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  1. For those interested, Timing belt had jumped a couple teeth. Apparently the heads are built in a way, so that the valves won't take any damage. Atleast thats what the shop said. Im back on wheels 🙂
  2. They assume it might be a mechanical error and then mentioning the EGR. Just because the fault code disappeared. From previous post ive read about the issue, i think i will have them check all ECU connections and relays, try with another battery, replace the CPS and check the EGR if all other fails. Thank you for your input Cliff!
  3. Car is scanned and they were able to see a Crank Shaft Sensor error. They reset it, car still doesn't start fully, and the error haven't reappeared.. Sooo.. I asked them about the battery, but they didn't seem to think that it could cause the issue. Not really sure what to tell them at the moment. Could this be an EGR or DPF problem, or would the car act differently?
  4. No risk for that at all, havent really browsed recent topics 🙂 Battery was swapped last year to a decent quality brand. Also, my logic says that the car should not start at all if it is a battery issue? Might be wrong on that one.
  5. First of all, im getting the car on a proper VCDS scanner on monday, but i wanted to check in and see if anyone has a clue to what this might be. On my way home from work the other day i noticed that the glow plug light was flashing, followed by the car going into limp mode. Stupid as i am, i turned off the car at the next red light, only to realize that it wouldn't start again. Never funny to push your car to the side of the road ALONE, with a million cars honking at you 😂 Car starts and shuts down immediatly (revs just goes up to 1000rpm and down to 0 in one motion). Glow plug
  6. Lifting the cluth while the noise appears, is exactly the way to test whether it is a gear box issue. Audi have told me that the only possible fix, is to change the gearbox oil. They couldnt say what the exact issue is, without taking the entire box apart (which would be around 1500 gbp). I have yet to change the oil, so im not sure if its going to fix it in my case. I will write a new post when i am wiser 🙂
  7. Here comes the update. With the help of the microphone equipment, they pinpointed the origin of the noise to the transmission. Exactly where they couldn't say. They seached their system for possible fixes, and they actually found a TSB from Audi, on this exact issue, stating that the gearbox oil should be changed. I am baffled that not even Audi, have investigated this issue further or come to a conclusion to why this happens. At least it seems that they haven't. So.. Im gonna change the oil next week and see if anything changes. My best guess is, that even if it does not
  8. Hi everyone, I thought id bring some life into this post again, since i have the exact same problem on my 2008 A3. I bought it 4 weeks ago, and only just noticed it about a couple weeks into driving it. At first i thought it to be warped disc, since the previous owner just replaced both the front discs. Booked a time at my local Audi workshop this morning and took it for a drive with a technician, and no exact diagnostic so far. He put it on the lift, looked at the brakes and steering-parts, and though the discs were abit worn, he did not believe that they were the issue. N
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