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  1. no problem, that's what these forums are all about :-)
  2. Hi Jon Nobody replied to my post with a solution, but I may now be able to help you instead The fault was not the DPF sensor, but it was the aircon pressure sensor - replaced that, and all is good. I was only billed for one job too, so have to applaud Audi for that Hope it helps Steve
  3. Hi all Audi A6 2.0 TDi 2010 (60 plate) I had a service and timing belt done a few weeks back and since then the engine fan starts up immediately the engine starts and stays on until it's switched off. No over-run, that I've noticed. Audi told me that the DPF sensor had a fault and was causing the problem. Got the job done, collected the car and guess what - the fan is still on all the time. Sods must have known it wasn't fixed. I'll be taking it back, but in the meantime does anyone know if there is anything that could have been damaged during the timing belt work which could b
  4. thanks Piotr, I'll give that a try Can I just check details about removal: quarter panel - do I remove internal trim or can the securing nut be accessed without doing so (there looks like there is a cover over a hole, but could also be a trim fastener, and I don't know which) boot cluster - is it also secured from behind, and how much trim needs removing to access the locking nut If this was a 2002 BMW 530i MSport then I'd know what I'm doing, but I'm new to the Audi construction Cheers Steve
  5. I wasn't even sure whether these lights are bulbs or LED....if LED then maybe the high price option awaits me But why does the boot-mounted light fail as well - there isn't any condensation in that unit - and do you know if that one is a bulb or LED?
  6. Hi all This is my first post here because (believe it or not) I haven't had anything break on my A6 TDi S-Line 2010 (60)....but now I do have a problem. First time the problem happened it was near-side rear brake light warning symbol on the dash - tail lights were all ok, brake light in the boot lid was faulty (1 out of the 3 sectors which can light up when braking). Car was in for a service and Audi changed the bulb and said all fixed. Not correct, warning symbol again. Next time it happened I checked the lights again and the inboard bulb in the wing-mounted lamp was also gone
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