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  3. I've got a audi a3 2.0 litre tdi 2010, I've got the same problem as all of you, I took it the garage for inspection and they came back and said they couldn't hear anything. It sounds like the brake calipers rubbing on the brake disc. I'm going replace the calipers next week see if that fixes it.
  4. i have a mk2 2.0 tdi 140 bhp i was just looking for ideas on getting it to over 200 bhp so any advice you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated
  5. Hi guys was driving my RS6 and noticed a crack has appeared on the glass/plastic that protects the dials. anybody had this before? Is it a known issue? the car hasn’t been cleaned so I know it wasn’t done by applying pressure. Anybody know the best way to replace it? based in Essex thanks in advance paul
  6. Hello, i have had my car pressure checked and extensive testing with the coolant system but all hold pressure etc. i had taken it to a specialist in my area and he said when the under cover was removed there was still no sign of leaking coolant. however he did see some moisture near the 'V' so could be a crack in the V but needs to taken apart to see. he also said its not bad enough to be worth paying so much for a strip down as they still may not find anything obvious there. any ideas what to do next? i am thinking to buy extended warranty as this sounds like i am about to be hit with an extensive bill. which warranty would you guys also recommend? thanks in advance Manz
  7. Hi everyone, I have a 2008 B7 Avant with 140,000 miles on the clock. Damn thing has a severe lack of power and had a couple of fault codes come up, EGR related I think. Apart from that I love the car. Currently in the process of having a go at fixing it myself as I'm a cheapskate. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Sorry Alan, but I don’t have any experience of the Koni shock absorbers you mention. What you are suffering is the product of sports suspension and large dia. wheels. If you consider the larger the wheels, the ‘skinnier’ the tyre profiles have to be, since the final outside diameter of the wheel and tyre has to remain constant. Moving to, or having chosen, smaller diameter wheels means the tyre profile would have been increased and you would have more rubber between you and the road, so a more absorbing ride. 21 inch wheels must surely be around the maximum diameter wheels available for this car, resulting in a very low tyre profile setup. Summary:- The benefit of Koni shock absorbers with your current skinny tyres ?? Fitting smaller dia. wheels (secondhand?)? Maybe you can roadtest another similar model with this set up. Not sure if any of this helps. Kind regards, Gareth.
  9. Hello, Askmid simply tells you whether the car is insured and if (should be in caps.) it is, what the basic DVLA recorded information is. If it isn’t shown as insured on the Askmid system, which is usually the case with most motor trade held vehicles, then vehicle details are not shown. Whatever details Askmid shows will be dependent on the DVLA record, which will depend on how comprehensively the new-car-sales office inputted the vehicle data, so I would treat this a avenue as not being of much use to you Sam. Reliable way? Obtain the VIN and check the build record. Kind regards, Gareth.
  10. I have a 2015 A7 Black Edition on 21" wheels and lowered Sport suspension. I find the ride uncomfortable when driving on poor surface urban roads. I have asked Audi Customer Service if there is anything that can be done about this but they were not interested. I have now found that Koni produce a shock absorber called Special Active, which is a dual rate damper that absorbs severe bumps and pot holes bit retains a firm ride on good surfaces. I am seriously thinking of fitting these and would like to here from anyone who has experience of them.
  11. Thank you for your response Gareth - I think you got the source of my dilemma right - I was really looking for some comfort blanket of reassurance 😉 Sometimes a good discussion can help with the "sat on the fence" position as it can gently prod you in one way or another.. What was not making it easy was that I could not see any up-to-date photos showing what the cloth interior would look like in real life ( you can hardly rely on the 3d rendered images on the Audi site) and I was also not sure if the puny sound from the demonstrator speakers was a result of these not being yet bedded in.. In the end I went with the leather option (Atlas beige) rather than the comfort and sound package - time will tell if I will be happy with my decision Thanks Martin
  12. That sounds like your wheel bearings or your wheel diff where are you as I know a really good and cheap garage
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  14. Hi.Would appreciate any help available to identify part number 1 J2 253 058 QX.This is an exhaust piece but I do not know from which models and years.
  15. Hello Nita, ’.......the car should be replaced under consumer law’. Are you going to formally commence this process? If so, I’m rather confused by the reference to ‘..May write to Which...’ - rather than to Audi. Kind regards, Gareth.
  16. I bought a Q2 with this engine in March 2019 and it has the fault described here - flat spot when accelerating in low gears. The dealer and Audi UK acknowledge the fault but have so far only offered unspecified financial compensation. As far as I am concerned the car is not fit for purpose and should be replaced under consumer protection law. The so called software solution has obviously been “in progress” for over a year with no realistic end in sight. Audi should not be selling this engine or at least should automatically replace those that display the problem. May write to Which magazine to publicise the problem.
  17. Hello, I am looking to buy another A3 2.0 tdi and have noticed many sellers advertise their car as Quattro but when I enter the number plate in the "TotalCarCheck" app on my phone, sometimes it doesn't say Quattro in the model name. One example is this: WN57 UDX The details it brings up are: "Audi A3 Sport Tdi 170" with no mention of Quattro - does this mean it is not Quattro? Another seller who is adamant that his car is definitely Quattro has the number plate of: SE06 FNX The details it brings up are: "Audi A3 S Line Tdi" again with no mention of Quattro. Does this mean both of these cars are not Quattro? Or is it sometimes not listed in the model details of the car when you perform a number plate check? Thank you
  18. Hi all, This is my 1st post ever... wish me luck. So my dad scrapped his Allroad last year so i decided to steal his front air bags viair compressor and 80Ltr tank. 🤣 Ive fitted them to my A4 B7 2.0tdi and minus a few issues ive got them in and comfy. They go from the wheel touching the inner wing to 6" above the wheel arch for dreaded speed bumps. I will post pics if anyone is wondering how to do it if they want to.
  19. My complaining mails replied from Audi as "there is no need repairing" I am really disappointed...
  20. Had the car three months. The owner before me had just had the cam shafts changed under good will. After a month I had to get the cam tensioner done @ £4k. A week I've had it back and now I've got DO NOT DRIVE steering malfunction. Audi have now said it's likely going to need a new steering rack. Two days after getting it back after having the engine out, then this... likely bill of £2800 Are these cars crap or is it just mine??? 2016 25k miles. Full Audi SH
  21. Had the car three months. The owner before me had just had the cam shafts changed under good will. After a month I had to get the cam tensioner done @ £4k. A week I've had it back and now I've got DO NOT DRIVE steering malfunction. Audi have now said it's likely going to need a new steering rack. Two days after getting it back after having the engine out, then this... likely bill of £2800 Are these cars crap or is it just mine??? 2016 25k miles. Full Audi SH
  22. Hello Martin, I think recommending a choice of two options for you is an impossible task, and my feeling is you may be looking for reassurance that the option you actually choose coincides with someone who might come along and agree with you. Apologies if I’ve got that wrong. ‘Leaning towards the leather option...’ A personal opinion:- I’ve had cars with leather since I had hair, and one thing is for certain - the seats are generally unbearably hot in the summer, and unbearably cold in the winter - hence heated seats. Run of the mill manufacturers discontinued using leather some 60 years ago for that reason and moved to ‘leatherette’ then on to more comfortable fabric. Of course, leather is still seen as ‘ prestigious’, and I can understand where you are coming from, but beauty has to be lived, with and not just admired. Yes, heated seats, and even cold air can be blown up your posterior via. pinholes in the leather, so it’s less a hassle in choosing, so you have more flexibility to go with what your eyes tells you is desirable. Good luck with whatever you chose Martin. Kind regards, Gareth.
  23. Hi guys, I have an audi a3 1.9tdi 08 plate The engine management light come up. A garage diagnose it as a ecu - needed new ecu. But a friend of mine had a look and found a box with pipes coming off, one of them had a screw hanging out the pipe. Anyone have any idea on this box and what it does. Any help much appreciated.
  24. Hello Dianne, Sorry to hear of your issue. I am somewhat confused since if - as I understand it- the car indeed drives OK? at 50 mph, then the issue should not really be associated with low compression on 2 cylinders. Piston injector? New one on me. If you now have the car in the care of a family friend mechanic, then I would not be agreeing to any strip down until you have actually been given the compression test values for each of the 4 cylinders - assume your family friend can do this for you. Test report? Unfortunately it doesn’t mean much to me, but that’s probably me. If it were mine, I would be asking the mechanic to repeat the compression test and then list the results on the forum. I’m sure someone would then be able to comment. Kind regards, Gareth.
  25. I have an Audi A3 1.4 TFSI (2013), 95,000 miles. Just this past weekend I was driving up the motorway and had what felt like a loss of power and the engine management light came on. There wasn’t complete loss of power. I pulled over on the hard shoulder and waited for the AA. The AA had me drive to the next junction to come off the motorway. At speeds of around 50 mph, the car didn’t feel any different to drive. However, when I had to slow down for traffic lights at a roundabout the car was very jumpy and jittery. Anyways, it’s been ok the local garage where they have run diagnostics. I’ve attached a copy of the report. The guy in the garage has done a compression test and cylinder 2&4 both had problems. He has said he’s seen this before on TFSI engines and that the engine needs to be stripped down so he can determine the problem. He has said from experience it could be a valve or the piston injector, but that he can’t be sure unless he takes the engine apart. Has anyone else experienced a problem like this and determined the what the problem is or the cause of it? I currently have the car with a family friend who is a retired mechanic, hoping we can fix the problem without spending thousands of pounds in a garage. if anyone has any advice or any idea what it could be, it would be greatly appreciated! thanks!
  26. Hi there I am just about to order the face-lifted A4 Avant through work, with a limited options budget and cannot make a decision on which options to go with. I am limited to the Technik trim, with the 35TDI S Tronic engine/gearbox combo. I am currently torn between spending my options budget on either a leather interior (Okapi brown or Beige) or investing in the Comfort & Sound pack (full keyless including boot sensor, Bang & Olufsen audio, 360 camera, interior LED pack). I am leaning towards the leather option as I struggle to imagine owning an Audi with a cloth interior, but hearing the sound quality on the pre-facelift demonstrator I got to use last week made me hunker for the Bang & Olufsen system as I found the sound of the standard system very flat.. Opinions & recommendations highly welcome! Thanks!
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