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  1. Hi everyone, first of all I would like to thank members for their help on my last post with my faulty indicators. I'm pleased to say that is now sorted. However!! I now have an issue with various other electrical components have stopped working e.g folding mirrors, electrical retracting steering column, passenger mirror when reversing. I have also noticed that my wipers are permanently live, even when key is out the ignition. I have a drain on system of 0.25A which is causing battery issues over night. Is there a body control/comfort control module somewhere on the D2 3.7quattros? Thanks in advance. Gareth
  2. Gareth, thanks for the reply again. Apologies I was abit unclear.... using the term "I"...... I meant I have supplied mechanics/2x auto sparks with the parts and still had no success. I have not touched anything myself. Is anyone from the Yorkshire region that could maybe recommend a specialist? Kind regards
  3. Gareth/Dann, thanks for your replies mate. I'm pulling hair out abit, had two garages look at it now and still no success. I've changed the hazard switch, stalk itself, relay unit and still no success. Feel like I'm throwing good money away as I can not find anyone that understands them! Any further ideas anyone? Thank you
  4. Evening all, I'm Gaz. New to owning a 2001 A8 3.7 quattro. I purchased the vehicle with a known issue (s) of the indicators/cruise which are not working via the stalk on the steering wheel. The hazards are however working via the hazard switch. I have checked all fuses in the drivers footwell but all ok. I have located relays in the passenger footwell (which was wet) but cant locate the correct relay for the indication. Does anyone know what number it is please? I have googled it but I cant see the correct number on mine. The eml lights also came on and is showing a P1411 and a P0431 code. Are any of you good members able to shed any light on any of the above please? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  5. Good evening everyone. Just wanted to say hello- I'm Gaz from West Yorkshire. I have recently bought myself a 2001 A8 3.7 Quattro. love it to bits- however I have a few issues and I'm looking for some advice if that would be ok? All the best everyone.