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  1. Derekco

    Relay 404

    Hi does anyone know what relay 404 does it's 40 amp and I have 4 plugged into fuse box b I swapped them around and my a4 starts better I googled the part no .on it says it for glow plugs am not sure though anyone got an idea the Bosch part no. 7MO 951 253C
  2. Derekco

    Glow plug module

    I might be barking up the wrong tree the intake manifold flap also causes the light to come on
  3. Derekco

    Glow plug module

    Those reading are from the OLD glow plugs the new plugs are all 0.3 ohms resistance brand new plugs am going to check the harness tomorrow but also the fuses in the engine bay compartment Ross tech inform me that's the next step
  4. Derekco

    Glow plug module

    Sorry I replaced the glow plug module then changed all 4 glow plugs with OEM plugs cleared fault code started engine emission light back on. No.1 plug had 169 ohms resistance No 2l plug had 191 ohms resistance No 3 & 4 0.4 ohms resistance any ideas why the light still comes on am I missing something a fuse perhaps ?
  5. Ok chaps I need your combined help my son In law ran the codes on my A4 2.0ltr Tdi SE it came back glow plug module (emissions light on ) I renewed the module cleared fault ,started the car engine cold it took about 20secs to fire , I did a resistance check on the glow plugs no 1& 2 191ohms no.3 & 4 .06 ohms so I changed all 4 with own parts .cleared the fault code again lo and behold emission light back on HELP
  6. Derekco

    Glow plug module

    Hi anyone got a 457 glow plug module for sale mine looks like it's on the blink ran vcds last night pre heat time an incredible 300msecs or 1/3 sec thought it should be at least a few seconds any thoughts chaps.Derek
  7. Derekco

    New owner

    Thanks I thought so it's going in to get a new ignition key encoded so will be giving strict instructions NO FIX ,NO SOFTWARE NEEDED NO UPDATE
  8. Derekco

    New owner

    Hello new A4 owner here although not a new Audi owner have owned audis particularly 4 coupes an A2 ,an A6 and finally an S2 . My car is a 2008 A4 2.0ltr Tdi SE my question is this it's got a recall for emissions I have noticed loads of complaints about "the fix" is it worth getting it done or not I am loath to upset the running of the car with a software update.
  9. Derekco

    My Audi Coupe S2

    Also my Audi A4 2.0ltr Tdi SE
  10. Derekco

    New owner

    Hello I am a first time owner of an Audi a4 although I also own an A2 and a1993 Audi Coupe S2 ABY engine 230 bhp