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  2. I run an A6 Allroad 2015 model. I bought it from an Audi dealer in 2018, and until 2021 it was automatically updating the Satnav using the SIM card in the car. In November 2022 I received an email offering the "2022-2023 update". As I was planning to drive to Austria, and had previously had trouble with unmapped new roads in Germany, I had the update installed. It's out of date. The only thing I can find different after installation is that it now reads out "Bury Saint Edmunds" instead of "Bury Street Edmunds". The new A14 roads round Huntingdon that opened in 2020 are not updated. The new route out of the ferry terminal in the Hook of Holland towards Rotterdam that was there in 2019 isn't included. The new roundabouts between Northampton and M1 J16 that opened in 2020 aren't included. It's NOT worth the £300 plus I was charged. I should have bought a phone holder and used Google Maps instead.
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  4. Hi, I have just brought an Audi Q7 2007 and have a similiar issue where it is very sluggish to start and seems like it is draining the battery. I have seen this thread and checked my engine to find I don't have that earth cable from the neg point to the manifold. Anyone know if this could be my cause and need one fitting? Thank you
  5. Hello Dan, It seems you are working through it, and you will eventually eliminate leaks or faulty units. If the compressor is below par - as they often are due to ceramic piston ring wear, then Bagpiping Andy ( on Ebay) will be your best source of parts or replacements. Kind regards, Gareth. p.s. Welsh Andrew:- sorry not sure what you are trying to say.
  6. Glad you got sorted 🙂 glad you had a lucky escape with that leaking fuel line.
  7. Keep us posted on how you get on 🙂
  8. Id recommend a diagnostic check to see if any fault codes flag up. When was the gearbox oil.last changed as this can affect the gearbox changing gears. Yea you could try a software update on the gearbox or needing a new sensor. Worst case scenario it's the module that may have failed.
  9. Hi good people, First of all, am a new joiner here and i hope I will find solutions to the issues am currently facing. I did an engine swap from B8 with engine code CDNC to CDND after my previous engine seized few months after rebuild. I only swapped the motor and kept the old ECU, old Harness, and the crankshaft position sensor. The engine run well for few days and now had the OBD Code Fault p072600, and sometimes p179F00 or p17D800, Torque Limitation Due to Clutch Temperature. I didnt have these fault codes before. Sometimes, the motor just stops, and cant engage the gear. Stuck on neutral/parking. I have tried to swap the harness to use the one that came with the CDND motor, but that dont seem to work on my old ECU. My question is, could it be that the CDNC speed sensor with 2 pin and the new motor, CDND, are not compatible? Am I looking into getting a new CDND ECU just to make this work? Or can a software update of the old ECU solve this? Anyone who has this knowledge or has done the swap, kindly help. I will appreciate
  10. Could it be something to do with multitronic software needs update
  11. When it reaches about 3000rpm if I put my foot down to go faster then the gear's start changing back down ànd I go slow down
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  13. Hi Andrew please could you give us more information? Power loss could be caused by various reasons such as failing turbos, injectors or maf sensors etc.
  14. Yea it'll need to be coded. You might find you'll need the code for the new unit too.
  15. I'm glad you've narrowed it down. My advice is to remove the scuttle panel completely to gain better access.
  16. Could be a sensor or an issue with the heater control system.
  17. Please keep us posted on how you get on 🙂
  18. If it's a disc or SD card you might be able to get one from eBay.
  19. I have a 2002 A6 c5 2.5tdi with 344k on the clock and thought I'd do a buyer's guide. My A6 has full service history and I'm the second owner. My dad being the first owner. The engine and gearbox have never been rebuilt. What's the service history of the car? Check when Cambelt and water pump was last changed.asbrgis is a front of the car off job. Should be done at least every 8 years. Do all electrical items work? AC compressors can fail and they're expensive to fix. The central LCD screen pixels are known to fail but these can be replaced for around £300 roughly. Also I appreciate Spain doesn't get as much rain as the UK but water ingress culprits include the pollen filter housing and the battery tray which is located on the scuttle panel. The tray fills with leaves etc blocking the drains. These spots let water in and flood the comfort control module situated under the carpet (passenger side in rhd cars). The CCM failing can cause all sorts of electrical gremlins. And has to be replaced with a part with identical part number. If an auto and a CVT make sure it changes smoothly as these gearboxes are prone to failing. Make sure it's been serviced. Slow starting can be caused by failing glowplugs. I can confirm this engine can start with only 3 glowplugs working! As I found out. Smokey exhausts can be caused by leaking injector seals. Headlight switches have been known to catch fire and I believe there was a recall for this however facelift cars should be fine. I personally am finding it hard to source interior trim. You might have more look in LHD. As with any diesel the turbo can fail and they can whine. My car has had 2 turbo's in it's 20 year 344k life. The first turbo failed at just over 70k. These engines do have egr valves. These valves are known to fail on modern diesels but In my case (fingers crossed) it's still on its original egr valve. Knocking noises from the front can be engine mounts. Also on the front suspension arms are known to go. Bodywork issues are the top of the front arch lips due to the cars having a piece of foam on the inside which obviously absorbs moisture and causes the wings to rot, and bubble all round the arch edge. Also check lower does where the lower door trim is as rust can form under this trim. You'll know if you look on the inside of the door in the corner. Also l the headlights may have been affected by the sun and gone cloudy. Over all they're great cars I still use mine for road trips around the UK and Europe. It's due to go to Norway and the arctic circle in August 2023! On the whole it's been reliable despite going round the nurburgring, drag strip at Santa Pod plus maxing it on the autobahn. Obviously I've mentioned some issues, of which I've had a few of the ones listed. A lot of people slag off the 2.5tdi as being unreliable, however I believe the unreliability comes from a lack of good maintenance and poor servicing. Mines over serviced to be honest but I want it to be on best form.as possible and for my peace on road trips. Just remember the car might be cheap to buy but no matter how old an Audi gets the bills remain high. Oh and don't forget to check out the A6 c5 section on this forum as it'll give you further helpful advice 🙂
  20. Welcome to the forum you'll find the members on here are a friendly and helpful bunch 🙂 Bumper fitment will also depend on the spec of your car. Such as se, s line etc.
  21. Hi if you can possibly post some pictures of the new motor/water tube connection we might be able to work a solution. Steve.
  22. Thank you for the advice iv parked the car up and got it booked in at audi later this month so hopefully it will be sorted i will let you know what they say once sorted as they said park it up and try not to drive it much with it being the front of the engine , i notified the dealer but got nothing back and they have since blocked my number so i can not contact them but i know now i will not buying another from them i know that much i suppose you live and learn when it comes to used to cars just hotta stay posative .
  23. Hi guys need your help, i have an audi a6 2018 i trun full on heating both driver side and passenger, driver side throwing cold air and passenger hot air , and did diagnos no error any idea what cause will be please thanks
  24. Hello Jordan, Its usually spotted when you fully lift the tailgate and look up towards the hinges - a convoluted rubber ‘hose’. Kind regards, Gareth.
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