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  1. Ok thankyou for that. All i did was change the one on the driver's side as that's the one with the electrical connector. I'll have the other side out and see what that does. I'll let you know
  2. Hi all. Kind of exhausted all avenues here so im asking to see if anyone can help. Bought my A6 avant a few months ago from a private seller and noticed it was low on fuel so took it to the fuel station and filled up and was half way home when i realised the fuel warning light was on and it was telling me i had zero range and needed to fill up. Got it home and seller wont answer texts or calls ( Probably got the first flight out the country lol ). Ive had it on a few occasions when ive put my foot down and gunned it to get the gauge to read what is in the tank and it'll go back to zero when I start it again. This happens very rarely though so can never get it to happen when I want it too. Ive had it once where its been working for three trips one after the other on the same day but stopped working over night. Pretty sure when it does work it tells me what I have in there at that exact moment and stays that way as the range doesn't go down. Things ive done since ive had it is have the fuel pump / sender out and play with the connectors (nothing happened) tapped both sides with the car running to see if the gauges move (Nothing). Replaced the Fuel pump and sender for another used one from a working car. Nothing at first but two days later after changing it with the battery disconnected it worked and continued to work until today (3 Days) where it read zero. Not sure if it has anything to do with how much is in the tank but i was between 3 quarters and full. Not sure if it working for 3 days is a coincidence? Also tried pulling fuse 15 and no result. So as you can see im lost for ideas of what I can try next as I feel there is nothing apart from hanging it over to audi themselves to diagnose it and ive read stories that theyll just change anything will nilly until they find the fault. Many thanks guys.