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  1. Thanks for your reply Steve. The TT is fantastic- very happy with it! The Giuliettas I had were all reliable, although I didn't keep any of them longer than 2 years so I'm not sure on longer term. I know they depreciated terribly so I'm pleased that the TT at least does seem to hold its price. i heard today (from one of the Salesmen) that they were no longer making the TT or R8 - is this right? jan
  2. Hello - ..picking up a TT 1.8T FSI Black Edition this Thursday and thought I'd say hello to all, as having driven 3 Giuliettas for the last few years now, it's time for a change and I can't wait. I'd be interested in any views on the TT - I'd have liked the quilted S-line seats, but this seems to be a slightly better spec and the blade wheels are beautiful. Best wishes, Jan