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  1. Huskie

    Buying advice A4 allroad

    I'm just echoing Badgerman's post above... It is quite thirsty, but compared to my previous car (Skoda Octavia VRs - ~26mpg) it's an improvement! On a recent 3 hour run at an avergage of 50mph, I've managed to get an indicated 53mpg. On a normal 20 mile commute I'll get between 36 and 45 - very variable depending on the weather, and how hard I drive it. I don't have the confidence I did in the Skoda for quick overtakes and so on, but it's much more refined and I'm getting used to a "slower pace of life". It's my first diesel, and when the turbo spins up, there's an immediate surge of power, it doesn't roar but you can feel it just pulling and pulling. I may still get it remapped though. The MMI / Sat nav / console whatever it's called is a bit of a letdown. It would have been nice to have a touchscreen instead of all of these buttons (and there are loads of them!) and a big dial in the middle. If I want to enter a destination in the Satnav, I start by entering the postcode using the jogging dial (really not very intuitive). Partway through, it thinks it's more clever, removes any further postcode entry function and instead gives me a list of streets. It's pretty annoying and I often have to revert to using my phone for more accurate navigation. The handsfree bluetooth is great. Pressing the voice search button on the steering wheel and saying "Call so and so" from my contacts list works like a charm, and the call quality is great. I don't need to raise my voice thanks to the microphone(s) in in the roof, and the receiver can hear me clearly, no need to repeat myself. The cruise control is fanatastic - although it didn't frighten the life out of me the first time it slammed on the brakes automatically after I'd put my foot down. If you set it at a certain speed, it will try and keep at the speed, feathering the brakes for you if you start going downhill etc, or slamming the breaks on for you if you've inadvertantly left it set, and then floored it! I'm still not a huge fan of the automatic handbrake and I've found myself at traffic lights, having to jump through hoops just to get going again! And yes, it's a big car (I've already managed to scratch the woder than normal wheel arches 😪 ) I'm still happy with it after 7000 miles, and I'm planning a roadtrip over to Spain next year - I wouldn't have even considered it with any of my previous cars, but this is a very comfrotable, smooth, and "relatively" inexpensive car to run on a long journey.
  2. Huskie

    Buying advice A4 allroad

    Deep Thought? A mere abacus - mention it not. The Audi MMI is a computer those merest operation parameters Deep Thought is not worthy to calculate! ;)
  3. Huskie

    Buying advice A4 allroad

    I'm also going to lose all credibility by saying I spent about an hour looking for it before giving up and consulting YouTube. There an electronic engine oil level checker on the display (which apparently is all you need these days hmmm).
  4. Huskie

    Genuine Audi A4 roof bars 208-2015 saloon

    Do you still have these roof bars?
  5. Huskie

    Remapping.....worth it or not?

    I have the same question so I'll be watching this... I've had a quote from "Celtic Tuning". A 30% increase in both HP and torque seems too good to be true with no uprated components for £295 all in (and they come to you!). 170BHP --> 227BHP 359Nm --> 421Nm
  6. Huskie

    Buying advice A4 allroad

    Just to add to the discussion as I've also recentlly acquired my 2014 A4 Allroad 2.0 TDI... I've come from a Skoda Octavia VRS petrol so I'm missing some of the acceleration performance, but the car is so much more refined I can live it. It feels very much like an upgrade to the Skoda. The electronic handbrake takes a little bit of getting used to. I don't like how you sometimes have to press the footbrake to release the handbrake, all a bit of a faff and quite embaressing at the petrol pumps recently when I couldn't figure out how to pull away! The stop-start also takes some getting used to. I've always left my car in gear and depressed the clutch at traffic, so letting go of the clutch feels a bit strange. Again it's also a bit of a faff as you have to get into neutral, footbrake, release clutch and then flip up the handbrake before the engine switches off.... there also seems to be some magical formula for stop-start inititation as it doesn't always work. Then there's there the timed "engine ingition" - when you're sitting at lights at the car will just come back to life again, kind of annoying. I haven't timed it yet but I'd guess it's about 20-30 seconds after ignition has been turned off automatically. Maybe I'm the only one who experiences this? The car cruises at motorways speeds admirably. Very smooth and comfortable and it also pulls very well in 6th. I would have liked adapative cruise control (it might be another option in higher spec models). Holding the car on the clutch on a hill can be a bit difficult (it "wobbles" a bit at times) but that might just be me still getting used the car. I have the model with the B&O soundsystem and the integrated subwoofer. While it's not par with some after market subwoofer solutions, when it's cranked up to max, it actually kicks out decent and very acceptable bass if you're a music fanatic like me. The quality of the rest of the sound components is outstanding with very minimal distortion. I'm also happy with the fuel consumption - I've come from a car that used to get no more 30mpg (and less than 22mpg if I booted it) and now I can easily get anywhere betwen 40 and 55 depending on it's driven. I reckon if I drove like miss daisy, I'd see 60mpg. On a 300 mile per week, it'll pay for itself in fuel savings. On the whole I'm very impressed with it and hoping to keep it on the road for quite a few years :)
  7. Still seems a bit unbelievable that a firmware update wouldn't help unlolck the A2DP streaming potential for the existing blutetooth module build into the MMI unit.
  8. In that case it might be worth a try
  9. This might work perfectly fine for iPhone/iDevices, but doesn't support Android so is a non-starter
  10. Hi All. I've recently acquired a 2012 A4 Allroad. This is my first venture into Audi ownership having previously owned a Skoda Octavia VRS. The VRS had a simple AUX input socket under the armrest and I was easily able to connect a bluetooth receiver onto this and listen to Spotify etc on my Android phone. I was expecting the Audi to have a similar setup. However, the AUX socket seems to be capped off and in its place is a apparently something called an AMI socket in the glovebox. I thought I might be able to bypass this altogether and just stream music directly from my phone to the integrated bluetooth in MMI. However, my model lacks the necessary to menu option to enable a bluetooth device for music streaming (though it works just phone paired with my phone for hands-free calling). I seem to have stumbled into a minefield with various different bodged solutions. Someone's been chasing Audi in a firmware update to enable A2DP bluetooth streaming and others have found the option in the "Hidden Green Menu". I've looked into the Green Menu. It requires either VCDS (and with it, it seems a proper ross-tech interface cable). While I have no doubt that VCDS can do the job, I'd be loathe to purchase anything from a seemingly patriotic USA based nutjob who uses a pair of assault rifles as the logo for their car diagnostics software business! Alternatively then, the green menu can be activated using a script executed from the SD card. I've had a look around but kind find the script. As a fallback solution while I try and figure out how to get bluetooth streaming working, I'd like to use the AMI socket. However, I'm not entirely sure which cable I should be going for. There's a few on Amazon for less than £10 which have either a 3.5mm jack on its own, or a USB (OTG) interface on its own, or both together. Can I charge my phone from this USB cable? Nobody seems to know! Any advice greatly appreciated! --- To confirm, I have "MMI 3G High"