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  2. thanks for the reply Gareth, but the roof was working fine before. I don't hold much hope on the dealer/warranty. I was just hoping someone might have had a similar issue or how-to quick fix the problem with out costing an arm and leg.
  3. Hi all I'm new to the forum and I was hoping that someone will help me. I'm hoping to buy Audi A4 Sport 1.4 Petrol 2017. Now as Audi is a premium car, it comes with an expense but I was trying to see if there is a way to own an Audi and not be stretched financially. The model I mentioned above seems okay in terms of running costs such as insurance group being only 20, the mpg is just over 50, the tyre size being 17 inches and annual road tax of £120. Now the things I haven't considered are service costs and parts which I believe will be the issue. However, the service cost won't be too much compared to other cars so the only factor remains is the parts and labour. I will probably use only about 5K miles a year so taking this into consideration, is there any other things I need to watch out for before I buy one? Many thanks AB
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  5. Hi all, I am new here, so sorry if this question has already been covered. I just need to ask the reliability of the A4 B8, as I am looking to get one for my next car. My B7's oil pump packed in recently, which I have now been informed that this is a common fault with all VAG's of this age, after 100,000 miles. So just looking for a bit of piece of mind ( hopefully ), before I purchase another Audi.
  6. Envy

    Which A6?

    Looked at the car and must say it has a lot of option boxes ticked including the Bose and advanced MMI Worth a test drive of a few to get an idea of the drive but I know you will not be dissapointed. I will emphasise the FSH though-
  7. hi Rich always happy to help If you you want to get the obdeleven I suggest buying it straight from the supplier
  8. Good morning. I need to do a Dashboard replacement I have two questions. 1- has any body done it them self's? 2- Does anyone have a Left Hand drive 2009 dash for sale? Thanks, Gord
  9. Thanks Sunny, that's very useful. I'll get myself one of those. Appreciate your help, Rich
  10. hi Rich you can not reset the faults from the car settings you will need to go to a garage or get yourself a little bluetooth diagnostic tool from the internet you can find very cheap ones which will only find the faults and easily reset them or get the obdeleven one for about £40 and will might be handy for a few changes here and there
  11. Hi all I just noticed on the electronic hand break button the chrome bit is starting to peel off and it reveals the ugly white plastic underneath. this I think is due to my wifes nails 😤 does anyone know if this can be taken off and how ? so I can wrap it or paint it Bstrgrds Sunny
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  13. Is it a b7? Should be on an 06. Either way the principle is the same. Door card off, A row of bolts t30 I think and some t25 hidden and slide the whole top of the window frame out of the door. Swap the regulator over and drop it back in. (Bit more involved than that but that's basically it. Not a hard job 😁)
  14. Take the belt off. The ac has it's own belt, one tensioner and it's off.
  15. It does sound like something is loose like a drive shaft bolt or caliper bolt. Bit odd for these to be removed when doing a clutch on a b6 though? Have you been back to the garage to check it out?
  16. That's great, thanks Envy. I saw this one ( ) the other day and liked it but seems quite a high price and while it says it has the technology pack when I went to look at it - it didn't have Google maps, the HUD or the advanced cruise control bits (auto speed up/down etc) so I think that's a mistake. I feel that if I keep looking around long enough I may be able to get a 3.0 ultra black with the technology pack for around £16k. I'll check out the 3.0 versions, cheers - hopefully, I'll find the right spec at the right price soon. 🙂 Any testing I should be doing that's specific to these cars? We have an A3 with the 2.0 TFSi engine and it drinks oil so that would be something I'd check if I were buying a car with that engine but wondered if these had any things to look out for in particular? I've heard the sunroof can leak and rear light clusters can get water in them but other than that, I've not read too many bad things that are common.
  17. I suspect the airbag the faultcode relates to is the drivers seat airbag. I would definitely start there before ripping out your trim. Pull apart the plug under the seat, pinch the connections together slightly and reconnect. Should fix it. Do both sides while you have your tools out!
  18. It is definitely a timing issue, yours is the type with the high pressure fuel pump in the V at the top front of the engine? If so I would time it all up and see if the pump timing is out. If it is, adjust it and recheck.
  19. I do vaguely remember doing it this way with just one key. Ign lights on engine off, press and hold the unlock button for approx 5 seconds, let go of button and remove the key, press and hold lock button on remote for a few seconds and then all should work. If not you are going to need a 2nd key to get it working.
  20. Hi no it won't fit as it is a different model
  21. This is a very special car, with only 6 owners from new. Offers around £29500 It was stolen recovered in 1992 no damage to the car just a broken driver-side window. The car has no service history. Make no mistake this car is 95% of concourse and Audi have asked me to display the at there new dealership when it opens in Newbury. Painstakingly Nut & Bolt restored between 2015 & 2019, the attention to detail is stunning and she still looks amazing in the resprayed in the original Red. The underside is as clean as the top. The car is a non sunroof model which is rare for the Quattros and comes with private number plate ( 10 valve WR). The shell and engine block are original and all the numbers match. The engine has had a top end rebuild and a genuine replacement gearbox installed. . Th only modifications include up-rated front brakes using Porsche Boxer disc and Brambo callipers. All the subframe where powder coated and all new bushings and rebuilt macphereson struts, shocks and brake bearing renewed. The body was in very good shape prior to refurbishment so most of the structural parts were undisturbed & therefore this car importantly retains its originality.The shuts lines are perfect. It has a futly working Fuba aerial and period Becker Cassette player. The interior is in near perfect condition. The mileage is around 122000 with around 200 completed since the rebuild. The car is only used in the dry, and drives excellently . This car needs to be seen to appreciate its condition and the quality or workmanship there has been no expense spared on this car I could not let it sit in a corner of a garage being ripped apart for parts. The ECU was recently rebuilt as I could not get a replacement, it has the green electronic dash and the talking computer works perfectly all the electrics have been soughted. A lot of money and time has gone into this Quattro and I am asking well below what it is worth because of its history. To get it show standard the engine bay will need detailing. VIN number stamping present on engine bulkhead inner. Matching engine number present on block and original V5 present. Floor is original and retains a substantial amount of original sound deadening bitumen. Authenticity: Will come with a spare matching pair of 215/50/15 Dunlop tyres all in nearly new condition and any parts left over after the restoration. Originality of bodyshell and matching VIN/ engine numbers. Undisturbed nature of original and specification, colour, pin striping on shell in its original state
  22. Update Car has been with Audi Southend all day for an update and to investigate this grinding/rubbing/rotational noise, as usual the real problem got lost in translation and the technician thought I reported “a noise at full lock”!? (I never actually said that to the woman that booked me in) 🤦🏻‍♂️ I took him round the car park in it where I could replicate the sound slightly but it is more noticeable once the engine is hot. Heseemed a nice bloke and assured me the car is solid and has checked all the bushes, ball joints, arb droplinks, engine mounts and everything is fine, he said he spent allot more time on my car than they usually would/should as they were very quiet today. Hmmmmm! All he did say was that my rear brakes are worn and I need two new tyres on the rear but at no point did anyone try to quote me on this work so feel they just want to wash there hands of it? This after all is the same Audi that I took my last A3 1.8tfsi too with a rattle, to be told the engine is fine “our chief technician worked on it” ! Later to find a broken rocker wedged inside the rocker cover, so running on 15valves only and plenty of metal curls in the sump! So I’m not sure I can trust their diagnosis to be fair!? 🤔 Has anyone actually tried changing the gearbox oil as has been said?
  23. My control unit has stoped working most of the time nothing works but occasionally I have the option to switch to radio and cd thankfully the volume controls are on the wheel. I was quotes around £950 for a replacement from Audi, shocked I looked online for a second hand working unit. I’ve found a few second hand units and new boards coming from China for around £50. Has anyone used them before, are they any good or should I stay away and stop being tight and just look out for a used replacement. Thank Reece
  24. Hi, would like to know if I can use Shell helix ultra 5w-30 professional AG in my car?
  25. hi i have audi a6 2013 177bhp i don’t know what is the reason but it’s eating on cumputer 12-13litres to 100km did anyone had that problem??? thanks
  26. Update.. Just in case anyone is suffering from insomnia. Pretty certain it is the rear window bonding. If I push on the inside of the glass at the top., the screen moves outwards away from the body. This cannot be right. Further stripping back and new gaskets on order. Windscreen fitter will be summoned when foam lays and rubber gaskets have arrived. Car breezed through MOT the other week but needed 2 new tyres.. Have a camber issue at the front but the excellent specialist I use knows how to manipulate the front subframe to sort the geometry out. Had the wheels refurbed in Audi Anthracite...
  27. I have the same issue on my V6 3.0TDI and it is Injector, apparently taking it out cleaning and replacing seals should sort the issue
  28. Envy

    Which A6?

    S-Line and Black are Trim Levels Ultra is the Engine version of the 2.0 TDi - Lower emissions than standard 2.0 TDi Not a lot of difference in performance. S-Line has the lower stiffer performance and the "Black" is the trim aspect. I have the S-Tronic box and MMI advanced with larger Screen and display between clocks. S-Tronic gearbox service cost every 40K miles will up the running costs but the gearbox is sublime and no dual mass flywheel (DMF) to fret about. Some say the S-Line is a hard ride but mine on 18" wheels is as smooth as you like. Heart over head moment - if you can reach the price of the 3 litre then go for it - running costs similar to 2 litre models but the engine is silky and pulls like a train (especially the high output one) Find one that has been loved and cared for with FSH
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