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  1. Hi all, Wondering if there are any ways to retrofit Android Auto to the MMI system. I have a 66 plate with the standard MMI system (not tech pack). Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks
  2. Hi all, Anyone know the specific bulbs I need to buy to replace the puddle lights situated on the bottom of the front doors. Whenever I try and google this, I just get a whole host of replacement light units with projected logos. I am just looking to replace the actual bubls with LED ones. Also, any recommendations of good sellers? Thanks Nick
  3. After numerous emails and phone calls, Audi have agreed to carry out the repair. They are insisting it is done with their contracted body shop so they can be assured the job is done well. This is a bit of a pain as they are 127 miles away, but they won't budge on this part, at least they are doing it!
  4. Hi Gareth, Thanks for the reply. My name is Nick, can't see anywhere under profile settings where you enter this. Anyway, I dropped into a local body shop today (no where near the dealer, I am 100 miles away from them). He confirmed a few things for me. Nothing has been resprayed as far as he can see, he checked and compared all of the door panels. He thinks it will have been a stone chip and also thinks the bubble has been there for some time as it is quite hard to the touch. To repair it properly, will involve spraying both door panels, circa £400. Or just flick the bubbled paint off, check no lasting damage underneath and touch it up. Meanwhile I have spoken to Audi today and provided them with the info I got. It is being checked with the 'used car manager' and they are getting back to me. Will keep you posted. Nick
  5. I feel like an idiot for it slipping through my inspection before I drove it away. I honestly don't remember seeing anything. It couldn't have chipped on the way home 7 days ago and bubbled in that space of time could it?
  6. Hi all, Just picked up my A6 Avant last week, Just over 1.5 years old and 17k miles on the clock. Direct from Audi through the Approved Used scheme. Did not pick up this chip at the time and been a busy week since then. Now I have spotted it I am quite concerned as there is also a paint bubble next to the chip indicating rust underneath. My initial thoughts are that it can't have happened since I picked the car up, I've not driven it much yet, and rust would not form that quickly, especially in the dry weather we have had here in the last week (correct me if I am wrong). I have sent a picture of this to the dealer and am waiting a reply. Looking for opinions on whether you think this should be something that the dealer should have sorted (and still should) or whether I am now on my own to correct it? Thanks