore why cant you have a four pipe set up as it really wouldn't matter as its all about rapid gas evacuation. Perhaps it might be worth researching a custom made conversion if you already have the hole for the dummy pipes.
  6. Hi sounds like a combination of DMF and release bearing noise but being as it gets louder when the clutch is depressed my money would be on the release bearing preparing to let go, either way I would change the whole lot before it goes terminal. Steve.
  7. No worries just pleased to hear from someone who has the same thoughts just because the petrol ones had four pipes doesn’t mean the diesel has to look the same.I feel they missed a trick...two pipes and debadged would have been a fabulous sleeper.The biggest pain is keeping the left side pipes spotless because they get grubby and the other side doesn’t 🤔.I have yet to hear anyone think it was a good idea surely someone out there has sourced a fix,if the club don’t know nobody will.
  8. smart set of wheels you have love the colour
  9. Hi sorry just hazarding a guess I didn't realise that Audi were going the same way as the Blue Oval cheap theatrical props to imitate a sporting heritage revisited, I can now see why you are so pixxed off with it, if I had paid what you have for that car I would expect the full Monty exhaust as well, sorry for the misunderstanding. Regards. Steve
  10. It’s on 63 plate on 101k now and no it doesn’t feel like it’s slipping either it
  11. Thanks, Chris! I’m not sure how I feel about them ... I think it stems from my girlfriends dad having a Mercedes e class and for some mental reason he put these Mercedes badge stickers on the wing mirrors! I used to think it was really funny! Obviously not the same thing at all! They’re quite cool but just not sure if they’re me! What colour is yours if you don’t mind me asking?
  12. Could be worse Steve could be an s6 and they are all fake😁
  13. Surely it can be done by a usb or aux connector?
  14. I believe the Ford patent has now expired hence why you're seeing heated screens on other manufacturers. The best way to tell is by wavy lines in the windscreen. Cheers Steve
  15. Id like to think its a standard feature now, but if not it'll probably be part of a tech or safety pack. Definitely worth asking the dealer
  16. Hi Steve on the left side are two pipes a gap and then the chrome plated oval pipes on the right side are two chromed pipes that are not attached to anything and blocked off,there is nothing behind them at all.Being a diesel it has just the two pipes but instead of facing down they are straight with a few inches then the chromed ovals.My golf r had 4 real pipes and the outer two on each side were closed and opened up when under load this is not the same have a look at you tube they explain it better than I do. The answer is new back box with proper pipes or to take off the trim and have i
  17. Welcome to the forum, you'll find the members on here are a friendly and helpful bunch 🙂 sounds a lovely motor and glad you're pleased with it 🙂 Lovely looking a4 you have there 👍 Cheers Steve
  18. Hi, when you say fake do you mean one side has visible silver plates in the tail pipes, if so I think you might find these open up when the car is being revved at high speed say on a motorway this is to allow the gas to escape more quickly and they shut down around town to channel the exhaust and the noise through the other side only more quietly in urban areas, I cant see Audi or any other manufacturer fitting a high quality steel baffle box that does nothing. Steve.
  19. Hi everyone my name is Sam I live in Somerset I’m 32 and I’ve had my 2013 A4 for about 4 years now wish I’d have joined this group sooner hope to chat with some of you soon here’s a pic of my car changed a lot from when got it as a standard A4
  20. Cheers mate, I hope it pans out for you, the problem is its armchair diagnostic that has come from experience and sometimes I can get it wrong but can only advise on the info given I wish you luck.
  21. Hi please let us know the outcome and include a video of the mechanic going purple if its wrong, be lucky Gareth. Steve.
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