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  1. After washing my car, I like to finish off by applying a gloss tyre shine. For many years I have routinely used Meguiar's Endurance Tire Gel with excellent results. When I came to purchase a further supply, I was shocked that the price, including delivery via Amazon, had increased to £28.05! Brand loyalty only goes so far! After some research, I decided to try an aerosol can of Car Plan Tyre Slik at a cost of £10.20 including postage. The results were identical to the Meguiar's product i.e. a lovely deep gloss shine, and is extremely easy to use compared to the messy application of the Tire Gel. Bit to early to see how long the Car Plan lasts, but you only need to spray the product sparingly.
  2. Simple answer-don't! I recently purchased a set of 'Wheels & Bits Monster ' air horns from Amazon. I had bought these items before, which were easily fitted to a BMW Mini Cooper and a Chrysler PT Cruiser (what!). My local garage who I have used for over 20 years found it virtually impossible to install them without major 'surgery' to the front of the car. He estimated that it would take at least 1 days labour to do the job which for a pair of £12.00 airhorns was a no brainer. I will continue to stick with the originals.
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