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  1. Unless this is the newer MMI with Apple's Carplay and Android's version too, I wouldn't waste a penny on it. I have the satnav in my MY15 and it's terrible. I ignore it and use Google Nav on my phone.
  2. I had exactly the same question when I got my A3 last month. The Hill Assist simply holds the vehicle for a few seconds after releasing the footbrake so you get no roll-back. With the electronic parking brake (unlike a mechanical one) you can simply drive away and when the power reaches the right point, the brake magically releases. It's actually very good! If you do decide to release it manually, you must have your foot on the brake first.
  3. Just went to the Audi UK website and checked with their online tool. Definitely not affected - see screenshot attached. Not sure of previous owner other than it's a one owner, FSH, etc. I think it may be an ex-contract hire vehicle as I am doing a similar deal as a PCP which I'll hand back after the contract period.
  4. Picking up a 64 MY15 A3 Sport Cabriolet shortly. It has the built in satnav however I am a huge fan of Google Maps. I have read that it is possible to use your phone's Google Maps with the inbuilt screen. Is this in fact a possibility? And if so, can I do it via iPhone or does it have to be Android? How good is the inbuilt satnav as far as traffic, etc and how does one update the SD card?
  5. Thanks Gareth and Piotr. Took your advice and rang a different dealer. Apparently it is a belt, not a chain and they are saying min 5 years. Not surprised on that one. The better news is that there are no outstanding recall notices for this car and it was never subject to the emissions recall. I thought it affected all VAG diesels but apparently not so that's something I don't need to deal with.
  6. Hi - new to Audis and I'm collecting a 2015 1.6 TDi 108 BHP Cabriolet in a week or so. It has 42,000 miles on the clock. Can someone please tell me what the recommended interval is for changing the belt? Also, I am searching but can't find what the servicing interval is for this engine. Thanks.