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  2. Hi Steve. It might of had a delete done on it too but ill check in morning for the red cable release. Cheers ill let you know.
  3. Hi the Adblue filler is next to the fuel filler its circular and made of plastic with a 17mm plastic bolt on the top, if its the filler flap that won't open there is an emergency release red cable behind the boot trim that side. Steve.
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    Sat Nav

    Hi all. New member here. Just purchased a 2014 A4 Avant S-line black edition. It doesn’t have sat nav although there is an iNav button on the steering wheel. When pressed it says button not used. I‘m waffling! I’m in the West Midlands, can I get sat nav installed or get my phone mirrored into the display to use Google Maps etc? Any help appreciated.
  5. Hi there is video for the light unit removal on you tube, just plumb in Audi Q7 matrix headlight removal its a 2017 model so it can't be that different as they only fitted these to 2016 up models the one I worked on was a 2015 with HID FISH EYE lenses. Steve.
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  7. Hi my audi a6 avant adblu won't refill as if the flap won't open. Iv done 14000 miles and now just had 1st stage re mapping and now it's come on dash as adblu 25 miles to refill. Has my car had a deleted adblu with flap not opening.
  8. I'd strongly recommend it 🙂
  9. put another 10lt in bud nightmear when run out
  10. Hi Just an update, with more info. I was Sales Manager for an Italian Porcelain wall and floor tile manufacturer and distributor. I travelled extensively mainly UK but also Europe and Brazil. Took redundancy in 2000 didn't work for a couple of years. Golf handicap come down nicely. Got bored, got a job delivering and collecting new cars for a multi- franchise company. Again, travelled the UK. Now retired, playing golf again regularly. Tony
  11. Well, I eventually got around to looking at the car today (having been away on leave in the USA) - and found the problem straight away. I’d clearly not tightened the jubilee clip holding the hose from the front gallery to the the turbo (this was the hose which had the split in it). Popped the hose back on, tightened the jubilee clip 🤦‍♂️ and did a test drive - good as new 😃
  12. I was a policeman for 10 years or so, then an RAF Fighter Controller for 18yrs. I then travelled a bit and have been working for the civil service (currently MoD) for the last 14 years. I'm partially retired and work a two-day week at home. I like to travel, by motorcycle where practicable, and write a daily report when I do & have about 8k regular readers... I've just got back from three weeks riding in Oregon, California and Nevada... Journal
  13. Hi, I have a Audi Coupe 1990, kept in garage for some years but I alway run it up. Recently I accidentally ran it out of fuel, so I put 10L back in but surprise surprise it won’t start. Looks like it is fuel injected so no carb, guess it could have sucked up some rubbish from tank or airlock?? any ideas appreciated on how to solve? thanks
  14. Retired 23 years ago. Started my working life as a pattern maker. Then went into shop fitting for better money.
  15. Have you tried places like Quick fit ?
  16. OK, It sounds as if you have tried where many members would have suggested, so just as well we asked. Website suitabilities can be rather generic, so you need to persist in finding the right one from a reliable supplier. Have you tried Car Parts in Motion? Whatever their listing says, make sure you confirm with an e Mail enquiry quoting reg. and VIN. Kind regards, Gareth,
  17. Thanks Jamie, If they were separately fused then you would still be in (more?) trouble since the fuse will have blown for some unknown reason , which must be established. Kind regards, Gareth.
  18. Thanks for the detailed response, you are correct the passenger side is working fine. It definitely sounds like it needs investigating I was hoping they were separately fused and it was a simple fuse replacement. Jaime
  19. I’ve looked online on Multiple different websites , however there are ones which will fit a saloon a4 2.0tfsi but they are usually Quattros , unless all the engines are the same as mine is also a 2.0tfsi ,I just don’t want to buy something that won’t fit that’s all
  20. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/125189668008?epid=2036526819&hash=item1d25e2bca8:g:aXYAAOSwGJFiKJY6&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoDjLWFPgvk48t5jClFyRDFyLCOxhAUCjK1kLFzyGSvyA0eo1dhUMKdV05Y%2B418b%2FDwRteU46C%2BQyPbcQ9h3MnsiIxEB5oaIddMiJFC0Qq1FOYZEp35y69Ts03ILhDwPM8aQ%2BELb3Ln4RJXaz3BVn6bPDvQHt84iL5UFgasVbZJ%2FKAdztYCynnbtZ2qf0uks6uKueoXVvBVrzcesAev8nXmE%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR5Sk4LbyYA
  21. Hi All, I have an Audi A3 2016 facelift edition and android auto keeps disconnecting every 5 mins. Is anyone else having this issue or know a fix? I have the lastest version on my phone and have tried different USB cables, but none fix the issue.
  22. Hello Jamie, We take it the passenger side one does de-mist -? If so, it unlikely to be a fuse issue ( I think it’s unlikely that the n/s and o/s are separately fused). Possibilities:- the element has failed in the driver’s side one. The electrical feed to the mirror has ‘failed’, and you would need to test for 12v at the mirror connection. If you are not confident/competent with carrying out this test, then you will need to invest in 1/2 an hour with an auto electrician. The cable feeding the mirror has fractured-? The usual place for this to occur is where the harness goes from the A post into the front end of the drivers door - within the rubber covering - due to continued opening and closing of the door, although I would have thought your car was not old enough to have yet suffered from this issue. Kind regards, Gareth.
  23. Hi Steve, Tried yesterday, silicone at the ready, undone the 2 bolts but light wouldn't come out as the right inner corner was clashing with another bit plastic which stopped it coming forward, and just didn't seem to have any movement in it? Only had half an hour spare before coming away for few days so will have another go tomorrow when I get back 👍 Cheers paul
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