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Hi all,

I am new to this site and wanted to get some help and or advice with my 1984 Audi 100 Quattro Avant.

In the past the car went through a full restoration by C&R Enterprises in Nottingham costing £15000 plus, engine was blue printed all body work done and suspension and bushes all uprated etc etc.

So it has been sat in my Dads garden for 10 plus years due to suspected fuel leak from the tank,, Dad never got a second opinion !!! we did push him but never got round to it. So sadly my Dad passed last year and to cut a long story short the car has come to me as I thought it was too good to scrap as I believe that there are only 3 on the road.

As you can imagine after sitting for that time the brakes were seized on (free now) and looks a bit sad , only one rust spot on near side front wing, I havent tried starting it as i think the oil should be drained and hand turned before cranking.


My question is do you feel its worth saving ????


Thanks in advance


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first im sorry for your loss i can imagine well iknow first hand wat your going through having both lost my wife and then my son any way i certianly would keep it because A its a reminder of your dad and B  ive restored a no off vehicals in my time so i would highly recomend you hang on to it regards BRIAN OWNER OFF A PRISTEEN AUDI MK 1 TT1.8 225 bhp  {cracker}

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keep her  bud

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