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  1. No as soon as you stop spraying it dies. To be fair buddy thats the conclusion I've come to. I'm currently weighing the options on a used pump vs a recon/new. The new fuel pressure sensor arrived today so I fitted that but alas no improvements. - I'm basically skirting round the 'I'm gonna have to replace the HPFP' issue lol. I'm sorely tempted to pull this one to bits so see whats actually failed but obviously if the replacment carries a surcharge I can't go too mad with it.
  2. Still not starting, but now no error codes are listed.
  3. Originally it as a P0087 Low Fuel Pressure, but its not brought anything up since clearing it days ago.
  4. The solenoid on the high pressure pump? - yeah its brand new, I checked it before fitting, after the inital non-start after pump refitment and again using a independent power source today.
  5. Evening folks. My 3.0ltr V6 ASB engine'd A4 recently flashed up a fuel pressure low code and the engine died. Several attempts to restart the engine have proved unscucsseful so I had it towed home. Since then I have done some rudermentery diagnostics and found the metering valve on the side of the high pressure pump to be faulty. So I stripped the pump off, replaced the valve and refitted. However it still won't start. Assuming I'm having a air lock problem (despite back filling the pump with fresh diesel) I have hard wired the lift pump in the tank and placed a second pump inline just after the fuel filter and purged the system and am happy fuel is in the rails and where it should be, but again she refuses to start. Add some easy-start into the mix and it'll run but cuts out as soon as you stop feeding it. I have pulled the plug on the crank sensor and checked it over with a meter and am reasonably happy its ok. To double check the hight pressure pump I pulled the top most valve off so I could see inside the body and can confirm its in good shape, full of fuel and oscillating when cranked. If you asked me to bet I'd say the pressure isn't high enough as it does squirt fairly hard out of the rails its certainly not the huge pressures they say the rails are supposed to be at. I am pretty much out of ideas. I have a new pressure sensor coming but since I have fitted the new metering valve and cleared the codes its not returned. Does anyone have any suggestions for my next step? Thanks
  6. Evening fellow Audi peoples. I have a 2007 A4 with the 3.0 TDI unit in and although its not thrown any error lights/codes I am going to replace the glow plugs as someones it takes some cranking before it starts when its cold. MY question is will I need to have the new ones programmed / plugged into VAGCom at all or can I just to a straight change - old school stylee? Thanks
  7. Hi, Well obviously the A4 is quite a bit smaller than the Jag. My Jag was a 2003 N/A 3.0 V6 Petrol with a Auto box. The A4, 2006 Turbo 3.0 V6 Diesel with Quattro & Manual box (and possibly chiped). Whilst the Jag is heavier with the Auto box sapping power, the A4 certainly feels lighter and the Quattro system I imagine robs some power. The way the deliver their power is starkly different, the Jag silky silky smooth delivery, no real 'shove in the back' but a relentlessness - the speedo just climbs with no real sense of the speed piling on. The Audi, all boost. Nothing really happens until it comes on boost but when it does it pulls like a absolute train, pushes you back in the seat, and as a manual derv I must remember to change gear! 😁 But is the Audi faster than the Jag? - mmm I reckon thats closer than you'd think. The Audi 'feels' quicker but I think thats because its turbo'd. In a straight line I think the Jag would have it pegged, but show it a twisty B road and the Jag wont know which way the A4 went. And the A4 is giving me roughly twice the MPG of the Jag. What is interesting is the build quality. Everyone knows Audis are the benchmark for quality and yet the Jag feels like its made of pig iron and old moons compared to the Audi - the A4 almost feels 'flimsy' in comparison. The Jag has 198k on it, the A4 165k - the A4 has a couple of rattles and squeeks - where as the Jag's only squeek is from the springs within the drivers seat. Also nearly all the regularly used switches in the A4 have the black worn off their leading edges - the Jag looks like new, with also less wear on the drivers bolster too. - I would put this down to the Jag being in a different class than the A4 when new, but not for the switch gear.
  8. Hi Guys, Just a quick one. I've purchased my first Audi so its all abit new to me. It has the BNS 5.0 Nav unit installed, however I don't have the map disc. I am getting a error on the centre display of the dash saying 'No Nav Disc' or similar. The only way I have found to clear this is to turn the headunit off, the display then reverts to the usual, trip etc info. Is there a way to clear this error without having to turn the unit off? (other than purchase a disc) I've tried every button I can find - accidentally reset the trip twice now! 😧
  9. Just a quick post to say hi. I've just picked up a 2006 3.0 V6 Diesel A4 S Line Cabby, still in the 'getting to know it' phase. Having come from a 3.0 V6 petrol Jaguar S-Type, the differences are intriguing...