First Audi for a long time

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 Evening all, 

Having not owned an Audi for about 20 years I bought myself this B6 S Line 190 the other week, purely as it was to cheap to turn down. 

It's a one owner car with proper history though not without the usual B6 faults, window regulators, broken wiring loom through doorpost ect. Lovely to drive though, nicer than the BMW that it has replaced, but does feel slow in comparison unless you're prepared to work it.

Have a list of jobs to work through, nothing daunting, the worst (read expensive) will be getting the parking rashes sorted. Tidy up will hopefully be completed prior to it's next MOT in February. We'll see.

All the best 


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StockB6 . How's it all going with the B6....still enjoying it and sorted all the issues now?

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Hi, I have got through most of the issues, or had. Whilst out 2 Saturdays ago in town a lad ran up the back of it as I was waiting at a red light. So we are now going backwards. Don't want to see it written off for a bit of cosmetics and a crash bar so I'm taking a bit of a hit myself to sort it. 


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I had used a rude word, apparently!

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