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  1. Hi all I've had the 1.9 tdi pd engine before in golf and k ow there very reliable. How reliable is the Audi 2.o tdi 8p engine? I got one and noticed I lost water coolant and hoping it's not head gasket. Do head gaskets go on these engines?
  2. Washer pump not working

    I got a diagnostic machine got a fault about electrical glowplug fault. Noticed this morning my water coolant went down. Do head gaskets go on these engines.
  3. Indicators on when side light on!!!!

    It says that a front left fog light is not working on the dash but when I checked both are not working. So think its a electrical fault. Are the fog lights akward to change?
  4. Washer pump not working

    Ok. I don' know wether to just take it to a electrician and get them to sort it out
  5. Indicators on when side light on!!!!

    Cheers Gareth will have a look when I get a chance. Be glad when I got it sorted I got to the car this morning and noticed I lost coolant. Do head gaskets go on these engines?
  6. Washer pump not working

    Hi all anyone know is it difficult to change front washer pump as I cant hear the motor trying to work and fuse is ok. Ive got a3 sport 2.0 tdi 2004.
  7. Hi all I bought a Audi a3 sport tdi 2004 . Every time I put the side lights on the indicators are permanently on. I have heard some people do it through vadcom. How do I get it sorted as I don' want to get pulled by police when it' dark. It only happens when side lights on.