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  1. My car has B&O in it but my amp in the boot only has one wiring harness plugged in it with no other sockets! I was in another slightly newer a4 the other day with b&o and it had two plugs and two sockets in the amp I’m wondering if my amp has been swapped for something different. mine has the bass speaker in the spare wheel well I’m aware there’s are other versions is it normal that the amp has only one harness and is there a way of checking if my amp is indeed the b&o thanks in advance
  2. So having looked at retrofitting MMI to my non MMI Audi A4 Avant B8 it was a no go due to cost! I found this kit on eBay I asked on here and the A4oc to see if anyone had tried it but got no feedback! So I bit the bullet and bought one and also the reverse camera kit and I’m more than happy next job is the forward camera! It’s brilliant I now have a touchscreen Satnav Spotify Siri reads my messages podcasts are there the lot and to top it of a really good reverse camera! I’m pleased MMI was to expensive!! It took me 2 hrs to fit and you can’t tell it’s there it works using all your standard equipment! A few people have asked me to demo it when I eventually fitted it so heres a video! Sorry for the poor quality I did it on my iPad! I spoke to Laura the seller also known as unique-auto-developments and she said they’re open to group buys if anyone want them! To late for me sadly but there ya go!
  3. GavMc P11GT

    New Member Just Bought my first Audi

    Iirc mine is CAGA
  4. GavMc P11GT

    New Member Just Bought my first Audi

    Yeah 2.0 tdi 143 I’m guessing Audi boys avoid this update too!! Nothing but bad news?
  5. GavMc P11GT

    New Member Just Bought my first Audi

    im gonna call them in the morning to check the status of any recall's outstanding! Do Audi have an emissions campaign out for this engine? I avoided the vw one like the plague!
  6. Hi I have Just bought my first Audi ive previously been of the VW camp im after a bit guidance on the stereo system my car has the Audi Concert in it with nothing in the glovebox and no twiddliemabob next the the gearstick it has the sd card reader on the front and a 3.5mm jack in the elbow box. the firmware on the unit is HW: H02 SW:0210 Firstly the question is: Is there a way to stream via bluetooth external dongle or some form of upgrade? Secondly: is the firmware upgradeable? lastly: ive heard of mmi msi AMI 3g 2g etc technically whats my system called? is it Audi Concert full stop is there a way of connecting an I phone by usb if I buy a kit if so can anyone point me in the right direction as to what I need? I also have RossTech VCDS not hooked it up yet but coding wise for the VW was a doddle I look forward to getting into the Audi