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  1. GavMc P11GT

    Extremely heavy steering B8 58 Plate

    Is your car 1N1?
  2. GavMc P11GT

    Extremely heavy steering B8 58 Plate

    I never considered a fuse although all the electronics appear to be working fine I’ll check the fuses tomorrow Do both types of steering have a fuse? I drove an A5 tonight it was older than my car and had bigger wheels and it’s pas was great! But that had the 1N3 steering so I’m guessing that’s servotronic 🙈
  3. GavMc P11GT

    AMI Port?

    It’s probably like mine and doesn’t have it fella
  4. GavMc P11GT

    Extremely heavy steering B8 58 Plate

    No leaks nor nothing obvious to be honest im gonna change the fluid and depending on cost the pump to see if that makes a difference! I just want someone to comment wether this is normal on an A4 I wonder how many use this forum? I’m thinking with the rise of Facebook groups forums have died!
  5. GavMc P11GT

    After market Apple Carplay?

    Dead easy mate there’s a video and step by step paper instructions the sat nav can be on while the radio is playing only without voice directions and you use your lightning cable it plugs into the usb
  6. GavMc P11GT

    Extremely heavy steering B8 58 Plate

    To be honest I don’t like putting it into garages as I’m more than capable of doing the work myself! I suspect the pump isn’t working to its potential however I’d like feedback from other owners with the 1N1 rack.
  7. Before I start I’ve searched the net and my eyes are tired of reading pages and pages of the same stuff I cannot find anyone who’s got the same issue as me and found a solution that doesn’t include upgrading to servotronic. So my car has always had heavy steering and I’ve put it down to being an S-line however if on a scale of 1-10 1 being a fiat punto with the city button and 10 being no pas fitted I’d say my rates around 8 so ya can’t turn the wheel without the engine on and when you put it on clearly the pas works to a degree cause ya can turn the whee on the spot but even at low speed it’s stiff as f**k it’s starting to get on my nerves now so much so I’m debating selling the car which I really don’t wanna do! It has 1N1 powersteering without servotronic I’ve checked the fluid and it’s where it needs to be however I will say it has the consistency of brake fluid and is the same colour but doesn’t smell the same it’s very clear/clean the fluid it seem there no contamination. Does that sound right am I being over the top about my heavy steering? where would you go from here? I’ve been pricing new pumps but don’t wanna buy one to find the streering is as it should be but also could it be a rack oil change? Or worse a new rack? your help would be massively appreciated I’ve driven for 20yr had old novas Peugeot’s and Renaults but by far this Audi has the heaviest steering of them all I used to drive busses and I kid you not some of those were easier to drive!
  8. GavMc P11GT

    After market Apple Carplay?

    Hiya yeah I have it I’ve had it a few months now and I love it mate my only finding in that time is sometimes not all the time it has a conflict with the cars Bluetooth so if someone calls you the CarPlay wants to use it’s bluetooth rather than the Audi Bluetooth other than that it’s spot on! I did a YouTube video showing mine the day I fitted it
  9. My car has B&O in it but my amp in the boot only has one wiring harness plugged in it with no other sockets! I was in another slightly newer a4 the other day with b&o and it had two plugs and two sockets in the amp I’m wondering if my amp has been swapped for something different. mine has the bass speaker in the spare wheel well I’m aware there’s are other versions is it normal that the amp has only one harness and is there a way of checking if my amp is indeed the b&o thanks in advance
  10. So having looked at retrofitting MMI to my non MMI Audi A4 Avant B8 it was a no go due to cost! I found this kit on eBay I asked on here and the A4oc to see if anyone had tried it but got no feedback! So I bit the bullet and bought one and also the reverse camera kit and I’m more than happy next job is the forward camera! It’s brilliant I now have a touchscreen Satnav Spotify Siri reads my messages podcasts are there the lot and to top it of a really good reverse camera! I’m pleased MMI was to expensive!! It took me 2 hrs to fit and you can’t tell it’s there it works using all your standard equipment! A few people have asked me to demo it when I eventually fitted it so heres a video! Sorry for the poor quality I did it on my iPad! I spoke to Laura the seller also known as unique-auto-developments and she said they’re open to group buys if anyone want them! To late for me sadly but there ya go!
  11. GavMc P11GT

    New Member Just Bought my first Audi

    Iirc mine is CAGA
  12. GavMc P11GT

    New Member Just Bought my first Audi

    Yeah 2.0 tdi 143 I’m guessing Audi boys avoid this update too!! Nothing but bad news?
  13. GavMc P11GT

    New Member Just Bought my first Audi

    im gonna call them in the morning to check the status of any recall's outstanding! Do Audi have an emissions campaign out for this engine? I avoided the vw one like the plague!