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  1. Hi Gareth Yep that's correct - Magnatec fully synthetic My only complaint was that container doesn't have a pouring nozzle, good job I had a funnel. David
  2. Hi Gareth Thanks for reaching out. Halfords very helpful I now have oil in my engine - Castrol Magnatec 5W30 £17 for 4L. Half price special offer!! Wow the performance has changed instantly !! Dave
  3. Hello Recomendations for engine oil Audi A4 B6 2004 3L V6 Auto Thanks
  4. Private sale - V6 3L, Leather, Auto, Sat Nag, Bose speakers - £1200 - Such a fun car to drive, the roof is permanently down!
  5. Hi Steve Thanks for reaching out. The car is new to me in the past 3 weeks, however I have a full service history including a receipt for new battery that was fitted 4 months ago. I'll drop it down my local garage and ask them to stick in their diagnostic computer. David
  6. Hello Audi A4 B6 2004 Convertible I have a flashing LED on the drivers door. According to the handbook it indicates an issue with the alarm / security system. The central locking is working fine. Does anyone have any pointers to what maybe causing this fault? Thanks David
  7. Hello I've recently purchased an A4 convertible 2004. V6 3L, Leather, wood surround, Sat Nav / Bose speakers 108,000 on the clock - £1250! It's such a fun car to drive and 80% practical given it's got 4 proper seats and a small boot. Dave