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  1. Took my car for a test drive after finding water in engine bay fuse box, and leaving a 30mph in 5th engine went out of control full revs, tons of black smoke but managed to get it into layby and turn off
  2. Just recently bought a A6 C6 2.0T Very pleased with purchase ,and felt I needed to join your club. Another reason for joining was to tell of how I just fixed a spiraling problem that has had my head scratching since Sunday. 1. Sunday went for a drive overtook a few horse boxes then a caravan and the car decided to stop accelerating 😱 but managed to get past. It then felt like it had a throttle problem, the gears were holding and then had to use paddle shift to get back home. It also wouldn't change down gears without help from the manual shifts. Got back and then found that the company I bought it off has disappeared and warranty with it. 2. Test day to see if it's got worse, throttle problem has gone but the gears still not changing down properly, and then ESP fault appears. Manual changes work fine. 3. Go to park car back up and saw that the Brake lights were on....what next. 4. After looking at the rear brake lights a few times I decided to go in and have a drink, but that was not what the car had in mind because it wouldn't give me the key....after some googling inside the car I got it out...and then it wouldn't !Removed! lock. So used the key to lock car and went in. After much google & youtube searching, I come to the conclusion that the Brake light switch was the problem. And today I changed that switch and the car is back to normal, Few Hope this helps someone
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