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  1. Hi All Iv been lurking for a while & find this forum useful. Iv just bought a 2011 A4 Avant 2L TDI 170 Quattro Manual. It has full service history had new radiator, Discs & pads all-round as well as timing belt & new water pump, New alternator the car has been well looked after & has 138k on the clock. I have a couple of questions. 1 Both myself & my wife have experienced the car stalling when we pull away from a junction or out of our drive we have come from a 2l Petrol Mazda so maybe we just need to get used to the revs required to get it moving but just wondered its its something to do with a software upgrade or normal. 2 I find the electric brake a bit awkward to use when pulling away on a hill I have to release the electric brake & then get on the accelerator fairly swiftly otherwise it rolls back there is no auto hold which i find strange. 3 I have just had 4 new tyres fitted Michelin Cross Climate plus 225 x 50 R17 as the previous tyres although evenly worn were on the limit. I have read somewhere that the Quattro especially needs to have the tyres even wear/inflation as they can get problems otherwise can anyone shed any light on what might go wrong. 4 Does the Quattro drivetrain need the oil changing Iv been told its in there for life but i would like to change if possible. Thanks for your help in advance. Don..