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  1. Thanks once again Gareth. Just thought i'd give you an update as this has been dragging on for an awful long time. The diagnostic work found that there was metal pieces (chunks, not flakes) in the sump. This began a liability battle with the dealer but trading standards were on my side and i have rejected the car. It goes back to the seller tomorrow! its been a bit of a battle but the trailer collects it tomorrow and once it lands back in their forecourt, i'll get a bank transfer for the value paid. this has been such a headache and cause of stress and anxiety for going on 3 weeks, but if anything i have definitely learned some valuable lessons and only lost a few hundred quid over it. Next car is going to be a Octavia VRS with 12 months manufacturer warranty from a main dealer, safety first. Thanks again Adam
  2. Thank you Magnet, your reply was very helpful. I have contacted the dealership I bought the car from and they have agreed to fix the fault at their / the warranty's expense. They have also agreed to let me use a local audi specialist instead of returning the car to them, as it certainly was a very long way away. Another issue I have noticed is that now the oil gauge on the computer does not work, it's surely related. The car won't be driven until it goes to the garage now, hopefully it will be a quick repair. Thanks again
  3. Hello all. I have searched a lot on this topic but can't seem to find a definitive answer. I bought an A4 black edition 1.8 tfsi 170 just 5 days ago. It's being going great and only have one issue of a suspected suspension knock (probably bushes?), however, twice today I had a low oil pressure flash up on the dash and tell me to immediately stop. Its got me very concerned as I have read a lot of stories about oil consumption on the tfsi engines, but thought I was safe with a 62 plate. I haven't been able to check the oil level since audi didn't trust me with a dipstick, but was assured a £600 service was carried out on the car by a reputable company, and have been given contact details. I will call them in the morning. I have 1 month warranty so am hoping that if something is wrong I can get it sorted free? Any help is appreciated. Thanks