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  3. Hello i have recently purchased my first ever Audi A4 estate 2006, lovely motor. The boot only opens when you hold down the boot unlock button on the key, you can’t open the boot manually by pressing the boot catch. Can anyone tell me please if this is normal for this car or is it faulty? Thanks in advance, Duane.
  4. Welcome to the forum and to Audi ownership
  5. Hi Stuart....welcome to the forum It must be purgatory at the moment just having to look at (and maybe polish on a daily basis) such a gorgeous car. Not to mention the leisure activities that you can't pursue at present. However, I believe that once the restrictions are lifted then we will enjoy all these things with a much more appreciative outlook, especially going out and about for a drive Good to have you onboard
  6. Why didn’t anyone tell me about this some months ago?!
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  8. Thanks for your advice Gareth, looks like a long wait till he's back to normal..
  9. If you left the oil outside the house for someone local then that would be fine.
  10. too many to list (in excess of 150 at least) here's some that I cherished over the years - listed in order and the same colours that I had Triumph Herald 1200 . Rover 200 BRM . Vauxhall Viva 'Brabham' GT Mk1 Capri 3.0 GXL (made to look like RS) 1971 Ford Mustang Convertible (351 cleveland V8) God I loved these cars, may add some more later as making me sentimental
  11. Right petrol heads! A wee "time game" to while away some quarantine. The aim of this exercise is to "Google" the cars you have owned throughout your life. You must find the make, model AND colour, then post these photos in chronological order.
  12. Good morning all, I've just joined the Club and am not very familiar with Forums so if I have posted in the wrong place or broken any unwritten rules then apologies. I've just bought the attached 2004 Audi S4 4.2L V8 Quattro and am looking for a subtle bumper enhancement to give it a bit more presence. I stumbled across a bumper addition to a similar car (see the lip circled in the attached) which I think looks great. I don't know for sure if this is after market or an Audi option and cannot find it anywhere (after ages looping around Google). I would really appreciate any help tracking it down or suggestions for other bodykits which might work well with my car. All suggestions welcome! Thanks Steve
  13. Hello ? Welcome to the forum. It might have helped if you had filled in your location, but you probably didn’t, since you are aware that you are advised not to have visitors to your property in these troubled times. Kind regards, Gareth.
  14. Hello Chris, I take it you don’t want to pay for a new one and minimise any hassle - assuming you can find a dealer who is open. If I’m right, and you want to buy secondhand, then you could register your want with on-line car breaker search sites such as Partsfinder etc. You enquiry will be circulated to participating breakers who will respond to you if they have what you want - again, assuming they are operating in these troubled times. Kind regards, Gareth.
  15. Hi Guys, ive had my engine management light come on on my SQ5, ive read the code it says Exhaust gas temperature sensor? Ive cleared the codes but within a few mins light comes back on. Suppose it needs changing. I've had some custom exhaust work done so wondering if its anything to do with that, but that was back in July last year. Anyhows, has anyone changed these sensors before are they pretty easy? Cheers Craig
  16. It take casually which is bad thing happen
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  18. For 0AW gearbox type, 6 litres available £15 each £5 postage or free to collect
  19. Hi all Please can you help. I recently smashed the bottom right air intake grill on my 66 plate a7. Does any one know were i can get a replacement. I have tried typing bottom right bumper air grill into google but nothing is coming up for a 66 plate.. Even tried a search on ebay. Nothing!! Cheers in advance Chris.
  20. Hello Richard, The simple fact is that you had one working key and remote before the locksmith worked on the car. I cannot understand why he would have needed to do anything with that remote, but whatever he has done has resulted in it not working any more. With the exception of an highly unlikely coincidence, whatever he did caused the malfunction of your original key, so it becomes his responsibility to at least get your back to where you were. In my book, yes, get him back. Of course, current circumstances may result in him not working. Kind regards, Gareth.
  21. Some nice cars on those lists. Mine would be Bentley Continental GT Range Rover Autobiography (full fat RR) Maserati Quattroporte Jaguar XJS convertible Land Rover series 2 Hmmm, did the lottery numbers come right?
  22. Looking forward to some nice weather at the weekend so I can get the polish out!
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