The Q7 is pulling to the right side

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Dear friends,
My self and my friend brought two q7 in August 2017. We have recently noticed that The car is pulling to the right side on a straight road as soon as we lift our hand slightly from the steering wheel. it pulls on 90 KM speed onwards.

We have checked the same with other two  q7 owners and they tested and verified the same happening with them as well.

we have used Porche Macan & Jaguar for the same test and no such issues were noticed. 

Please advise 


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Hi Krishna....welcome to the Forum

It is more than likely a characteristic of the Audi as the Porsche and Jaguar don't follow the same pattern....either that or they dial out the pulling with better chassis set up.

I would take it to a reputable garage that can adjust the steering and suspension to counteract the pulling which may also be down to the AWD set up.

I sorted my Honda CR-V which was doing the same by adjusting the rear wheel geometry and it improved it instantly.

Let us know how you get on with it

Cheers,  Trevor

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