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  1. sanddancer55

    Noisy brakes when reversing

    Sorry I thought I had replied. The car has only been washed a couple of times using a bucket and sponge. The dealership did however jet wash the discs when I first went in to have the car checked and they washed the car the after the second visit ( left the car in an awful state as they didn't rinse or dry the car and my husband had to wash it again to get rid of the marks.) I assume it was jet washed by dealership then using a bucket, sponge and wash leather by my husband. I had hoped someone else had experienced a similar problem and it had been fixed. Cheers Hazel
  2. sanddancer55

    Noisy brakes when reversing

    Hi Gareth, I've had quite a few days without incident, until today! The noise is back. I still only hear it when I am reversing and usually when I am going up over the dropped kerb. I am seriously thinking of taking it to another Audi dealership and see if they concur with their colleagues. I will let you know if I get any joy. Thanks for your info. Cheers Hazel
  3. sanddancer55

    Noisy brakes when reversing

    Thanks Gareth but I don't have a manual handbrake its electronic. I have tried the thing with the steering and it did stop the noise but not sure if it was a coincidence. I am not happy with explanation as I feel i'm being fobbed off. I have only just done 1000 miles and wondered if it was just the brakes bedding in but I will pursue my questions with the dealership. Cheers Hazel
  4. sanddancer55

    Noisy brakes when reversing

    Just bought a new 1.4TFSi Q2 and its done 1000 miles in the 10 weeks I've had it. Its developed a braking noise when reversing. Sounds like elephant trumpeting. I took into the dealership and they power washed the discs but to no avail. Last week it went into the garage for the day and they said the problem was " normal and caused when the static friction is bigger than the dynamic friction which causes the noise." The noise is very loud and turns heads. I've had a lot of new cars over the years, 6 Audis and none have made this noise. Has anyone else had a similar problem and was it fixed?