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  1. Hi. my Audi A6 C5 Avant Limited Edition 2003 has passenger airbag off message when I start up the car. I've tried turning the airbag key switch in the glovebox but made no difference, still says off. Is this a Vagcom fix or something else? Any help/advice would be much appreciated.
  2. Hi, apologies for delay in replying. It has been a bit of a bad start to ownership of my A6. After just 30 miles, front spring broke, leaving car unusable. Hopefully can get it to garage next week. Also cannot remove stereo to look at front lighter not working (not the fuse have changed it) I know they can be tight fit but just bent the removal tools trying to take stereo out. Have attached a couple of pictures of A6 as requested.Cheers.
  3. Hi Adam. Many thanks for the tip regarding possible washer fluid leak from pipe, will check it out. Cheers.
  4. Hi Steve & Paul, many thanks for the You Tube vids, much appreciated. Looks like the white tube in the video is a possible culprit rattling? I'm not aware of any broken clips for the under the bonnet panel that rattles but on checking with previous owner he said some tape was on edge of panel (covering battery/pollen filet?) originally that seemed to stop it rattling but was removed/lost in a service? As for Limited Edition spec I'm not sure what differences are, but what I have learned to far, it has a Bose 6 CD stereo with a subwoofer in boot, 17 inch BBS alloys (just refurbished at
  5. Hi fellow Audi enthusiasts! I'm just in the process of buying my first Audi, It is an mid 2003 A6 Avant Limited Edition 1.9 TDi 5 speed. with just 57000 miles and full service history. Before I put it onto the road (will be sorn rest of month) I have a few small niggles to sort, any help, advice or tips would be most appreciated. The first is the front astray seems broken with the front plastic cover loose and the metal inserts fell out, plus the cigarette lighter does not work, I assume a fuse? Is it easy to replace the whole astray assembly? There is a rattle inside the
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