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  1. Fits perfectly for me!
  2. Sounds like a plan more than happy to go for a drive. When are you thinking ?
  3. I’m very keen to get something booked. I’m in Newport you?
  4. This is the bible for doing ring trips.
  5. People are suggesting this route which has some good roads. I’m not sure which motorways are unrestricted is the issue. i don’t know about anyone else but I would be happy to get out of France as fast as possible (within the limits for obvious reasons).
  6. Ideal. Well I’m happy with the 16-20th gives us 4 days then to get some track time in, do some spectating and maybe some ring taxi laps. Does this work with John? Looking at at the channel tunnel it’s about £70 each way is this about right or available cheaper ? Route wise I will look into a preferred route incorporating some autobahn fun!
  7. Hi Darren, I’d be happy either way an arranged itinerary we could all chip in for or sort it ourselves. I know a friend of mind is interested in tagging along in my car. More the merrier as there is stacks to do there (pun intended) karting etc. 329 miles from Dover so not all that far for a long weekend! August 16-20th looks like a good shout 4 days in a row (the Friday is only a few hours on the evening but could be a good taster for the weekend) Ben
  8. Anyone here interested in going? ive never been and think it would be great to go with some like minded individuals having just picked up an S3, i spoke to a few of you at Simply Audi in Beaulieu ( sorry forgotten your names Grey RS3 and RS4) Thoughts ?
  9. And yet i still get people offering me £600 haha it is a gem! id love to own a high miler with 300k on, it becomes legendary and the more miles it gets the more proud id be! its one of those things i would happily wait for the right new owner to come along than give it to someone who isn't going to appreciate it. Merry xmas
  10. Thanks Steve, i will be sad to see it go as its been looked after and you never find these. it really drives amazingly a true testament to them you wouldn't know it had 150k miles.
  11. hi guys, Will be looking to sell my B6 in the new year sadly doesn’t get used much since I got a company van. Wanted to post it on here so it went to someone that would appreciate it rather than treat it as a cheapy. 150 miles full service history, last 3 done by myself full services with genuine parts. Cam belt and pump done by previous owner, Bose Auto lights Cruise Half leather / Alcantara (great condition) Heated seats 1.9 TDI Quattro (quite rare in lead to belive) still gets over 500 miles to a tank which is nice! Symphony 6CD changer with Aux in (from B7) B7 genuine aero wiper arms and wipers £2000 - Newport wales upload my photo on internet