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  1. Hi all The centre front console fans have stopped working in my A6 C6. If anyone has any ideas what can cause this and how to fix it would be great, Thanks Bernie
  2. Hi Are there still stickers available or any ones without so much transparent background? Thanks Bernie
  3. Hi Gareth Thanks for that I will try at least one of them. Hopefully it will at least buy me some time! Thanks Bernie
  4. Thanks for that Graham those look pretty good. I have been looking for the a new non Audi official wing for the convertible but have trouble finding a supplier. If anyone knows of one that does the b6 convertible specific wings it would be very helpful. In the mean time to stop it getting worse I may try something like this http://www.halfords.com/motoring/paints-body-repair/rust-removal-treatment/hammerite-kurust-250ml Tried it before on my much older 924s and it worked surprisingly well. Interested if others have any experience using it, as was only a very sm
  5. Sorry by flat battery I meant a car flat battery, did not have any issues with the fob battery. The car had been sat for a while with a flat battery before I got it quite recently. Initially the key remote would not work. After putting the key in the ignition and randomly pressing the buttons it worked again. However sound like Graham says this is actually in the manual of how to reconnect.
  6. Hi Gareth I believe it is for a new wing, fitting and painting. I can check (as I am probably not going to do it at the moment). Hopefully my upload of the picture works below. Thanks Bernie I put another picture as it is not all bad (apart from the curbed wheels!). Do you need both wings?
  7. I am considering doing one of the wings and the cost looks to be about £500 for the same service as described above but for just one side. I am also looking in to if there are any other options rather than just genuine Audi manufactured wings. Seems to not be for the convertible so far...
  8. May be worth trying putting the key in the ignition and pressing the buttons on the key while it was in there. Don't know if it will fix the issues but this reconnected my key after I had a flat battery and now works again.
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