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  1. Dee

    Start problem

    Hi Gareth, the garage said it could be crankshaft sensor, waiting to hear from them today,probktwas there before flywheel started to go ,rattle on start up . They took old starter motor out and tested it on bench ,said it was turning but maybe not fast enough to turn engine, fitted new starter but same problem. When you turn key engine turns breifly then stops just the same as if you had a flat battery,the dashboard lights flicker same time . battery been checked it's good . problem is just spent £700 on flywheel and gearbox oil change and can't really afford to be spending a lot more on diagnostic ,I'm a taxi driver and been off road for a week already.
  2. Garage can't seem to find starting fault ,not battery not starter,don't want to throw anymore money at it . So if no joy today I will be selling it . 2007 A6 2.0 TDI s drives spot on ,just had new flywheel and gearbox oil change .mot till aug, loads of new parts on it ,bills to prove.looking for best offers .
  3. Hi ,I have a 2007 2.0 TDI A6 ,when I try and start the car the starter isn't turning over engine ,it's like it has a flat battery. I've had starter , battery checked and said they were ok .starter was taken off car and replaced with new one but problem remained. Just had new flywheel and gearbox oil change .