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  2. Brembo and Pagid are two perfectly good makes, and both supply manufacturers as OEM parts. You can try TPS, or Demon Tweeks will be able to get you the discs you need at a decent price. They got EBC to make me a set of grooved and drilled discs.
  3. You could use thicker oil, or something like Forte Oil fortifier. VAG cars burn oil, It says its going to use that much in the manuals.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Hi mate yeah I tried that first that’s when I discovered my matrix was blocked stripping it down again on Wednesday I’ll post my results haha
  6. I had the same issue about 2 years back and turned out to be the duel mass flywheel was buggered and needed replacing. but if you say its been replaced could possibly be driveshafts or control arms. possibly
  7. Hi guys, today my car decided to not go in gear, could select certain gears but not reverse, 5th and 6th, gear stick feels alot lighter than normal, once i attach that part gear stick feels normal, but after a couple of gears popps off again, so clearly needs that white peice. i looked under the bonnet next to gear box and seen a part is missing, pictures below. Seems a white peice is missing by the looks of it, any ideas how and where i can get one. cheers
  8. Have a look at your boot lock. Its the slit in the vertical position? It has to be vertical to be opened with the boot release inside the car or with the boot handle switch. If its horizontal it will only open from the key fob.
  9. There are at least 3. There is one under the brake booster. Take the battery out and poke around with your finger, the hole will be completely gunked up. Once you've found it, just clean it out the best you can. There is also a fairly big rubber grommet you can just remove (Rounded oblong shape). Pretty much straight under the battery. There is also another hole on the opposite side to the brake booster. Id love to know if you have spongy brakes after all this water sitting in there. I had the same, and wanted to replace the brake booster as sometimes my pedal feels to
  10. Hi all - noticed someone has damaged my wing mirror. I can’t seem to find the bottom cover for sale... any ideas what I can do? Is it a new wing mirror job?
  11. So over this lockdown I've not used the car much. The dashcams have drained my battery on several occasions. I've had it out and recharged it a few times. Even swapping every couple of days with an older battery. Today, I've put a brand new battery in. The car is working fine, but I now have the service warning on my cluster telling me it needs servcing in 8400 miles or 336 days. This warning will not go away. Every time it shows it bongs. How can I stop it? It normally will tell me this once when I start the car, it should go away and let me see the normal display. But it jus
  12. The grills on ebay will not fit your S-line bumper. The only options are to get a genuine RS4 grill, that will fit perfectly into an S-line bumper. Or get a genuine RS6 grill and cut the mesh and cut up your S-line grill and bodge the two together. The ebay ones are too small.
  13. Hello everyone. I'm new to Audi and my 2009 A3 19tdi with 110000miles has an EML come on. Can anyone advise me how or if I can check anything and what I could do to try to fix it ? The above is what my bt OBD2 has told me. Thank you for any help everyone.
  14. Hi, new to this. Aircon wasn't working so replaced high pressure sensor. Had system checked for leaks and gas put back in all good and working. Aircon may work for an hour then turn its self off then other times its turning on and of every couple of seconds. This may sound silly but seems to work better at night 😂 any help would be much appreciated. Thanks stu
  15. just wondering if anybody can help me on a sudi a3 quattro sline 20007 modal bmn,the issue we having is what vac pressure should be aswell and getting no fuel out off return pipe dont no what to do anymore thanks David
  16. just wondering if anybody can help me on a sudi a3 quattro sline 20007 modal bmn,the issue we having is what vac pressure should be aswell and getting no fuel out off return pipe dont no what to do anymore thanks David
  17. Hi just wondering if anybody can help me on a sudi a3 quattro sline 20007 modal bmn,the issue we having is what vac pressure should wd be getting at the tandem pump any help would be gradfull thanks.and not get any fuel down the return pipe thanks
  18. Hi, i have posted before regarding my 2014 3.0 TDI and warning lights. The TPMS, flat tyre and traction control lights came on along with a stability warning message. After stopping, turning off ignition and restarting, they went off. This has happened about 3 times in last 10 months. I got codes read and it come up with an ABS pressure fault. I arranged with the seller (through warranty) to have the pump repaired/replaced and took it the 100 miles to them and left it for a week. there were also signs of a weak battery, slow cranking, stop/start slow to react along with the steering going stif
  19. Can anyone please advise me on the correct rear disc diameter size for my 2010 TDi Audi Quattro please The manual has a series of codes eg the front is 312 mm code 1ZA Please advise the rear size and apparently there are two options I'm told Thankyou
  20. Last week
  21. Hello All, I have a fault with the roof on my convertible. I operate the switch, the windows come down as they should, the roof starts to open but stops as soon as it is unlatched and go no further. I can drop the roof manually, close it manually, then the next time I operate the switch the roof will fully open and close once. I’m guessing a sensor fault but which one I do not know. Is anyone able to print me in the right direction please? TIA Ruddy
  22. i am looking for wind deflectors that are compatible with folding mirrors can anyone help steer me in the right direction
  23. My car was doing same deeping Thought it was alarm but it was super werid sound to be an alarm so month later my car burn down to ashes i recon that deeping is smth like signal that theres some electrical dysfunction or smth. Neiberghour said They hear same deeping before or while it was catching fire... 😑
  24. Please help- my Rs4 has just sprung a massive oil leak low down right hand side, check the oil filter and it’s dry. Looks like a sir clip loose possibly below the Alternator / sump area, not much space but it’s soaking in oil ? Any help much appreciated
  25. Hi, Got the same engine and also got fault thrown up for the speed sensor. Could you show me whereabouts it is? I've looked a good few times now and can't seem to spot it??!
  26. I have had to replace both my rear coil springs on my 2016 Q7 and have no idea why. It never goes anywhere near anything that is not tarmac and is supposed to be a 4x4 after all! Surely pot holes and speed bumps wouldn’t do it, it’s hardly been used in the last 12 months. I would love to know how many people are having similar issues as they are £300 each a pop to replace.
  27. Hi Bob, pleased to help, it may be well worth buying the injectors as at least you will have spare units, the only advice I would give you is if you do end up buying them is to put them in a sealy bag with a light spray of WD40 force as much air out of the bag as you can before storing as these are piezo injectors and they can be a bit twitchy about dirt when stored, other than that I don't think our Kev will see you far wrong I get a feeling that Kev is the same as me if I see a real bargain and it fits my car I will buy it, this policy works from the point of view that due to the accelerated
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