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  1. Having decided that an A4 avant is probably not going to be big enough for my needs, I'm looking to potentially pull the trigger on a C7 avant some time in the next year or so. I'll be looking at a pre-facelift most likely, and bluetooth audio streaming is top of my wish list. I see in the brochures etc that bluetooth phone connectivity was standard, does that include playing music? If not, did any of the MMI systems have that option? I know there was an MMI and an MMI Nav Plus, which had the bigger screen. Nav isn't that important to me, but I'd look for the better MMI system if it came with audio streaming. Also, the brochure seems to indicate that an aux-in was standard in 2012, is that true? Cheers!
  2. Thanks again Steve, good point about the recall, it hadn't occurred to me. Apparently quite a few people have experienced loss of performance etc. so will bear that in mind. I'm looking for an estate to chuck a mountain bike in (I don't put bikes on the outside of the car for security reasons) so will the A4 suit this do you think? I was also considering a 2012+ A6, but am concerned about potential repair bills. I'm ok with the standard stuff even at Audi prices (servicing, brakes etc.) but a bit worried that the A6 wil contain things that could be very pricey to sort, unlike (I presume) the A4. Certainly I wouldn't get one without any kind of warranty, but still would like to avoid repairs.
  3. From looking at other 2.4 V6 SLine A6 Avants of that era (there are only a couple on Autotrader) they are on sale at £2700-£3700 with about 20K fewer miles than yours. If it was me I'd start at £3000 and be willing to negotiate.
  4. Thanks for the reply Steve, that's definitely a useful video. Good to know about the cambelt/pump too, as those alone would probably be £500 or so. In terms of spec, did a whole lot change between the model years? I would say that an 08 is older than I'm looking to go for anyway.
  5. As the title says, I'm looking to change in the near future to something more modern (current car is a 2004) and so far the A4 Avant is winning. It's FWD, manual and economical, which is what I want. However, the B8 started in 2008 did't it, so how old is too old in terms of spec? I could probably afford to go for about a 2010/11/12, depending on trim. Ideally I'd like S Line (I won't go back to cloth seats), and is there anything different in terms of the infotainment system that I should be aware of between the years? I'm just looking for something as modern as possible, but also don't want to get a 2012 necessarily, if a cheaper 2010 is identical. Thanks in advance
  6. redrook

    Budget or premium?

    I run 225/45/17 on my car and always go for Michelin Crossclimate. Believe they hype, they are literally the best tyre ever made. I'm in the Scottish highlands most of the winter and have seen it all in the last few years, never even come close to being stuck or even sliding really. I paid £440 for a set, and replaced the fronts recently for about £120 each at Kwik Fit. They lasted at least 15k miles before needing replaced, probably more I wasn't keeping track. There's always the temptation to go super cheap, but since I've started putting decent tyres on my cars I notice a difference.It's a thin piece of rubber between you and the world, so I don't skimp on it anymore.