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  2. PS. Exhaust fumes contain deadly carbon monoxide, a gas that has no odour. If you need to drive the car before fixing the problem ensure you have at least one window fully open.
  3. It is not the blower motor, it is the controls for the air ducts. Unfortunately I know nothing about how it works.
  4. Which engine? What fuel? My guess is that exhaust fumes are escaping then being drawn into the heater inlet. Is the EGR blocked? Is there a hole in the exhaust/silencer system?
  5. Hi all, I've had my A6 Avant since July, it's a 15 plate 3.0tdi and I'm loving it so far, but I've got a weird issue with the sat nav. I don't use it very often, but about 75% of the time it doesn't work (picks up 0 satellites) and when it's not working, it also seems to interfere with GPS on other devices like phones etc. I don't really need the in built system as I use Google maps anyway, but is it likely that the aeriel is faulty and causing interference, and if so will unplugging it help? Or is it more likely that a previous owner has installed a GPS blocker? I used an app on my phone to check gps signal, and standing next to the car I have a strong signal, but as soon as I press the unlock button the GPS signal disappears. If I sit in the car with the ignition off long enough for the electrics to cut out again, the GPS signal on my phone comes back Thanks in advance
  6. Update on my Nav system................took my car in yesterday and Colchester Audi sorted it for me, gave my MMI system an "update" (took about two hours) and everything now works fine. The look of the new Nav display is slightly different from the old Google Earth but is of equal quality. Best of it is they done it for nothing well done Colchester Audi
  7. Hello. I have problems with heating system on my Audi A3 - I have changed radiator so now it heats, but the problem is that it blows incorrectly - if I press to blow on front window, it blows everywhere but not on front window and also it happens with other programs - it blows where it wants to blow. And also if the ride is longer in the beggining it blows warm(hot) air and after some moment it starts to blow cold air. Is the problem with blower motor or is there something else?
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  9. I currently have 255/45/19 tyres on my A8. I would like to have 285/40/19 tyres. Do they fit the front and back, just the rear or not at all? Thanks for advice.
  10. I have a 2011 TDI auto and the box is fine I'm on 126000miles now.
  11. Hey Guys I have the same kind of issues on my 2013 1.6tdi A3, local Bosch garage said it can be a can of worms and straight forward said we need a car for couple of days. Below are my finings so far. 1. My heating stopped working a few months after my Coolant pump and timing belt was changed (by local Bosch German car specialist garage) 2. Changing the thermostat did not solve the problem (by my self) 3. Looked at all the ventilation flaps and motors, all OK 4. Back flushed the matrix (there was quite a lot of debris, which looked like a pulp from juice but harder). It resolved the problem for a little while. However, after two weeks the heating from the vents was not the same for left and right side of the car (I do not have zone heating), later it went cooler and cooler. If I drove through the city the heating worked however very faintly, if I went on motorway the heating was dead cold after 1 hour of drive. 5. Back flushed the matrix again there oa flow through the matrix (garden hose pressure), flushed all coolant out, removed the thermostat and ran Holts Speedlfush and water through the system. Now. When I was flushing and running water and cleaner through the system there was fair amount of heat coming through the vents, bear in mind the engine did not go above 50C. I have then put everything back together, replenish with fresh coolant and went for a test drive. Well, the heating was definitely there, faint but equal through the vents, however the engine did not warm up and it stayed 60C. Next day I swapped my new thermostat with the old thermostat, engine is now heating fine however the heating is very very faint. Through out it all I had no performance problems, MPG stayed the same and the car/engine behaved normal, no OBD codes either. The only thing that did happen was gurgling noises behind the dashboard where the matrix is. The hose coming out of the cabin/matrix is cold while the hose going into the cabin/matrix is hot. I have called my garage and they said it can be anything, from water pump (which they have changed), to clogged matrix, and they would need the car in for a few days. What pushes the coolant through the core? Is it only the mechanically water driven pump? Is the Heather support pump always running? As far as I can see the pump is sucking rather then pumping, since it is on the matrix outlet circuit. Was the heating working when the water and cleaner was running through, because viscosity was less then coolants? Which would indicate the matrix is blocked or at least partially blocked? If the check valve was closed constantly, should I not have cold inlet pipes to the matrix? I know this is a lot of reading, however I would appreciate any thoughts. Many thanks in advance, Andrej. Many thanks in advance.
  12. Hi I have an Audi A4 Avant 2010 - had my (original) clutch changed at 220,000 miles and presumably they disconnected the battery. Now there is no ringtone on the phone menu (Select Ringtine is greyed out) - the radio just goes quiet. I can set the volume of the ringtone from the setup menu and can hear it at this point but as soon as the phone rings there is just silence. Any ideas anyone...? Regards Andy
  13. Hi folks I am looking for genuine 19” alloys for my 2016 A5 Sportback black edition plus. dealer quote is nearly £1000 per wheel😫 Any ideas?
  14. Hi all I have a problem with car leaking fumes into car aswell as a toxic smell on outside of car had smoke test done to no avail smells coming from engine bay back of engine maybe any ideas thnxs
  15. Hi All, Newbie here - I've managed to crunch both Nearside doors on my 2009 A6 C6 Allroad. My question is, will an A6 Avant door fit on the A6 C6 Allroad? I know the bottom trim will need to be replaced and the little trim on the rear door. However, are they the same doors? Many thanks!
  16. Hi and thank you for taking the time to look at this. I have an A3 1.6 Tdi 2014. I have replaced the dipped bulbs and one of the main beam bulbs but then my issue started. The main beams are H15 bulbs. The bulb, as you might well know goes in and twist into the power connector but that connector has come away on mine. It seems a real fiddle to clip it back in and believe me I have tried. Can anyone help? Do I need to take the headlight unit out to do it and does anyone have any diagrams on how this is done? I'm capable with a screwdriver and spanner etc but having not done this before I'd like some insight on how it's done. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards Gary
  17. good afternoon. yes it is. The issue for me is the british steering.... wrong side for holland and that causes some problems with insurance here. if interested, my tel nr is in the advert. car can be send to the UK via ferry. already checked that. car is in very good condition and as I can't get it on the road here, need to sell it in the UK. thnx Martijn.
  18. Hello Mark, Thanks for coming back on this, and thanks to David for sharing his experiences with his 4 year old sports suspension car, on which he is going to modify the suspension. So it seems David thinks even the sports suspension is wollowy, - so the normal suspension is likely to be even more so. It might be me Mark, but respecting that you like to drive fast around country lane bends, so you do indeed believe you warrant the benefits of a harsher sports suspension, so I’m losing the plot when you say that you will now go for normal suspension. Kind regards, Gareth.
  19. Dear All, this car has been in storage for many years, fully conserved and protected. the car is in Holland now but I intend to bring it back to the UK before christmas. car has been abondsoned in Holland by its former owner and was due to be scapped (posted about that several years ago). now getting new registration papers for the car and preparing it for sale. well maintained Adi V6. all old MOT issues were fixed, including new brakes and exhaust etc etc. after storage, the car and engine was taken apart and rebuilt and all fluids and filters replaced. all bearings are good as car was off the ground during storage. car has a lot of new parts on it but on the cosmetic side.... it needs a small bit of TLC. mainly the trimming need to be adjustred. also right hand door interieur needs fixing or replacing. car is very powerfull and seems to be maintained by RIPSpeed. specs are definetly not standard. looking for a buyer that knows these cars and can handle them and is able to fix the small repairs. loads of data available to the interested person. computer has been opened and seems to be modified. on the pics it is sytill out but now put back in on correct place and way. for info, contact me via email at or whatsapp at 0031-6-288-47-131 video of engine running.
  20. Hello Mitch, Thanks for being in touch. Recommendations regarding wheel spacers are always difficult, since it’s not only spacers which have to be considered, but the effect on the adequacy of the actual wheel studs/bolts in terms of length and strength. I must add that this forum would not support the use of a few washers as an alternative for this critical application. Kind regards, Gareth.
  21. Hi I have a 2008 B8 A4 S-Line Quattro and I am looking to replace the traction control system, due to its first MOT failure in 12 years, any suggestions on what to buy or where to buy from? Looking for something that isn’t going to cost a mortgage but something that will hold up if I throw it into a corner
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  23. I have an h+r -50mm cup kit on the Skoda VRS (actual drop on the Vrs Was around 35mm) and it made a massive difference but the springs a slightly harsh on rough roads. Eibach springs are a bit more forgiving so I went with the Bilstein shock / Eibach Sportline springs option for the A3. It should lower it around the same 35mm drop. Currently the A3 is not too bad but I find it a bit wallowy compared to the VRS. I would assume but don't know for sure that the standard suspension and 17' tyres would be even softer but don't have any experience of it.
  24. 10mm ones bud or do what i have done few washers on before the wheels
  25. Are you saying that your car wallowing into corners means that it does not corner that well? I tend to drive fast down the country roads, and drive around the bends speedily, if it wallows with sports suspension I'll stick with normal
  26. I have the 18" wheels and sports suspension on mine. Its not too bad but a bit bouncy and wallowy on corners. I am about to replace my suspension with a Bilstein B12 Sportline kit and front and rear Eibach anti roll bars to improve the handling and driving feel.
  27. Hello Mark, Thanks for being in touch. The simple question to ask is:- Are you likely to be cornering at speed along your uneven country lanes? If not, then the answer must point to the smaller wheel, normal suspension model. The 18 inch wheel model will have lower profile tyres, and if you add the effect of sports suspension ( and probably run-flat tyres) , the combination will obviously result in a much harsher ride. Of course, the car will corner better at speed - if this is indeed more important to you than ride comfort and reasonable handling under a normal driving style. Kind regards, Gareth.
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