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  1. Morning All, I was after a little advice regarding my Le Mans edition C6. I've taken it to a couple of garages who tell me there is nothing wrong with it (reported issues for me is a judder / shudder while driving along) and I am beginning to wonder whether it is just the fact that the suspension is so hard coupled with low profile 19" wheels that makes it feel like maybe there is an issue. Its on over 100k miles so I am wondering whether it is worth upgrading the springs to something a little more comfortable. I have read the Eibach Sportline series can transform the cars ride and handling. Any experience / advise would be welcome before I go ordering the parts. Thanks Jon
  2. Hi, I need to scan my car as the engine management light has come on. I was recommended to join on here and ask if there was anyone local to me in the TQ11 area that may be able to assist with reading the fault code? Regards Jon