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  2. I did. I live in Jamaica so it only rains here. I don’t know what to do. Maybe it’s the modules cuz the sensors seems fine to me. Is there anything else I can check?
  3. I’ve just ordered an avant black edition 40 tdi with the tech pack pro . The wait begins 🙂
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  5. You know I was thinking, could it be the thrust bearing, makes a similar sound.
  6. Yes it would be stub axle to bolted flange, although after having a chat with the mechanic he has managed to find a slimmer more oem boot and will replace it FOC as it was his mistake.
  7. I have a 3dr, my right drivers door is the most used especially if i have the kids in, I didn't bother looking at the passenger side as everything was working as it should. At least they didn't use the biodegradable plastic for the wires like Mercedes did, my old c class engine loom was all falling apart when I passed it on to some unsuspecting buyer.
  8. Smart idea. I fixed my driver's door wire loom twice, the last time being about 4~5 years ago. It's curious... only 3 wires had frayed, and one had separated completely. The other wires appeared OK, although I could tell the wire insulation was getting a bit stiff. When that fix I made worked, I then checked the other wires for where they tend to bend and reinforced them with a little electrical tape in hoping of "holding off" the future insulation cracking. The left side doors of my A3 are the most heavily used (USA spec)... and so I suspect that's why the doors on the right have been fine--not getting flexed much. It does make me wonder if that's a time-bomb, though. With rather minimal flexing, perhaps the insulation will further stiffen and then tend to break suddenly at some point (rather than a few filaments broken, weakening voltage across the wires and creating intermittent behavior). Did you inspect the wire looms of the other doors on your A3? They all look perfectly fine and feel reasonably flexible?
  9. I have 2 wired connectors, ready for when mine fail. I had the issues with the drivers door, C/L and puddle lights not working, after inspecting the door it turned out the actual lock was malfunctioning, worn micro switches made the car think the door was permanently closed. Good luck with your fix.
  10. Do you know how long ago your friend remapped the ECU for Stage 1? And how long was it from then until this weird sound started to manifest? Because if there wasn't very much time... it might be worth mapping back to stock. Just for peace of mind to eliminate that as a potential culprit. If it has been a good long while, like at least a few weeks... then highly likely the Stage 1 has no bearing on this.
  11. Well, with shipping it ends up being about $10 USD. I figured it's worth ordering just to check out. If anything, I could release the wires and use them with the OEM plug (which is still in great shape).
  12. That's funny, it could be a sign! Yes, I'm a far way from Essex. My profile says Los Angeles so no clue how Essex pops up. Yes, I think this could be a clear sign to steer away. Maybe record the Vin and check back in 2-3 years to check the carfax and see if this was a bullet dodged!
  13. Got a 2010 Audi q5 2.0tdi Quattro it’s auto 7speed I think the clutch is going. It seems like it’s slipping bad certain gears it don’t do it like in 4th or 6th and sometimes 2nd but 1st,3rd,5th and 7th it just revs right up and then it comes up “gearbox malfunction you can continue driving (limited functionality)” if you put it in manual it will let you put your foot down abit more in a few of the gears especially 4th and 6th but still slips and comes up with malfunction. Does this sound like the clutch is going ? And how would I know which one to buy to replace it with. it was gearbox serviced about 1 month ago not long after we noticed it started slipping and the malfunction started coming up. any help much appreciated want to figure out if it’s easier/cheaper to replace the clutch or the gearbox with a second hand one
  14. Thanks Ian, I think you can do a far, far better advert than that to encourage its sale, and as Kev points out, you haven’t even included the price you want for it. Please come back to us Ian when you have come up with a more comprehensive advert, and the price. Please don’t state ‘Offers’. Many thanks, Gareth.
  15. Seems daft that it hasn’t sold Steve. Having said that, I offered a new Audi cambelt kit on here some time ago, and no one seemed interested. If I were you, I’d list it on EBay, where you are likely to get more reaction. Kind regards, Gareth.
  16. L.A. - a long way from Essex, and why is your desktop coming up with that? Sounds as troublesome as the car Jonathan is thinking about!
  17. Didn't see any mention of LA. His location came up as Essex using a desktop PC. Clicked the link and all I get is an ad for carfax.
  18. Hi the only way is to compare the amount of teeth on the input shafts, unless they are the integral CV ends that just bolt to a flange on the box in which case they may well fit. Steve.
  19. Hey all! Thanks for the replies. Sorry I didn't reply sooner. Odd, it said I look but I actually didn't, I'm just seeing them all now. I'm on my work computer so maybe I used the browser. In any case, appreciate everyone's thoughtful replies. I haven't bought a car yet and I agree with the majority that is probably someone's headache that they finally decided to unload. I might test drive it one last time and see what I think and what type of warranty they offer. Some of these American dealerships offer a three month warranty on used car now-a-days. I'm approaching this car with a ten foot pole as I'd rather spend a few thousand for something more reliable. Will keep you all posted!
  20. Hi if you could post a picture of the original that would be a great help. Steve.
  21. Hi try cleaning the front of the car, although a lot of these sensors can suffer with issues when the weathers very hot or conditions are very dusty. Steve.
  22. Hey guys I was just driving like normal yesterday when I got an error message for a pre sense malfunction
  23. It’s been modified by plugging computer and changing the map nothing have been done mechanically inside it’s not related to the sound, the condition of the car is perfect have been only in audi garage for services never had any problems just this weird sound
  24. Returning to Jonathon's original question, I have to wonder how such a low mileage car required so much expensive repair work. If the cause was abuse or mistreatment there may well be other undiscoved problems to solve. Frankly it sounds like a money pit that I would avoid like the plague. All of which is academic as Jonathon has made no further comments, despite looking at the forum at least twice since his original query six days ago.
  25. Hi if its the plastic retaining plate between the wing and the bumper you can buy new ones on line. Steve.
  26. So it is not your car after all, it's a friends; and only now do you mention it has been modified. Is there anything else you have not revealed about the car regarding condition and service history?
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