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  1. Hello all can anyone give me any info on the heater element for electr. auxiliary air heater OEM part numbers specifically the last digit'' so for my 2003 BKD 2lt 16v the part number is 1K0 963 235 C.. there is also 1K0 963 235 D... 1K0 963 235 E.. 1K0 963 235 F... ALL IDENTICAL HEATERS so reading on another forum they said you have to put the same part number and if you replace it with the wrong last digit the can-bus wont recognise it.. im struggling to get a second hand one ending in C.. but there is a lot of E, D, any help on this this Andy
  2. some good info here
  3. im a tad fed up and unsure were to go with this as ive cleaned the matrix and a fair amount of little black bits came out and water flows through ok, so after putting back on no change cold air,,, so im confused as the matrix pipes are hot in and out and it blows air out so why no hot... ive taken most of the motors off from the flaps to manually move flaps and still nothing … just don't get it... the only thing left is the Heater Control Valve as in this..|Model%3AA3&epid=7025363221&hash=item4d800ccddb:g:CWIAAOSwQwRb2xRg but my theory is surly if the heater control valve is not working the matrix pipes would not be hot but they are ? it must stop the the heat before the matrix ? no idea any help please
  4. Hi all were abouts does the HEATER CONTROL VALVE FOR AUDI A3 (8P) sit in the engine bay please and what checks can I do to ensure its working ok
  5. quick update on this guys ,, just to confirm that its not to bad a job getting the matrix out on a 2003 a3tdi s line 8p and also it comes out of the passenger side footwell not the drivers side, mine came out fairly easy once you pull the silver pipes off I personally would not use any tool around the silver pipes just get hold of them and pull them its a pain but doable ,, so I looked at just about all the electric flaps and tried them all manually and still no heat so just taken the matrix out , it seems to be full of little black bits so ive cleaned it as much as I could with boiling water then gone and bought oven pride not the foam the stuff , you leave on for around 2 to 4 hours so will let ya know when it goes back in but I also think my radiator is not working as it should
  6. Thanks Cliff , with the bad weather today I could not get under the bonnet to take off both matrix pipes and get a hose to see if there is any blockage , but I think there is issues as well with the flaps..
  7. On the first picture I re plugged it back in but no matter what I do with the heater controls the arm does not move , on the second picture the same thing the flap does not move , on the last picture the white cylinder moves does move up and down and I play with the heater controls im thinking multiple failure's
  8. Hello all looking at the 2 silver pipes I notice the left hand side one gets boiling so you cant touch it but the right hand side one only gets just warm is this correct ? or is this a blocked matrix also ive taken the heater flap motor off and just to check it can anyone tell me how to check this with a multi meter please …
  9. Thank you guys im just going to have a look this morning ive had loads of issues with this horrible BKD engine as in the porus head and the poor idle of the BKD will let ya know the out come
  10. Hello all im looking at replacing the heater core as it only blows cold air or very luke warm, can anyone give me some tips is it best to take it from the drivers side ive tried looking everywere for a how to do it with pictures but cant find one thanks Andy