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  1. I am looking for affordable sensors and supply and fit in Scotland or glassgow any recommends?
  2. Hi Right managed to sort the speedometer coded and mileage correction done ok. So what was done was the cluster motherboard had blown and it was replaced everything fine but I have tried to cycle through reset and button a but not showing am i missing something as this was whole point of this and does it need unlocking or what as this had trip 1 and 2??
  3. only swapped it mb over trying to go back but garage to busy 😞
  4. Ok got it but another annoying issue i have is how do you get the digital speed i tried everything the cluster is the same but the mb was replaced what am i doing wrong?
  5. Cheers Steve Q going back to get this sorted
  6. I had to got my speedo motherboard replaced as it blown got the replacement replaced and coded by local but the needle are not facing 0 mph but south does move when driving and also fuel does it need correction cheers
  7. Hi I have rechecked this what i got roughly Length 15 3/8 inches or 3.9cm width 7 inches or 17.4cm Height 7 and half inches or 19cm and regarding my current battery 4FO 015 1050 12V 110AH 520A DIN 850AEN/5A in regards to Enduroline i am not going to buy it I was asking if any one used this battery that's all
  8. Hi Gareth I will measure and get back to you i had spoken to Tayna batteries the guy advised this is 020 but another guy says 019 like i said i will measure also are Enduroline any good as this states it gives more power than more power than AGM and EFB anyone used this
  9. Hi guys n gals I am confused with this whole battery replacement i keep seeing these codes 019 020 as my battery is 4FO 015 1050 12V 110AH 520A DIN 850AE varta please confirm what battery i need is it 019 or 020 its for a6 c6 4f2 2008 diesel salon rear boot cheers
  10. Hi have enabled the green menu but how do i connect as it shows phone is not activated audi a6 c6 4f 2008 saloon any ideas?
  11. Soory that not my pic myine says connected but not dial tone when making calls view video 009.MOV
  12. Hi What and how does this work I managed to connect but nothing can be heard while dialling and no tone heard i have been playing with this for a while please tell does this work for calls nothign is happing
  13. Hi I am T happy to own my own Audi A6 very happy feels so right
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