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  1. Good evening guys, thank you for letting me join, love my Q7, but last night had a serious issue, whilst driving locally, all sorts of errors started to come up, stabilisation error, TPMs error, gearbox malfunction, ECM light on, it went into limp mode, I called the RAC out, guy tried to run a diagnostic test , said it wasn’t communicating with the ECU, to be honest it stopped starting up, got me really worried, this morning it still wouldn’t start up. I called out recovery, Sod’s law it started, all the lights and errors went, ecm one being the last, still took it to Audi, but they didn’t have enough time to run a diagnostic, so then drove 35 odd miles with out any issues, though one other thing I noticed my mile range had also decreased last night, to 5 miles, considering I’d put £30 worth of diesel in the previous night. Though it gradually went back up to 75 earlier when all the lights went, I’ve called the RAC out again so they can run the diagnostics again and hopefully also clear any faults - the guy at Audi reckoned that it should be ok, as if there was an issue the lights wouldn’t have gone off. Any one have any ideas or suggestions as to what could have caused this. Kind Regards Amer