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  1. Hi Guys This is my first post and I need help/advice. I have an A6 Avant 2012 2.0 TDI with a Multitronic box, an 8 speed CVT so I'm told. It gave up the ghost last night due to an oil leak it lost 2 litres of the 7 litre capacity, hence the cooking. Had a dashboard warning Gearbox Malfunction: Still able to drive and the Gearbox too Hot before it lost all drive. Audi hooked it up and it threw up 2 error codes an P178F00 Pressure Control Valve Soiled and also P17400 Clutch temperature monitoring They also found grey deposits it the filter housing. Audi obviously quoted my £8K + for a new one and to their credit suggested I look for an alternative solution. Looking around I've had a few quotes for a recon from around £2200 + vat plus removal and refitting to one company quoting £6K + . The same company also said that you can't fit a replacement recon unit as it's electronically tied to the engine so the ECU won't allow it. My question is:- 1 Can anyone recommend a good reputable gearbox company/supplier preferably in Cardiff/South Wales 2 What would a good/fair price be? 3 Is the £6K + company correct, can a recon box be fitted without issues with the car rejection it. Any help would be great! Thanks in advance.