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    Tiguan R Line Tech 190 2.0 TDI 4Motion DSG, all because Audi don't do a tow bar
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  1. Forgot to mention Steve, all this and £32 OTR, nicely sat in my drive now. Regards. Barry.
  2. Great spec indeed Steve and waiting time a no brainer, I pick it up tomorrow. All the best. Barry.
  3. Here's Tiggy Steve, just look at the spec: https://www.volkswagen.co.uk/app/configurator/vw-gb/en/tiguan/31105/38717/r-line-tech/AD148T-GPJSPJS-GPSFPSF-GPXEPXE-GP2CP2C-GWE1WE1-GWQ1WQ1-GWTIWTI-GWW2WW2-GW01W01-GW79W79-GW8OW8O-GYOZYOZ-GZEXZEX-MCDR7RE/2019/1/F14 0Q0Q/F56 OV/+?page=wheels Barry.
  4. Thanks Steve, I have the Tiggy delivered on Monday, the level of equipment on the R Line Tech is not only amazing but if you spec up the Q3 the same it costs you an astonishing 8 grand more, now that's madness. Have a great weekend Steve. Cheers Barry and Tiggy.
  5. Hi, yes, Audi say they are not offering the tow bar option on the Diesel Quattro, the only derivative across the range, as a result they have lost me unfortunately to a new Tiguan R Line Tech.
  6. Hi again Steve, yep, already done that too, whilst the people at Audi CS were most helpful they too were perplexed as to why the 40 TDI Quattro is not available with a factory fit bar when every other derivative of the Q3 is. This could cost Audi dearly world wide losing people like me who want and need a tow bar I think. Cheers. Barry.
  7. Thanks for your reply, I have spoken to all the major manufacturers, Witter, Westfalia etc and they cannot help any, in fact Witter did not even know that the Q3 had undergone any face lift or changes. It's just so difficult to understand why only the 1 model out of the 8 or so derivatives seems to be excluded when the body for all is just the same.. Thanks. Barry.
  8. Hi people, just ordered my new Q3 40 TDI Quatrro Stronic and need to have a factory fit tow bar, the whole Q3 range has the factory option but excludes the 40TDI Quattro. can anyone tell me why and what is the logic behind this seemingly barmy exclusion to the range? No one and I mean no one at Audi can tell me why. Thanks.