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Hi, this is a bit of a 2 part question! The petrol cap on our A1 citycarver stuck the other day & the emergency cord wouldn’t open it either. I rang our local Audi service garage (Beckenham) & they said they have no appointments until 2023 & anyway we should ring Audi Assist to sort it. I tried to explain that if the solenoid has gone they might be able to open it but won’t be able to fix it but she was adamant they couldn’t do anything

Audi assist in the form of The AA duly came & broke the emergency petrol cap pull & eventually managed to open it but  we now have to leave it open (or break the connection to stop it jamming shut again).

Rang Audi again & the earliest they can look at it is middle of October at a different branch although of course they said we could go elsewhere but it wouldn’t be covered on the warranty. They did suggest using masking tape in the meantime but I wasn’t taking that one too seriously.

my concern/issue is whilst a stuck petrol cap is clearly a problem, what on earth would we do if it was something serious/dangerous? It wasn’t the reason for buying Audis but we had a local Audi service centre in Bromley on the doorstep that was very good but that closed last year & the Beckenham centre was pretty chaotic when I went for a service a few months ago but it’s a bit worrying if they can’t look at a car until next year. It just seems that there is currently a real problem with servicing at Audi branches in SE London area? Has anyone else experienced anything similar or better still can anyone put my mind at rest?!


thank you 

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There was a long waiting lists to for Audi Bexleyheath to look at a climate control issue late last year but I put that down to the lockdowns.

To be honest, i'm not impressed with authorised Audi dealers and find that a reputable independent or specialised garage do a far better job at a cheaper price.

If you are ok to travel a further out to Dartford, UI would highly recommend 4rings. They are not super cheap but better than an authorised dealer and they specialise in Audi's, but can also be busy/booked up.

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