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  1. IanA4

    Buying an a4 2.0 Fsi or T fsi

    I hear u mate thanks again reassuring advice i think I'm on the right thought train will shut up n take a plunge on one eventually I guess there' a bit of luck involved too really ay :-) cheers pal
  2. IanA4

    Buying an a4 2.0 Fsi or T fsi

    What would u say is best / most reliable model mate. Seeing a few say the tfsi have failed on oil pump assume be good to have service history with that and cam-elt having been done worrying me now but prefer a petrol as no dual mass to go on it.
  3. IanA4

    Buying an a4 2.0 Fsi or T fsi

    Hi Steve that's v helpful thanks.. Still looking hard to find one with fully comp service history or without an odd dent etc holding out for a mintest one possible. Can't wait to hopefully find a gem and will update pics when sorted. Still wanting the 2.0tfsi but opened the net a bit looking at 2.0d or 1.8t also. Hopefully update soon thanks again for the reply mate.
  4. Hi all I'm new here. Going to look at and hopefully buy an 05 a4 2.0 tfsi sline with 99k and service history. Anything I should be checking for i.e common faults...main service parts n times etc. Any advice welcome this will be my first Audi (2 previous cars were bmw) Thanks Ian