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  1. Hi Davi found these bulbs on e bay W16W T15 921 rear 15 SMD LED canbus Reverse item. ID 322767798556 seller, led autolux, Heck of a difference, simple to fit, plenty of videos on you tube Mike
  2. Any one noticed the Q5 reversing lights are not very bright? is it possible to install brighter bulbs?
  3. konaona

    tyre choice

    Thanks Gareth Trouble is ive been going to Celtic for 40 years, I find they have a great choice, but I'll check out a few of the others you mentioned.
  4. konaona

    tyre choice

    Thanks both, my local fitter (Celtic tyres ) have been selling Hangkook for years, I’ve had them before with no issues including on BMW’s might try those.
  5. konaona

    tyre choice

    Hi All not sure if this has been discussed before, but any one have any recommendations regarding best value/ most suitable tyres for a Q5 without blowing the budget?
  6. Thanks for the info Steve, looks like an Audi visit. I think I'll wait a while, they want £300
  7. Hi All not sure if this has been answered, cant find any response to the question on the forum, any suggestions on updating maps on a 2015 Q5 without going to Audi ? Any help would be appreciated
  8. Thanks for the welcome guys will check out the forum rules
  9. Hi All just thought id introduce myself as a new member, after just trading in my freelander for a Q5 S line plus automatic, and am really enjoying the car.