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  3. I have a problem with something draining my battery causing it to go flat overnight. I have an issue with the front right air suspension but it rises after a few minutes when I get it running. Will this drain the battery. Anyone with this battery type problem?
  4. Good evening Cliff, Thank you and yes I will definitely let you know when I know. Kind Regards Deborah
  5. Belmont, just down the road. Moved somewhere more exotic? As for insurance Premiums, think my dh4 postcode is a great excuse for higher prices
  6. Gareth Yes the marbles still roll around That why it annoys me when they think they can just put it over me. (old bloke ) No way lol Johnny M PS Paul I used to live in BELMONT
  7. Hi gareth, Not an audi this one's a ford Focusrs mk2 2010 so getting on a bit now, still under 40k miles but super clean and been garaged in my 6 years ownership Totally different to drive to the air suspension and automatic q7, its not as refined, noisy, bumpy as hell and I feel like it's trying to kill me every time I take it out on a Sunday blast.... not that it's been out in a while 😱 Paul
  8. That would be Admiral ! then Johnny. Well done. Keep ticking over and counting the marbles. The general consensus is that us folks don’t have any left to count. Kind regards, Gareth.
  9. Hello Randell, Regrettably, but as seldom happens, we never did have an update. Have you changed your thermostat!? Kind regards, Gareth.
  10. Was there any update on this? Did that fix tbe problem or was it more? Been havi g the exact same problems and exact same symptoms, followed the exact same process and thought process in regards to changing the waterpump a second time after just having it replaced. Including the auxhillary water pump on the oil cooler. As i assumed as it was new that it was fine so wanted to avoid changing that again, when i say i am in the exact dame situation only difference is ive changed both the coolant sensors twice now and still having the same problems
  11. Hi I am not sure if its ok to say the full name here. But he is Head guy in the navy A.D.M Blogs Johnny M
  12. Who was the £880 with Johnny? Kind regards, Gareth.
  13. Hello Dale, Welcome, and thanks for joining. Let’s see if we can help you by directing you to EBay and searching for ‘2019 Q2 exhaust pressure sensor’. You should come up with a variety from no-name brands, and some suppliers selling Bosch or Febi etc. I never buy sensors on price, so I buy Bosch, Febi, or similar from reliable suppliers. Wouldn’t have thought they would be that expensive, whereas ‘genuine Audi’ would be. I’m not at all surprised that Audi won’t give you the part number - they generally don’t on the mainland either, since they know you will buy aftermarket. EBay sellers will always confirm suitability - but Channel Islands registration may hamper this a bit. Where the part is located -? That would be the joy of buying from Audi, since they usually then supply you with the parts diagram. Tried You Tube? Perhaps you could let us know how you get on Dale. Kind regards, Gareth.
  14. Hi Guys 80 try 89 lol I ran a Camry 26 years yes 26 Insured with a major company was in the £500 area full no claims I got a quote from the same company for my "new 2015 A5 1800 " Of £1900 YES, I ended up with another major company at £880. It seemed a bargain LOL Johnny M
  15. Hi Gareth. Yes its sorted overheat wise that same week. Its just the BS I got as to where it was from. For BS read lies. And the day after purchase did not go down vert well. Yes headlights wise I am set up to see folks next Wednesday, Its not a difficult job at all but I just want to know why they are still rubish after they repaired them. One has to have trust in garages I dont in this one at all. I understand whats going on lots dont. Shame on them. Take care Johnny M ( that B turbo works )
  16. Hi All, I have a 2019 Q2 35tfsi, it has been brilliant so far however we have had the engine light intermittently show up over the last week. Its taken a couple of goes to diagnosis but we now know it to be the following fault code P0471. Having spoke to Audi they have said this relates to the exhaust pressure sensor, but when asked for a part number they haven’t been able to provide one or highlight where the sensor is located. Has anyone experienced this before ? Or do you know where the sensor maybe located? Cheers in advance
  17. Thanks Johnny, Apologies but still not following the ‘broke down the following day…’ ‘Never needed heads until til last few weeks..’ We take it it’s now OK and it’s no longer losing coolant. Re. headlight adjustment: OK don’t drive it in the dark, but you will need to get this sorted before it’s next MOT in February. Kind regards, Gareth.
  18. What year is the RS Paul? Kind regards, Gareth.
  19. Hi all I have a 2016 Q5 and the air blowing from the heater vents is not all that warm. Some vents blow warm and others are blowing cold. The car engine temp is 90 degrees c but the warm air is nothing special from heater. I flushed the heater core which has improved slightly but still not great. It’s a dual climate control system. Anyone run into this issue with Q5?
  20. Hi Malachy i would concur with everything Gareth has said! Terry.
  21. Hi Gareth Think I need to sell the rs that just sits on the garage with all the no claims on it.... only did 500 Miles last year so really not getting used like it used to 😭.... If nothing else it will help towards the insurance and the new dreaded tyres in a few months Paul
  22. Hello Malachy, Your question ‘…….can I get away with it ….? is really unanswerable, since it depends on who MOT tests the car - not any opinion on here. That tester will answer your question with a fail or a pass! My view is that you, and any other 80 owner will know they should be fitted, and it’s not making much sense to me why you wouldn’t want to spend an extra couple of hours and properly finish the good job you seem to be doing. Just one person’s view Malachy, but the decision is obviously yours to make, and no one else’s. Kind regards, Gareth.
  23. Hi Frank I have been into Audi Sheffield who confirmed it’s normal 75% of the Q8s parked outside had the condensation I’m going up to Bamburgh in the new year will give it a bit of a run usually run into a bit of snow that time of year i will let you know how we get on 👍
  24. Hi! Recently purchased this 2008 2.7tdi cvt which I'm enjoying so far... 171k with full service history. 1st thing I did do however was have it mapped, its now sat at 230bhp & 450nm with egr & dpf delete. Just gotta do the rear silencer delete now and that should be that...(unlikely) I have activated the hidden green menu but the options are quite limited to be honest... Any hints, tips or suggestions appreciated
  25. Hi all. Slight dilemma. My B3 Audi 80. (1991). My wings havent got holes for the side indicators. Can i get away with not having them or do they need to be there. I know they arent painted so please excuse the primer.
  26. Sorry to hear about the brake issue. About 18 months ago I also had the “Brake servo restricted. You can continue driving. Please contact workshop” message. I took the car to my local Audi dealer who were fully aware of the problem - it seems the sensor going wrong is fairly common and it would be fixed under warranty. They did ask me how long I had driven the car with the fault. They said the fault message wasn’t correct and that you can only press the brake pedal a certain number of times before the “ABS module” gets “wrecked”. Fortunately, I had only driven about 10 miles so all was fine once the sensor was replaced. However, it seems you perhaps drove your car for some weeks with the sensor fault. If you have changed pads and discs many times and the brake shaking fault comes back it would seem unlikely they are the cause of the fault. In view of extended driving time with the original sensor fault might I suggest that the ABS module is looked at - maybe a different option to changing pads and discs yet again?
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