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  2. TY I must admit I am somewhat nervious with others and repairs that seem to be needed on these A5s Can I have my 28 year old camry back please And the hand brake Take care Johnny M
  3. Evening all, absolutely loving my Audi A7 2012 Quattro after having an A5 and Q5. Looking for any little hints/tips for the MMI/Car/Styling to make it even better. I do want to put a Honeycomb grill on, but any other suggestions for anything at all?
  4. Could be a crank sensor?
  5. You're welcome, we're a friendly and helpful bunch 🙂
  6. Either behind the ash tray or under the dash I think. Driverside
  7. Damn had realised you had factory fitted xenon's on your narrow body. Would have bought them and the headlight washer system to go with it.
  8. If you could find out that'd be great Kev, thank you.
  9. I had a similar experience today but a better outcome - at the moment that is, touch wood it continues to work. I took the A/C control and MMI units out and tried to find a useful location inside to fix the generic antenna to. Very limited options, as you say, unless one is willing to take off other bits of trim and chase cables through (I wasn’t). I decided I would put things back as they were and place the new antenna in the roof lining by using the existing extension cable to the shark fin. Once I’d put everything back together again I thought “just give it a quick test memzey to see if anything’s changed “ and lo and behold it was working fine! 9 satellites being picked up no less!! I suspect my problem was the cable connection to the back of the MMI unit which may have worked its way loose, there was definitely something awry with it at first. All good now though apart from my endeavours have triggered the airbag light on the dash. I’ll try to pop to my mechanic in the coming days to get him to reset it for me as I don’t have an ODB reader - unless someone on these boards knows how I might be able to do it myself?
  10. i forgot my mate has engine rebuld garage i can ask for mates rates he is 100% at what he dose all the cosworth lads i no go to him he gust rebuilt mk1 escort twincam from ground up is is aaaamazzzzing his bissnes engiens
  11. I keep forgetting to grab my sunglasses from out of the car and take a picture, but, I solved the problem with some semi-wrap around sunglasses I had, and some thin foam padding which had 3M adhesive backing on it. I cut it into a slim length and stuck it to the top of the sunglasses frame, so the foam follows the frame from one end to the other, and it works perfectly, no need for the baseball cap . . . Unless you want to wear it that is, but it's nice to have a choice now. I think the main thing here is that cars now have shorter screens in front of you, which is where the sun gets down behind the glasses, whereas the Triumph Stag had a longer windscreen / frame that went into a T shape, but of course these cars now are much more open, which is lovely. I'll pop a pic up tomorrow.
  12. Hi Steve I was away outside the country in April/May and nowhere near my car. Returned 10 days ago. As the Q7 alternator is way down on the right in the engine bay, obviously I could not reach the connector by myself. I got an appointment with an auto electric shop for last Saturday, provided them written details along with the log showing that the Generator Interface shows Not OK at specified alternator voltage 14.5 volts and it becomes OK when specified alternator voltage is 14.6 volts or greater (does not show > 15 volts). I asked them to check the blue wire on both sides for continuity and check the output voltage using back probe. He said they would do their own scan and charge me $ 160 for the scan. After a week he says I should replace the alternator which as it involves mechanical work, they would not do. I doubt he has checked the blue wire at all. I now have to collect the car today, pay him $ 160 and wonder if I replace the alternator at an alternator shop even though VCDS shows the alternator as OK. Have a good weekend.
  13. Hi Does anyone know what fuses to use to hardwire the Nextbase 422GW to a 2011 Q5. I want to use a permanent live fuse for parking mode. Thanks
  14. Yes that bush undoubtedly needs to be changed. As a general rule, if there is movement in any rubber bush it is worn out. The static appearance of rubber bushes tells you nothing; the bush must be stressed or loaded to test it.
  15. I just re-read and saw you were going to rebuild. Good I'm glad!
  16. Hi Steve No worries, I thought I'd offer before breaking. But I have started breaking now. Car has already paid for itself and I've only sold the Xenons and front wings! I will be keeping a lot of parts to one side for my Allroad, but there will be a lot left to sell. Yes the steering wheel is a thing of beauty but I will be selling to fund more future projects. What's your current situation, what are you planning to do about your A6?
  17. After nearly 6 years of ownership, its unfortunately time to sell my RS4... I have uploaded photos but seem to have hit the limit. I have more and can share on on whatsapp for anyone interested. B7 Audi RS4 Avant 4.2 V8. Phantom black with black optics kit, Ti alloys. Very good condition just over 95.5k miles. Full Service history (Mixture of main dealer and independent) and comes with all original manuals and both keys. Latest service done at 95,500 miles First registered Jan 2007. MOT done 8 Dec 2022 I have owned the car since 2017 after buying from a fellow enthusiast who looked after the car flawlessly during his ownership. During my ownership, I have continued to look after the car with no expense spared, both on the mechanical and cosmetic fronts. The car is in fantastic condition and ready for the next owner to enjoy and look after knowing that all the usual niggles have been dealt with. I'd love to sell this to a fellow enthusiast. Asking price is £22,000 Any inspection welcome and I am happy to provide a walk around video to help those further afield before viewing in person. Car is located in London. Thanks for looking and any questions please PM or call me on 07743418517 Rob Spec - Bose stereo - Sat nav - CD changer and fridge in glovebox - Carbon interior trim - Dark headlining - Recaro bucket seats with fully operating inflating bolsters - Flat bottom steering wheel - Phone prep (no cradle) - Aux lead - Sunroof - Privacy glass - Xenon lights - DRLs - Auto wipers / dimming mirror - Heated front seats Works done - MRC Stage 2 with manifold flap removal and cold air feed - Forge Motorsport oil cooler - New battery - Bilstien B14 coilovers - H&R front and rear anti roll bars - Miltek non res exhaust with valves and black tails - Dectane taillights - Joey headlights - RS6 style front grille - Michelin PS4s Tyres all round with 6mm tread - New clutch and Dual Mass Flywheel fitted at 82k - New power steering reservoir (2022) - New Reyland Motorsport J-groove front discs (2021) - Full front end respray (2020) - Wheels all recently refurbished (Jan 23) - Winmex black badges all round - Pandora alarm fitted (2017)
  18. hi ,the colour code is also on a sticker on the inside page of the owners manual,or failing that youl have to take off the fuel cap door and take it to a body shop and they should get you the code.greg
  19. Cleared the blocked drain on fuel cap with bit of garden strimmer line worked perfectly.
  20. Hi guys! Thank you for your replies. I jacked the car up to have a look at the lower engine mount and visually looks alright. Stevey, you mean this mount in the picture attached? I thought it would look worse if needs changing. And in the video it doesn't appear to move excessively. I've posted this because I have no clue how should it look like or how much should be allowed to move. Thank you for taking your time to help me.
  21. Kev, A beautiful job done & she is looking very very fine indeed! I think you are even more proud of her that I am of mine ! Great to see such a looked after 'Beast' 🙂 🙂 Cheers, Mat
  22. Yesterday
  23. Hi Steve. Yes I understand . I did have to replace a pair on a Camry I had I just traded it in last week for the A5. I had it from new in 1996 till last week lol 127k on it. They seemed to be ok . The A5 is still very new to me. I wish it had a handbrake lol, I think its best I take a damper off and see it its tired. Nice to have this place to help me out. I am for sure a Newbie with the A5 Take care thanks for the assistance Johnny M
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