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  3. Clayton

    Q7 2007 Bluetooth upgrade

    I have lost my Audi virginity with a Q7 S Line that is in fantastic condition for a 12 year old car. i like so much about it I think I will be a Q7 man for a long time. My only neg on the car is that it has no Bluetooth for mobile phone connection. i do have a dsp audio pack that allows for a music player to be connected in the armrest in a lead but that’s it. after some research on the web I can find a Bluetooth module that could solve the issue but I don’t see a harness for it under the drivers seat. can someone please advise on my best route to install Bluetooth through the car audio system?
  4. Jake_g1

    New Audi owner

    thanks 😄 yeah the car is really clean inside and has a few age related marks outside but nothing that you could spot without looking closely! Having issues with the windscreen blowers not working (think the servo is dead) and intermittent abs/esp lights both coming on randomly, hoping its just the brake switch. otherwise it drives very well and is super comfy. on the hunt for some roof bars next so i can start loading the bike up and going on some road trips in it 😄
  5. Steve Q

    New Audi owner

    Welcome to the forum Jake, you'll find the members on here are a friendly and helpful bunch 🙂 Nice a4 by the way, it looks like it's been cared for 🙂 cheers Steve
  6. Yesterday
  7. Steve Q

    Airbag light

    Your best bet is to check with Audi UK. If it were me I'd be trying to find a matching part number. However I can't imagine the airbags changing too much during the production run. Unless there was a known fault with them obviously. But the you would have thought would have been classed as a recall if there were one. Cheers Steve
  8. Steve Q

    1.8 TFSI Exhaust

    Looking great! A remap is a good idea and the specialist you take it too should be able to advise you on what options you have. Id advise you have the uprated exhaust fitted first and any other mechanical mods you're planning before the remap. As you'll get the best results that way. Cheers Steve
  9. Jake_g1

    New Audi owner

    Evening all. recently bought my first audi, its an a4 (B6) avant se. 1.9 tdi 6 speed manual. happy with it so far, apart from a few niggling problems lol, fingers crossed nothing serious as i might start to regret it otherwise. its not a perfect example but it's clean with fsh, a cambelt at 141k (on 151K now) came with cruise control as well which is a bonus. hoping i dont need to spend too much time on here looking for answers. cheers all
  10. Steve Q

    Service plans

    On new cars I always find service plans a sensible choice. The service plan will depend on the duration and mileage you cover. What have you been quoted?
  11. Steve Q

    New to the Forum

    Welcome to the forum Si, you'll find the members on here are a friendly and helpful bunch 🙂 cheers Steve
  12. You should have a label on the drivers door showing tyre/wheel options and tyres, normally if you increase rim size and keep width you would need to reduce wall height also have you checked offset.
  13. Cant say for certain, but there's a good chance the tyres will rub bodywork at full steering lock or full suspension deflection.
  14. PeteB

    How was your day?

    Caz came home as I was beginning to wake up and go, we barely mumbled 'hello and goodbye'! I was in the car and trundling north before 6...I got to my dealer's in Bishop Auckland and after a lid of tea, we head out to Durham Council main yard. I was put on the spot right good! I thought that when they "wanted training", I was expecting the tree teams, but no, it was workshop staff! I had to rethink what they needed to know and quickly remodel my speel! Thankfully, they didn't ask too many questions that I had to blather my way through! Durham are hot on training as a tree chap got badly hurt some years ago in an awful accident and lost his arm! They have been loyal customers since 2004 and are due to buy two or three this year! I spent big chunks of the journey to and fro on the phone - somewhere close to 45 calls to folk up and down the country sorting various issues and perceived wrongs as well as organising some diary events going forward. A new machine had a brought in component failure and we diagnosed it over the phone, organized a replacement part to be delivered, organized a fitter to go following a short delay and still the customer is unhappy! Sometimes, you cannot help people and sometimes even when you do your best, it still isn't good enough! Tom here for supper, he tells me that he had an invite to a gaming event in Berlin soon! That stuff is beyond my perception of fun!
  15. Simon P

    Tailgate struts

    N for Newton's would refer to pressure, but I've no idea about the relationship between Newton's to psi except that 450 psi is 30 bar (30 x barometric pressure, 1 bar is 15 psi). 30 bar would be enormous, gas cylinder type pressure, talking Oxygen cylinders etc, not Calor gas. Ship builders on the Clyde used to shoot them at the docks on the opposite side of the river. Set them up on a trestle then knock the valve off with a !Removed! big hammer 😄 Metres are m btw, not M, so torque is in Nm LOL
  16. Hi everyone, first post here. I've got a 58 A3 s line sportback with the standard 18" s line alloys. I've found a guy selling some 19" black edition rotor alloys, but I'm not sure whether they'll be a straight swap on my car. The 18" I've currently got have tires sized 225/40/18, the new 19" alloys will be 255/40/19. Would really appreciate some help!
  17. Hi everyone i have a Weismann hard top for sale (no 13-118) possibly one of 3 in the uk its fits b6/b7 including s4 rs4 models, the hardtop has heated rear window full black leather headliner very good condition and unmarked paint work I've got all the brackets, wiring loom, fitting instructions etc the whole package incl the storage box as well if you want it, I'm looking for £2400 ono no px or silly offers please (cost me over 2k)
  18. AudrytheAudi

    1.8 TFSI Exhaust

    Cheers Steve and thank you for the welcome. The 1st of the mods went in today.Just a AirRam Panel filter but its a start. Well not including the brand new STronic that was put in 2 months after owning!!!! Would be interested to find out how strong the 1.8 TFSI Engine is and now much power I could get out of if with a simple exhaust and a remap. Cheers L. P.S here is how Audrey looks at the moment.....
  19. Duck

    Tailgate struts

    Nah you're okay mate. It's just my avatar name, my name's Kev! Yeah I've been thinking about sat Nav updates too and came to similar conclusions as you. I still rely on my Tom Tom since my A4 hasn't been updated since it came out of the factory in 2012. Shocking really. Yep, that's what I meant 'N'. Unsure if it's true meaning relating to struts, only that it's familiar in the sense that torque is of course measured in NM.
  20. Sorry, but the Audi A5 Sportback TDI 190 Black Edition Plus with Sunroof - SUPERB Condition - £19,000 has been SOLD!!!!!
  21. MILTA Technology

    A6 2.5TDi multitronic gearbox issues.

    Hi Kamil, We are a reputable V.A.G. automatic gearbox specialist in Bristol and would be happy to help either with an advice or potentially a repair/replacement if you gave us a call. We can diagnose your car for no cost whatsoever even if you decide not to have it repaired. You can reach us on 01454411743. Best regards, MILTA Technology
  22. owenb341

    Airbag light

    Hi Steve Q, I found the location and pulled some trim back just to confirm, just need to source the sensor. Part code is 8E0959643 RB4 HV. Now I've found hundreds with the 8E0 bit but none in the UK or cheap with the RB4 HV. Do you know if it has to be that specific part??? Cheers
  23. Selling my A5 which is a 2009 3.0L Diesel Sport Quattro. It has had a Stage 2 remap and straight through exhaust with DPF delete pushing around 290bhp and 620nm of torque. Currently 123200 miles.Tastefully modified without being too over the top which means it is an excellent everyday drive. I have not had any problems with this beauty. I've had it serviced every 3-4K miles. Pipercross panel filter added, EBC brakes, Powerflex upper arm bushes, H&R spacers fitted to front and rear wheels. Interior is in very good condition, B&O sound system ,air conditioner as well as all electrics in the car work to perfect order. Email me for any questions you may have. The car is located in South East London for any viewings.
  24. Hey guys after some advice please. Had my 2012 Audi A4 a major service including cambelt 2 weeks ago. Just a few days after getting it back the car started to hunt on idle and then started to cut out (I don't drive the car to often its the wifes so this is just what she told me). Then just over a week after getting it back the car stalled and upon trying to restart it the wife reported that it sounded terrible and wouldnt start. The car has covered 111000 miles and (other than replacing the suspension) in the 2 years we have owned it we have had no mechanical problems at all. I am just concerned that since the garage replaced the Cambelt and Waterpump the car has now gone wrong. We had the car recovered to the garage on Saturday night (AA suggested cambelt issue) and they have now had the car for 3 days working on it bit are unsure as to whats gone wrong with it. They claim to have someone coming to have a look later today with a more specialist Audi diagnostic tool. Any ideas please guys cheers Si
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