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  1. tried an a5 at the garage , with 17" , very small difference. A Q5 is a great car but I don't like the looks of it , not just a q5 , more SUV's in general. going for a test drive of an a6 Allroad later this week :)
  2. Got a second option . Near me are 2 options 4 wheels Audi 245/45/17 Or 4 wheels Audi 225/50/17 both priced at 450€ Which is most comfortable , don't care about performance :)
  3. can pick up this weekend for cheap a pair of 17 with 225/50 on them. I keep you posted , thx again 🙂
  4. Ty again Gareth It's an extra load tyre , just had a look. I did my maths wrong . I thought 17 " wheel is 2.5 cm smaller then an 18 inch wheel , so I could at the 25 mm to the height. Add the 25 mm to the 40 mm tyre of the 18"inch wheel. So a 225/65/17 wheel /tyre combo . Pity I'm wrong...
  5. Hi Gareth, Ty for the kind reply. The car is now on 245/40/18. Regards Koen
  6. After a horrible skiing accident last year I can finally start riding my car (sportsback from 2015 , standard suspension with 18" wheels and Hankook tyres) again since 2 months . Before I found the car a bit harsh but ok. But now my back hurts in it. My doctor says it's going to stay like that. Luckily in daily live , I'm fine. In my van my back doesn't hurt. Was thinking of getting a pair of 17 " wheels with Michelin Primacy 4 (I heard very comfortable). But on 17 wheels what is highest I can fit 225/55/17 ? or only 225/50 ? Anyone knows ?