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  2. Id like to display my car on your stand!
  3. Hi everyone I hope you are all well. I bought My Audi A4 B5 1.8 non turbo with engine code AVV about 3 weeks ago. When i went to look at it i knew something was wrong and I should have walked away but the guy kept talking to me diverting my attention away to a tear in the seat, I have autism so I became very confused and bought it anyway for 550 pounds which was all the money I had in the world. When I got home which was only a 5min drive away I immediately regretted buying the car and knew i made a big mistake. I turned the engine off and tried to start again and it did eventually but it took a long time and idled with a misfire or several. It starts easier when warm but from cold it takes a good 60 seconds of turning the key before it stutters into life. At first it sounds like its only running on 1 or 2 cylinders but then after about 5 seconds as revs increase the others do fire but still with a lumpy idle. I tried to take it back and explained my situation but all the guy said was Sorry sold. I have had a friend look at it and attempt to fix it, he replaced the inlet manifold gasket as we saw smoke rising from that area and after removing the manifold he also found a big hole in the crankcase breather hose which has been replaced, but the car still takes a very long time to start from cold and still idles rough? Any advice will be very much appreciated im hoping it can be repaired cheaply by my friend as I don't have alot of money so I need some pointers as to what it could be. Also my friend does not think it is the head gasket that's failed as there is no smoke from exhaust just white smoke (water vapour) from a cold start. Thanks again
  4. Hi knowledgeable people! after many hours of research I found this video the only issue is the guy in the video doesn't explain it! It sounds like it is coming from the glove box area and goes cray when I switch the engine off and sometimes at other random times or when I switch the air con on. any ideas what it is and an estimate of cost please? would be appreciated many thanks Jamie
  5. Swirl flaps position

    Hi guys, By the way this is my first post. I would like some help please, I have removed the air intake manifold and cleaned all the carbon mug inside the unit. My question is what position are the swirl flaps inside the manifold with the actuator vacuum bolted to the manifold. The metal control arm that opens and closes the flaps with the actuator vacuum has broken off. I plan is to use quick steel epoxy putty on the piece to hold it in place. Will the flaps been closed or opened when I use quick steel putty to bond the arm to the flap rod? In that picture 2 is the metal piece I need to attach to the rod for the flaps to open or close inside the manifold. I'm assuming actuator vacuum unit is bolted back onto the manifold the flaps are in the closed position I just need clarification this is correct?
  6. Hello everyone. As the title really. I'm getting an intermittent P0401 fault. I notice it happens after a DPF regen (fan stays on, burning smell) Is it worth removing the EGR valve and cleaning it, if so. What location is it? My car's a B8.5 140bhp 2.0 Cheers, Seán
  7. Low Humming Noise Upon Acceleration

    UPDATE : Further to this thread I created yesterday regarding the humming noise whilst driving, I had both front tyres replaced this morning for Continental Sport Contact 6's as the existing 5P's were both under 2.5mm. Prior to this, my garage carried out a road test along with a comprehensive stethoscope test; the results were that the NSF wheel bearing was failing and required replacement in the very near future. The OSF appeared to be in good condition and I was advised this only be replaced when applicable. This has now been booked in with Audi M/D to be completed alongside my Long Life service and heating element re-call! (I'll collect the car in a week then ha!) I'll keep you updated with the conclusion. In the meantime, could any of you advise if the OSF wheel bearing should be replaced as well? As I have heard various stories of changing pairs. Thank you all in advance. Kind regards, BC
  8. Spare key issue

    Hello Matt, If you didn't go for Poundland then we take it you have the correct number battery and it's been inserted correctly. Before going to the main dealer ( who are likely to extract around £70 out of your wallet) it might be worth trying the simple one of inserting the key in the ignition and turning it to postion 2 ( the one before the starter) five times, and on the fifth turn (ignition lights on) press the lock and unlock buttons, then switch off and try to start the car, or lock and unlock. Probably won't work, but it doesn't cost anything! Kind regards, Gareth.
  9. Hi John....I'm sure there is space on the stand but I would need Steve Q to confirm this. Either way, I would go ahead and book tickets and put down for displaying on the club stand anyway.
  10. Spare key issue

    Hi Gareth. Thanks for you reply. I steered clear of the Poundland offering and did put a premium battery in I am going to take you advice and nip to one of the local dealers to see if they can help thanks again matt
  11. TT questions

    hi folks, Thought I'd hop onto this thread to save over populating the section. Just picked up a TT that is 2002, 114k miles . lovely to drive I'd like to stay on top of it maintenance wise, so at the min I'd like to sort out the fuel gauge , it's very all over the place. digital and analogue. Am I right in thinking it's the fuel sensor ? And what sort of job is it for a garage to sort ? Advice welcome
  12. Worth a punt ? Audi A6 Saloon 2.7 T

    Thanks bud, yes it's such a taught car in it's feel . The A6 was like a lovely boat. I'll post up some stuff in the TT section from here on Thanks for the kind words and advice
  13. Spare key issue

    Hello Matt, Sorry to hear of your issue. First probably daft question, but are you sure you have fitted the correct number battery as per the handbook and it has been fitted the right at up. I would certainly avoid Poundland specials! Let's say you have. If so, if you scan this and other forums you will find quite a few procedures on this to recode the second key from the first. Being pessimistic, I've tried them all without success, although my key will start the car, but not lock/unlock. If you too don't have any luck then it's a trip to the dealer- or independent? , or even worth asking at your local used car site since these boys usually have their fingers on the pulse of knowing where to go. Let us know how you get on Matt. Kind regards, Gareth.
  14. Rear reading light problem

    Good morning all One of my rear interior lights is not responding to the either the central locking being activated or the doors being opened/closed, all the others work fine. It still works when being used manually so it obviously has power to it and if set permanently to the 'on' position will turn on/off with the central locking but this obviously means that it would be on whilst driving. The door on it's side registers as being open on the display so I'm not sure what the problem could be? I am having the control unit in the drivers door replaced at the beginning of next month as there have been a few occasions of the drivers door not unlocking with the central locking, is this likely to be effecting a single light at the same time? There are plenty of examples online of different/all interior lights failing but none appear to be exactly the same situation as mine so any ideas would be welcome. Regards Ross
  15. Toms 8V S3 Progress Thread

    Hi Tom, Thanks for the posts. Chomping at the bit to see the updates 👍. Glacier White is a great colour but I'm finding it a pain to keep clean. keep the updates rolling please
  16. Worth a punt ? Audi A6 Saloon 2.7 T

    Hi Chris. You got a beaut and thanks for sharing. Missing a centre cap on the rear alloy. Might wish to replace all as they tend to weather. Great outcome though and your bound to be as attached to this one as the parted.
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